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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 13, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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little boy has become a victim of another dangerous incident involving the galaxy note 7 phone. >> president obama back on the campaign trail for hillary clinton. >> this time he went by himself while clinton recovers from a bout of pneumonia. the president stressed the importance of this year's election. he called clinton the most qualified person to have a run for the job while attacking businessman by claiming he did not treat his workers fairly. >> he calls himself a business guy but america has a lot of businessmen and women who succeeded without leaving a trail of lawsuits or workers who didn't get paid, people feeling like they got cheated. >> the president is scheduled to
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tonight in philadelphia before heading to new york city to raise money for house democrats. >> now the commander in chief has avoided pretty much every question about hillary clinton's pneumonia diagnosis. >> it raises the question about clinton's transparency. something that's been going on ever since she started running for president. >> new at 3:30, the growing problem could actually mean big trouble for her run at the white house. >> i am going to work as hard as i can -- >> for a second day in a hillary clinton stayed in and that meant another day for critics to drive the conversation. >> why the concealment? what's the big deal? >> i think the american people have a right to know. >> why keep it a secret? >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. >> the deal, whether a big one or not, says political scientist laura brown, is that it keeps alive a label that clinton is trying to shed, a lack of transparency for not divulging
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opponent yet another example of why she doesn't appear to be as truthful as she claims she is, is kind of a mystery. >> neither is exactly getting rave reviews in the category, a new "the washington post" abc news poll shows six in 10 voters view both as not honest and trustworthy. >> what matters is really more how people will use it against her. a criis scandal is only as big as your opponent is able to make it. >> and while brown says trump has wisely shown restraint, his staff hasn't. >> did anybody ask hillary clinton for evidence that she was overheated and dehydrated? >> and that, some say, could be a dangerous gamble. >> if this becomes a vicious attack on an individual battling a condition, that's going to be something that blows up in the face of republicans.
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dr. brown says that clinton's handling of this is like an unforced error, one of several that added up to help trump but should be more easily avoided. >> hillary clinton is once again the focus of the question of the day. we want to know what you think about hillary clinton's comments, calling half of trump supporters deplorable. >> three isis members, possibly related to the terror attacks force in south korea. details from the terrorism alert desk. >> from the desk in washington, german police have arrested three isis members possibly collected to attacks in paris. they believe the three came to germany to carry out a planned attack for the group. the three were brought into the country by the same network that smuggled militants into france
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the u.s. military flexing its muscle on the korean peninsula. two u.s. bombers flew over south korea on tuesday. aircraft were intended to warn korea after the recent nuclear test. bombers flew just 75 miles from the border with north korea. and the bodies of three americans who died fighting isis as volunteered for a kurdish militia are on the way to the u.s. the families have been struggling for weeks to get them back. >> two protestors rushed the stage of "dancing with the stars" right after ryan lochte's first dance. it happened while one of the judges was giving a critique of the dance. they quickly went to commercial break. but this is what people in the crowd, this is what they witnessed. two people arrested for trespassing.
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i'm getting over it, though. it honestly feels like someone reached inside, took out my heart and just stepped on it. it was really hard but i turned to cheryl and she said, you should -- you just danced in front of millions. you're right. >> there were some people in the crowd booing him after he and three others were in encounter at a rio gas station. >> now uber will bring you breakfast, lunch or dinner to your door. >> it's called uber eats. >> and we'll go ahead and try it. >> you can order from any of the open restaurants through the app. since it was early, we opted for donuts. >> what sounds good? >> you pay with a credit card
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uber. the service costs a flat $4.99 fee. according to uber eats, the average order takes 35 minutes start to finish. let's talk about what this means for other delivery services. uber eats puts pressure on services like grub hub and doorstep delivery which have minimum amounts required for an order and varying delivery costs. and uber isn't the only web based company restaurants. amazon prime which recently launched same day delivery of goods and groceries is in the business of doing restaurant deliveries and other markets with plans to expand. after about 45 minutes, the uber driver of nine months arrived with breakfast. >> just like picking up, you know, customers and taking them to their destinations. >> except now you don't have to make small talk. >> yes.
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the news room. >> just downloaded it. apple is rolling out the latest mobile operating system today. ios10. among several new features, you can replace texts with emojis. siri is open to more apps so users can ask the personal assistant to book a ride through lyft. there's also the ability to raise your which fixes a common issue of going through lock screen identifications. this update will work on all iphones dating back to the iphone 5. well, a 6-year-old brooklyn boy is recovering after a cell phone exploded in his hands over the weekend. family members say 6-year-old cayden was playing video games when it just burst into flames. they say the phone fell to the floor, scorched the floor and filled the room with smoke. fire department responded and
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hospital. >> i was watching everything while it happened. >> he was treated for minor burns to his hand and released later that day. poor little guy. samsung released a statement saying they take every report personally and contacted the family to learn more about the situation. >> fertility doctor in indiana is admitting he used his own sperm to impregnate many of his patients. he's charged with a felony for possibly impregnating a long list of patients without their consent. the doctor says he was only trying to help women who really wanted children, really wanted to help women who really wanted children. there's been two complaints so far and more could be confirmed as the investigation continues. >> a new cdc report says
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under control. the report analyzed medical data from 2014 more than 18 million people. nearly five million of the individuals were not taking their blood pressure medications properly. the cdc says health care providers play a huge role in making sure their patients understand the importance of taking their medications but also doing it properly to keep their blood pressure under control. meanwhile, federal regulators are considering whether to tighten control of stem cell clin clinics. the fda does not regulate many procedures because the cells are considered minimally manipulated and taken from a person's own fat. but now the agency is taking a closer look at stem cell therapies after several reports of some pretty severe reactions. >> caught on camera, kanye west superfan tries to get on stage with the star singer.
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to west's suspended stage during a concert in atlanta. west wasn't interested in bringing that fan onto the stage with him, though, and left the fan hanging, even motioning for the man to drop which he eventually did. no word on any injuries but the concert continued as scheduled. i want to clarify something in that rye on lochte story. i should have noted that booing happened after teammates were involved in an early morning drunken encounter in rio. he should have gone to enjoy retirement a long time ago. >> an elderly man who spent his life working and bringing smiles to the face of others will finally get a chance. >> and a football call going viral. for rams fans, it was the best highlight all night. >> and how about 87, the high so
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a jury has convicted david frostik about five minutes ago in the murder of his fiance in 2009. he stabbed 45-year-old robin jenkins to death in the couple's home after she broke up with him. we'll have more details ahead and in just over an hour on live at 5:00. most of the time when you hear the words emotional support animal, you think of a dog, right? >> it can be any kind of an
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>> she's always followed by her pet. >> come on, sammy. >> it's a different kind of strut. >> hi, big baby. >> six month old and 30 pounds, sammy is not for eating. >> no, you little turkey. she took the whole thing. >> she is mary's emotional support turkey. >> a turkey can be domesticated as well as a dog or cat. >> mary has lupus. she's in pa this curious creature -- >> she keeps me going. she gets me up at 5:00 in the morning and having a turkey around just keeps things interesting in life. >> while sammy can't cuddle or sit on mary's laugh anymore, she still enjoys a good bath and talks a lot. >> they say grandma is a little nuts anyways. >> mary cannot imagine a life without her.
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having a turkey as a pet, but now that i have her, i don't want to give her up. >> they haven't certified sammy as a therapy animal but they plan to do that at the end of the year. >> you know, under federal law any kind of animal can be an emotional support animal. they need a prescription from a doctor. the animals can legally right on the airplane with them. we were wondering during the story. >> now for the good stuff. doing amazing things in our world. chris angel has some of the world's biggest stars together all for a great cause. angel along with several big names came together to fight childhood cancer. it was a special one night performance by the magician and a star studded list of guests, including rock band imagine dragon. you know the local guys. also heavyweight boxing champ, mike tyson. all of them hoping to raise $1 million to fight cancer.
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be the most devastating news in the world. and a lot of people would just kind of collapse under the weight of that. but we're just so proud of chris that he's taken that and risen above it and he's doing something positive with that. >> this is a personal mission for angel. his son was diagnosed with acute cancer last year. all proceeds from the fund raising event will benefit the cause. >> 89-year-old chicago man can happily retire after a chicago community came together. you know, every day summer, sanchez pushed his cart selling ice cream and popsicles. after his daughter passed away in june, the community started a go fund me account to raise just a little money to help him out. in two days the campaign raised more than $200,000. sanchez will now retire and spend some time with his wife. the one thing they won't do, dancing. sanchez says he does not like dancing.
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odyssey to prove that there's nothing somebody with a disability can't do. a man from china is attempting to travel across the country, all 3500 miles of the country by wheelchair. the man set off on his journey in august of 2014 and has since visited 43 cities. he wants to people with physical challenges like him to be treated like anybody else. he hopes to wrap up this epic trip in the next six good for him. >> a student at a school in boston gets the surprise of his life. he was called to a school assembly to help recite the pledge of allegiance. his dad was in kuwait for 10 months and he divided to surprise him. >> come in, special guest. >> daddy! >> sergeant jason chin says he
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the two proudly recited the pledge of allegiance. earlier in the day, jason's wife got a surprise when he showed up at her work. all in all, a great surprise for a great family. >> daddy! i love that. beautiful. los angeles rams' first game was a dud. she lost 28-0 but a radio call, sports fans rushed the field and it's going viral. >> someone has run out in the field. he's bear chested and banging his chest. guy runs the opposite way. he runs to the 50, to the 40. the guy is drunk but there he goes. the 20, they're chasing him. they're not going to get him. >> kevin went on to say the fan was the most exciting thing to happen in the entire game. even though they don't look too happy. >> the coaches are like, hey,
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>> there he goes living in infamy, arms up. i did it. >> let's keep this conversation going about things that have made you smile today. tweet us. >> that's just a day in gary brown's college life. i just know it. make sure to join the conversation on facebook by liking our page. that's why they call him the flash. >> really? >> you got it. >> time for a look what's ahead at 5:00 today. president bill clinton heading to las vegas tomorrow. he'll be campaigning on behalf of hillary clinton, bringing her message. at 5:00 the impact his visit will have as hillary recovers from pneumonia. >> and the trial of bundy finally underway in oregon. what attorneys are telling the jury about the case at 5:00. those stories plus a check of your drive on news 3 live at
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island. the storm in the last 24 hours has been upgraded from a cat one to cat five storm. it's due to make landfall tomorrow morning. look at the eye of the storm churning. this time lapse of a satellite loop shows how well it is. it brings winds in excess of 150 miles per hour and the possibility of deadly flash floods and devastating mudslides so we all send our best energy to the people who will be dealing with that and hopefully they'll hunker down and be okay. >> just absolutely back here at home, we're so grateful for the weather we're dealing with. kind of feels like fall outside. >> it really does. i think on some of the outlying areas of the valley tonight we might get down to 59 or so, believe it or not. but generally most of us in the 60s. it's going to be -- the night is really what makes it. it gives us beautiful mornings and the afternoons today, not too shabby, either. there's your sunrise. tried to get it last time.
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can see it there and just a few clouds out to the east. there was some action out in arizona but you can see the view to the west, not a lot going on. just a few clouds over the mountains. central valley, sahara and the 15, it's 84 degrees. south-southwest wind at nine. humidity comfortable enough at 17% with temperatures in the mid 80sful we'll take that. 54 up on the mountain currently. they have an east wind blowing at 14 miles an h 85 in the downtown las vegas studio. 84 in spring valley. here are wind gusts, generally in the 30 to 35-mile-per-hour range. as soon as you head to the northeast, they diminish a bit but still in the 25 to 30-mile-per-hour range and wind speeds, as you can see, are still noticeable. 10 to 20 miles an hour and here's some wind speeds across
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90 in mesquite. 86 in boulder city. nationally some moisture down over the southeast and over the lakes but it's a little unsettled out here. we're doing really well when you consider a little low moving out of california and not so nice over central and northeastern nevada and also the utah wasatch but for us, sitting pretty except for the wind. but they will diminish noticeably overnight and they're not going to be a today, though, until 8:00 p.m. a wind advisory. lows tonight refreshing i like to call it. 37 up on the mountain. low 60s down in boulder city and highs tomorrow, squarely in the 80s unless you want to head to the mountains. 60s there and 90s in death valley. not even triple digits over there. low 60s tonight, breezy early and winds west 10 to 15 overnight and they're not a factor tomorrow.
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mid 80s for the high. you have to love that. 70 -- 64 at 7:00 a.m. 79 at noon, 85 at 5:00 p.m. again, the light and variable wind flow. here is your seven-day forecast and here we go. how about from the mid 80s tomorrow just to around the low 90s? 91 to 93 thursday and friday and then mid 90s on saturday. you know, monday and tuesday, 98. that may be the last chance to hit triple digits. there may be a stray 100 on the east side of the in, in the upper 90s. >> it's about time. >> that's a nice forecast. >> if i say so myself. >> thank you, jerry. >> okay. more breaking news into the news room. campaign officials have just confirmed hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail thursday, one day after she was supposed to rally voters here in las vegas. >> her husband, former president bill clinton will take her place here in las vegas. hillary clinton said last night
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days in bed. i haven't done the math yet but looks like he's just making that five days, maybe even a little you should -- under it. >> she'll get back on the trail on thursday. >> any day now, the census bureau will release this year's report on health insurance coverage. it ain't going to be pretty. here's what's happening behind the headlines. last year's report was disappointg. but the worst is yet to come. major health insurance companies, aetna, humana and united health, are abandoning most obamacare exchanges. they've lost billions of dollars. and coverage is nowhere near what was promised when the law was passed. in addition, millions of americans won't have any choices. they will have only one carrier from which to buy coverage. obamacare killed the competitive marketplace.
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to keep premiums low ends in december. americans buying health insurance through the exchanges will be hit with sticker shock when the new enrollment period begins in a few weeks, some premiums are expected to increase by as much as 30%. new policies may have deductibles of $7,000 or more and don't be surprised if enrollment is delayed until after election day. while the goal may have been noble, the execution of
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for you today. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from warsaw, virginia, it's the jones family. and from mesa, arizona, where they got good golf courses, it's the wright family. everybody's here for a shot at winning theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving let's get it on. give me angela, give me jamie. ["family feud" theme plays] heh heh heh! top 6 answers on the board. here we go. name a part of his body the headless horseman's voice might come out of. angela: neck. steve: his neck. pass or play?


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