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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 12, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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could be facing some questions. >> confidence in cars. a study says teens don't feel distracted while driving. we put that series to the pest. >> a possible break through. allergies and asthma predict so much. off the campaign trail for hillary clinton as she stays pneumonia. >> now candidates health are both under scrutiny. >> the president can go hand in hand as we go beyond the podium. >> reporter: at least a day tim kaine took the reigns while hillary clinton was resting up. sunday's stagger and previous coughing fit, according to her
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diagnosis kept private. >> it could hurt her not because of her health. it seems by all accounts that this is a temporary illness. >> reporter: john hudak of the brookings institution said with clinton at 68 and trump at 70, questions for both are fair game. >> this isn't anything unique. bob dole, when he ran for president, there were questions about his vigor and his ability to hold the office. when john mccain ran for pres survivor, that's someone who was very forth coming with his health records because he was facing these questions. >> people have come to expect this having seen what has happened in the past. the dangers in the sense of too little disclosure. >> reporter: but with mass media at every turn, privacy in the past may be a thing of the past. and that could be good. like president reagan's secret
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for days to have a tumor removed. >> should candidates release mental health history? drugs that they're taking? do they take sleeping aids? where to draw that line is difficult. >> reporter: clinton's team said despite cancelling the california trip, she should be back on the trail in a couple days. don'ted a trump's camp said he has had a complete physical and plans to release the resul the dr. oz show. this leads right into our question of the day. do you think hillary clinton's recent health issues will affect the outcome of the election? head to news 3 to weigh in. a warning from the president of france. a sniper takes out an isis executioner. details from the desk. from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm michelle marsh. an alarming from france's president.
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the prime minister said he all expects more attacks in the months ahead. in australia a man is under arrest for stabbing another man just outside sydney. police are calling it an isis inspired attack. this arrest comes days after isis urged followers to stab, shoot, poison and run over australians at iconic locations, including the opera house. and a british sniper took out an isis executioner from a mile he took out the terrorist right before he was about to use a flame thrower to kill 12 people. it hit the flame thrower's fuel tank killing the executioner and three others who were filming it. the trump campaign quickly struck back on hillary clinton's comments on trump supporters in a new ad. >> wealthy donors, hillary clinton calls tens of millions
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>> clinton made that comment late friday. the spots which claim clinton is demonizing hard working people will air in florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. battleground states. tim kaine has this new ride, a boeing 737. it says clinton kaine on the side. an aide said kaine wanted to jokingly call the plane sweater vest because someone called h clinton's running mate. that idea was shut down. florida teen accused of practicing without a medical license is facing charges of fraud. he tried to purchase a car using a fake employment information paperwork. officials say he was with an older woman when he said that was his god mother and tried to use her social security number
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employees became suspicious and called police. >> proceeded to do an application with him. send it over to a couple of banks to try to get approval for him. he also had a cosigner on the loan that was an older woman. after talking to police, robinson admitted he was out of jail on bond. police took him into custody after discovering other fraud purchases using somebody el's credit card. team. the team has a basic logo fixed out. a portion of the team's nickname is picked. so far he said the word knights will be part of the name and red will be one of the colors. keeping it going usa hockey said they're opening a brand new store october 1st. a new york based company is
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employees right here in las vegas. for the next four months southern global services will be hiring. the company offers health benefits as well. if you're interested we have a link on our website. all you have to do is go and search link. with the school year in full swing, majority of teens don't think they are distracted when using apps on their phones. wheel with a few teens to look at the repercussions of using a cell phone while driving. >> reporter: 19-year-old daily is texting and driving on the liberty mutual research institute test track. and it's an eye opening experience. >> i definitely didn't think i was staying in the lane or i at least felt like i was drifting. >> reporter: 17-year-old samantha had the same reaction.
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someone el and myself. >> the idea is they were trying to get more insight into their own abilities and how the tasks impact them. >> reporter: according to the aaa foundation for traffic safety, more than half of teen drivers reported using a cell phone while driving and more than one in four reported typing or sending a text message while driving in the past 30 days. a new study conducted by liberty mutual and students against destructive decisions fiennesed among teen drivers. 27% of teens report texting and driving, but 68% of teens admit to using apps while driving, and 80% of them felt app use was not distracting. >> if it involves looking away from the road toward the device, if it involves some kind of
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affect your ability to respond to things. >> texting and checking out facebook while driving on a highway on a windy day. >> much clearer that you're swerving or you're going off to one side and looking down. >> reporter: researchers advise parents to talk to their teens and encourage them to keep their phones turned off and out of reach in the car. >> we want to tell you some baby news. they predict their risk of developing allergies. there's a new study from uc san francisco. it analyzed the gut bacteria of 130 babies. scientists found babies with low levels of a specifically immune cell had triple the risk of developing allergies by 2. and asthma by age 4. the findings could help develop treatments before they are able to form.
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benefit from statin therapy. medical records of 200,000 patients with diabetes found 38% were not taking cholesterol lowering statins which lowered the risk of heart attack and stroke in diabetics. diabetics who are 40 and older should begin statin therapy to help prevent cardiovascular disease. another warning to people to stop using the company stopped sales last month and urged customers to get another one. another survey finds dramatic turn around among workers. attitudes about retirements and whether they want or need to work. nearly half the country's 65 to 75-year-olds are still working
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survey suggest those numbers could go even higher. >> they have longer life expectancies. we have harder and harder time saving for retirement. many of us don't have pensions. >> it is expected most people will live 20 to 30 years after their so called age of retirement. a man gets a new hand thanks to a donor hand. >> might imagine the surgery was no easy task. how the 12-hour procedure is giving the man life. a young boy already working on a bucket list can say he accomplished something not many are able to pull off. who helped the boy reach new heights in australia coming up. temperatures are on their way down. winds are on their way up. your full forecast is right
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now for the good stuff, where we shine the light on people doing amazing things in our world. >> a north carolina man under goes a complex hand transplant. it took 12 hours and they needed 17 surgeons to do the job. university study looking at a drug that may help prevent rejection of a deceased donor's head. the patient is making amazing progress some three months after his surgery. >> reporter: this was 54-year-old rene chavez in may. he learned how to get by without the left hand he lost in an accident as a 4-year-old child. he jumped at the chance to be part of a duke study which involved attaching a deceased
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since the trapb plant, he's been determined to make the hand work. >> the therapy is very intense. >> reporter: duke hand transplant surgeon dr. dalles said chavez is the first of five patients they will enroll in the study. occupational study has been an every day job that's paying off in progress. >> he has made phenomenal >> discovered everything i can do with my hand. little by little, slowly. i am discovering everything that i can do with my hands. >> reporter: his wife says all the news of his progress has been good. it was the operation itself back in may when he was eager for the doctor to give her the first good news. >> i knew she was in good hands when she came out and talked to
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>> that was deborah morgan reporting. rene chavez will continue to travel back to duke once a month to receive infusions of the study drug. it is fda approved for use in kidney transplants and designed to block path way to prevent rejection which seems to be working well for mr. chavez. a country music superstar sheds light on amazing act of kindness. ?? this is a nashville area high school teacher ben allen. he's battling cancer. the entire student body was to his house to serenade him. the video was posted by tim mcgraw who said he was tipped by a friend. this video, you might imagine, has more than 18 million views on facebook for all the right reasons. a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy is able to check
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police. cindy his parents went on face book asking for help. they drove the family across the beach even carried him up along a rocky path to reach a sign indicating australia's most northern point. family said they loved the smile on sydney's face after his adventure. there is a famous song by beyonce where she says if you like it put a ring on stage at her concert. look at this. if you're wondering why the woman he proposed to is wearing leotard is because it's one of beyonce's backup dancers. the guy emerged from backstage and proposed to the dance captain. it happened during a performance
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let's see it after the proposal. good for them. it's a change to news 3 just before news 3 live at 3:00. a new show with harry connick jr. he sat down on the "today" show to talk about what this new show is like. >> it's a party right in the middle of the day. just like when you go to a party, you don't know what to expect. there will be a lot of fun people and music and spontaneity. that's what this show is all about. we're going to have a good >> you can catch "harry" every weekday at 2 p.m. on news 3. his full interview is on the "today" show website. winners of the $487 million powerball jack pot say they plan to be very generous with their money. an attorney representing the winners who chose to stay anonymous, accepted the check today. lottery officials say the winners have already donated hundreds of thousands to local charities. they say that is just the start
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>> the generosity set the right tone. they have provided a wonderful example for the sharing of this good fortune. like wise, our clients will begin their journey of giving by matching those charitable contributions. >> that $487 million jackpot was the eighth largest u.s. lottery jack pot ever when it was won. the lump sum option ends up being $256 million after taxes. if you areea movies "sully" seems to be what everyone is going with. it's based on the story of captain sullenberger. the pilot's actions are credited with saving lives of all 155 people on board. it became widely known and popularly known as the miracle on the hudson.
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so let us know what you saw this weekend. i'm going to tweet out here what i saw with my kids that was probably the worst movie i have ever seen. we'll continue to conversation. tweet us at news 3 lv. i'm sure the artists who made the movie are very talented. >> your kids were fans? >> kids were fans. you put popcorn and a big gulp in front of them, they will watch anything. >> or grass grow. makeur conversation by liking our page. let's take a look at what's coming up at 3. >> news 3 continues a very aggressive investigation. the impact the mercury scare is having on people that live around the school. plus a big change at the internet. a lawmaker wants to sue president obama over the change.
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they show rock formations and plateaus. taking those images last thursday. this area is near what's known as mount sharp which formed billions of years ago. one map said the formations are eroded sand stone originally deposited by wind. you can expect to see more pictures of nasa several large color images of the arean near future. now it's time to check the forecast. >> looks like images out of the desert southwest. >> we see that. who knows how vivid the colors are. it looks like that could be right here in southern nevada. >> let's talk about our valley. is it going to be on fire? >> it will be cooler but blustery. the winds will be a definite
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now. the true component of the winds will be the gusts over 40 miles per hour. that's going to be tomorrow afternoon. that's when we expect the strongest winds. nice view from our camera on top of mandalay bay. you can see clouds forming over the mountains. got a view from our camera at red rock there. boy, you look off to the east. there's not much going on today. not surprising though. because we've got a pretty dry air mass. 14%. that's near buffalo and warm springs. theye hour. they have gusts to 30 in the southeast part of town blowing to 23. this will be the headline. the wind speeds. this evening they will be stronger in southern valley neighborhoods. that's when we expect gusts over 40 miles an hour. outside the valley, blowing at 13, overton blowing at 18.
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miles per hour tomorrow. temperatures will see the numbers drop. i don't think we'll get out of the 80s tomorrow. that headline will be the winced. they will be steady in the teens generally 10 to 25 with some stronger gusts. it's the afternoon when they will be blowing 20 to 35 with the gusts that could cross that 40 mile per hour threshold especially on the far west side of town the closer you are to the mountains. around the a whole lot going on. scattered showers scattered through a good portion of the inner mountain west. we are clear. there are some showers north of us. that's an association with a system that's going to slide on through and kick up the wind. winds will stay constant out of the south. you know how it is around here. once the wind machine is turned on it doesn't turn off that quickly. right now 79 in reno.
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california. phoenix looking at 98. for southern nevada tonight going down to 70 in mesquite. only 97 in death valley. wow. for our valley, 74 degrees. breezy conditions this evening but manageable. tomorrow we might have some dust blowing especially in the afternoon. 89 the high temperature. so cooler there. again, those winds especially after i'd say about 1, 2 o'clock, that's when we could have gusts to 40 plus miles per hour. seven day forecast, some lingering breezes wednesday morning, they should die down wednesday afternoon. once the winds go down, temperatures go back up. look where we're heading next week. we're going to tick thal 100 degree threshold. one more time. >> all right. thanks. we have some breaking news.
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walter johnson junior high school and classes will resume tomorrow. >> the district said the epa cleaned and cleared the campus of all mercury. parents of students can pick up their clean belongings through 6 p.m. tonight or during the school day tomorrow. of course, we'll have more details in an hour on news 3 live at 5 and news 3 burger king is at it again making the unusual for their customers to try. >> okay. this isn't a brand new item, but we can being covered in cheetos dust. hmm. the burger chain has partnered with cheetos to create cheetos chicken fries. burger king has previously launched a buffalo chicken fries fiery chicken fries and jalapeno chicken fries. perhaps not as spicy this time around but definitely cheesey. >> distance from channel 3
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>> i think there's one maybe about a mile or two away from here. >> all right. >> we have an hour before we come back for live news 3 at 5:00. perhaps a little field trip. i'll try one. one. >> see, that's why i'm the size and you're teeny tiny. >> looks like there's maybe a dozen in the box. >> all right. we're going to get some food.
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