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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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happy monday to you as we take a live look right now. it is september 12. we're happy to be with you. the wagners are off. we're filling in for the whole hour. >> krystal: we're going to check in with our fellow girl anchor on the set with a look at what is going on with weather. >> kelly: temperatures on the downward trend this week. we're going to be dealing with gusty winds. in fact a red an increased fire danger around the area. let's take a look at what you can expect heading out the door today. temperatures still in the 90's. lot of sunshine to get things started. the winds not so strong just yet. they are going to be increasing in the afternoon. 92 by noon. mostly sunny skies. gusts to 35 miles per hour. we're going to talk more about the winds coming up in a few minutes.
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third straight day after the mercury exposure is bigger than originally thought. 60 local homes were inspected over the weekend by the e.p.a. and one family was evacuated from their home. more than a quarter cup offense mercury was discovered at the school, much more than we were originally told. the school was put on lockdown wednesday after students were exposed to the hazardous met reports that children were exposed to mercury four days before staff reported it. >> it should not be looked over. it should be paid attention to and it wasn't reported one time to one administrator or one staff. it was reported to several and they still did nothing. >> krystal: it's unclear where the mercury came from. clean up continues today as classes are cancelled.
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come back to school. they are expected to retest the home that was evacuated along with several other homes in the area. >> michelle: an update to breaking news from last night. one person is dead and another in custody after a crash on the west side of the valley. it happened just before 9:00 sunday night. a bicyclist was riding north when that person was hit by a pickup truck heading north. the truck w and ran off. he was later arrested for felony d.u.i. and hit and run. the bicyclist was pronounced dead. >> krystal: brown was taken into custody in arizona. no other details released. brown is wanted at a shooting
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desert inn and maryland parkway. >> michelle: three people are dead after a small plane crashed into a parking lot at the tahoe international airport. this happened just after 6:00 last night. the small plane crashed almost immediately after takeoff into several cars parked in the parking lot there. the three people inside of that plane were all killed. no one on the ground was injured by that c. airport were affected but the drivers of 50-100 cars will be without their vehicles for some time. >> krystal: confirmation overnight that hillary clinton will not attend fundraisers in california tomorrow. she got overheated at the 9/11 memorial sunday.
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pneumonia. >> this video of hillary clint apartment. >> are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you very much. >> she cancelled two days of fundraisers in california with doctors orderers to rest with antibiotics. she's had health issues before. a coughing fit last week her doctor attributed to allergies. last year she fainted and got a
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blood clot. trump has questioned her stamina but little is known about his health history. >> michelle: attorneys for the person who won the powerball jackpot expected to come forward. attorneys for the winners planning to come forward to the winner to claim $487 million. they plan to announce their plans to use it. it's unclear if the winner will it was sold in rainman for the drawing on july 30. the general manager of our hockey team confirmed to the team has a basic logo, the color and portion of the nickname chosen. the words knights will be part of the name. and red will be one of the
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black knights is not the selection he wanted the team colors to reflect the las vegas environment such as red rock. the final logo won't be revealed until sometime next month so stay tuned. >> michelle: i'm excited for that. i was a knight in high school. miss america 2017 has been crowned. if you missed it. which state won the title?
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>> michelle: welcome back in. a new miss america has been crowned for 2017. here is the winning moment. >> and the new miss america is
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>> we have an adorable baby sea lion entertaining china. he's been showing off in a pool at the park. he seems smart and lively and
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>> interesting competition took place in northern nevada over the weekend. camels. look how wobbly they are up there. the competition started 57 years ago. been going on ever since. riders mount the camels and ostriches. >> krystal: they looked a little bit unsteady. >> i've seen people ride camels and it's wobbly. >> krystal: not for me. fits for you, more power to you. let's bring it back here to
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>> michelle: let's check in with kelly and still a little bit warm. >> kelly: still warm over the weekend, we had triple digits over the weekend. a red flag warning. a heightened fire danger as we get into tomorrow. lot of blue sky to get things going and that's what we saw all day yesterday. warm notice if you were out late in the afternoon, early evening the winds are starting to increase. let's take a look at the temperatures first. right now temperatures in the upper 70's across much of the las vegas valley, even low 80's. southeast coming in at 82. spring valley 88. tomorrow temperatures are going to be a lot cooler than this. in fact we're looking at upper 60's, low 70's for tomorrow morning. look at the wind speeds.
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saw over the weekend. spring valley 11-mile per hour right now. they are going to continue to build throughout the day. winds gusting to 35 this afternoon. up around red rock, mt. charleston we could see gusts as high as 45. a lake wind advisory is in effect for today. not the best day to be out on the water. stay off the boats today and tomorrow for that matter. we're looking at low pressure system that is going to sink through the the rain showers will stay to our north. we're looking at dry conditions here. it's the gusty winds that will be the issue. a red flag warning in effect. all the areas shaded in hot pink fire warning there. same for tomorrow. tomorrow drier air moves in and with the wind still in the area,
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next couple of days. report any smoke that you can see. today we're looking at 96 for our high. temperatures around normal for this time of year. mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions. winds out of the southwest gusting to 35 in the afternoon. still breezy during the overnight hours. 72 is going to be our low. notice a little cooler. as you take a look at the seven-day forecast, you notice this change. tomorrow is warning. breezy conditions. 89-degrees is the expected high. breezy conditions as well for wednesday, the high 87. lows in the 60's. temperatures are going to slowly start warming up but still staying below normal. there is knots one triple digitt
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>> michelle: this happens to be the worship center that the pulse nightclub shooter worshiped. somebody called 911 just after 9:00 sunday night to say that mosque was on fire. firefighters responded and put out the flames. investigators are on scene there and officials say it's too early to say whether the fire was accidental or an act of killed 49 people at orlando pulse nightclub in june. >> krystal: jury selection is set to start in the trial of justin harris. that's the man that killed his son by leaving him in the car for 7 hours. this is the second time prosecutors will search for a jury to hear the case. they tried four months ago but couldn't find 12 people to be
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he's charged with killing his 22-month-old son by leaving the boy in a car in his car seat on june 18, 2014 outside of where he worked. harris' attorney said cooper's death was a tragic accident, that harris forgot his son. prosecutors say he did it on trouble. he was searching w promoting a child free lifestyle. >> nfl players are following the example of colin kaepernick. members of several teams took a stand in different ways yesterday which happened to be the 15 year anniversary of 9/11. steve patterson has more. >> they stood together as one during the national anthem, all
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stand and interlock arms in unity. >> pete carl says he was proud. >> make sense of how they can impact and affect others. >> aross the field four miami dolphins took a knee. in kansas city more silent protest. the controversy started when colin kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem protesting what brutality and racial injustice. the move drew both outrage and admiration. some jerseys were burned and others became best sellers. >> when our players speak out and feel strongly and passionately about something, it's a good thing for us. >> brandon marshall and jeremy lane and a high school team in new jersey making a statement.
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saying if any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there for the rest of the game. fletcher says the controversy is striking a nerve. >> our athletes are bringing real life into our recreation space and as a community that makes us uncomfortable. >> on this opening sunday players taking a moment to pause to honor freedom while attempting to >> a possible ban from football after punching a ref in southern california sunday. looks like kind of hard to make it out there, but you can see they are wrestling, a fight going on.
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separate the players but lineman bernard cheremmer took a swing at the ref and took him down. >> michelle: been 10 years since the death of anna nicole death. her son sitting down talking about how they are doing after all this >> there are things left unanswered and things i didn't get to say to her. it's tough when you go to school and fill out the forms and it gets me every year and you have to put deceased on mom's information which things were different. it's so hard to process. >> michelle: you can see more of that interview on "the today show" after this program. >> krystal: a look at what is
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renewed questions about clinton's health following this incident on sunday. how might it reshape the presidential race. dr. phil will be here live with more of his interview with jon benet's brother. dr. oz on the mistake you could be making when it comes to giving your kid certain medications. >> krystal: justin timberlake 2020 world experience tour may be over but it's coming to a big screen in your house. netflix picked up justin timberlake final stop of the tour. it will hit the streaming
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angelina jolie met are refugee who is spoke of struggles they face in daily lives. she met with camp and officials to brief her on the challenges they face. the actor said that jordan cannot bear the responsibility for these refugees on her own. she's called on the international community to find conflict. >> michelle: a michigan mother was so upset when she got a nasty note about her autistic son. after hearing that story, a local business came forward and made an amazing offer for that
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>> michelle: earlier this month a michigan mom found a nasty note in her shopping cart. it said buy that kid a muzzle. her six-year-old son has autism. a security company invited her to tour their office and made
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he described it as the best day ever and the kind gesture had a more personal meaning for the man showing grandee around. >> a lot of times parents with autism children feel isolated and people around them don't know what they are going through. the smallest gesture of we understand, we want to help goes a long way. >> it was amazing that somebody would reach out like it's not sponge bob where you can go to the store and he can pick something out. for somebody to do like this, it's something i could never give him and it's amazing. >> he received his own security technician uniform and a visit from the local fire department. that is cool. >> michelle: let's take a quick check of weather. we'll bring in kelly now and we
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>> kelly: it does. let's take a look at the temperatures this morning. pahrump 73, overton you are at 69 this morning. as we head throughhroughout thet of the day, we are looking at highs in the mid 90's. cooler temperatures on the way for tuesday and wednesday along with gusty winds. >> michelle: a 9/11 tribute vandalized. they wrote we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. >> krystal: we have a lot more coming up at 6:00 too. criss angel helping grant wishes for children facing life threatening illnesses. more on his huge star-studded event tonight in our 6:00 a.m. hour.
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>> krystal: good morning. thank you for being was on this monday morning. it's a back to reality monday. hope you enjoyed a fantastic weekend. the wagners are off this morning. >> michelle: we're happy to be here and happy to say your seven-day forecast is looking really good. in my opinion the best it has looked since june.


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