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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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tributes already taking place across the country marking the anniversary of this tragic day in you know, history. >> news3 starts right now. >> cleanup continues after a large scale mercury contamination at johnson junior high school. good evening, i'm alex fernandez. thank you for >> i'm gerard ramalho. news3 nathan o'neil joining us at durango and alta. nathan. >> reporter: several more homes are slated to be tested throughout weekend. in gym class at johnson junior
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6th grader brian orena, more than 1400 students screened and cleared by the environmental protection agency. brian's mom nicole worried about traces of that liquid metal that >> i have toddlers at home. i do laundry, stuff like that. >> reporter: authorities taking the investigation to people's homes to check contamination. >> what we are finding is the homes are safe. >> mercury is most dangerous when it's airborne. >> reporter: mercury removal
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prolonged exposure to mercury is danger are you. >> mercury will veap and be there for days, weeks, years. >> we still don't know where it came from. >> reporter: and the cleanup effort still happening inside the school there, it is unclear whether the students will be allowed back into the building on monday. that is a decisione' waiting to hear from the school district. nathan o'neil, news3. >> thank you nathan. >> new tonight, six people are out of their homes ah after a fire in north las vegas. fire in the area of commerce and brooks. this apparently started in an outdoor shed but partially extended out into the home. most of the damage in the residence was smoke related.
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men who have been displaced. >> an alert knit, police say 22-year-old asa brown should be considered armed and dangerous and not to be approached. it happened near desert inand >> hundreds of high school students are not on track to graduate. many of the them have stopped showing up for school altogether. seventh annual reclaim your future walk, the goal connecting students who have been missing from the classroom with not only ccsd but also state programs
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board trustee carolyn edwards was among those participating today. >> the reality is anyone who finishes high school typically is more successful than somebody who doesn't. >> if you know a teen or young adult who could benefit from a program such as this you can head to our website for more information, >> it is the eve of the 15th anniversary of september 11th, and across are already taking place. in pennsylvania, a luminaria event was held, back on september 11th, a flight was hijacked. the flight 93 memorial wall, few images being posted on social
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firefighters climbed 110 flights of stairs as a commemoration. jennifer crockett has a look at this unique tribute. [ bagpipes ] >> reporter: 343 firefighters lost their lives in new york on 9/11. [applause] [ bell ] >> 15 years later, hundreds of first responders are stepping up. in their honor. >> the ultimate sacrifice, their lives will never be the same. they love america, they love the fire department and that's what we do. >> at the annual 9/11 stair
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110 flights in full gear. their name of a victim with them. every life lost is remembered. together, keeping the promise to never forget. >> great to see that tribute. that was jennifer crockett reporting. by the way, we should tell you our social media team has been busy compiling a list of local events that will commemorate the event. once again to see
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come out and pay their rments. >> respects. >> still to come on news3 at 11:00. >> police interrupt a robbery in progress.
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maryland police showed up in northwest baltimore where they say they came upon a murder in progress. woman screaming. an illegal immigrant sexually assaulting a woman. they found him on top of the 35-year-old victim before he took off.
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custody but the woman was already dead. >> everyone here is a veteran, i can't ever remember interrupting a homicide in progress. that is such a rare thing. >> curricula alvarado targeted vicms including knox herself, according to variety magazine, the tabloid journalism is the real culprit in the case.
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first look at our forecast jerry. >> it was hot today gerard, but we do have some changes ahead, i think you'll like my forecast, we do have some changes ahead, i think you'll like my forecast, up ahead. twenty five thousand jobs. we do have some changes ahead, i think you'll like my forecast, up ahead. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. s of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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?? ?? ?? >> superheroes came together today to support the local nonprofit candlelighters childhood foundation of nevada. a few thousand racers participated in the annual run and walk and now in its 26th year, has also become the largest fund raiser for the organization. the candlelighters do not receive any state or federal funding. boulder city went to the dogs today, at least one local pool did. >> dog lovers throughout town brought thier best friends to
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annual pool party. boulder city annual patrol, offered the celebration. >> drained and cleaned, the main pool will be rye opening for an enclosure for colder months. we would like to thank sue montero. jerry brown, some us are in the fall mood or getting there. >> we may finally say good-bye for good to triple digits, at least 2016. at leas for the next seven or eight days tomorrow is it. so let's survive one more kind of warm to hot weekend day and i
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what's coming. let's look at our day, prior to sunrise, you could see the sun rose and a cavalcade of clouds move through plenty of sunshine move through. and skies are generally clear, 87 at our downtown las vegas studios. winds are calm. 27% the relative humidity. henderson, green valley, 91, little warm there, 14%, a south breeze at 5 miles an hour. here is the view from cadence, you see another view of our sunset right there, currently 87 as i said downtown las vegas to 91 just updated in the paradise corridor. these are live readings, 90 in
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60 up in the mountain, mesquite looking at 85, 87 in boulder city and 85 in pahrump. here we go, officially for las vegas, 102? today, if you were out you felt it. sixth day this month above normal. 90 the current reg tomorrow we're looking at 101?, repeat of temperature but not of conditions. because the winds will develop and you'll see the difference. in the east, it's dry over the heart lands and generally dry out west. there were some showers over the
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county, we stayed dry. overnight lows on the mild side, 65 pahrump is tolerable. 75 in boulder city, summer like map with the triple digits predominanting over southern nevada. an uneventful evening, clear skies predominanting. tomorrow 101 with the afternoon breezes southwest, 10 to 20 miles an hour, and them noticeable by afternoon. 98 at 5:00 p.m. with a brisk southwest breeze. 73 up on the mountain, lot of sunshine up there and a nice day to take a dip at the lake, 104 at the dam, water temperature 84?. good part, we get some winds up there, how about upper 80s for tuesday and wednesday, overnight
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>> it is. >> i'm easy to please. after tomorrow, that could be it. we've been triple digits in early october but it's rare. >> we've been fooled before. looks good jerry, we'll take it. >> it's a sign, we'll take a look at a week of blood donation. >> culminating today national blood donation day. organizers say turnout was great as donors waited their time to give the gift of life. lots of information is on our website, >> and now we're going to talk about fall in the air. the harvest festival going on out at cashman center.
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their creations. you can knock off $2 by donating to a very worthy cause. just bring a donation of a can of food or formula for the safe nest domestic shelter nonprofit there and they will offer you that discount. all right still ahead. the rebel football team, having their first road test of the
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" (screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out.
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>> season 1-0 for the first time since 20092009 after their big win over jackson state. tony sampson and company get a test, last year on the first drive it looked like it was going to be another route. score, 7-0 bruins. but the rebels come back fm tough as nails, watch him take it third and 13. trying on linebackers and safeties.
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over to lexington thomas. mosey johnson is going to be live down the middle. increasing the lead to 28-7. back comes johnny stanton. makai stevenson. touchdown, third quarter stanton again taking it into the end zone, it was a seven-point game but that was as would get. the bruins win, 42-21. tough place to play in front much all those irish fans. sprint cup finale, to begin next week in chicago. that keselowski had to be towed
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busch was safely back. ryan newman, tony stewart, david reagan all crash. jamie mcmurray, is a wild card getting in. glovekin middle turning point, drawing blood from glovekin triple g broke hes eye socket. knows he can't do anything with that bad eye. 23rd excessive knockout.
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stair, the athletic boxer and wrestler, dropped him with a punch, but was able to get back up land a combination of his own and then the champ knocked over out cold with one punch in the first round to retain his heavyweight bout, interesting on the card as well, the anticipated pro-wrest her bout, wasn't no time to take the rookie down. few minutes into the fight, less than three minutes in, got a submission. after the fight, punk said he would be in. the fans not sure they want to see him come back. when you are fighting for real is different than when you're not. >> randy thanks for that.
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be back. they saw some promise and had some good plays. >> central michigan beat oklahoma at oklahoma state, chippewas are going to be tough. >> randy, that's going to do it for at 11. you can always find us online at
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>> and now... [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. it's the holiday season, and i want to wish everyone out here a merry christmas. to the jews, happy hanukkah. and to the muslims, send me your


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