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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this time of course the mercury was found in the gym. we're going to tell you what developed over the weekend and what we can expect move into the week.
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monday. >> we have report of an accident at 95 and cold creek. we'll check that out. that's on the outskirts. in the valley let's check team traffic with jeff mar. >> a smooth start to monday as you make your way through the bowl. ty not seeing any accidents on 15 south bound. it is the slow spot eight minutes from downtown to tropicana. let's get a check of your forecast with kelly. >> right now temperatures in the upper 70's. wind not much of an issue yet.
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afternoon. at 4:00 96. we're going to have to deal with winds in the valley and stronger in the higher terrain. >> we appreciate that. this has been a big story lost week. we're talking about the contamination at westerly johnson middle school and learning it's larger than we originally >> jeff: the clean up continues on this campus way lot of focus
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concerns about contamination possibly at homes in the area. 60 homes were the focus of search by the epa or scrutiny by the epan. one case at least the dangerous metal did force one family out of their home. epa officials telling us that a quarter cup of mercury was discovered at the school. the school was put on temporary students were exposed to mercury for four days before it was reported by school staff. >> it should not be looked over. it should be paid attention to. it was not reported one time to one administrator or staff, it was reported to several and they still did nothing. >> we know as a district and school we'll debrief and how we can always do better as far as education to the teachers and the students. >> back here live outside the school which is closed today,
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class because the cleanup continues. we still don't know exactly where this mercury came from. from the district no word on when classes will continue here. >> items today to be tested. as far as when classes will be back in session, school officials have not told us when that will happen. we don't know the answer to that but we will continue to follow this and bring you all the updates throughout the day. this is a developing story so you can go to our website and we'll keep you updated there. and we'll keep you updated on our social media sites and we'll let you know when officials are
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more updates on the merge si contamination. this is a serious story affecting a lot of people. >> krystal: now an update to a story from last night. a local driver accused of hitting and killing a person on a bicycle is behind bars. the driver of the truck swerved into the opposite lane and hit the person on the bike before driving through a wall and i the person on the bike was taken to the hospital where that individual was later pronounced dead. officers say the driver ran from the scene but was later found in his home. he was arrested for driving under the influence and for a hit and run. >> an arrest has been made in the shooting death of a man friday morning just east of the strip. 22-year-old brown was taken into custody in gilbert arizona. a disturb of phoenix.
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desert inn and maryland parkway. investigators say there was an argument just before the shooting. they have not released anymore details. >> metro police asking for your help to find an armed robbery suspect. he went into a business in southeast las vegas and pulled out a gun and demanded or merchandise. >> michelle: as we remembered a somber day in our country's history yesterday, a las vegas resident who was killed on 9/11 was remembered here at home.
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she was on flight 77 when it crashed into the pentagon. the school has a permanent memorial for her there near the soccer field. >> barbara was my best friend. >> she went home and was visiting family and friends back east and was on her way back for my birthday which is 9/11. it was just a tragedy for all. >> edwards was also place in new york city yesterday. >> clinton's health became a headline over the weekend, in particular yesterday. what happened? you see her stumbling there. they had to help her into that s.u.v. what are the questions about her health? what are we finding out about her health. >> plus. >> and the new miss america is -- >> and the winner of the miss
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the weekend. who took home the crown coming up. >> dawn is approaching over the sheep range. we're looking at traffic on u.s. 95. we'll have an update on the roads coming your way in just a moment. >> krystal: we are taking a live look this morning out of the big apple where harry con i can , jr. will be on "the today show" talking about his new show at 2:00 p.m. that is a little sneak peek coming out of new york. we're going to actually let you know what it's all about coming up on "the today show" after
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> krystal: want to welcome you back in. you see hillary clinton there getting back into her vehicle. this was following a 9/11 memorial and she stumbled into the van. she was diagnosed with pneumonia according to her doctor who said the diagnosis was made on friday. clinton left that 9/11 event in new york sunday morning. a video shows her having a tough
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her camp said she overheated and we learned she was diagnosed with pneumonia prior to that friday. she's been put on antibiotics to treat that. the she is recovering nicely. we're going to talk it out with tracy potts. clinton was expected to head to california this morning. we'll learn more on >> a school bus crash near the denver international airport. a school bus was carrying 17-20 students and coaches from legacy high school when it drove off the embankment of a terminal approach and crashed into a concrete wall. the female bus driver died and all the other passengers were
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critical condition. the bus was returning to colorado after playing a game in california. police are working to investigate the cause of the crack. crash. >> justin harris charged with felony murder and second degree child cruelty in the death of his 22-month-old son cooper. this happened back in june of 2014. his son off at daycare before heading to work. cooper spent nearly 7 hours in his dad's s.u.v. as temperatures rose to 88-degrees outside of the car. inside the car it was probably close to 140-degrees. a judge moved the trial after scrapping efforts to seat an impartial jury in may stating
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that case. >> michelle: a college football player punches a ref in the middle of a game. it started in a fight that broke out between players. when the ref stepped in to try to stop it, one of the players took a swing at the ref and knocked him to the ground. he was immediately ejected from the game. he actually was arrested and facing charges of battery aside from those criminal charges, hitting an official could result in a five-year ban from football in that program. >> krystal: going to kansas city where probowl quarterback marcus peters became one in a handful of professional athletes protesting the national anthem on a day where the sports world
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we have athletes there protesting at that we had reported of an accident at the 95 and cold creek turnoff. fur not familiar cold creek is a community up in the mountains here northwest of the valley where they don't have any electricity.
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there uses solar or wind or generators. you have two prisons here. we came out here for a reported accident. we are not seeing any accident. >> jeff: that means you benefit when he doesn't find the accident. we are accident free on this monday as we continue team traffic. we have a disabled north bound as awe approach gene. 15 southbound is running fine. as we take a look at your traffic ahead forecast 15 southbound between the bowl and tropicana currently 7 minutes n. one hour we project that to be a 7 minute commute as long as they are no accidents on that stretch. 95 coming in from henderson five minutes from charleston to the bowl. so gash things looking ok on
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like outdoors. >> we are looking at clear skies all across the area right now. the sun doesn't come up until 6:21 in the morning. we're seeing haze out there as well. gusty winds late they are afternoon. here is a look at the current temperatures. as you step out the door right now in lake 77. henderson coming in at 77 and summerlin 76 right now. winds not much of us. light across much of the area but they are increasing. we're talking winds 15-25 sustained. that's constant. we have gusts to 35 later the afternoon. and then tomorrow still dealing with strong gusty winds but lower humidity so a fire weather warning in place for tomorrow all the areas in hot pink, that includes the las vegas valley and spring mountains. low pressure system going to be
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no wet weather for us. just gusty winds and a big change in our temperatures too. today temperatures close to normal. 96, mostly sunny skies, winds increasing this afternoon with gusts to 35. extra hair spray today ladies. tonight breezy conditions. 72 is our low. our seven-day forecast cooler temperatures. dealing with gusty winds tomorrow 89 tuesday, 87 on wednesday. the winds die down on thursday but the temperatures start creeping back up. no triple digits on this 7 day. >> michelle: looks good. the mystery of the powerball winner from july is unfolding and we may soon know who won that ticket. the $487 million jackpot winner new hampshire expected to come
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attorneys for the winner are planning to claim that prize and they plan to talk about what they are going to do with that money. it's unclear if the winner will make an appearance. the winning ticket was sold at a supermarket in new hampshire for that drawing which happened on july 30. >> krystal: the winner has been announced of the 2017 miss america pageant. she was just crowned hours >> and the new miss america is miss arkansas. >> krystal: you can see the tears and you hear the applause. everyone is excited for miss arkansas. winning the competition with a
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scholarship, a six figure salary and all expenses paid during her reign. miss south carolina was first runner up. >> michelle: a volume cano on a remote island erupting for the second time this year. tourist got lucky. las vegas hockey one step closer the details announced by bill. >> the most common cancer among women and that's why investigators are researching breast cancer at a yucker age and how to prevent it. >> the risk under 40 has increased worldwide. >> it's the most common cancer among women. >> an oncologist has been investigating breast cancer for
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whether she was 35. >> she's been leading a five year study researching women with a family history. >> searching for better ways to catch cancer early including a noninvasive procedure. >> if we could do that in women aat 20 or 30 that would give us a clue about who should be getting mammograms. >> they are asking me how much i am. >> she doesn't have a family history of cancer, she's part of the control group. she's involved because she wants to make a difference. >> she understood the importance of being involved. >> and prevent breast cancer before it strikes. >> i want to reduce the risk of women getting breast cancer. >> the study is complete but the research isn't done yet.
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>> tom: going over 95 and the snow mountain interchange leading out to the golf courses
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constructed by the nevada department of transportation. unfortunately we see a little haze over the valley as the dawn is coming our way. let's find out what is happening with our weather. here is kelly. >> kelly: the sun is coming up. we have a little bit of haze to deal with and dealing with strong winds late they are afternoon. here is a look at the the presidents heading out right now. boulder city 75. primm 75 as you step out the door this winds not bad yet but they are going to be increasing. winds gusting to 35 this afternoon. temperatures near normal in the mid 90's. big changes on the way. we're going to talk about the fire weather warning in a few minutes. >> michelle: this is what people got to enjoy after a volcano erupted.
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people who were hiking. >> krystal: tourist and locals watched as lava spewed about 30 yards high from the central crater. >> michelle: it was the second eruption this year from one of the most active volcanos in the world. authorities shut down some hiking trails. the volcano on that french island has erupted more than a dozen tim years. the kardashian new season premier last night. not without drama. it wouldn't be a kardashian show without a lot of drama. it was a big reveal, the gender of their baby.
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>> a plane going down in the middle of a parking lot. where this happened and the
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>> growing concerns. walter johnson , jr. high closed again today as cleanup continues from that mercury scare. how much was found and why more than 50 homes were serged over the weekends. >> details we're learning more about the soon to be las vegas hockey team. we're learning more about possible colors, a nickname. we break it down for you it's got people excited. the story straight ahead. >> good morning. southern nevada as the sun comes up. beautiful pictures from sky three this morning. it is a monday. a new start to the week. a long week for everybody. a lot of people had a short week last week. we're happy to be here with you. >> hopefully getting you off on the right foot this morning.
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because we have traffic and weather for you every 10 minutes. >> let's take a check of -- i was about to say let's take a check of tom. let's take a check of the traffic report with tom. >> tom: we're out to the far north part of the valley on the north central 215. the buildout here was completed a year or so ago but buildout continues east of that area. so far looks good in this northwest part of the valley. >> jeff: a couple of accidents to tell you about on the freeways. 95 north bound as awe approach jones, we are seeing one reported there. not seeing any slowing. on the 215 this is northbound approaching flamingo we have an accident reported there. everything in the green from 15 south bound to 215 eastbound.
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let's get a check of the monday forecast with kelly. >> kelly: we're seeing quite a bit of haze in the air now that the sun is up this morning. most likely that is from the wildfires in california. we're going to be dealing with gusty winds this afternoon and next couple of days. today at noon 92. 91 our expected high at 3:00. winds today in the valley gusting to 35 miles per hour in the afternoon. stronger gusts in the mountains. we're going to tal >> michelle: to the developing story we've been following that. mercury spill at walter johnson junior high much large werer than first reported as classes have now been cancelled for a third straight day. 60 homes were inspected over the weekend by the environmental protection agency. traces of that dangerous metal
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unsafe. more than a quarter cup of mercury was discovered at the school, more than was reported by school officials. the school was temporarily put on lockdown wednesday after students were exposed to that hazardous liquid metal and many parents still frustrated amid reports children were e posed to mercury four days before staff reported it. >> it should not be looked over. it should be paid attentio it was not reported one time to one administrator or one staff, it was reported to several and they still did nothing. >> we know as a district and school we'll debrief and how we can always do better as far as education to the teachers and the students. >> it's still unclear where the mercury came f. clean up at the school continues today and they are focusing on the gym. the school district has not decided when school will be back
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they make that announcement. >> three people are dead after a small plane crash in northern nevada. the plane crashed into a parking lot at the reno tahoe international airport sunday evening. a small single engine plane crashed almost immediately after takeoff into several cars parked in the parking lot. three people killed were all inside the plane. no one on thero as we mentioned three people on the plane did lose their lives. no flights into or out of the airport were affected. but the drivers of 50-100 cars are going to be without their vehicles at least until late they are morning. national transportation safety board investigators expected to arrive this morning.
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they have chosen the colors and a portion of the team nickname. so far the words knights will be part of the name and red will be one of the colors. he confirmed part of the selection anymore. black knights is out. as for the red color, he wanted something that would reflect the las vegas environment such as red rock. the final name and logo likely won't be revealed until next month but we are getting closer. >> it's monday so we always like to start your week off with a dose of inspiration. this is a great story that we're going to bring you right now.
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live, criss angel. he really has a soft spot for children. there he is with kim and dana wagner. he's done a lot of work with make a wish. we caught up with him because his son johnny who is two years old has been battling leukemia. he's taken up the hasn't toll help find a cure and the research for childhood cancer. >> if you are watching this right now you can make a difference in the world. you can save a child's life by donating one dollars. please go to criss angel and make a difference in the world not for me but for these kids that don't have a voice that need your help to have a fighting chance.
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tonight at the luxor. it's star-studded. let me tell you jerry lewis, mike tieson, howie mandel, he really got the celebrity community to come out in a big way to support this cause. fur wondering what it stands for heal every life possible. we want to see what he was on our show twice recently to talk about this. so important to him. he is so dedicated and committed to this. it's going to be a great show. >> beautiful tribute across our great nation as we remembered 9/11. how new york lit up the sky as they do every year there on this
6:38 am
lost their lives. >> i don't think he should be here. i don't think they should have released him. >> people in one neighborhood concerned after the man who tried to assassinate president reagan was released from a mental hospital with a long list of restrictions. some people who live where he will be living say they are not comfort westbound this. >> we're taking a live look out of our nation's capitol where tracy potts joins us every campaign trail. she's going to be joining us
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>> michelle: the scene all across the new york skyline as it lit up to remember the anniversary of the 9/11 attack. the two beams of light. the memorial and museum tribute in light art installation switched on just after sun down. two beams of light as a visual to remember the twin towers that
6:42 am
sunday. the beams from 88 search lights represent the twin towers where they once stood. the lights were first put into place six months after the attack happened. they lit up the sky for quite some time. they remained lit until dawn this morning. let's talk traffic with tom flying overhead. >> tom: right we're flying over the s still a fie days away but there is a going to be a major closure here this weekend. one of the busiest ramps in the state of nevada , the 95 south ramp to 15 south will be shutting down from midnight to sunday morning. you can see it's jammed up now even though traffic is lighter on the weekend. we'll get into that more later in the week. going to give you the heads up now. starting to get a little bit of rush hour traffic.
6:43 am
going with jeff. >> kelly: that is going to be a mess this weekend. here is a look at what we're seeing right now. hazy conditions in our skies. current temperatures 76. a little bit of smoke in the air from california wildfires. for the kids on the way to school, we're looking at 80 for the morning bell. afternoon 96. gusty winds. more details in 10 minutes. k one group is outraged. we're going to talk about what keeps happening to this 9/11 memorial that has so many people upset.
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closed again today. this all started last wednesday when there was concern about something on campus causing a contamination. after that was reported we learned that it was mercury poisoning. the e.p.a. was called in. classes were cancelled thursday, friday and again today. the focus is on the gym at the school. a quarter cup of mercury was
6:47 am
it and another question when will this campus reopen. the school district hasn't said yet. parents have been outraged since learning about the mercury poisoning here on campus. >> krystal: thank you for that. we wants to keep our parents and students informed. let's talk politics. something that happened to hillary clinton. we are getting clinton will not attend fundraisers in california today or tomorrow. they've been cancelled after she got overheated at the memorial in new york on sunday. we later learned she's battling pneumonia. >> are you felling better? >> yes, thank you very much. >> we're going live to tracy potts in washington. she's on top of it as always.
6:48 am
we found out about this incident yesterday where she overheated but we later found out she had been diagnosed with this gnomon i can't on friday. >> exactly, a couple of days earlier but the campaign thought he was beating it. she went out on sunday she stopped coughing on saturday. the doctor giving her antibiotics and rest. and it's not usual for people to bounce back after a few good mix for her. this is has been a campaign issue though. pressed by republicans and donald trump who said he doesn't think she has the physical stamina for this campaign or to be president this. morning he said he hopes she feels better and what happened to her last week, the coughing that her daughter said was allergies prompted him to go get
6:49 am
so far we haven't seen a full medical workup for either one of them. he's 70. she's going to be 69. the oldest and second oldest ever elected depending on when. medical issues are a concern. this morning we understand that she is going to do one of the fundraisers by teleconference. they didn't think it was wise for her to make that trip to california. >> tracy potts staying on top of it all. she was vegas this week too. we'll see how all that plays out. we'll see you tomorrow. >> michelle: so this is the scene here after a 9/11 tribute was vandalized. these flags were supposed to line this sidewalk here. but they ended up in trash cancel. this happened in a college campus. nearly 3,000 miniature american flags placed in the grass around the main quad at that college on
6:50 am
on 9/11. hours after the disapply went up vandals removed many of them and broke the flags and threw them in the trash. the republican club installed the flags there. some saying that they have been doing this every year and the group repeatedly had to big digit the flags out of the trash cancel and put them back up again. this happened multiple times. this is very disturbing for a lot of people there. >> people have been tearingm over them like they are garbage. our mission was to remember the victims and heroes that died on 9/11 and that is specifically it. this is not political. this is beyond that. >> the school republican club said the vandals left behind signs that read rest in peace to the americans who died on 9/11 but also rest in peace to the
6:51 am
died during the u.s. invasion for something they did not do. wisconsin police investigating after a two-month-old was shot while riding in a vehicle on a highway. she is expected to make a full recovery. it happened sunday night. the vehicle was able to pull off the interstate and park before paramedics arrived. the girl was treated for nonlife threatening injuries and she's going to be ok. the exact location of the shooting they don't kno no word on the suspect or a possible motive. new no morning a mosque in florida caught fire overnigh anted vectors want to know why because the pulse shooter happened to worship at this center. somebody called 911 just after midnight monday morning to report that fire at the mosque. firefighters put the flames out quickly. investigators were on the scene
6:52 am
was accidental or an act of arson. that shooter died in the shootout with police after he killed 49 people at orlando's pulse nightclub in june. >> krystal: the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is out of a mental hospital. neighbors with mixed feelings about all of this so take a listen. >> i don't think he should be here. i don't think they should have released him. they need to keep a good close eye on h restrictions, can't go here, can't go there. >> the medical field says he's recovered enough. if he's recovered enough, why not, why not? >> the man we're talking about here was released saturday. he will live with his mother in a gated community. he has a long list of restrictions since he was let out. among them he's not allowed to go near any members of president
6:53 am
doctors say he's recovered from the mental illness that drove him to shoot the president and three other people 35 years ago. >> michelle: coming up after this program, harry talks about his up coming show that will air here on channel 3. >> it's a party in the middle of a day. you don't know what to expect. there is a lot of fun people and music. that is what this show is all about. we're going to have a good >> harry premiers at 2:00 today. >> krystal: we're going to talk team traffic with our tom holly.
6:54 am
no major delays here where the beltway and 515 and 95 come together. let's continue with jeff. >> jeff: we're looking at 15 south bound at spring mountain not because of an accident but we have a disabled vehicle there. 15 southbound running lowly with a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder there. shouldn't cause too much additional slowing. we are accident free. summerlin parkway eastbound to downow in an hour going to stay the same as long as we don't have any wrecks. 15 south bound currently 7 minutes. you can add one minute to that commute in one hour. let's get a check of that monday forecast with kelly. >> kelly: a lot of sunshine out there but hazy conditions as we take a live look outside. we're taking a look at lake mead marina camera. the sun is coming up.
6:55 am
temperatures as you are head out the door right now upper 70's for the most part across the valley. green valley 87. nellis 77. summerlin 76. temperaturesare going to be rising to around normal for this time of year. mid and upper 90's. winds not bad yet but picking up. winds sustained or constant 15-25. plus gusts to 35. that is just in the valley. you go up in elevation, you are g well. a low pressure system will be working through the area. great basin getting the buck of that activity. today 96 in the las vegas valley. winds picking up this afternoon. that will continue tuesday into wednesday. look at the impact on our temperatures. tuesday's high 89.
6:56 am
>> around the water cooler at the gender of rob kardashian and black china's baby was revealed on their new show. it's a kardashian show. there was drama. the episode shows the pair visiting the doctor to find out the gender of the baby. kardashian was hoping for a boy but they are having a girl. rob first chance he gets and that upset his fiance and that begins the show's first fight. it wouldn't be a true kardashian show without some good drama. las vegas heading to netflix with the help of justin timberlake. his 2020 experience world tour may be over but coming to a screen near you.
6:57 am
the movie was filmed during the final stop of the two-year tour. timberlake may be considering a residency in our fine city. it will hit streaming service october 12. that does it for us here on news 3 today. but you can follow our friends on the cw. they'll be continuing all of the news going on plus what is happening with the mercury scare at walter >> krystal: had fun with you today. we want to keep you parents and students informed. we're going to tell what you happened over the weekend and what you can do today to get more information or help regarding the situation. >> jeff: a child sent home for
6:59 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together.
7:00 am
good morning. her health. hillary clinton cancels a trip to california after abruptly leaving a 9/11 ceremony at ground zero and nearly collapsing. why didn't her campaign disclose her diagnosis with how serious is it and what impact will all of this have on the race? breaking overnight. fire destroys the mosque once attended by the shooter at the pulse nightclub in orlando. police say it is arson. was somebody trying to send a message on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. john benet's brother speaks out. >> seeing that as a little kid just kind of a chaotic nightmare. >> more from dr. phil's interview with burke ramsey.


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