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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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casino. >> kelly: similar our expected high. we're going to talk about the wind gusts coming up. >> tom: we have a pretty good start to your morning commute. not much traffic going on right now. i want to start sounding the warning today for big changes coming up this weekend. this ramp, one of the busiest in the state of nevada is going to be closed. that is from 10:00 p.m. on
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south. there will be a number of alternates. i'll start with the most basic ones right now. we'll have a lot more on that as the week continues on. >> michelle: that is going to be a mess. the mercury contamination scare is over meaning kids are going back to school this morning at that local school that's been closed down because of craig reports live from walter johnson junior high school this morning with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the e.p.a. has screened and cleared the campus to be reopened. that is the headline from the school district. in a statement the school district has given parents encouraging news for their students this morning. the decision has been made to reopen the school.
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events we've been covering since wednesday. a large amount of mercury made it on campus and was spilled. the question is who brought the mercury on campus, nobody knows. >> we don't know the source of the mercury. we're working with local officials in helping support that investigation. >> reporter: we are outside the campus which will open for scheduled ces that will be in about the 8:00 hour. we'll probably see parents dropping off students before then. there is that investigation about how the mercury got here. the school district yesterday told news 3 there is no truth to rumors this was taken from a chemistry lab. a spokesperson said that was a rumor and nothing more than a rumor and the clark county
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happened. the working theory is a student somehow brought it on campus. from where and who that person is is still a mystery. >> still a lot of unanswered questions. we have a local mercury expert weighing in on the developments there. mercury is still commonly used for commercial purposes and can be bought online. maybe easier to get ahold of than you las vegas. the environmental protection agency says the biggest concern is what can't be seen , the vapors produced by mercury. it is taking a lot of calls from concerned parents. >> i can tell you this is the first time in my 15 years i've seen an exposure like this happen. >> the e.p.a. says it uses
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the vapors. they found about a quarter of a cup of mercury there at the school. >> maybe that is how the students. maybe they bought it online. that is the answer we're waiting for is how the kids got it and who the kid was. >> the story is going to have your skin crawling especially if you don't like bugs. a woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs in a place where there are no beds. she claims she was silver nugget sunday morning while having breakfast with her children at the hometown kitchen restaurant. ralph way through that meal she started feeling insects biting her. there are pictures of what the table looks like underneath and what her legs looked like. she grabbed her phone and started snapping off pictures. they are a proof of infestation.
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and the bugs under a table while she was either. the manager was less than sympathetic. >> the manager came and she said well do you want free food or are you just going to leave your food. i said new york city i want you to know there is a serious issue here. you got a problem in this booth. the manager refused to speak on camera or let us take pictures inside. they sent a statement saying the restaurant is closed for inspection and they f bugs but not an infestation according to them. she's not looking for a payout. she just wants the casino to do the right thing and wanted to warn people. >> krystal: the british man who told officers he wanted to shoot donald trump at a rally is expected to take a plea deal today. he will plead guilty to two counts. the maximum sentence 20 years
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a fraction of that. foreman president bill clinton will be campaigning in las vegas filling in for his sick wife. he will speak to voters starting at 11:00 in the morning. the event is open to the public and we'll have full coverage of the speech on wednesday here on trump announcing he will are release his health records
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trump says health is now an issue in the campaign. >> michelle: scary moment at an airport as a cargo plane trying to land and, as you can see here, it didn't go as planned. ita runway. we'll show you more of that coming up. >> krystal: how a simple iphone update could do away with the annoying solicitation phone calls. if you want them to stop coming your way, you got to stay tuned. >> michelle: the little baby who doesn't have a nationality yet because he was born in international waters as his mother was being rescued from an
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speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. call today. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. >> krystal: criss angel bringing
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stars together for this effort to help he'll every life possible. you probably recognize some of the faces there you see. angel along with big names coming together to fight childhood cancer. just a fantastic cause. we were very pleased to be able to promote it and get the word out about it. it was a special one night performance by the magician and a star-studded list of that was at the luxor. the event was an effort to raise $1 million in a single night. >> this is the most important event of my life because you are talking about children who don't have a future. many of these children are living with life and death every day and we must change that. >> krystal: he's very passionate about it.
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leukemia last year. we hope he's doing better. we're so happy for criss angel to come on here and get the word out. >> michelle: he came on twice to talk about it. it's amazing when you see what these kids go through. we're talking about this. if you haven't been to the airport yet, y seen it because it's brand new. mccarron international airport recently unveiled this. it's the new big scene mosaic in terminal one located near the baggage claim. here is time lapse video as they were building this thing. there is the high roller and you've got some of the old vegas
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the strip skyline from the dunes all the way up to cesar's palace. craig showed you this weeks ago. it's nearing completion. now we have the final product. this is what people are going to see when they are welcomed to fabulous las vegas. >> krystal: it is truly awesome. can't wait to see it in all its splendor. two korea today. the united states sent the aircraft in a show of force to warn north korea and also it settled nerves in south korea. the bombers escorted by south koreaen jets. the bombers were likely to
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south korea. >> a fire destroyed two commercial buildings in los angeles monday night. the blaze breaking out shortly after 8:00. it took more than two hours to put it out. they had quite a fire to contend with. the building was occupied by a seller and distributor of smoking materials called smoke folks. firefighters had to exploding gas cylinders. no one was hurt. the cause still under investigation. >> michelle: the italian coast guard rescued 350 people who were on board rickty boats in the mediterranean sea yesterday as they tried to make it to european shores. three rescue operations performed by the coast guard
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ministry of infrastructure and transport. a spanish boat also participated as it rescued more than 400 people that leads to us this story. >> krystal: baby on board. a day after his parents rescued from a rubber dingy newman. we understand that he was delivered by a mid wife on board. i guess they were trying to figure out since he was born in international waters what nationality he is. >> michelle: here is something else to make you smile.
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>> tom: i like your optimism. sometimes i'm here to talk about things that are not so great on the roadways. here by the 215 and warm springs road we have work that started this week. into mid march you can expect overnight this ramp to be closed and that is the overnight hours sunday through friday just started up and goes through mid march. does not affec when have you that closure best alternate routes come to windmill or las vegas boulevard to get on to the 215. around town checking travel times 215 looks good. so does 15. we'll get your weather forecast
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here is kelly. >> kelly: the wind started to kick up yesterday afternoon, i noticed it in my backyard. the leaves and branches too. here is a time lapse from yesterday. not a lot of wind in the morning but you can see the trees dancing in the afternoon. you see a little bit of blowing dust in the air as well. blowing dust a concern for today along with gusty winds across the area. here is a look at the temperatures stepping out the door. you notice it is cooler downtown 75. southeast 76 and going to be cooler tomorrow morning. like i said, the biggest concern right now are the winds. currently mountains edge reporting 12-mile per hour sustained winds, gusts since midnight, these are the peak gusts we've seen. some up to 35 miles per hour. paradise included in that. gusts will get stronger as we
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wind advisories in place for all of southern nevada including the news 3 viewing area. on top of that, we have this pink which is the fire weather warning. the red flag warning because in addition to the gusty winds we're going to see, we have low humidity levels so we have a heightened fire danger. something to be aware of. don't burn any leaves right now. no cigarette butts out the window and mark your garbage away. 87, breezy today, winds 35-45 miles per hour. tonight's low 64. tomorrow the wind dies down so we get to enjoy the 87-degree temperatures before we warm back up into the mid 90's.
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to turn over documents to congress that will detail how it priced the epi pen, how much it made in profits. the lawmakers ee documents by thursday or friday. milan acquired the right to market and sell the epi pen in 2007. since then the price has gone from $60 to $600. a lot of people have questions about that. >> michelle: we should also mention along with the price of the epi pens, so did their paychecks. those went up too for the people at the top there. let's talk about the iphone.
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apparently the new ios10 update could block robo calls for iphones. >> that's what they promise to do. this update rolls out this week. the head of this company that they can block robo calls with this update. they check the incoming number against a list of known r callers and stop the phone ringing if it's determined it been spam. >> michelle: wal-mart wants shoppers to be able to hail a cart. what are we talking about here? >> self-driving shopping carts. that is what wal-mart is looking at.
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shopping carts to drive themselves. they have detachable not or thes with sensors. -- >> krystal: looks like we lost jane but she'll come back tomorrow. >> michelle: remote control shopping carts. >> krystal: caught on after landing at an airport today. the boeing 737 cargo plane skidded on the runway. look at it go there. this is this morning. the plane was carrying fuel to be distributed to remote area in that western province. according to the marketing director the plane skidded when
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the the good news to pass along. another organization will not hold events in north carolina. why the ncaa says it is taking its sporting events to a different state. >> michelle: drama unfold as ryan lochte stands before the judges on dancing with the stars. if you missed it last night,
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. ear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> tom: travel times in the green on all major freeways. >> kelly: the winds not intense yet but they will be building later on today. let's take a look at the temperatures as you head out the door. it's q was yesterday. pahrump 69. check out the wind forecast. >> michelle: tense moments for ryan lock at the on dancing with the stars mondays night.
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he had just finished dancing with professional dancer. they had just done their performance and somebody tried to bum rush him and they tried to take ryan lochte out and people were yelling liar. cameras didn't show the incident but you could hear somebody yelling liar. unfortunately he says this was a very unfortunate situation for him and he just let it go. >> it's hard. i'm getting over it though. honestly feels like somebody took out my heart and just stepped on it. lochte was at the center of that fire storm during last month's olympics in rio after claiming
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were robbed at gunpoint. turns out that was not the case and they lied and he admitted it to and he apologized. that didn't stop u.s. swimming from suspending him. he got a 10-month suspected shoplifter suspension. >> a teenager in new jersey says they were kicked out of a catholic school months after receiving an acceptance letter. what prompted the school to change their mind. a l s attention for playing off the
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>> an investigation continues nearly one week after mercury was found at junior high. >> michelle: hit and run. we're learning more about the driver that hit and killed a bicyclist over the weekend. >> krystal: surveillance video shows a man running from a fire at a florida mosque. investigators hoping to find him
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motive. >> michelle: good morning. happy tuesday everybody as we take a live look at our beautiful las vegas strip. happy to have you with us. hope you are getting going on your
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travel times running in the green. we are up to speed so let's do traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. here is kelly. >> kelly: breezy conditions again today. make sure you have numbers spray painted on the trash can so you can find it later. 85 at noon. similar our 50-mile per hour gusts possible in our local mountains. we'll talk more about it coming up. >> michelle: school finally back in session for students at walter johnson today. it's been nearly a week since the school was placed on lockdown after that mercury contamination was discovered. the concern is not over for
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strong. 80 of the families who have children that attend officials in that investigation. >> michelle: about a half cup of mercury was discovered and the school district is being transparent saying they are log going to allow cameras in the school later today.
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to go in and shoot video today. >> krystal: this is something we brought you on sunday night at 11:00. witnesses we talked to say the impact was so severe it sent the victim through a concrete wall after the truck had run through it. witnesses tell police the driver of a pickup hit the back of the bike and then took off after plowing through that wall and ended up in somebody's backyard. the coroner identified the victim as 42-year-old jeremy clark. police believe the person that hit him was under the influence of alcohol. they believe the suspected drunk driver tried to get away.
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up. he was revving the engine as hard as he could. he now faces charges including d.u.i. and failure to stay at the scene. >> michelle: a clue about who started that fire at the florida mosque. this man running from the islamic center. investigators say that the overnight fire did extensive damage. look how big the flames are. this is important because two things, it was the mosque that was attended by orlando nightclub shooter and it happened on 9/11. investigators know the fire was deliberately set but they don't know why.
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>> solar customers who filed an application before the end of last year keep their rates for 20 years. the settlement has to be approved by the public utilities commission. >> michelle: the first ever nonstop flights to china from las vegas have been approved by the transportation department. this anesthesia we take a live picture at the airport which is l morning. the las vegas convention and visitors authority announced direct flights to beijing will start december 2. ticket prices roughly $500 round trip. flights will operate on monday, wednesday and friday in the month of december. that is in time for the opening of the casino on the strip and
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>> krystal: beyonce concert stopped mid song so someone could literally [indiscernible] we're going to take you there.
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>> michelle: a large lawn sign
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the homeowner painted and posted this sign on his property and it reads black rifles matter. he is expressing his thoughts on gun rights and gun control. he says that's his right. city officials say the home inner obtained post that makes the sign legal. the owner said he would have replaced the sign by now but because of it's popularity he's decided to leave it up. >> krystal: we're talking traffic with tom. how are things looking? >> tom: not that bad. we'll start here with i15. we'll cruise into the center of the corridor and check travel times which are looking good.
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green. let's check weather with kelly. >> kelly: as you are heading out the door this morning we're looking at mainly clear conditions out there. the winds, that is going to be our issue. here is a look at what we're seeing right now. 72 at doris reed. we expect stronger gusts as we get into the afternoon. what about the temperatures on the way in. as they are getting out of school 87. going to be dealing with winds 35-45 miles per hour. >> krystal: hold on to your hats. the ncaa says it will not host sporting events in north carolina this year. we're going to tell you why it came to this decision and which sports will be headed to a different state. >> michelle: new at 6:00 las vegas native bringing home a
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speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? >> michelle: two former gymnist accusing a long time team physician of sexual abuse. one woman filed a civil lawsuit on thursday and the other filed a complaint two weeks ago against this man here.
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gymnastics team physician during four olympics. the women allege he inappropriately touched them and other teammates between 1994 and 2,000 and made sexual comments towards them. the lawsuit states that the doctor was visibly aroused during medical visits. the attorney for one of the victims says his client is coming forward to prevent this from happening to others. u.s.a. gymnastics said the doctor left his position last september. he's now on the faculty at treats their gymnist. the university said he's been temporarily suspended while the investigation is being conducted. an attorney for the doctor says he's not been charged with a crime and he denies all these allegations. >> krystal: you could add the ncaa to those out of the state of north carolina. the ncaa pulling 7 championship events from the state including opening weekend men's basketball
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the teachings of that faith even when those are challenged by the secular world. let's take a quick look at that is taking place over here on town center drive. that represents repaving that takes place into mid november. you have alternate routes on the 215 or go over the rampart. those are the ways to avoid it. we'll cruise to the hart of the corridor. this is the view the camera
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little bit. not too bad yet. we're starting to approach the rush hour. the inbound 95 and 515 both look great for the time being. let's do traffic and weather together. >> kelly: we are looking at another day of breezy conditions. today a little stronger and drier. i want to show you a time lapse look from yesterday. see the grass swaying. gets stronger later in the afternoon and into the yesterday with gusts around 35 miles an hour in the las vegas valley. heading out the door north las vegas 73, henderson 75. centennial 69. you are going to notice a different. you might want a light sweater heading out the door. we're going to deal with breezy conditions out there. right now gusts to 35 miles per hour, especially in the southeastern portions of the valley. the winds are expected to pick
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wind advicery. fire weather warning in pink where we expect low humidity and winds for a heightened fire danger for today. here is the bigger picture. rain and thunderstorms up to our north. is snow in the sierra. for us high and dry. it's the wind that is going to be the biggest issue. today's high in pahrump 82. boulder city 86. tonight check out these lows indian springs 53 and 61 in mesquite. the winds die down tomorrow. and we're going to see the temperatures still in the 80's. tomorrow we'll get to enjoy the cooler temperatures. >> krystal: i can't wait. thank you for that. a proposal fit for a beyonce concert. we're going to show you how someone put a ring on it.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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