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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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minute commute currently. 95 eastbound and 515 southbound and northbound are looking ok. let's get a check of that forecast which includes a spectacular sunrise. >> kelly: it sure will be. the sun doesn't come up until 6:20 in the morning.
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these clouds it's going to be gorgeous. temperatures today looking pleasant. by 9:00 a.m., 80, 85 at noon and 87 at 4:00. we have to contend with gusty winds and a heightened fire danger. >> michelle: happening today the mercury contamination , the scare is over as far as what is going on in the school and in students and family's homes in the surrounding area. the clarknt school today. as we bring in craig, the investigation is far from over as to what happened at walter johnson because we don't know how that mercury got there. >> that is still the lingering question. the headline is this statement. the e.p.a. has screened and cleared the campus to be reopened. that is from the school district telling us that this morning
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students. the reopening of the johnson , jr. high school this morning is a very big deal. it follow this is bizarre chain of events we started covering on wednesday. somehow a rather large amount of mercury made it on campus and was spilled. mercury vapor can contaminate the air so the e.p.a. moved in. who brought the mercury on campus? nobody knows. >> there is an investigation mercury. and we're working with local officials and helping them support that investigation. >> we are outside the junior high school which will reopen to students this morning after being closed on wednesday. the idea that the mercury was brought encamp pus by a student, clark county says police are looking into that and there is an investigation.
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chemistry lab and moved to the gym area where it was spilled? stories like that are nothing more than rumor they say and give it no credibility right now. >> michelle: thank you for that. we should let you know that a local mercury expert weighing in on the latest developments out of the mercury contamination. he says mercury is commonly used for commercial purposes and can be bout you saw he was holding a bottle of it. he found some for sale in north las vegas. the environmental protection agency says the biggest concern is what cannot be seen and that is the vapor produced by mercury. umc is taking many calls from concerned parents. >> i can tell you this is the first time in my 15 years i've seen an exposure like this happen. >> the e.p.a. says it uses
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mercury vapors. it went on to say a quarter cup of mercury found is enough to fill more than 200 thermometers. this next story will have your skin crawling. a woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs in a place where there are no beds. this is in a restaurant. she claims she was bitten several times at is silver nugget sunday morningle children at the hometown kitchen restaurant. halfway through the meal she started feeling bites on her legs. here are the pictures. here are pictures she took from underneath the table there. those are eggs and the black spots there fees sees from the little bugs. the manager that person was less than sympathetic. >> the manager eventually came and she said well do you want
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to leave your food. i said new york city i want you to know there is a serious issue here. you have a problem in this booth. the restaurant is closed for inspection. they said they found a few bugs but not an infestation. she's not looking for a payout right thing. >> krystal: we have a breaking news update after a person was hit and killed while riding a bike on our local streets. the impact so severe it sent the victim through a concrete wall that have truck plowed through it. witnesses telling police the driver of the pickup hit the back of the bike and took off. the victim was 42-year-old
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metro police say that the driver who hit clark was under the influence of alcohol. brett burns saw what happened and couldn't believe this suspect tried to get away. >> it made me feel upset because as soon as he hit the wall he tried to back up. he was revving the engines hard as he could p. >> krystal: he is at the clark county detention center facing charges including d.u.i. and failure to stay at the correct scene of a crash. >> michelle: mccarron making the entrance to las vegas even more beautiful. the airport recently unveiled its new vegas themed mosaic in terminal one near the baggage claim. they shared this time lapse video showing the project as it came together.
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inspired by the evolution of the strip's skyline from the dunes up to cesar's palace. we showed you this project a few weeks ago as it was almost finished. now we have the final finished product. it is so cool. it's like a little bit of all different -- of vegas history. old vegas, new vegas. >> krystal: i was wondering what they were working on. now we get to see it. energy saying it's reached a deal to grandfather in solar customers to keep their rates for 20 years. it let's customers reapply. settlement has to be approved by the public utilities commission. >> michelle: donald trump
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since clinton's health scare over the weekend. what he had to say and what he's planning on doing. plus -- >> honestly feels like someone reached inside and took out my heart and just stepped on it. >> krystal: that is ryan lochte reacting after what happened during his performance at dancing with the stars. someone decided to make a move of their own. we that story coming up. >> tom: we have trouble on the roadways here. this is we'll have the twenty five thousand jobs. we'll have the
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when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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was started. the fire did extensive damage to the house of worship. the fire was deliberately set but don't know the motive behind
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it was started on 9/11. those are two big clues here. they are trying to figure out who this person is in these pictures. trump announcing he will release his health records. trump assuring voters he's healthy. he had a medical exam last week and will release the results when the numbers come n. trump says health is now an the 2016 campaign while sending clinton a get well wish. clinton leaving the memorial service sunday due to complications of pneumonia. her campaign said she overheated. trump has repeatedly questioned her health and stamina during the campaign. >> gymnist are accusing a long time team physician of sexual abuse.
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another filed a complaint two weeks ago against this man. he served as the u.s.a. gymnastics team physician during four olympics. the women allege that he inappropriately touched them and other teammates between 1994 and 2,000 and they say he made sexual comments toward them. the lawsuit states that the girls say he was visually aroused during medical visits. u.s.a. gymnastics said he's on fact ity at michigan state university. the university there says he's been temporarily suspended while the investigation is ongoing. an attorney for him says he's not been charged with a crime and denies the allegations. >> krystal: drama on the dance floor playing out during dancing with the stars. it involves ryan lochte. he's a part of the show. he finished his first dance
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ensued. it wasn't shown on live tv this incident. video released by abc shows security removing the men from the stage and you see everybody looking like in shock that was happening. the host was able to bring things down and talk. two people arrested after rushing that stage moments after lochte finished his routine. one of them heard y before the host sent it to commercial. the two men who rushed the stage, a couple of men have been identified. they were arrested by lapd for trespassing. we have video that was shot by someone in the audience, cell phone video showing four women who were escorted from their seats. >> i want to move forward. i realize i had made a mistake. i'm human.
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to keep going. that's why i'm on this dance floor doing something out of my element and i'm going to have fun doing it. >> this is what those people were referring to when they were involved in this incident in rio where he didn't quite tell the truth about what happened. u.s. olympic committee announced lochte would be suspended for 10 months and barred from the world championships. >> michelle: we're going up to tom and take quick check on traffic. >> mark: the freeways have been looking good. smooth here. we did passover one mishap a few minutes ago. you can see two cars hit hard in a crunch here. we'll swing it around over the top and look back at the on coming photographic. looks like it's blocking lanes
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let's do team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: a lot of disabled vehicles out there. if you are making your way through the bowl we're seeing a little bit of slowing on 15 south bound. we'll bring up your traffic ahead forecast. we're projecting in one hour without any accidents 10 minutes so you can add three minutes to your commute there. can be computers currently five minutes. not showing a change with that one hour from now. ain team. download it from the app store or google play. let's get a check of that tuesday forecast. going to be a while before we see the white stuff in higher elevations here. other places are seeing it currently. >> kelly: we are getting a dip in temperatures but not cold enough for this any way. we take a look at this video. this is out of montana. going straight from summer to winter.
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mountain resort monday where approximately six inches of snow fell. ski managers hope for a better year than last year when the resort had to close early because of a lack of snow. they've had several mild wenters in a row so far. so waiting to see what this winter will bring. hopefully they are off to a good start. here is what we're seeing at home. on the red rock resort camera the sun coming up in a couple of minutes but the off the clouds looking nice and pink. very pretty start to the day. we will see blowing dust later this afternoon as the winds start to pick up across the area. as you head out the door, you might want a light sweater. temperatures on the cool side this morning. summerlin 71, green valley 75. sunrise 73 right now. these temperatures you are seeing right now warmer than we'll see tomorrow morning.
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we're going to continue to see strong winds, especially as we get into the afternoon and evening. red flag warning in place for all the areas shaded in pink. a wind advisory as well. also low humidity levels so that is increased fire danger for today. the rain showers for this storm system staying to our north. here at home it's going to be quiet as far as the sky conditions are concerned. it's the wind. that's going today. wind gusts to 35. 87 is our expected high so cooler than normal. overnight though, check out the low. 64. that is what we're going down to oh tonight. breezy conditions for us. nice cool temperatures sticking around. 87 tomorrow and slowly working up into the mid 90's for the weekend.
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volcano and this is a lava lake.
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big hearts. i love that story. >> michelle: that is a great story. continue to push his pop sickle cart, he can do so but he won't have to worry about making ends meet. >> michelle: american ninja warrior finals airing here on news 3 hours ago. we have who took home the prize. >> krystal: one of beyonce's dancers with a big surprise. only fitting it happened during
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>> krystal: no one went home with the $1 million prize. drew of connecticut it was second to last competitor. he reached stage three but couldn't survive the hand climb. just ate it. the same obstacle that took him out last year. the last competitor failed to conquer the third stage. nobody can get past somebody can maybe one day. since neither made it through stage three they did not get a chance at stage four or a chance to win the $1 million prize. it should be bigger next time. it should be like powerball. >> michelle: the strength that it takes to do that. this football player got in a
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donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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>> i think i will sleep easier when we figure out where it came from. >> krystal: the kids are heading back to school but parents are was found on campus. the big question some of them still have that is keeping some of the parents on edge. >> fighting cancer, criss angel worked hard last night to hopefully eventually put an end to childhood cancer. there was a star-studded event last night in las vegas.
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>> michelle: good morning everybody. look at these pictures from sky 3 as tom is flying high jeer head. not sure what it is but i'm sure tom is going to give us a history lesson. >> krystal: i'm always excited to see where tom is going to take us in the morning. >> michelle: that may be the museum of old nevada. we'll talk to tom in a moment. welcome in on a tuesday. we're happy to have you. wagners. >> krystal: happy to wake up with you on this tuesday. we're going to help you get out the door with everything you need to know and traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're going to send it up to tom. >> michelle: tell us what we were looking at there. >> tom: let me start with that. this is an exhibit that is not quite ready yet at the nevada state museum. this is building a portion of the original las vegas.
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is today. these are actual railroad cottages that were in the downtown area being refurbished. eventually it will be a feel of what las vegas was like around 1915 or so when it's all done. no announced opening date yet. the roads we have an let's get a check of the tuesday
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>> kelly: blowing dust and vanishing trash cans might be an issue today as we are looking at a wind advisory and red flag warning. 87 is our high today at 3:00. winds gusting 35, even 45 miles per hour. we'll talk more about it in a few minutes. >> krystal: 80's, love the sound of that. school back if session for students at walter junior high school. been nearly a week since we first brought you the story about the school being shut down after mercury found on campus. 80 of them were required mercury testing in their home. so far just one had levels high enough to require the family to leave. workers from the e.p.a. cleaning it all up. the big question on a lot of
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end up in the school nit a question no one can answer right now. >> there is an investigation ongoing as to the source of the mercury. we're working with local officials helping support that investigation. >> krystal: they found about half a cup of mercury in the school. the district is being transparent saying it will allow >> michelle: also happening today the british man who told officers he wanted to shoot donald trump at that las vegas rallies that was held not too long ago, he's expected to take a plea deal. we've gotten our hands on the agreement which says he will plead guilty to two counts. the maximum sentence 20 years. chances are he will only serve a fraction of that time. the agreement revealed that he
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trump and grabbed that officer's gun. >> bill clinton campaigning here wednesday filling in for his wife who doctors say has to rest up a little bit after her pneumonia diagnosis after she stumbled to her vehicle sunday. we saw the video and learned after the fact she was battling pneumonia. he's going to speak at 11:00 a.m. we'll have full coverage of the speech on if things are getting under way, we will have it live on news 3 live at noon. >> michelle: strip headliner criss angel bringing some of the world's biggest stars together for a good cause here in las vegas. this is a cause that is close to our hearts here at news 3. angel with big names coming
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it was a special one night event. there was a performance by the magician and a star-studded list of guests. >> this is the most important event of my life because we're talking about children living with life and death every day. we must >> michelle: here is why this is so important to him. his son was diagnosed with acute llewellyn chemoi can't last year. acuteleukemia. he just turned two.
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credit it's for heal every life possible. that's our aim to help children. it's all about the kids. >> michelle: one football player got in hot water for his end zone celebration. what did he do that had some saying this was very inappropriate? >> krystal: a local paraolympian making us proud. she meddled while she was
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> michelle: you see the video behind me. it's hard not to laugh. a flag being thrown after they say it was inappropriate. you can see behind me there was a lot of twerking going on. brown's season started off on the right foot. two touchdowns and pittsburg season opening win against the redskins. after getting the ball for his
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and they are not supposed to do this. the ref did not find it funny. they threw a flag. the internet loved it. the internet was all about it. steelers were penalized 15 yards for unsportsman like conduct. but he didn't seem to mind. >> krystal: touchdown twerk. we're going up to tom. i don't think there twerking going on in sky 3. >> tom: no twerking. when there is a road project completed i try to do a little twerking but i'm seatbelted in here so a little confining. this is from summerlin parkway down to charleston. i mentioned that the work is mostly in the overnight hours. you see the orange barrels there around the clock. have you the inside lane blocked off both directions. traffic light in the area but
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as see the shadows coming up as the daybreak starts late each day, let's check in with kelly. >> sun coming up at 6:20. now the sun is up, we see a few clouds out there to get this day started. 71 is the current temperature. winds going to be the issue today. highs in the 80's. 87 as the kids are getting out of school this afternoon. ladies pon 35-mile an hour winds. >> krystal: this is dramatic video of a school bus on fire. fortunely we can report the 20 children on board and the driver
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heading back to school at walter johnson junior high after mercury was found on campus. this has been going on for the past week or so. clark county saying it's time to head back to class. everything should be ok for now in the school.
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>> there were concerns that vapor in the mercury that can evaporate in warmer temperatures, that that vapor would be dangerous for students on campus. a cleanup crew was brought in and recovered a quarter cup of mercury spilled in the gym did the mercury come from. the belief is a student brought it on to campus but the district claims stories it was taken from the chemistry lab. they say those stories are nothing more than rumor. students returning to class this morning. >> krystal: thank you for staying on top of that. a new poll released this morning
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trump. that survey showing clinton leading by 4%. this shows clinton's lead over trump is narrowing. it's down nearly two points since last week. this after clinton's collapsed in new york over the weekend and calling trump followers deplorable. >> michelle: since clinton is still at home under orders recovering she's campaigning the only way she can with her phone health and focuses on what she said about his supporters. >> she talks about people like they are objects, not human beings. >> let's talk this out with tracy potts live from washington this morning with the latest on decision 2016. hillary clinton was supposed to be here this week. we were wondering if she was going to make it. her husband is coming in her place. she's listening to doctors and going to rest.
6:49 am
weeks. >> exactly. she's got that debate. clearly she wants to make an impression there. probably benefits her to stay home for these days. meantime she's not just resting in the bed. she's calling journalists and addressing some of her supporters. and she's told supporters that she's doing fine, getting better and she is anxious to get there. she also when she gets out there is going to be facing trump who is focusing on these comments that she made about deplorable bringing people on stage with him. some of his supporters saying i'm not deplorable. i don't reflect what she said. she did walk back those comments in terms of the number of people she talked about. but she insists there are extreme views who are supporting donald trump.
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about that as we get closer to the debate. they are going to release more detailed records. >> michelle: hopefully she gets well soon. >> krystal: here is a different way of looking at hillary clinton and donald trump. you can see them from the sky in east of corn. every year the owners create a corn maze. because of the election this year they decided to get in on the pop. they had clinton and trump etched into the corn maze. apparently what they did is they have two questions and the word no stretching across the field.
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campaign maze. much quicker than the campaign cycle. >> michelle: dramatic video as a plane skids off the runway. the indonesian plane skidded after landing at an airport this morning. this boeing 737 cargo plane chartered by the state oil company there carrying fuel to be distributed to there. the plane skidded when trying to land in foggy weather. there were no reports of injuries. >> krystal: we're going to bring it back locally. we're taking a look at what is happening on the roadways and we're headed back up to sky 3. >> tom: some of it is happening pretty slow out here.
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people having to slow down to make that exit and having trouble getting back on again. that is why it's being redesigned with this new flyover bridge. this ramp two and from sky point will be closed from 9:00 this evening to 5:00 tomorrow morning to allow for work on the flyover. it's a mess right now and it will be worse in the overnight hours. >> jeff: right now the freeways are looking ok on this tuesday morning. if you are coming in watch out for debris in the road. looking at traffic ahead forecast. 15 south bound currently 10 minutes. in one hour we're looking at a 12 minute commute. in about an hour you are looking at 15 minute commute with the traffic ahead forecast as long as there are no incidents like wrecks. we haven't seen a lot of that this morning.
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let's get a check of the forecast. here is kelly. >> kelly: windy conditions out there. blowing dust a possibility and heightened fire danger as well. this is a live look outside. a lot of blue sky. there is a possibility for blowing dust. current temperatures southern high land 69, spring valley 72. temperatures cooler than yesterday and going to be cooler this time tomorrow morning. wi centennial reporting gust to 18 so far this morning. 35-mile per hour gust are being reported around paradise. we expect the stronger winds to move in later in the afternoon. big storm system working through. we have showers, thunderstorms in the northern portions of our state. we're going to be dry. it's going to be wind and cooler temperatures we're going to see today. take a look at these high
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boulder city 86. mesquite 91. las vegas 87. we're going to have to contend with the wind. temperatures similar tomorrow but we won't have to deal with the wind so we can enjoy the highs in the 80's. temperatures creeping back up into the 90's by the weekend. >> michelle: around the water cooler one of beyonce's dancers got a ring on it during this concert over the weekend. it's not everyday you steal the spotlight from that's what happened because beyonce handed over her mike so john could propose to beyonce's dance captain. he said it was only right to pop the question in his hometown of st. louis. the proposal took place during the performance of single ladies. everett said yes. the bride to be tweeted about the proposal with the # he liked
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that's one to remember for sure. >> michelle: one teenager defies the odds to play high school football. damon hod jesse was born two months early. during birth the umbilical cord wrapped around his twin and leg. it stopped him from developing normal. doctors said he would never be able to at two his mother decided the best option was to amp tate. he went from a crawler to a walker within months. after talking to the coaches and then going to his ohio high school athletic association, he said for all you haters out there who said i would never walk, i did and not only that, he's playing football. they gave him padded prosthetic legs to avoid injury.
6:56 am
he hopes to one day be the first player in the nfl with prosthetics. >> a local paraolympic athlete bringing home silver. she took second place in the 50-meter butterfly. she has paralysis in the left side of her body. she has an eight time and two bronze in all of her competitions, u.s. paraolympic swimming took home two golds and world records. >> we represent it in rio didn't we. >> the olympics and paraolympics. we're so proud of our athletes. >> krystal: we're going to continue on with the cw. >> jeff: walter johnson junior high school reopening to
6:57 am
there are questions that remain unanswered. we have the details ahead. >> krystal: a group of women taking cycling to a new level. really interesting for the homeless. >> jeff: you can be greek for a day or the entire weekend at the greek festival. we'll show what you they are cooking up. have you ever tried greek food? did he stop by the greek festival? i love greek food. we're going to show what you they are cooking up. local news, weather and traffic on wake one the cw, 60 seconds. we can't wait to see you there.
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good morning. good morning. recovery effort. hillary clinton and her aides scrambling to explain why she wasn't more up front about her pneumonia diagnosis. >> i just didn't think i >> does down playi her health play right into the hands of her critics. our new poll shows the race is tightening. police step up the search for a man caught on camera running from the scene of that devastating fire at a florida mosque. investigators labeling it a possible hate crime. was the suspect targeting


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