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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  September 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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and a robbery suspect targets a woman in a wheelchair. how police helped the victim as they search for the bad guy. it's back to class tomorrow for students at walter johnson junior high. that's where mercury was found nearly a week ago. thank you for joining us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. the school district showing there are still many unknowns in this stor our top story tonight with kelsey thomas following up. >> reporter: we found out this afternoon the worst of the contamination was in the gym. the clean-up is done but the cost and who is paying for it is a mystery. this 6th grader got his backpack back but is still not in class nearly one week after a mercury spill shut down walter
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did the mercury get into the building and if it was a student, how did the student get it? >> all of this is still under investigation. we are a -- we are trying to put puzzle pieces together. >> reporter: answering questions about the contamination. do you feel comfortable opening the school not knowing where the mercury came from? >> we are comfortable about opening the school. there's been efforts to remediate the building. epa has been he contractor. >> reporter: parents are now having their homes checked by the epa. they tested 80 the one family forced to move out. >> by and large, most of the houses are safe. >> reporter: today, the priority is getting students back in class. >> we can verify that this school is ready. i walked the gym, as i said before. it's ready. there's been a lot of work to remediate and clear the facility
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the district took it very seriously. we reacted proactively and will continue to do so. >> reporter: the family that was told to move out of their home is hopefully temporary. the e will be doing a cleanup inside their home tomorrow. kelsey thomas, news 3. >> many questions surrounding the investigation into the mercury exposure. a quarter cup of mercury was found on campus. 80 homes have been c by investigations from the environmental protection agency. one family who lives in the neighborhood around the school has been told to move out. that family is being helped by the red cross. officials, once again, say the school will open tomorrow. one big question school and federal officials don't know is where the mercury came from and how students were able to get it. once the question is answered then we should be able to find out who is liable for the contamination and who will pay the cleanup bill.
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out answers to those questions. as the epa went through the school to test for mercury, they discovered the amount was a lot more than first thought. we caught up with this expert, lyle mckenzie. he said mercury is still used for commercial purposes but not as often. he found some online for sale in north las vegas. he said the problem is not what you can see, it's what you can't see. >> a quarter cup could probably make any time it's vaporized, these where the health hazard comes in. >> a nurse says since the incident at walter johnson junior, the hospital has fielded high schools from a lot of concerned parents. stay with us for continuing coverage of the mercury exposure at walter johnson junior. coming up later tonight, how parents are responding to the thought of school resuming so
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heads to las vegas this week but hillary clinton won't be making an appearance. her husband, bill, will come in her place. the former president will host a rally at csn's north las vegas cheyenne campus. clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia of a showing -- after showing symptoms. she played off a coughing fit as an allergy to donald trump. the man who told police he expected to plead guilty after being arrested at a las vegas rally in june. we've obtained a copy of the guilty plea agreement which says michael sandford will plead guilty to two counts. he told the secret service, he wanted an autograph from trump and then grabbed at the officer's gun. he didn't get much farther than that before he was taken by police.
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from mental illness. >> he said the whole thing was really a blur. he doesn't remember butch about -- didn't remember much about it. >> that plea says he will most certainly be deported after serving his sentence. how long that sentence will be will be cup -- will be up to a federal judge. donald trump fired on hillary clinton after claimed that half of his supporters belonged in a basket of deploreables. trump claims clinton viciously smeared, demonized of hard-working americans. it all adds up to that of
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from holding office. >> she divides people into baskets. she made these comments at one of her high-dollar fund-raisers. she and her wealthy donors had a good laugh. you heard them. they were all laughing. >> clinton issued a statement regretting saying half of trump supporters were deplorables but didn't back down on te trump did not mention clinton's health during his speech. a texas couple shocked to find a race rift clause in the deed to their home. they were going through the documents where they found a clause referring to people of color. the line says in part, no structure with the exception of the servants quarters should be occupied bide -- by persons other than the persons
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they say it's a reminder of the dark past in our nation. >> what is the point of having it? >> the ugly truth needs to come out. if it doesn't come out, any individual can rewrite history. >> the clark county -- or the county clerk there says the thousands of deeds in the u.s. have racist restrictions but he but those w we know the name of a suspected drunk driving who hit and killed a bicyclist. news 3's antonio castelan looks into the suspect's background. >> reporter: it's unclear if luis aguilar-lujan has a criminal past. we are told by witnesses that he was coming from that direction south on torrey pines when he rammed into a bicyclist. the impact sent the bicyclist right through this wall and -- right over here, we can see there is a memorial that shows
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time. >> the biker came this way and bam, right into him. >> reporter: brett burns will never forget the horrifying images of jeremy clark getting hit by a truck. the crash happened sunday night. >> he came out, hit this curb, and then he tried to overcompensate, came back around and hit that fence right there. as he was hitting the fence, the biker was ride -- was riding luis aguilar-lujan was behind the wheel. burns says he crashed without any hesitation. luis aguilar-lujan then ran from the scene. >> it made me feel upset. as soon as he hit wall, he tried to go away. back up. revving the engine. >> reporter: police were able to track down the driver not far from the crash. investigators believe luis aguilar-lujan was under the
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alcohol, just reeked of it. >> reporter: gentlemen was rushed to the hospital. -- jereo the hospital. >> never had somebody die in front of me -- in front of me. >> reporter: luis aguilar-lujan says a dui and failure to stop at an accident charge. he will appear in court tomorrow. antonio castelan, news 3. we turn the page to need. >> that is sheerheaded by a county. and zeroing in on a drug deal that got a whole lot easier for police after the suspects made one big mistake over the phone. temperatures are staggering downwards while the winds surge upward. we'll have a look at your seven-day forecast and let you know what to expect for the week
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what a story this is -- a kentucky dispatcher was listening in on a drug deal after a suspect pocket dialed 911. police pinged the phone to get a location and tracked these guys to a circle k. two people were arrested on multiple charges, including possession of meth and heroin. an 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair ripped off after her purse was stolen but not before surveillance video captured the entire crime as it happened. you know, in the video you can see a woman in an orange-colored blouse moving closer to the 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair. then police say she swiped the pocketbook and bolted. officers visited the victim and donated $100 to offset the money taken. she sat in her wheelchair and cried. they are still looking for the suspect. frustrations run high after espn's fantasy football crashed
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season. the outage began around tech a.m. on sunday. three hours later, just in time for the game, the website partly up and running but espn said it was still working on other issues. they say the fantasy football site is the most widely used in the country with more than 7 million users last season. well, football season is barely underway but the focus is very much on the sidelines and not the field. texas senator and former presidential candidate ted cruz condemns athletes protesting oppression by sitting out the national anthem. in a tweet, cruz wrote "here's a peaceful shirt, never buy another shirt, jersey of rich, spoiled athletes who dishonor our flag." protest began when colin kaepernick refused to stand for
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into the farming business. sherry's ranch hopes to develop a 100-acre garden next door to their adult business. denise rosch explains why it's being done and who will benefit. >> reporter: with the population of around 30,000 people, pahrump has the same problems as any other community, homelessness, poverty, hunger. help is on the way from what could be considered an unlikely source. >> this is what the town does. >> reporter: sharon hampton sees >> about one third of the population are veterans. >> reporter: as chairman of the food bank in pahrump -- >> yep. more deliveries. >> reporter: -- she's making sure sure veterans have something to eat. donations bagged up. >> we have a lot of veterans depend on this. a lot of them are in their 80s
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and have just enough to pay for rent and utilities. >> reporter: and next year, fresh vegetables could be added. they are planning a community garden, the local brothel donating about 100 acres of land an providing the water. nye county commissioner is helping coordinate. >> water rights have to be used. instead of just pretend farm and grow alfalfa to dump the water, sherry's asked me if we could put together a community garden. >> reporter: he says from corn to squash to tomatoes this desert land will be transformed. he is hoping to begin planting in the spring, harvesting by june. everything done with donated kim and volunteers. >> most of the brothels, particularly sherry's, has been a great partner. whenever there is an event they always donate and help out. real good neighbors.
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homeless, local seniors and veterans. >> i think it's outstanding to, you know, help the community like that, to take that many acres and i develop it and grow crops and -- because vegetables are so important. we -- it's the hardest thing to come by. >> reporter: but charity in pahrump is not. hampton says it's simply what you do in a small community. look out for each other and say thank you no matter who is pitching in. denise rosch, news 3 getaway available soon from mccarran airport. here is a live look at the airport now, where the direct flights from las vegas to beijing start next year. ticket prices are roughly $500 round-trip. flights will operate mondays, wednesdays and friday starting december 2nd, just in time for the opening of the lucky dragon casino. also new to mccarran a work of art on the floors of
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a giant poker chip. reflecting the past and present skylines of the strip. the art was part of a $30 million renovation the mccarran's main terminal. if you have been through the main terminal, you know there's no missing it and now you know what the project is about. >> it's stunning. they worked on this around clock. it was so fun to see it's a beautiful part of our airport. >> and there it is. all right. onto weather, if you are gonna fly into las vegas and you are going, this is still summer? it's sweet. i think i can handle it. >> let's buy some houses. >> we hope they do and step on the floor. this is just a little interim in the warmth here for southern nevada. we've been in triple digits as late as early october. i'm not saying that's gonna
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will rise again next week. not until next week. in the meantime, nice glow looking off to the west. the way the day transpired, blue skies, a couple of clouds over the mountains and then late this afternoon, of course, it got dark pretty fast. little ripple out at the lake. we've got some chops thanks to the winds picking up. that will be a story especially tomorrow. we'll begin down at the ranch, currly next stop, sky canyon, that's the far northwest. they are blowing at 13 with a gust of 37 and the strongest gust was 42 miles an hour. not unusual at the rv dealership there. that's about when you are heading out of town. they are currently blowing at 20. rest of the wind speeds, you will notice some. but they will coming down a couple of notches. they will blow just not as strong as earlier today when we
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or over 40 miles an hour. mesquite is down to 3. they had a gust of 36. so did pioche. the lake blew to 32 and searchlight in the 30-mile-an-hour range. temperature-wise, we had a normal 12th september. 96 was the high. 77 was the morning low. tomorrow, we start in the low 70s. finds our way way in the that's it. we'll peak in the 80s. the winds will be 10, 20 earlier and will keep increasing as the day goes on. these are the sustained winds. i do think until afternoon we'll get gusts at or above the 40-mile-an-hour mark. got a disturbance going through central nevada. even a few showers. that will tip off the wind. this system is moving fast.
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60 overnight in pahrump. 72 in overton. high temperatures tomorrow, boulder city at 88. 85 over the hump and 95 in laughlin. for the las vegas valley tonight, we're going down to 74 under a clear sky. breezy at times. but darn windy at times tomorrow. afternoon especially. maybe some gusts over 40 miles per hour. look for a high of 89 degrees. your seven-day forecast, 89. yeah, that's worth repeating. youre even shave off another couple of degrees come wednesday and then once the winds go away. the temperature goes up. slowly, gradually. but you will notice it especially by next week when we tart to look at upper 90s again. is that a sigh of disgust there, marie? >> no. it was -- it was hey, a forecast -- >> tired of it. >> a forecast that appeals to everyone. if you like the fall -- you are very diplomatics. >> you are very political. >> sunnyside up with these two.
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tesla announces an upgrade
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it includes advanced radar to improve its ability to prevent and detect crashes. the system can maintain a set speed, keep the car within its lane and brake automatically. the program has been the focus of an intense scrutiny after a driver died in may using the software. tesla's owner, elon musk says the upgrade could have prevented that crash but no system is completely safe. walmart is eyeing according to a patent granted to the retail giant, the carts will be equipped with detachable motors that has sensors and video cameras. customers can request a cart using a smartphone. no word on yet when and where they will start using the system. olive garden is hoping to reel in extra business with their bottomless pasta bowls.
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ever. in fact, up to 21,000 pastas will be sold online for one hour starting thursday at 11:00 atm. that pass costs. you can enjoy the pasta with toppings, soup and salad and bred sticks. they should calculate the length of how much pasta they will sell. [laughter] >> 11:00. a local casino restaurant infested with these guys. bedbugs. new at 11:00, what is being done to get rid of the pests. and a mall town hoping to bring home the bacon for an upcoming festival. those stories and breaking news as it happens tonight on news 3 live at 11:00. police help a 9-year-old boy reach his dream and reach for the sky.
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many people's budget list. the family was looking for help that check that item off theirs but they had some concerns. >> well, he has cerebral palsy and is paralyzed.
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well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. sharon osbourne confesses to a breakdown on live tv. >> i woke up in hospital. and i knew nothing. >> revealing to "e.t." why she went into hiding. >> how scary was it for you? >> then, what it really takes to
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>> oh, my god, i can't believe we're doing this. >> backstage surprises, last-minute nerves. no cameras have been allowed to go this behind the scenes until now. plus, we're first on the set of john travolta transfompling into john gotti hitting the dance floor with his wife, kelly preston. >> we started that way. we met on screen. >> right? >> why is paula abdul working as a waitress? >> order's up! 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> news from sharon osbourne. she dropped a bombshell secret today that she suffered an emotional breakdown. >> then in 2015, sharon took time off from "the talk." we were told t was for pneumonia. but today sharon told me the real reason for her absence. >> i had a complete and utter breakdown. for probably three days, i knew


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