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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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right now news 3 live today marks 15 years of the terror attacks on september 11. hear from some of the survivors as we look back on that tragic day. plus, cleanup after local junior high is lockdown after mercury discovered on campus. will tire cleanup efforts are expanding outside of the school. one group honoring the rumored real-life uncle sam more than 200 years after his death. news 3 live today starts right now. live from las vegas this is news 3 live today. good morning and thank you
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valley this morning it's sunday, september 11 across entire nation where looking back in history across the nation once again at the hateful day in the united states history. september 11 a moment of silence over new york city at ground zero get to that just a bit let's keep things local here jerry brown is in the studio. you are the authority things warming up expected to cool down the later this week. >> that's a good news kendall we got some cool air coming in today one more day of digit everybody in the valley is going to experience some family the east and valleycentral valley west some will be in the 90s but our skies are brightening to the east no clouds to block that son that's going to be beating down currently in the central valley sahara and south of the spaghetti bowl at 74 degrees wins of no consequence. humidity is up that will be
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around the valley we do have some 80s down in the southeast valley. to the 70s out to the west. 75 over in spring valley. around the area 76 and mesquite 69 indian springs and 70 in pahrump. systems going to moving down the coast that's going to our wins people don't like wins but these are going to blow us from triple digits into the 80s so clear skies today and if you're planning ahead pushing 100 by 2:00 p.m. you can see will have that 101, 101 to 101 by 6:00 p.m. winds be noticeable to the afternoon hours. big changes ahead for the work week i'll trot them up had my main weather. continuing local news to clean up after large-scale mercury contamination at walter johnson. exposed to hazardous
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>> six grade of brian one of 1400 students screened and cleared by the environmental protection agency this week. the incident happened last friday but didn't come to light until four days later. >> bryan's mom nicole ward about traces of that liquid metal that may have followed hime they play with everything. i don't know if it's around my house and are exposed unexposed stuff like that. >> emergency teams looking to calm concerns take an investigation to some students homes to check for contamination. >> mercury is most dangerous when it's airborne. rookery removal expert lyle mckenzie says prolonged
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either days weeks years. meanwhile federal investigators are continuing their work at school throughout the weekend. >> i think the most compounding and challenging aspect we still don't know what it came from. the school continues to be cleaned up unclear whether students will be allowed back in to the building on monday. will keep you updated as we learn more information. metro homicide investigators identify a suspect in the shooting death of a man friday morning just east of the strip. police say 22-year-old austin brown should be considered armed and dangerous. to not be approached. shooting happened just shooting happened just before 10:30 a.m. friday morning investigators say there was an argument just before that shooting. anyone who can help police with information on brown's whereabouts is asked to call crime stoppers. take a good look at his
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today is the 15th anniversary of the day that this nation has promised to never forget. the 9/11 terrorist attack that killed nearly 3000 people on that day destroy the lives of many more since then. jay gray takes a look back at the unforgettable day in american history. >> reporter: it was a brief falling from the tower pitch black outside because the smoke ha 15 years, the memories and images nor has the resolve. >> literally out of the ashes we have rebuilt stronger and taller. in new york, washington, shanksville reminders every day. but on this day the anniversary
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and reaffirm a commitment to 2996 lost. a promise made by firefighters late this made this american flag in the rubble that day. >> the iconic symbol has been lost for more than a decade. only recently recovered and returned to ground zero. work continues to that refuses to give into terror. and refuses to forget. our social media team busy compiling a list of local events to commemorate 9/11. we invite you to check out a website at
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after 5.7 earthquake in africa. coming up will have the latest on the damages they are. subject of one of the most recognized photos in american history has passed away this week tell you who and how she ended up in the photo. a very large group of sports fans made college football history this weekend
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right back. house collapsed on a child when a magnitude 5.7 earthquake shook the lake victoria area of east ask africa killing at least 11 people. but that's report initiay tanzania the region west of lake torrey witnesses describe the quick to start small and increased in magnitude. the present confirm these reports of multiple deaths and injuries. the quake also felt in western penn yan uganda you want as well. newspaper tweeted the local police commander but the number of injuries at least 100 people. several people enjoy new york celebrated the 250th
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members of the commute together to honor the american legend with a wreath laying ceremony. pay tribute to uncle samuel wilson. according to myth wilson was in the meatpacking business during the war of 1812 supplied be to the army. he allegedly branded his perils with initials us which soldiers choke uncle sam. nickname that stuck and stood the test of time. woman who says she was a nurse who kissed that sailor and iconic time has died. the night two-year-old died thursday at hospital richmond virginia. her son said she died of complications from old age. august 14, 1945 friedman 21-year-old dental assistant wearing a nurse's uniform was among the crowd of people spilled into the streets of new york city. celebrating end of world war ii. identifiers mendoza kissed her photographer capture the moment and published it just a few
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the most famous photographs in the 20th century. new survey says despite the trends of dollars spent by the war on terror the majority of americans don't feel safe will explain the numbers coming up. it's national videogames day will be joined to live in
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right back
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90's. >> how about 80s. >> even better. >> not equal opportunity heat today. today's side markedly warmer than the west side which i think will stay in the 90s. skies will be cleared today here's a look at the last hour from the red rock resort looking to the east heading toward 6:20 sunrise you can see the brightening skies to the east currently central valley 80 degrees down on the strip with the west northwest wind four miles an hour. humans get 20 percent headed toward single digits this afternoon dewpoint of 36 degrees barometer at 29.95, 29.94 down the south valley college in the 95 words 91 degrees. does arose adult high school cheyenne repair to the north 75. 26 percent a lot drier this afternoon.
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in spring valley 80 in the southern highlands around southern nevada indian springs currently 69.that a degree from prompt. 76 and mesquite 20 degrees cooler than that caliente cool thermometer up there up to 93. 78 down in laughlin. officially top of the hour 82 degrees that's a warm thermometer out the airport. 63 56 in tonopah and 57 up in the salt lake valley. frontal system moving across the appalachian mountains pretty much dissipated overnight still some moisture in the northeast it's dry out over the plains. for us our eyes are to the north we have little system appear that's going to eventually kick up our wins which are probably cause some complaints but then usher in the much cooler air which will people will be applauding it. i don't think there's going to
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point. some showers well to our east there were some showers yesterday over the sierra have dissipated in our skies just generally sunny today is going to be a quiet day albeit a warm one. call it hot on the side. you could see easton clark county deftly love triple digits out here 103 in overton a little cooler to the west, 97 in pahrump afternoon high spirit about 101 here in the valley certain on the east side with the afternoon breezes developing southwest 10 to 20 adding up to the mountain you lodge to 94 at red rock southwest winds generally 10 to 15. down in the lake still feeling like summer 103 degrees with a southwest breeze. overnight tonight heading into monday mainly clear was southerly breezes southwest 10 to 27 day forecast the good stuff. mid-90s by monday with the reasons redeveloping in the afternoon and kind of breezy 20 day on tuesday but temperatures in the upper 80s and staying there on wednesday.
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going to love that. nine dish on thursday will take it and 90 to 95 on friday and saturday not a bad week. as long as we get through the triple digits today. there barely there. this weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the attack on america by islamic extremists on this weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the attack on america by islamic extremists on september 11, 2001. according to poll released this week on with sharyl attkisson a majority of americans do not feel more safe in spite of trillions of dollars spent on the war and terror.breaking down the comp include what we spent for the 42,000 tsa screeners have become a part of our effort. small compared to the size of the department of homeland security that's going to almost one fourth million employees. after 15 years even those in charge have real concern. >> as chairman of the senate homeland security committee
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if you're concerned about isis operatives coming into america because her about refugees be concerned about the visa program be concerned about are completely porous particular southern border. >> tonight a look of human toll the debut full measure with sharyl attkisson. college football history made last night in bristol tennessee the largest crowd to ever watch a college football game turned out a pistol speedway to watch tennessee virginia tech square off in the that's right the football field situated in enfield of the track. the crowd was announced at 159,000 people both campuses are located about 100 miles per bristol the previous ncaa attendance record was held for michigan 2013 victory over notre dame at michigan stadium. keeping things local here's randy what sports.
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taking on ucla of the pack 12 the rebels lost to the bruins last year by 28 points sam boyd stadium on the first driver look like he was going to be around again.josh drove down the field so did zhivago score 7-0 but the rebels come back on their first drive. third and 13 from the bruins 30 and johnny stanton quarterback gets 14 yards to keep the drive alive. that would be big because if you place later stanton with a handoff to middle seven yard run tie the game. but that comes ucla rosen to mosey johnson 29 yards of the middle 21-7 recently to 27 but the rebels coming back before the half. johnny stanton jumping back in a fine mckay stevenson 14 yard touchdown scores 2814 bruins at the break. third quarter, johnny stanton takes up the gut 11 yard
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close as unlv would get they fall 42-21. new not to look far ahead but the rebels next opponent is going to be central michigan the chippewas at oklahoma state 22nd ranked team of the country was led by three on the final play the game chippewas going for hail mary cooper rushed jeff he is going to pick it back to maleic fountain you kid me that might be one o football. that's how the chippewas stay unbeaten w-2 and on the rebels had eased next week. they get a 3-point win. how about the nevada wolfpack tough right going taking on a tough irish team in their home opener the game wins at 131- 10. regular season sprint comp valley darlington last chance to make a postseason chase the already qualified 65 laps in that number 20 but by brad
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will be towed off of the track 57 laps to go on the restart denny hamlin in the lead kurt busch to roast back in fifth place 41 only finished eight kyle busch finished ninth they're both safely in the chase big wreck with 37 laps to go ryan newman tony stewart david ragan denny hamlin winds up running the race. triple d took on cal park london middleweight champion both but is undefeated turning point of the fight second round. drawing blood speed power took a big shot triple g broke his eye socket after that cowpoke was pretty much done what you coming up is corner going to throw in the towel two ended in the fifth round. brooke becomes the 23rd consecutive not trying knockout record and 36 professional
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title ufc 203 and cm punk it was submitted debut just three minutes in. that's going to do it for sports back to you. today is national videogame day. joining me in studio this is samantha with game works and alex to talk about exactly were celebrating today but also going into the week as well. >> thank you so much for having us.>> we are with game works at the mall. day. were going to be doing a giveaway. giveaway one golden game card to one lucky guest tomorrow. worth $100 in credit in 2000 bonus tickets.>> definitely worth a visit. 30 new arcade games that we added to our arcade floor. i can only imagine. you are part of tell everyone a
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something that you celebrate year-round. >> yes. to say the very least it's kind of not one day but moreover 364. quite a monument occasion for me not only as a gamer but somebody wants to work with the culture in general to see it blossom almost from just considered a way to pass the time back in elementary school when i was becoming so much more than just that today. >> a good way to spend your time. across entire valley sing expansions new businesses opening.i want to highlight that maybe people have visited game works before but something little bit different to celebrate tomorrow.>> for those of us have maybe not. >> the competitive aspect of
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in regards to more modern games these are think of like football basketball anything like that. imagine it was set in the videogame. where people take the time to learn in-depth mechanics and stratagem to apply format that seems possible to people just watching and joy. >> for maybe not be as up to speed a competitive the level the grant when it comes to videogames, why should they come out at least to get involved maybe even try something new? >> you could be a super serious gamer like alex or you can be a family with kids coming out to have a good time.
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bowling alley. we've got something for everybody. >> people love free free free so know exactly how much it's worth but how exactly can people sign up for it. >> the best way people can get solved is to common and purchase a new game card. you can build your package from there. we have any type of price package. any budget at in one lucky winner is going to get that golden card. >> so actually that two dollar card could be worth gold technically. >> thank you so much for joining us here this morning. have fun this weekend. happy national gaming day. >> coming up the racing event one town that turning heads looks like it belongs in a crazy videogame. will explain this it's real life and you're not going to
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right back. bringing an above high school graduates up. in a race bringing crowds is turning heads and one about a town what exactly was going on here just a bit. local hero helping others with the sound of music. news 3 live today starts right
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news 3 live today. good morning and thank you so much for joining us. taking a live look out the las vegas valley new york today core new york today core september 11, 2006 across entire nation bucking the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack over a new york city. we deftly have our own sort of reminder here on the las vegas trip as you can say looking about the weather expected to be a warm day out there today. moving further into the week jerry brown not so much. >> big changes ahead some winds and some much cooler and dare i say refreshing air.after three days of triple digits. we have been following the efforts of the sun in the eastern sky to rise above the horizon let's see if it made it. yes, good news, success, we have the sunrise as you can see no clouds to obscure were
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he will be on 75 degrees at our downtown las vegas studios. 32 percent the relative unity that figures it down brahmer to pretty high at 30.02 inches 72 north las vegas airport 83 downtown henderson 76 out and someone also in the lakes. 73 in overton 79 laughlin and 68 over in pahrump. 60 up on the mountain little sister moving down the coast and that's going to that cool air behind it i think you're going to find quite refreshing. nothing going on in terms of weather systems here in southern nevada. 90 by midmorning and 99 midafternoon start to feel the heat southwest winzip 15 and continuing in that range wind wise 97 at 6:00 p.m. overnight tonight low 70s with the southerly breezes again in evidence. i think you're going to like my seven day definitely if you can
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afternoon highs that i am your that forecast up ahead. >> six people displaced after fire last night in north las vegas. firefighters notified around 6:30 p.m. on the fire in the area of commerce and brooks. apparently started outdoor shed partially extended into the home. fire not down at about 15 minutes most of that damage and resident were smoke related. american with the four women and two men who were displaced by the fire. in the deli because of our busy lives it's easy to forget that we have hundreds of thousands of military troops who are far away from their families defending our freedom overseas. with that in mind local radio station launched munchies for the military drive. this week 94.1 the douglas j green memorial foundation collected munchies to center our servicemembers overseas. douglas green us soldier killed
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in 2011. the fundraiser held in conjunction with the 15th anniversary of the september 11 attack. the goal to raise 20,000 items in $20,000 for our servicemembers overseas. today at noon the committee invited to come help sort out the donations took care of packages and prep them for shipping. thousands of people at ground zero this morning to pause and remember the events on 9/11. were taking a live york city with the first moment of silence held less than an hour ago. right now is looking over the podium you can see the very many family members who were related to the people who lost her life since the attack we heard from the children the spouses we also have a lot of political candidates you can tell you that lori clinton and donald trump are ground zero this morning that first moment of silence again held about an
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continue throughout the rest of the day. hundreds of local high school students are not on track to graduate and many of them have stopped showing up to school altogether. official said out this weekend to pull the teens from their homes and back into the classroom. the seventh annual reclaim your future walk connecting students to the missing for the classroom not only csst but student programs at koch nothing to attend. board trustee carolyn edwards one of those people walk. >> the reality is anyone who finishes high school typically successful than somebody who doesn't. >> if you know a teen or young adult who could benefit from the programs connected to this year's seventh annual reclaim your future walk pedro website for more information. it's time for a different kind of racing in nevada. razors and virginia city the best camels and ostriches forward to compete for top prize.
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since. as you can see riders mount in the back of the animals even zebras involved as well. anyone who tends the festivities connector get on the back of the camel for ride. organizers expect as many as 10,000 people to head out to the races this weekend. definitely interesting. >> this thousands of people evacuated at six flags america and county maryland saturday after police received a bomb threat at a shooting there six flags spokesperson said park was notified the call received by the state police. the park was artie closing for private event but about 3000 visitors were still there. according to the spokesperson the park was a backward abundance of caution police found nothing in the park that presented any danger that is expected to reopen as usual this morning. were about halfway through the year before the next st. patrick's day and one local business says it's already time to start the party.
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summer st. patrick's day event in helping those in need in the process. new guidelines that say everyone getting a flu vaccine this year must face that
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right back. number of confirmed zika cases, local imploaded holdings they put out to six. department help so there no new report nontribal related zika
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continue in the state officials now reporting 12 no travel related cases. the cases were found in multiple counties across florida. >> control team in the miami area started aerial spraying of insecticide and miami beach just before dawn on friday. the spray again today over the next two weeks to try to control the mosquito population. american association of pediatrics updated its annual flu season guidelines it brings not so good news for you year. the centers for disease control and prevention demon able spray vaccine sup arming the flu shot is your only option. recommendation against using low mist made over the summer advisory committee compares the data can sustain a flu shot and found that the nasal spray had been more ineffective or excuse me had been ineffective over the past three seasons. for now the recommendation interim decision could be reversed next year when the panel reconsiders additional
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good news for you parents. the federal data says that smoking and drinking amongst teenagers fell to new lows this year. the data from the substance abuse and mental health services administration shows only 9.6 percent of adolescents ages 12 to 16 and 17 reported alcohol use in 2015. down from 17.6 percent in 2002. the data shows about 20 percent of youth smoke every day that's down 32 percent 2012. excuse me about 67,000 youth across entire nation. a spokesman for the agency that conducted the survey says the new numbers show robust public health efforts to drinking and smoking among teens actually paying off. next one is so cute group of dogs took over city pool front end of the pool party weekend. going over the summer there coming up will tell you exactly where this happened.
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meet the local hero who has dedicated his life to helping others through music. new halfway through the year until st. patrick's day in
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time. good morning and welcome back. >> jerry: you're going to like
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through today even if you like double digits heading west go west young man. west valley should be in the 90s but 100 should prevail central valley and to the east. the view from the las vegas springs preserve the central valley looking east you see the sun gleaming off the buildings on the strip there. as we look at 73 degrees over alta valley wins a calm human 34 percent that is has downward talk about single-digit humidity through th even at 101 degrees dryer not all that bad. 71 on eastside washington eastern that's bracket elementary to the west saint elizabeth buffalo make lake mead and 73. humidity at a little elevated at 34 percent. coming down. sunrise 8174 summerlin 78 over mountains edge around the region looking up at the mount charleston lodge. 57 to the east of caliente but
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valley. frontal system has dissipated over the appalachians bringing in cooler air to the great lakes also not too bad over the plains. steam bath of the southeast and for us were looking a little system up to our north that's moving progressively down frontal system kick up some wind ahead a bit surreal both were breezy 20. but that one that cooler air comes in i'm people to be pretty happy about it as were going from the low 100s to the upper 80s. moisture tried to work its way out of mexico here not doing a very good job is it. you can see we are in the clear. showers over the sahara in arizona yesterday but nothing threatened the valley nor will anything today. highs today, warmest over to the east, eastern clark county not too bad overnight county 70 prompt 99 boulder city 95 upper
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breezes i talked about at the top of the half-hour developing 73 upon mount charleston beat the heat up there red rock 94. heading down to the lake it's still going to feel like summer at 103. with water temperature up 81 degrees. winds should be too big a problem 10 to 15. breezes blowing at 10 to 20 overnight low 70s but starting to talk about some overnight lows in the 60s by midweek say addie also triple digits how about 96 on monday and then upper 80s tuesday and wees way to just a beautiful needle of the work week. back into the 90s to 95-ish range going into next weekend but with dry air overall. september on his good behavior. let's get through today. looking forward to it. did you know that this week were about halfway to st. patrick's day all the way in march and of course holding a celebration. holding a fundraiser in
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>> drink specials music all night specials menu and 20 percent of the proceeds go to the homeless of nevada. >> fundraiser like this to be involved not only with you is one of the local restaurants but also that's going to >> were 100 percent local nonprofit. for local companies to come out and give to us our programming goes directly to southern nevada and so this is a great opportunity for us. were very excited that there partnering with us again. it's the 11th to the 17th you go in and you purchase off of the special menu and 20 percent goes to help the southern nevada. it's a great opportunity to put the money back in your program. >> let's talk about exactly las vegas what is a menu look like?
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guinness beer cheese appetizer. i wish hot beef sandwich. what your favorite? >> guinness sunday. >> how does idea come about? it's fun to say the least. >> it's great >> in september. >> halfway there. a big day of the year. we partner with help and do something special. >> for the people at home what you want to say to them to get them out of their homes this week and into the restaurant. >> went to be getting back to so many others. >> is really easy opportunity for summary to give back.
6:49 am
amazing live music giving back to committee. you don't even this i realize that you're doing it. proceeds that go back to helping southern nevada we have over 10 departments over 30 different types of programs you're assisting anywhere from unborn child to a senior citizen in a myriad of clients in between. it's a great opportunity for someone to get back learn a little bit more about the southern nevada. celebrate st. patrick's day a little early. >> the menu is a special menu do menu will be on the back. starts from date today through the 17th. >> were also doing five dollars guinness specials. good time. also for so many people across
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joining us. >> still to come meet a local hero hoping others with the sound of music. will have his story coming up.
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right back. i hero helping others in the trinity please the sound of might cease redefining what it means to be a traveling musician. this week i got to interview jeffrey las vegan man was dedicated his life to helping others in the community through music program. >> the sound speaks for itself. and behind the music is jeffrey trower. this is his office on wheels. so we could drop to multiple apartments around town daily. >> volunteering enduring drum circles is a big part of his
6:54 am
hospice students are individuals with special needs jeffrey says music can help people become more expressive. >> bringing in them out of the shell of the people that were experiencing worked when he was working with them. >> she nominated jeffrey as our committee hero they said working together for years ago together in a mental health facility. jeffrey's wish is that more
6:55 am
volunteer at local high schools and also be at first brought it. for more information how you can help the organization you can check out our website check out the features section that's where you'll find the heroes tab with this week's hero segment on chloe beardsley. congratulations to jerry he 100 bucks is a chance to win a $500 visa gift card courtesy of children's hospital nevada umc. if you know someone in our community is gone story you can submit them on her facebook page on a website news 3 next one is so cute. boulder city went to the dogs this weekend at least one local pool did. >> there they go. dog lovers throughout town brought their best friends to celebrate the city's second annual pulp party.
6:56 am
doggy prince could not resist boulder city animal control. helped m?nchen event for the safety of the pelt offered outreach and education and related items. public pool now be trained and then cleaned the main pool reopen on september 26 with an enclosure for the colder months and thanks to a former colleague for providing us with the video. i've seen the videos across entire country where the polls will be closing and they but dirty. >> there are the polls that do that. >> a good time for their four-legged friends. >> they love it. >> today they could use it. >> today is the day. >> we will have some triple digits. everywhere but certainly on the eastern side of the valley about 101 but that mid-90s tomorrow with the winds picking
6:57 am
thursday we will take it. really nice with overnight lows getting down into the 60s. that's a nice part when the low start to sink down you can exit open the window. lots of sunshine and i think pretty nice weekend by balance i think kinda prefer october when it cools off. september can go either way i think it's going in the right direction of triple digits for 2016? >> there is a possibility at least an immediate 10 days.
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. it's been reduced to rubble. >> i call it disaster. >> the future of wireless. >> we're getting back to a good morning and welcome to a special edition sunday today on this 15th anniversary of the attacks on september 11. this morning we will take stock a decade and a half on the darkest day. president adviser to george w. bush who was in the white house


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