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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the stage at him after he performed on dancing with the stars. >> michelle: good morning everybody. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. we are happy to have you as we wake up and kick off another day here. it's going to be great weather-wise and we're going to get to that shortly. kim and dana are off and we are filling in >> krystal: so glad to be with you on this tuesday. you probably want to know what you need to put on so we'll head to kelly. >> kelly: pony tails and a lot of hair spray. wind advisory and fire warning both in place. we are looking at very windy conditions, dangerously windy as far as the freudianer is
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is mine, be prepared to go on the hunt for your trash can. spray paint your numbers on. i'm such a perfectionist i had to make stencils. we're looking at mostly sunny skies. 85 by noon. at least we have cooler temperatures. we're going to talk more about the winds coming up. >> michelle: schools finally back in session for it's been nearly a week since the school was placed on lockdown after that mercury contamination. the concern not over for parents. 80 of them requested or required mercury testing in their homes. one home had levels high enough to require to family to leave and workers from the environmental protection agency are there cleaning up that
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this mercury come from. it's a question no one can answer right now. but the clark county school district wants to reassure parents and students that the school is now safe. >> we can verify this school is ready. it's ready. there has been a lot of work to remediate and clear the facility of the material. >> about half a cup of mercury was discovered. that is what the whole concern was about. theoo transparent saying it will allow cameras into the school later on today. we will be there and we'll have reports for you on later editions of news 3. >> krystal: happening today the british man who told officers he wanted to shoot donald trump at a las vegas rally has maken a plea deal. he will plea guilty to go
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of trump and then gapped the officers holster gun. sons of bundy could go on trial today but that could be postponed after an emergency appeal was filed. they were supposed to go on trial starting today for their role in that oregon standoff. all of them pled notui conspiracy charges. a jury must decide now if the actions there amounted to a crime. >> krystal: we are your station for all things politics. bill clinton is going to step in for his wife hillary clinton who is recuperating after she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she's getting rest so she can get back on the campaign trail. we expect the former president
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the event is open to the public. we will have full coverage of his speech on wednesday here on news 3. you can catch all the recaps and highlights on news 3 live at noon. hillary clinton at home this morning under doctor orders is campaigning the only way she can right now and that is with a phone. while donald trump ignores her health and focuses on what she >> after nearly collapsing from dehydration, hillary clinton is home this morning in new york tweeting i'm feeling fine and getting better and i'm just anxious to get back out there. she tells cnn why she did not disclose the pneumonia diagnosis earlier. >> i didn't think it was going to be that big a deal.
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pleats? >> someone got overheated at a trump is rally. trump is hitting the air waves. >> you know what is deplorable and demanding an apology for calling his supporters. >> racist, sexist, home month fob i >> she talks about people like they are objects, not human beings. >> clinton regrets how many she labels but insist extremist are backing trump. for now she's making her case from behind closed doors. >> after nearly collapsing from dehydration clinton home in new york this morning.
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to get back out there. >> she didn't disclose the diagnosis earlier because she said she didn't think it was going to be a big deal. former president clinton will be coming in her place to the west coast and president obama campaigns for clinton in philadelphia. and that's the latest on that. >> krystal: a woman claims that she was bitten by bed bugs she grabbed her cell phone and
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sympathetic. >> and the manager eventually came and she said do you want free food or are you going to leave your food. i said no, i want you to know you really have a problem in this booth. >> manager refused to speak on camera or let us take pictures inside. the restaurant is closed for inspection and they found a few bugs but not an infestation. she's not looking for she just wants to make sure the casino does the right thing. thousands of travelers as we well know pass through mccarron every day and now they have something neat to see while waiting for their flight. a live look at the airport behind me all lit up where fishes unveiled an amazing mosaic.
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time. here is the time lapse video of it all coming together. it's pretty big. craig was doing a live shot on a different story. from what we understand it was inspired by the evolution of the strip skyline. there it is. as i mentioned before, craig was the first to give you a sneak peek of what it all entails. >>ic these time lapse videos too so you can see how it all came together. all is not forgiven when it comes to ryan lochte. two men rushed right towards him after he finished dancings on
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make a live action version of milan. a speat calling on disney to
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mite social media a buzz about what happened with ryan lochte. the judges don't know how to react after someone rushed the
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lochte. >> the first part of that video will be what people saw on live television. this shows security taking over the two protestors. the video shows four women being escorted away from their seats. the disturbance happened after lochte's dance. you could hear someone shout liar. lochte said he was upset. it honestly feels like someone reached inside and took out my heart and stepped on it. i want to move forward. i made a mistake. i'm human. i'm not going to make that mistake twice. i'm going to keep going. i'm doing something totally different out of my element and i'm going to have fun doing it. >> the two men that rushed the stage were arrested for
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police called the incident a preplanned incident. it was over lochte claiming he
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parts of montana going straight from summer to winter. look at this approximately six inches fell at red rock mountain resort.
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for skiers because it's elvis presley anyone. >> kelly: dry conditions expected in the forecast. we're seeingow temperatures here as well. not cold enough for anything like that. our biggest issue is going to be the wind. that's what we're going to be dealing with today, wind aadvisory and fire weather warning in place. this is southeast career and technical academy camera. a lot of sunshine yesterday, a little bit of haze, few clouds as well. today we will see mostly sunny skies and we're anticipating
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expect reduced visibility today as well. especially with the wind kicking up. here is a look at the temperatures as you are stepping out the door. this morning you're going to notice cooler already. henderson you are coming in at 74 right now and spring valley 71. winds not much of an issue now. not advisory criteria. that's going to be later on in the morning. been reported since midnight. stronger winds are on the way for later today. here is the red flag warning, all the areas shaded in hot pink. that goes through 11:00 tonight. we're dealing with lower humidity levels and that gives us an increased fire danger. we are looking at showers to our north. nothing here though. it's going to stay dry for us.
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tonight check out this low, we're going down to 64 with breezy conditions. check out the seven-day forecast. tomorrow wind dies down. we're going to be able to enjoy temperatures in the 80's. plenty of sunshine and temperatures slowly creeping back up into the upper 90's. >> investigators looking for a fire deliberately. this is in orlando this. is the man you see on your screen. it is the mosque where the orlando nightclub shooter once worshiped. the video shows the man running from the islamic center. cell phone video showing the fire as it burned. the fire did extensive damage to the house of worship. investigators trying to figure out why it was set on fire.
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hate crime. they are not saying that right now. no one was injured in that fire. >> michelle: two gymnists including a member of the 2,000 olympic team say they were sexually abused by a former long time doctor for u.s.a. gymnastics. he worked for decades for the gymnastic organization until he was fired last y him. u.s.a. gymnastics said he left his position last september. he's on faculty at michigan state university and treats their gymnist. the university said the doctor has been temporarily suspended from his duties while this investigation continues. >> colin kaepernick continuing his protest during the national
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teammate held fists in the air. kaepernick didn't come into the game until late. but the 49ers shut out the rams 28-0. >> michelle: disney is remaking mu racist and hateful as a live the petition cites recent whitewashed movies where white actresses played women of color. the petitioner gathered nearly 90,000 signatures. >> krystal: there is a new conspiracy on the internet. >> michelle: i saw this
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was interested to see and i can't tell. let's see what you think. hillary clinton, apparently people say there was a body double when she reemerged after having that almost fainting spell. you let us know what you think. >> from being literally loaded into a van to a pep pi rebound a couple of hours later. yes, thank you very much. >> the speed of clinton's recovery was too much for some. >> it was not hillary, sorry. >> and thus was born # hillary's body do you believe. people say i she resurfaced looking slimmer and younger. she resurfaced 20 pounds lighter
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reappeared with her entourage. >> they were there just hanging back. there were physical differences saying her index finger is longer than her body doubles. one person tweeted now i understand the stronger together slogan. >> we are stronger together. >> if hill can't do it, her body double can. hillary s two body doubles to explain differences in photos. one is named angles and one is named lighting. other hillary fans were stunned. think may have seriously underestimated human stymedty. hillary supporters double down with # donald body double. >> fried orange and full of air.
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bernies. if she doesn't want to raise concern, she shouldn't dress like bernie. it's enough to make a candidate want to call in sick. >> michelle: let us know what you think. do you think that was a body double or people are just crazy. police officer in to get create tow rescue a kitty cat stuck in a i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> krystal: officers had to get creative rescuing a kitty in a storm drain. they used a half to draw that kitty closer to them. one of the officers that rescued it hopes to adopt it.
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waters. where is he from?
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>> back to school as an investigation continues nearly one week after mercury is discovered in one of our local , jr. high schools. we have a live report as students head back to class.
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