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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 12, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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why this particular mosque has a special interest for police. hi everybody. students are still out of school today after they were put on lockdown for mercury exposure last wednesday. news 3 continues to follow develop phpbts. we thank you for joining us. >> environmental protection agency is trying to finish up their cleanup. they're still on site today. christie, does the epa they will finish? >> reporter: yes, they do. we talked to them a short time ago. they are in the gym where the majority of the mercury was spilled. they hope to finish up their role here by this afternoon. we reached out to the school district this morning to ask questions. the school district tells us they may talk later today. here's what we know so far. epa had about 100 parents come
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the epa had gone out to about 75 homes for further mercury text. we haven't heard anything from the school district regarding those details. also, we haven't got any answers as to where the mercury came from, if it was brought in or if it was already there. while the epa is answering the questions they can, there are other questions that have gone unanswered and that's making some parents comes to the school district. >> i think that is scary beyond belief because we don't know what's going on. we don't know when the school was opening. we should be getting a phone call saying, hey, this has been cleared. >> we're concerned about mercury vapor. we can't see it with our naked eye. that's why we have specialized equipment to look for where the contamination is. it does take time.
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children's health care. that's why it does take long. >> reporter: we talked to the epa. they said this is the last day family members can bring any items in that they want checked. send it back to you. >> we wanted to put our viewers know we know you're parents, we know you have a lot of questions. news 3 is hot on the trail of answers for you. thank you. the local director of clinton's nevada offices says husband bill clinton will campaign here in las vegas on hillary's behalf. this comes as hillary clinton presidential campaign mishandled a health scare for the democratic candidate. they also promised to release additional medical details in the coming days. her husband bill will all attend events in california tomorrow for her. we'll have more on clinton's health in the next half hour. as for donald trump, he also
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information. trump told fox news he took a physical last week. when those numbers come in, he will release them. he did express concern for hillary clinton saying he hopes she, quote, gets well soon. the man who told police he wanted to kill donald trump is expected to plead guilty after being arrested at a las vegas trump rally in june. >> it comes after michael stanford was able to see his mother while in prison. sergio, what can we expect >> reporter: michael stanford is expected to enter his plea of guilty in federal courthouse behind me tomorrow afternoon. this is coming after he was able to meet with his mother. we were told the meeting happened late last week. we did obtain a copy of the plea agreement that stanford is expected to sign. it's supposed to be signed off by a judge tomorrow. he is expected to plead guilty to two different counts.
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undocumented alien and disrupting business as a federal function. stanford is guilty of telling a secret service officer that he wanted an autograph by donald trump and then trying to grab that officer's gun. he didn't get very far. we're told he was arrested right after that. that gun never left the hollster. he didn't say a whole lot in court. he said his parents, his mother has been saying this whole that he suffers from mental illness and that played a part in this incident. >> he just said he don't remember much about it. >> reporter: that guilty plea agreement also states stanford will most likely be deported from the united states. as far as the sentence, that
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the maximum sentence is a ten year sentence for each, so 20 years in federal prison. that will likely be greatly reduced because he is taking this plea agreement. back to you in the studio. >> sergio, thanks for the update. man hunt in orlando is on for a person seen on video entering a mosque in the early morning hours. moments before the mosque caught on fire. >> police are putting extra attention on this particular case of arson. it is the same mosque the orlando >> reporter: investigators now say that huge fire at a mosque in ft. pierce florida was deliberately set and probably by the person seen in the security video running from the mosque moments after the blaze breaks out. >> very large flash was observed in the video footage. then seen leaving the mosque in a hurry. >> reporter: the fire that
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after midnight sunday and after the suspected arsonist approached the building on a motorcycle then entered with something suspicious in his hands. >> he was holding a bottle of some sort of fluid. >> reporter: what they are all looking at is the notoriety of the mosque itself. it's the same one omar mateen attended, the man who opened fire at a gay nightclub in orlando in june killing 49 people and leaving dozens of others inj police. right now we're not sure exactly whether this is a hate crime or just an arson. we're asking authorities to investigate this as a hate crime. we do know somebody actually deliberately set fire on this mosque here in florida. >> reporter: another possible motive? sunday was also the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. chris clackem, nbc news.
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available for mccarron airport. direct flights from las vegas to beijing will start december 2nd. here's a live look at the airport right now. ticket prices roughly $500 round trip. flights will operate mondays, wednesdays and fridays right in time for the opening of the lucky dragon casino on the strip. next, a despicable act caught on camera. >> a purse taken fright the hands of an elderlywo woman could go home with some of what she lost. >> david cameron with a big announcement. what he said that has the country's government in scramble mode today. looking like a bumpy ride
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speed may not be available in your area. switch today. caught on camera an 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair robbed in broad daylight. it happened over the weekend in new york city. the suspect stood next to the victim and then grabbed the purse and then ran off. officers visited the woman who was robbed.
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they donated $130 to help offset the money that was taken from her. now police hope that surveillance video helps them catch the suspect. a connecticut man pleads guilty to jumping the white house fence. these photos show 23-year-old joseph caputo as he scaled the white house fence wearing a u.s. flag draped like a cape. he was arrested, as you might imagine, quickly by secret service. president obama and his family were inside and the white house had to go on lockdown. te for december. caputo faces pretty stiff penalty. maximum of a year in prison. superstar in soccer shares her darkest secrets. >> we'll tell you what plagued abby wombach. plus tesla making a change
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[ted]quality top tier gas helps keep engines clean.hmm... [robot]i have helped k keep yor engine clean. [woman}who's donnie? [announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. >> the trial against anne bundy and their role of the wild life
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trial. dozens gathered outside the courthouse sunday in downtown portland. morgan two dozen people including bundy occupied the wild life refuge for 41 days. the demonstrators are demanding bundy and his supporters be released. >> we're standing here because of the injustices being done in our country and for the federal government overreach. i'm standing here for every >> bundy pleaded not guilty. opening statements begin tomorrow. >> quite a headline here from the world of sports. all time leading scorer in u.s. women's soccer history admits she struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. abby wombach said she abused alcohol and prescription drugs for years. she's set to release a memoir tomorrow titled "forward." in it she said she's been
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wombach said since her wreck she's been completely sober. david cameron is leaving the british parliament. he said as the new government comes in, he doesn't want to be a distraction. >> i have to start building my life outside westminster. i hope i'll continue to contribute in terms of public service and contribute to this country that i love so much. >> cameron said he will fully suppor his unexpected announcement will trigger a re-election for his seat. cameron stepped down as prime minister after failing to convince british voters in june to remain in the e. u. let's talk cars. tesla announced an upgrade for its auto pilot that uses advanced radar to use its ability to prevent crashes. the ceo said tesla vehicles will rely more on radar and less on cameras. the auto pilot will all
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respond to audible warnings. it has been the focus of intense scrutiny. he said the upgrade could have prevented the crash but that no system is completely safe. a volcano on a french island erupted sunday shooting lava straight into the air. it's the peak of france a volcano on the eastern side of the island. this volcano is located in an residents, but people living on the island were able to catch a glimpse of this spectacular lava flow that lights up each night. >> what a show that is. what a show it was on saturday night. i want to thank everyone who had me out there to host that night. it was so fun. the weather is perfect. >> great event. >> i love going out there. last night with a fund-raiser helping them generate the
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it's a great family event. take the kids out there, marie. >> second one definitely comes. absolutely. i have heard so many great things about it. >> hash tag for their shows, drew looks like a lady. >> i love it. >> marie, do we have a name for the child just yet. >> i know you're voting for saturday so i can have a full weekend, baby girl sunday. of course. i have to check with the >> if you wind up with seven kids you have every day of the week covered. we have a wind advisory in effect. tomorrow could be a bumpy ride with gusts in town expected to exceed 40 miles per hour. we think sustained winds will be in the 20 plus. great view of the las vegas valley today. just a couple clouds forming over the mountains. that will be about it. as the days rolled on the winds have picked up. it's not nearly as calm as it
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chop. 91 degrees. they're blowing at 12. they got it to 37. gusts of 30. current speed 13. and southeast part of the valley, they are blowing a 22 with a peak gust so far of 38. notice so far the winds have been stronger in southern valley neighborhoods. that's going to continue tomorrow. it will spur over the entire town. town tomorrow. you can tell neighbors got well over 30 miles per hour down south. rest of the valley will probably see some gusts of 40 miles per hour. overton 18. they got to 21. search lights even stronger than that. temperature wise, we have made it to 95 so far. that's a degree below normal. the morning low was much warmer. so this will go down as an above
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tomorrow definitely not. we're going to start in the 70s. stop there. here's your weather headline. breezy in the morning to downright windy. these are sustained wind speeds. frontal system coming through. even though most of the action will go to our north that's what's picking up the wind. it will go through wednesday morning. expect winds. once it goes through, the winds calm down. temperatures delightful heading into the weekend. never a look ahead. 47 on the mountains. high temperatures tomorrow, 88. 95. over the hump. for the las vegas valley tonight, 74. we'll stay breezy tonight. those increased winds come tomorrow. 15 to 25 early, 20 to 25 late. there will be some areas of blowing dust. temperatures will be hard
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wednesday left over breeze in the morning. we are going to be starting to warm back up. so everybody who thought we may have seen a last triple digit reading is going to be close late in the weekend and early next week. weather as well. it will be right along the edge. we have another shot. >> once we get to the end of september that's pretty much it. >> are you sure about that? >> nope. seen it. >> you're not a betting man. thanks, kevin. a find of prehistoric importance. >> the question is which
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scientists have discovered a very rare dinosaur tooth. >> they're excited about it. they got it in their finger tips. they don't know what kind of dinosaur it is. >> reporter: what began as a dig for prehistoric marine fossils ended with an unexpected discovery. in late july, george phillips was here in the albany mississippi waiting when he found the tooth of a species that walked the earth long before humans did. >> i knew right away this was in a couple twists and turns that i was dealing with a dinosaur tooth. >> reporter: it was a corn dinosaur. it's one of two dinosaur fossils to be found in the southeast united states. how is it the remains of the
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covered mostly by motion. phillips believes it died while grazing on the shore line and the tide washed it out to sea. final resting place was the ocean floor. >> we don't expect to find any more of this dinosaur. typically that's all we find. we just find part of a dinosaur. >> reporter: a director is assisting phillips hunting for more pieces today. >> it's not just about having a pretty rock. it's something that pulls into nature that made up that period of time. >> reporter: the director of the union county heritage museum said community reaction has been nothing short of excitement. >> the children love it. this just gives them a whole new reason to direct fossils, to look at the creeks with a new eye. >> that was lacey russell reporting. there is now miss america today that is crowned and wearing her
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everything going. >> and the winner is -- >> and the new miss america is -- miss arkansas. >> that's right. arkansas crowned miss america. she wins a $50,000 several appearances across the country. miss south carolina rachel wyatt was first runner up. coming up an on stage proposal while a major concert was going on. >> who was performing at the
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s he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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right now a health concern. hillary clinton possibly
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could be facing some questions. >> confidence in cars. a study says teens don't feel distracted while driving. we put that series to the pest. >> a possible break through. allergies and asthma predict so much. off the campaign trail for hillary clinton as she stays pneumonia. >> now candidates health are both under scrutiny. >> the president can go hand in hand as we go beyond the podium. >> reporter: at least a day tim kaine took the reigns while hillary clinton was resting up. sunday's stagger and previous coughing fit, according to her


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