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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm PDT

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is beautiful for another year. you can get a little sneak peek of what you can expect courtesy of cirque de soleil. ? [music] ? . >> michelle: and we also have good food here in the studio today. greek food. we're talking about the annual greek festival happening this weekend. where you can get all the good stuff. we're talking true greek experience just minutes from home coming up. everybody. thank you for joining us. the mercury contamination scare at walter johnson junior high school is over. but the investigation far from over. one of the main questions is how did the mercury get there in the first place. that's what a lot of students have been asking. craig fiegener was there as students were walking in the door for the first time since school has been out. so did you get a chance to talk
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get feedback what they're feeling and thinking right now? >> craig: we did talk with parents and students. all saying they want to know exactly how the mercury got on campus. that seems to be the very big question without any good clear answer at this point. at one point the envierlsal protection agency did screen and clear the campus of any on going mercury contamination that the clark county school district decided it could reopen this junior high school and they did this morningft which began on wednesday. there's still evidence of what this contamination did on the campus in the gym area where the mercury was spilled. there is a 30 by 30 foot section of the hardwood floor removed. this is where the mercury spill happened. because mercury evaporates in warmer temperatures there was also carpet that could have absorbed the toxic vapor. that carpet pulled up at the gym entrances. there were two of them.
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solving the big question of who brought the mercury on campus and then spilled it in the gym. >> obviously, the school police are, in my opinion, probably looking at that footage. again, we have multiple cameras on this campus. >> craig: back here live outside walter johnson junior high school. again, class is back in session today. the students did miss a total of what they added up as two school days as a result of this for the mercury clean up. so there will be time added to school year. a matter of two days. or they may lengthen school days going forward by an hour or two in order to add up the lost instruction time. i'm craig fiegener reporting live, news 3. >> krystal: we want to get back to that high-speed chase we brought you live images of. we lost the shot. it's okay. it happens in live tv.
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you the latest. >> michelle: let's go to the next story here. the national story for missing and exploited children need yours help minding a missing teenager that may have been here in the valley. here is her picture. 17-year-old ellen went missing from henderson last year and could still be in the area. ellen is 5'4", 110 pounds. anyone with information is urged to contact the national center for missing and exploited children. the number there on the screen. a fire in a backyardpr near downtown las vegas. las vegas fire and rescue crews responded to that fire. it was just after 1:00 this morning near south -- where are we at here? south u.s. 95. so the u.s. 95 and east charleston boulevard. fire spread to the attic. no word on what caused the fire but neighbors told investigators the squatters were going in and out on a regular basis.
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because of the increased wind gusts we've been telling you about. >> krystal: speaking of wind gusts that's something our kelly curran has been telling us about. she is saying hey those winds are kicking up today. obviously that was a concern in the situation we're talking about. >> kelly: exactly. we're expecting those winds to peak later this afternoon between three and 4:00. then they'll start to diminish which is the good news. i want tho show you a time-lapse. so far this morning you see mountains today as well. here's a look at the current conditions. winds northeast, nine miles per hour. we've seen gusts to 28 miles an hour. look at the temperature. it's noon. it's 12:30. it's 56 degrees up on the mountain right now. definitely want a nice warm jacket if you are heading up there. at liberty high school in henderson we're looking at 84 degrees. winds sought of the southwest about five miles an hour.
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. as we head throughout the day in the las vegas valley expecting that high to peak around 87. winds will be an issue especially for high profile vehicles and those trash cans that like to wander off when it starts getting windy. we'll talk about when the winds will diminish and how chilly it's going to be tomorrow morning. >> michelle: you know life is beautiful. and life is even more beautiful when life is beautiful is in downtown las vegas. it's one of our treats h people look forward to. and this year is even cooler because life is beautiful is teaming up with cirque de soleil. and we have a really special treat for you here today. let me introduce who we have. craig and pierre and dennis who is over here. he is going to to be performing. here is our cirque performer. with mind freak live, chris angel's new show, we've had him on the show a couple of times.
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tell us what we can expect this year and how cirque de soleil is part of this. >> cirque has been a fantastic partner since year one. each year we go to try to raise the bar. this year we're going back to cirque's roots which means taking it to the streets. all seven shows here in las vegas are going to be participating. we have two hours and 30 minutes of content going on on friday thanks to the gentleman left and the wonderful talent at cirque de soleil. it's something that everybody who is attending is going to want to come out and see whether it's one show or five shows it's going to be an afternoon filled -- >> michelle: i want to talk real quick then get to the performance. cirque de soleil, when you think of las vegas that's one of the things that comes to mind. now life is beautiful is becoming a staple here. why is it so important for cirque to be part of this? and raising the bar each year, trying to do something
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we love being involved in those big events. because it's good for them because they're going do something different they this not used to do on a daily basis on their shows. and as craig said this year we're going be on the street. on the street. close to people. >> michelle: like literally so close you can touch them. in fact we want to get to this performance. i am going to let you do your thing. it's really amazing. we saw him practicing. take it away. ? [music] ?
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? [music] ? ?
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, wewe are e nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face.
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i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we faface. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. >> kelly: that camera shaking. we've got clouds over the local mountains as well. here is a live look outside. this is from o'callaghan middle school camera.
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as we see a few clouds over the local mountains. a little bit of haze as the winds are kicking up. the winds expected to peak between three and 4:00 this afternoon. could see a little bit of blowing dust. that's something we're going be keeping an eye on. as far as the temperatures are concerned. i'm sure you already noticed if you have been outside, it is significantly cooler. pahrump right now 78. boulder city coming in at 85. mesquite 87. gusty winds. mesquite reporting gusts to 37 boulder city 32-mile-an-hour gusts reported so far. las vegas valley we are seeing currently temperatures in the low to mid-80s. upper 80s too. henderson at 88. temperatures going to increase maybe another degree or two but really that's about it. mid and upper 80s for highs today. but the gusty winds, again, that's what we're going to continue to deal with. centennial reporting gusts to 27 miles an hour right now. we do still have that wind
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that's the area shaded in pink. the wind advisory for all the same locations as well. those go through about 11:00 p.m. tonight. then the winds are going to start subsiding. we have this closed low circulating southeast of reno. it's going to continue to track its way off to the east. a lot of storms popping up in parts of arizona and utah. none of the wet weather is going to affect us. dry for us. the winds, that's what we're dealing with. and, again, the cooler temperatures. pahrump. mesquite 81. still low 90s there. overnight tonight check out these lows. mount charleston, 37 degrees. that's the overnight low. searchlight down to 55. our 7-day forecast? 87. our expected high today going to continue to deal with breezy conditions. the winds die down overnight and tomorrow similar temperatures minus the wind. perfect. then temperatures warming up as we get into the weekend. still close to normal.
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>> michelle: loving those overnights. open the windows tonight. time for trending today. olympic swimmer ryan lochte says he is hoping to move forward after his first appearance on abc's "dancing with the stars" isn't exactly go as planned. >> krystal: a little drama. >> excuse me! excuse me! excuse me! wow. >> michelle: that's what happened there. and here's the story behind it. two people arrested after rushing the stage moments after lochte finished his burke. one of them was able to yell "liar" before the host had to toss it to commercial. so apparently all this having to do with what happened in rio with lochte and three teammates who were involved in the early morning drunken encounter at a gas station before claiming to the entire world they were threatened and robbed. police investigation later determined that the teammates were not robbed and that lochte
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did he say? felt like someone took out his heart and stepped on it. something like that. he said he just wants to move on and obviously people aren't ready to yet. >> krystal: okay so all i have to say is take a look. speak for itself. >> michelle: good twerking form. not a good idea because he got in trouble but he didn't care. >> krystal: that's his end zone celebration as i like to callt there it is. boom. boom. bomb. boom. there it is. it got him in trouble. antonio brown, he is with the pittsburgh steelers. they hd was getting his second touchdown of the game so i guess he was excited about that second touchdown not the fist but the second. the refs not feeling it.
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result of that. it's gone viral. >> michelle: he said he didn't care. look at everyone behind him. [ laughter ] one more time. >> krystal: boom. boom. boom. boom. [ laughter ] >> michelle: and the towel hanging for extra affect. season five of american ninja warrior concluded last night. we told you yesterday somebody was going to win a million dollars. guess what? nobody wo dollars is still out there somewhere. we have drew here of connecticut. he just couldn't get through stage 3. it's so hard. that hand climb. that's the same obstacle that took him out last year. then we had another competitor. daniel. so he couldn't get through stage 3. slipping off a ledge and falling into the water. i guess it's just really hard to get past the third stage. since no one was able to get through stage 3 they couldn't
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i guess we have to wait and see if somebody can get it done next year. that one is filmed here in las vegas. so that's cool. >> michelle: the supernatural strength that it takes to do that. we were watching the cirque performers and we were like hashtag #we can't even do a pull-up. how much strength they have. >> michelle: there's a new conspiracy theory and it's got the internet cracking up. >> krystal: hillary clinton having a body double? okay. one and puts her little spin on it. >> reporter: from being literally loaded into a van to a peppy rebound a couple of hours later. >> are you feeling better? >> yes. thank you. very much. >> reporter: the speed of hillary clinton's recovery was too much for some. >> it was not hillary. sorry. >> reporter: and thus was born hashtag #hillarysbodydouble. believers say she resurfaced
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personal trainers hate her. she lost 30 pounds in two hours with one trick. the photo on the right is an old one. some found it odd she reappeared without her enerr auj. >> nobody is around her. why not? >> reporter: the secret service was there. just hanging back. the body double believers pointed out physical differences. saying the real hillary's index fingers longer than thur double's. along with side-by-side photos. understand the stronger together slogan. >> we are stronger together! >> reporter: if hill can't do it, her body double can. a hillary supporter joked... she has two body doubles to explain differences in photos. one is named angles and one is named lighting. other hillary fans were stunned. think i may have seriously underestimated human stupidity. next thing you know hillary
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compared from everything from a cat to cheetos. there were plenty of references to weekend at bernie's showing hillary's team proping up her like a dead movie character. read one tweet... if she doesn't want to raise concern she shouldn't dress like bernie. it's enough to make a candidate want to call in sick. jeanne moos, >> michelle: follow up on social media. krystal allan news 3 and michelle velez news 3. and you can follow us on and instagram. we have a lot of fun with instagram. we're going to instagram pictures of this delicious food. oom pa! >> krystal: we're talking greek food and about the annual las vegas greek food festival. one of the best i must say.
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be going. >> krystal: thank you for almost 50 years. john is here again. thank you for being with us. we really thank you for bringing this food. >> we thank you for having us on. and just tell you quickly about festival. this friday, saturday and sunday. everybody's greek for a day. or greek for a week. you can buy multi-day passes. but the food when you come in you are going to come in and we showed you real quick with free shuttle buses. enforcement free with i.d. >> krystal: that's nice little treat. thank you. >> when you come in we have a lot of food to choose from. >> krystal: let's jump in. this is a taste of what we can expect. you are known nor your awesome salads. >> this year we're doing a euro salad. and a chicken salad. and, of course, the traditional greek salad. >> krystal: that's fantastic because a lot of people don't do
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sensitivities. let's get into this. these are my favorite. >> stuffed grape leaves. it's ground beef with rice and cooked in a lemon broth. everything here is handmade. >> krystal: you can tell. >> it's all handmade. hand marinated. >> krystal: what's this here? >> feta cheese and phyllo dough. and it's baked up deliciousness. the other ones are spinach. >> krystal: this mice favorite. i have to have pita everything. >> we are doing something different with the here gyros. this year instead of doing how we use to it where just come up now we have a bank of the gyros rotisseries. about a dozen guys carving them and putting them on the pita. >> krystal: i'm telling you that is the real deal. you know this right here because
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>> desserts. when you are done eating you get desserts. greek wine and beer. you get some baklava. these are what i grew up with. dark brown cookies. they're dipped in honey with crushed nuts on top. white powdered sugar. >> krystal: i'm salivating here. this interview is hard to do. [ laughter ] >> the studio smells delicious. if you think it smells good here, you need to come out this weekend. >> krystal: the church at hacienda st. john the baptist greek orthodox church. then you will have not only food but music and you are going to have what else? >> kids area. we have coffee. we have a baklava frappuccino. >> krystal: fantastic. to find out more information am and i know we're getting -- you are also doing this benefit the fisher house
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giving back in a good way while enjoying greek culture and food. oom pa. >>. >> krystal: it's okay. that's from my big fat greek wedding. coming up tomorrow donations needed. how you can take part in the warm coat coat drive and help the salvation army collect items for those in need as we approach winter. oktoberfest right around the corner. we're oktoberfest deliciousness in studio. and how we can all get in on this delicious action. of course we're talking about all that good beer. those stories and more right
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mostly sunny skies. still dealing with gusty winds through the afternoon into the evening. gusts around 35 miles per hour in the las vegas valley. up to 50 miles per hour in the higher terrain. that wind advisory in place and the red-flag warning. the fire weather warning goes through 11:00. 64 degrees tomorrow morning. we're going get the sweaters out. >> michelle: i'm opening up the windows tonight. i guess you have to wait -- >> kelly: well it's kind of windy. >> michelle: nature's a.c. >> krystal: we've been waiting on this. this one is already playing christmas music. >> michelle: i start in july. i'm one of those annoying people. i can't get enough. >> krystal: that's all right.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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>> eve: [gasps] oh, step aside, vera wang. there is a new girl on the block. oh, gosh! >> theresa: yeah? do you really like it? >> eve: of course. would you stop with the false modesty? you are absolutely stunning. brady's gonna have to catch his breath when he catches sight of you, gorgeous. >> theresa: thank you, eve. thank you so much. i could not have pulled this off without you. >> eve: well, what are big sisters for? >> theresa: [laughs] you know what? i-- ugh, well, you know what you can do? you can pinch me. >> eve: ah. >> theresa: because i can't believe that this day has finally come. >> eve: oh. [soft music] ? ? >> brady: i don't know what to say. >> maggie: uh, well, of course,


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