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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> your high school this is all part of a job that started last week and the focus this afternoon, we're told, is on the junior high school gym.
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inspected by the epa. epa officials say a quarter cup of mercury was discovered at the school. it is possible some students were exposed to mercury before it was reported by school staff. >> it should not be looked over or not paid attention to. they still did nothing. >> as a district and a school we're debrief as far as education to the students. >> there has been no update as to when this school will reopen. in our report, news 3 live at noon, we'll hear from why they
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up effort here as it was reported last week. we'll hear about the big question that remains unanswered in all of this. i'm craig reporting live. back to you in the studio. thank you, chris. we're talkinguct alonso perez sneaking out of interrogation room from a ceiling. he is accused of killing a father because he wouldn't open the door for a woman in mcdonald's. the next hearing is set for september 28th. firefighters were sent to a
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for this. squatters were sighted in this building but no cause to the fire yet. good thing here no injuries reported yet. we are your weather authority and we have extra good news to report to you about the weather. >>er the camera live this morning. winds have been increasing. we're expecting winds to gust to 35 miles per hour later this afternoon. the current temp is 90 degrees. that's warmer than it is going to be for the next several days for high temps. gusts reported at 28 miles per
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94 from your way home from work today. check out these winds. they're about to get going. by 6:00 p.m., 21 miles per hour winds. tomorrow we're looking at a fire-weather warning. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. thank you. ammonia forcing hillary clinton to cancel today. this is sunday. we left the 9/11 memorial earlier. she was having a hard time. her aids say she was overheated and dehydrated. she was diagnosed with
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francisco will go on as planned. she is home in new york resting due to doctor's orders. that brings us to our question of the day. do you think hillary clinton's health issues will affect her voter outcome this every area of terrorism and will rebuild. >> this happened after a cease fire from russia and the u.s. >> it was supposed to be a landmarked deal but after a
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cease fire scheduled for tonight. he sent a somewhat triumphant message just outside of damascus. they forced this neighborhood to surrender following a four-year long siege. they said the syrian state was determined to take back all land from the the u.s. expressed grave concern. the syrian government has spent the weekend killing syrian rebels and killing over 100 more.
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or. that doesn't look good for the cease fire. matt bradley, nbc news, london. >> a small plane crashed in to a parking lot killing all three people on board in that plane. this happened at an airport in our home state of november. plus, student shocked vandalized. and the outstanding charitable accomplishments. news live 3 will be right back.
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>> three passengers dead after their plane crashed in to the
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no flights at that airport were affected. more than 100 cars were stuck while they cleared the crash. the pilot of a small plane made that emergency landing on a busy interstate after the aircraft ranut the skilled pilot was able to land perfectly. let's take a look at the state of georgia. the courtroom is empty. jury selection beginning of a father accused of intentionally
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they went to a different county to assure a fair trial. he says he left the son by accident. searches on the internet show he was looking for a child-free lifestyle. a fire takes the nine members of the same family, six of them children -- i'm sorry. five children. four adults and five children were killed in the fire and the only survivor is a small child being treated for smoke inhalation. emergency crews took three children to the hospital. two of the three died on the way.
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the american flags were replaced in the grass to honor those killed by the attacks. vandals removed the flags and broke them and put them in the trash. they said rest in peace to the one's that died died, too. a fire at the place the pulse night club shooter worshipped was set on fire. they received a call that the islamic center of ft. pierce was
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scene. they're saying the fire was intentionally set. >> evidence shows this fire was set intentionally. videotape captured an individual approach the east side of the building. immediately after they approached a flash occurred and the individual fled the area. investigating this as an arson. >> this is the same mosque where a suicide bomber worshipped and he killed himself in a bombing last may. look at this mess after
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neighbors helped pick through the debris. they found the family buried in debris and the family is missing two cats. summer in the valley but in yellow stone national park it is looking a little bit like winter. the park received -- here are a lot of pictures. right now as we speak, snowfall of the year. the old faithful geyser on the web site. two people walking along there. visitors don't seem to mind. isn't it crazy there could be weather like that and here still feels like summer? >> it is incredible.
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to our northern part of the state. it will be dry, but wind is the issue. ?? a lot of blue sky out there. the wind is the story out there. the temps is the substory out there. summerland, 91. temps pretty close to normal for thise winds are starting to increase. take a look at these gusts. these are the gusts that have been reported so far. 132 mile per hour gusts have been reported today. winds will gust to 35 miles per hour this afternoon and tomorrow more strong wind gusts.
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then you throw in lower humidity levels. all the areas shaded in the hot pink. this is for tomorrow. height and fire danger. that's something we're keeping an eye on tomorrow. rain showers in the northern part of the state. rain showers down to our south as well in parts of arksa this storm system will come through dry. it is going to be a wind event. 96 is the temp. that's normal for this time of the year. two hands tight up on that steering wheel on the ride home tomorrow. expected low, still breezy.
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we're talking highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s for tuesday and wednesday. the winds will die down wednesday night and temps slowly start to rise. even then are be back to the mid 90s. not a single triple digit on the 7-day forecast. >> at least it is breezy but it is not the hot, blow-drier effect we have in looking to invest your money. >> there are no sure things when it comes to investigating. >> experts say, do your own research. >> it is a great opportunity to invest. the money's right. we have got five wells up and running and producing. i see all the information on
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reading the information. >> the guy was pretty persistent and sent me a sheet of buying in 15%, 20%. it said here is what you'll get royalty each week guaranteed. >> after the first expected a check. they tracked the fraud to john gene westing. >> these guys are charmers, befriend people, talk their ways in to people's lives. they're good forgetting things for nothing or cheap.
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federal prison. within months he was back in prison. i don't think he knows better. >> it just made me mad. i wanted to see him punished. >> check the company online and with the better business bureau to see if there were former remember the lama drama? not a lot of llamas but a lot of drama. >> ostrichs and camels -- right here in northern november.
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twenty five thousand jobs. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk.
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here's pictures from nasa of mars showing plateaus. the area was known as mt. sharp, which formed billions of years ago. these formations were originally deposited by winds. you can expect to see more pictures. areern nasal near future. i was telling kelly it looks like something out of red rock. >> really cool. >> okay. would you ride a camel? do they run? >> i would do the walking. >> they look uncomfortable in this video trying to run. >> they're getting it.
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off she went. there are camels and ostriches. >> this has been going on in virginia for 60 years. they're hopping on camels, ostriches and i understand. it is reported by a local paper that made a fictitious story
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and raced them. >> he wants to own a camel, he told me. >> she's making stuff up. >> liars! >> they're really interesting and fun. we've got to see pictures. next on news 3 live the awards that are happening next week. are you familiar with them? charitable contributions and honoring those in the community. and a hint to what our las vegas hockey team will be. we know a few details that give us a good idea. we're able to knock a few things off. and season wrapping up for
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?? >> live at 12:30 the high school shut down for it the third day in the row. officials clean up mercury while
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their home over the weekend because of all this. coming up in a live report. we're reflecting and remembering those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. we'll look at the terror that played out in our community. vegas ink has planned honors for outstanding charitable accomplishments and how you can take part in celebrations. ?? news 3 starts now. >> hello, everybody. we're starting off with the story from last wednesday. the mercury spill at the junior


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