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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> krystal: good morning. thank you for being was on this monday morning. it's a back to reality monday. hope you enjoyed a fantastic weekend. the wagners are off this morning. >> michelle: we're happy to be here and happy to say your seven-day forecast is looking really good. in my opinion the best it has looked since june.
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>> michelle: we're going to bring kelly in for this one. i'm excited about the overnight temperatures. >> kelly: here is what we're looking at today. we've got a lot of sunshine right now. but the wind is going to be the issue. we're excited about the cooler temperatures but going to be dealing with gusty winds. 96 at 4:00 this afternoon. we're going to talk more about the winds and how it could impact our couple of days coming up in 10 minutes. >> things are looking good on the roadway right now as we take a look at the bonnville exit here off the i15. looking good so far. we'll keep an eye on your traffic and keep you updated as you get up and out the door this morning. developing now, contamination
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craig live near the campus this morning where classes have been cancelled again today. this is the third day. they said on friday they thought the kids would be going back to school today. >> they did say that and it will not be happening this morning. cleanup does continue with focus being placed on the school gym. at the same time there have been contamination concerns off campus. over the weekend we there were about 60 homes that were under focus by the e.p.a. as they investigated a possibility that there were there were other areas of mercury contamination. trace of the dangerous metal forced one family out of their home. more than a quarter cup of mercury was discovered at the school while the school was on lockdown wednesday. it's still closed today. it's possible that students were
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before it was reported by school staff. >> it should be not looked over. it should be paid attention to and it wasn't reported one time to one administrator or one staff, it was reported to several. and they still did nothing. >> we know that as a district and school we'll debrief and how we can do better as far as education to the teachers and the students. >> back here live where the cleanup continues today. came from and we also don't have any new information from the clark county school district as to when, which day the school will reopen for students. >> walter johnson , jr. high will reopen for parents to drop
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tested. as far as when classes will be back in session, we don't know. school officials are trying to determine when the classes are resume. as soon as we get word we'll pass it on to you. >> michelle: police say a bicyclist is dead after that person was hit by a pickup truck in the west side of the valley. this police say the driver of the pickup truck swerved into the opposite lane it was traveling and hit the bicyclist before driving through a wall into a backyard. then this that person got out of the car and ran. the person was taken to the hospital where the person was pronounced dead. the driver who ran away from the scene was later found at his home. he was arrested for driving
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and run. >> krystal: three people have lost their lives following this. this is a crash involving a small plane into a parking lot at reno tahoe international airport. a small single engine plane crashed almost immediately after takeoff into several cars parked in the surface parking lot. the three people killed were all inside the plane. no one on the ground was injured in the crash. no f airport were affected. but the driver of 50-100 cars will be without their vehicles at least until monday morning. the plane was attempting to fly to the bay area. >> arrest of a man east of the strip in a shooting death made.
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brown was wanted for shooting just before 10:30 friday morning in the area of desert inn and maryland parkway. an argument happened just before that shooting. >> krystal: things get violent in a football game over the weekend. a ref gets involved and gets
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>> president obama participating in his final 9/11 remembrance as president on sunday. the president going to the pentagon where he helped place a
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will never forget the lives taken on september 11, the most enduring memorial is to not let others divide us. >> we remember and we will never forget the nearly 3,000 beautiful lives taken from us so cruelly including 184 men, women and children here. the youngest just three years old. >> the president held a private office. another 9/11 tribute took shape in downtown las vegas last night. here on freemont street at the experience center. >> the las vegas firefighters benefit association and retired new york firefighter joined forces last night. 403 people received an american
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it represents the new york firefighters, port authority police officers and 23 new york officers whoa lost their lives during the attacks. also yesterday there was a bell ringing ceremony at a las vegas fire and rescue station at the moment that the train towers fell. fire station five has a piece of the twin towers on display. a san francisco fire house accepted one of the last remnants of the world trade center. a piece of steel beam that came down 15 years ago was dedicated sunday morning. it will be installed for public viewing at a later date. the names of the firefighters lost their lives in the collapse of the twin towers are read. similar remembrances were held at fire houses across the city. hillary clinton appeared to be unsteady as she threat
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waiting with a woman on the sidewalk there and holding her arm as they walk toward the campaign van. she appeared to be buckling at the knees going down there. people had to support her to get her into the van. she went to her daughter's apartment to rest. then she reemerged a short time later smiling and appeared to be ok. the campaign announced clinton has bee pneumonia. >> one person is dead and more than a dozen injured after a bus crash. a school bus carrying 17-20 students and coaches from legacy high school when it drove off the embankment of a terminal approach. the driver of the bus died, all of the other passengers taken to local hospitals. several are believed to be in critical condition.
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pickup approach at the airport when this crash occurred. the level four approach remains closed. they are working to investigate the cause of that crash. >> a volcano erupted yesterday at the island of lava spewed about 30 yards high from the central crater. it was the second eruption this year for one of the most active volcanos in the world and posed no direct threat to the island population there. it has erupted more than a dozen times in the past 10 years.
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minutes. we are looking at the i15 where going northbound doesn't look too bad. so far so good traffic wise. hopefully we can say the same for the weather. >> kelly: this morning it's not looking bad out there. mainly clear skies and the winds are light but won't be for long this. is a look from yesterday. tons of sunshine out there. barely a cloud in the sky. lot of early. temperatures warmed up yesterday afternoon. upper 90's in many locations. here are the current temperatures. sunrise you are coming in at 80. mountains edge 77 and henderson 81. these are the warmest lows we're going to see all week as we have a low pressure system working in. going to be bringing in much cooler temperatures for the rest of this week. now the wind not too bad as of yet.
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i want to show what you we expect through the rest of the day today. by noon we're looking at 5-10-mile per hour winds. they are going tony crease. by 5:00 this evening 20-mile per hour. these are the constant wind speeds. gusts will be up up to 35.we're looking at dry c.
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96 is our forecast high today. winds gusting to 35. tonight breezy, 72 for the low. the wind comes to an end wednesday night. temperatures will start rising. even that we're talk mid 90's for the
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little odd the way it's unfolded. the person in charge of mediating between the parties just a bubbly design. the wall street journal says no one is sure why he stepped down. carrier we have here, southwest and we understand the flight attendants and airline finally coming to some type of agreement. >> they've reached a tenative agreement in principle with the union. the agreement with the flight attendance comes less than two weeks after southwest reached a deal with the pilots. the flight attendants do need to approve the deal. certainly big stuff.
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about google fixing a couple of security flaws when it comes to android. >> the first flaw was only designed for research purposes. it would have been malicious if it was modified but they fixed it. the other flaw behaved similarly to stage fright. that was a hackers flaw we talked about a few months so hopefully no more problems with those. >> michelle: a college football player punched a ref in the middle of a agame in southern california, all of it caught on tape. a shocking turn of events at the mt. san antonio college. when a fight broke out on the
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that referee stepped in and tried to separate ath aggressors. cheremmer took a swing at the ref knocking him down on the ground. he was immediately ejected from the game and arrested on suspicion of battery. hitting an official could result in a sport. >> something you don't hear about every day camel and
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nevada. >> a 9/11 memorial at one california college is blown away. we're going to tell you the note
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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>> kelly: these are the warmest lows we're going to see all week. winds pretty light but we're expecting gusts this afternoon to 35 miles per hour. look at the impact it's going to have on our temperatures. yesterday we had upper 90's, low 100's, today mid 90's and cooler temperatures are on the way. i'll have more details in 10 minutes. >> a 9/11 of small american flags was vandalized hours after it was set up on a college campus. 3,000 miniature american flags placed in the grass around the main quad on saturday to honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack. hours after the display went up vandals removed many of the flags, broke them and threw them in the trash.
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flags out of the trash can repairing them and carefully replacing them back into the grass. the republican club said the vandal left behind signs that said rest in peace through the bees rest in peace the more than 1 million iraqis who died during the u.s. invasion for something
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> closed again. walter johnson middle school cancelled for a third day after learning the mercury scare is bigger than first thought. >> michelle: a mosque up in flames. what investigators in florida are saying has. plus -- >> and the new miss america is. >> and the winner is -- a new miss america has been crowned. which state came out on top.
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happy monday as we kick off another week. a cool down coming. we're here filling in for the wagners who are off. >> happy to get your monday started off with on the right foot. we're going to check on traffic and weather. we are going to start with jeff. >> jeff: we are starting on the right note because we accidents at the moment and not seeing any. 15 south bound northbound and southbound directions are free flowing. let's get a check of the monday forecast. sheer kelly. >> as you are stepping out the door this morning we're looking at temperatures in the 70's. winds not bad right now but they are going to get strong this
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the las vegas valley out of the southwest. stronger gusts in the higher terrain. we're going to talk more about anytime 10 minutes. >> at 5:30 a mercury spill at walter johnson , jr. high school larger than we originally thought. classes have been cancelled the third day in a row. 60 local homes inspected over the weekend bety environmental protection agency. tra o temporarily forcing one family out of their home because it was deemed unsafe. e.p.a. officials tell us more than a quarter cup of mercury was discovered at that school. that is a lot more than we were originally told as well. the school put on lockdown wednesday after students were exposed to the hazardous liquid metal. many parents frustrated amid reports that children had been exposed to mercury four days
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it should be paid attention to and it wasn't reported one time to one administrator or one staff, it was reported to several. and they still did nothing. >> we'll look at how we can always do better as far as education to the teachers and students. >> it's unclear where that mercury came f. that's the question a lot of people have. cleanup continues today. they are focusing on the decided when students will be allowed to return. we are on top of the story. we will keep you updated throughout the day. >> metro police are searching for an armed robbery suspect near tropicana and nellis. pulled a gun and demanded money. the suspect fled before taking any money or merchandise. he's described as an
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20's, approximately 6 feet tall. you see him there. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. >> krystal: multiple agencies investigating a fire that broke out in florida at an islamic center. the sheriff's office said 911 operates took a call that the islamic center was on fire. investigators say they are investigating the fire as an arson. several agees state fire marshall office and sheriff's office arson investigators are at the scene. the mosque made headlines recently. it's where the orlando nightclub shooter worshiped. and a suicide bomber worshiped there as well. he killed himself in a bombing last may. >> an infant was shot riding in a vehicle on sunday.
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the interstate and park until the paramedics could assist the child. the little girl was treated for nonlife threatening injuries and is expected to be ok. the shooting is being investigated. no word on a suspect or possible motive here. >> one person dead and others wounded at a stop the violence event in when officers arrived they found six people shot. all the wounded taken to an area hospital where one of the victims was pronounced dead. it happened at a stop the violence event that took place at a park. there is no reason to believe the shooting is connected to the rally. officers have not identified a suspect or determined a motive for that shooting. it's still under investigation. four adults and six children have lost their lives in an
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emergency crews rushing to the scene of a fire that broke out early this morning. all those involved were found dead on the scene. three more children were rushed to a local hospital where they later died. it's unclear what caused that fire or if the home had a working smoke detector. investigators still working to determine the cause. >> the owner of our incoming hockey franchise details about this. he confirmed the team has a basic logo picked out. the colors also chosen and a portion of the team's nickname has been chosen. so far he says the words knights will be part of the name and red will be one of the colors and he confirmed black knights is not the selection. that is out. as for the red color, he wanted
5:35 am
rock. the final name and logo won't be revealed until next month but we are getting everybody just a little more excited. >> remembering a local teacher who was killed in the september 11 attack. what students and teachers did to pay respects to barbara edwards. >> and someone is expected to come forward today and cash in their winning ticket for too. where that lucky ticket was
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>> as we all remembered on the anniversary of 9/11, a las vegas resident was remembered here at home. high school students, teachers barbara edwards to died on 9/11. he was a foreign language teacher who was on flight 77 , the one that crashed into the pentagon. the school has a permanent memorial for her there near the soccer field. >> she was my best friend. >> she went home and was visiting family and friends back east and was on her way back for my birthday which is 9/11.
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>>ed wards was included in the 9/11 memorial that took place in new york city as they named off every name of every person that was killed that day. every time a name was read a little bell would ring. >> i'm glad we take the time out here in las vegas not only to remember the all the lives lost in that tragic event but to remember someone in our community who lost their i'm glad they do that every year so we do not forget. >> let's shift and talk traffic and weather. jeff in the building. how are we looking out there? >> we are accident free. we have an accident as you approach jones. there is debris in the roadway. watch out for potential lane closures. as for your commute through the bowl things are looking all right. we're not seeing any delays on
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right now we'll get a check of what it's like as we step out the door. >> kelly: i'm liking the tie. it has the traffic feel. here is a look outside with what we're seeing as far as temperatures are concerned. winds right now south three. not too bad right now. calm winds currently at gibbson middle school. 75 there. for the morning bell, sunny skies and 80-degrees. make sure have you the hair ties with you because the winds will be picking up this afternoon. 96 on the way home gusts to 35 miles per hour. going to be a hang on to your hat afternoon. >> krystal: extra hair spray and all of that. miss america 2017 crowned last
5:41 am
contestant took home the title and the crown. >> it's a make a wish monday. the event hosted by criss angel to benefit cancer research. happening tonight. if you didn't know it he has a little boy who is fighting childhood cancer. this is very close to his heart. we've talked to him about this.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
5:44 am
>> the georgia man accused of killing his young son by leaving him anyway hot car more than 7 hours. they tried four months ago to find a jury but they were unable to find 12 people who could be impartial because this case has gotten so much media coverage. harris is charged with killing him in a hot car strapped in his car seat on june 18, 2014. harris' attorney say cooper's death was a tragic accident, that his father forgot he had his son in the car. prosecutors say he did it on purpose because there was trouble in the marriage between he and cooper's mother and that there is evidence showing he was researching websites promoting a
5:45 am
>> the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is out of a mental hospital. neighbors have mixed feelings about him being around. >> i don't think he should be here. i don't think they should have released him. >> they need to keep a close eye on him. he needs have a lot of restrictions, can't go here, can't go there. >> the medical field said he recovered enough. if he's not? >> the man we're talking about is john linkly , jr. released starred. he has to live with his mother in a gated community in virginia. he has a long list of restrictions among them he's not allowed to go near any member of president reagan's family. he has recovered from the mental illness that drove him to shoot
5:46 am
people. a church celebrating 50 years to the community. members of the first african-american methodist episcopal church celebrating 50 years of service to the valley. the church organize niced in 1966 a group of 20 people. the church has been offering outreach ministries which includes programs to help t homeless. >> because of that it is allowed our church to grow and prosper over the years from a small church. >> the church helps mentor youth and offers educational scholarships. >> and the winner is, we're going to tell you now. miss america crowned last nights. we're going to come and tell that you later on. for right now we're going to send it over to kelly with a
5:47 am
your weather. it's looking pretty nice. >> and the new miss america is miss arkansas. >> so we were going to tell you who is going to be the miss america. that was miss arkansas. we'll get to kelly a little bit later. >> michelle: kelly is mis america america. >> krystal: she's fabulous in her own right too. look at her talking her walk down the aisle there. as part of her title, she gets a $50,000 scholarship, a six figure salary and all expenses paid during her reign. miss south carolina was the first runner up.
5:48 am
that mysterious powerball winner. that person is expected to come forward. $487 million. that powerball jackpot back in july. the new hampshire hotly says attorneys are planning to come forward to claim that prize. they plan to announce plans for the money it's unclear if that person or people will make an appearance. the winning ticket was sold in a supermarket for the july 30. it was in raymond, new hampshire. >> a different light lit up the skyline to remember the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the memorial and museum tribute in light installation switched on just after sun down. two beams of light to tribute those who lost their lives 15
5:49 am
represent the world trade towers. they were put into place six months after the attack. the lights were shut off just before dawn this morning. a fitting tribute. >> they do it every year on 9/11. let's take a look at traffic. we have jeff and tom. >> tom: got to keep you guessing over here. you see this gets a little busy as we approach the top of the 6:00 hour. that's what we're looking at is regular rush hour congestion. nothing in the way of accident. checking traffic flow times we look great on the 15, 215 as well as the inbound i215 from henderson. looks good on the roadways. meanwhile here she is, miss weather. >> kelly: good one, tom. we are talking about severe weather for us.
5:50 am
take a look at this. people cleaning up the damage left behind from a tornado that went through central ill think weekend. dozens of neighbors came out to help a family after the home was destroyed by the storm. the tornadoes on the ground for about 17 minutes southeast of champagne, illinois. i used to work in this market. there are no reports of significant damage to the one farmhouse. injuries. national weather service said the same storm produced one other storm in the region and then crossed over into indiana right after that. you can see it out in central illinois. here at home it was a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures over the weekend. saturday the clouds were pretty out there. here is a time lapse look from yesterday. this is pahrump valley high school.
5:51 am
couple of clouds and that's it. the winds increased in the late afternoon and evening. we're going to deal with those more today and through the middle part of the week. current temperatures downtown 78, paradise, southeast coming in at 80. eldorado coming in at 78. upper 70's for the most part across the las vegas valley this morning. cooler temperatures are on the way along with gusty winds. right now the winds not much to talk about. we are seeing gusts up winds will increase this afternoon up to 35 miles per hour possible. stronger winds with lower dew point is leading to a fire weather warning. this is for tomorrow. all the areas shaded in hot pink, that includes las vegas. we're going to deal with gusty winds, cooler temperatures, rain showers all expected to stay to our north. forecast high for today pahrump 95.
5:52 am
mesquite 70 tonight. our seven-day forecast, take a look at these numbers. 89 tomorrow for the lay in love. 87 wednesday, but keep in mind we're going to be dealing with gusty winds. the winds die down and the temperatures slowly start to increase, mid 90's for the weekend but not a single triple digit on this seven-day forecast. >> krystal: rob kardashian new black china premiered last night and they revealed the sex of their baby. and why he said he was disappointed at first. >> and we'll show you how angelina jolie is calling on world leaders to find a solution to the crisis in syria.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> we're talking about this couple. black china and rob kardashian.
5:56 am
their unborn baby. the episode shows the pair finding out the sex of the baby. kardashian said he really want a son. the doctor tells the parents they will be having a baby girl. [indiscernible] show without a whole lot of drama. so they are having a baby girl. congratulations to the couple. >> angelina jolie called on world leaders to find a solution to the syrian crisis. this was after a visit to a refugee camp over the weekend. they spoke of the struggles they face in their daily lives.
5:57 am
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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>> what happened to the person police believe responsible for this. >> debrief and how we can always do better. >> an investigation continuing. walter johnson middle school
6:00 am
this time of course the mercury was found in the gym. we're going to tell you what developed over the weekend and what we can expect move into the week.


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