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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  September 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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how residents are coping as the restaurant reopens. a crook targeting howers at -- targeting moneyers. what the suspect did to disturb a lot of people's peace. hazmat crews swarm a local house looking for dangerous levels of mercury. we thank you for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. those experts tore apart a young girl's room piece by testing everything in it for the dangerous metal. >> it's our top story. and kelsey thomas has the chaos at home. >> reporter: a new cleanup and a new investigation tonight, just a mile away from the school. but where did the mercury come from? the answer to that question is still a mystery as students headed back to class. >> she was really nervous to
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she feels calm. >> a bundle of nerves almost like the first day of school. but this time rose hall is nervous for a different reason. >> seeing the cops here and the officials here to be able to talk to helped me feel better. seeing the kids running around like it's a normal day made me feel better. >> reporter: news 3 getting a first-hand look inside the gym at walter johnson junior where a mercury spill happened nearly a week ago. unanswered, where did the mercury come from? >> we don't have hard evidence at this point. it would be premature to speculate all of the facts. >> reporter: nearby, environmental crews suited up clearing out one student's home, piece by piece after finding mercury levels 10, 15 times above safe levels. the focus of the cleanup, a young girl's bedroom. >> eventually, we'll have to
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home was tested by the epaa. . it's safe. she's keeping her kids home from school. >> my kids don't want to go back. i don't feel like it's safe for them to go back. >> reporter: for rose hall -- >> how was school? >> good. >> you survived? >> yeah. >> reporter: -- a hopeful end for an anxious parent. this woman is still left wondering how did this ever happen? >> many of the these questions are who brought it that's not a small amount of mercury brought in. it was a good amount. >> reporter: the family was forced out of their home because it was contaminated with mercury they may be allowed back in in a few days. the epa is hoping to wrap up that cleanup by thursday. kelsey thomas, news 3. it took more than seven years but today a jury returned a guilty verdict for a man charged with killing his fiance. david frostick now convicted of killing 45-year-old robin
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he stabbed her in their home days after she broke up with him. that same jury will sentence him on thursday. he's facing life in prison without parole. the british man who told police he wanted to kill donald trump at a las vegas rally pleads guilty. back in june, michael sandford tried to grab a police officer's gun. sandford's attorney said he was delusional. the suspect's family says he has a history problems. he faces 20 years in federal prison. with his plea deal he could only serve a few of those years. he will ultimately be deported back to the u.k. after serving his sentence. bill clinton comes to las vegas tomorrow to campaign for his wife. hillary clinton was supposed to be here but is recovering from pneumonia. the campaign says under
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nevada households would pay no tuition. jorge who runs the clinton campaign in nevada offers up this preview of the address tomorrow. >> you will hear a lot about how we're creating access and opportunity for young folks to be able to enter the university and and community colleges. students will benefit from this plan. >> clinton's health has come under scrutiny this past weekend. she's also fating -- facing criticism for not disclosing her diagnosis when she knew she had a pneumonia. she will get back on the campaign trail tomorrow. donald trump was in iowa this afternoon where he continues to take aim at hillary clinton's controversial comments
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her basket full of deplorable projects. trump highlighted issues affecting farmers, highlighting his plans to cut taxes and ease regulations. >> we're going to negotiate trade deals to protect our farmers, help them export their goods and make money doing it because the way it is now it's impossible and grow family farming in america. we're >> trump now heads to battleground, pennsylvania where he will play out his agenda to cut child care costs can along with his daughter. a healthcare alert at a local casino. a restaurant at the silver nugget casino back open after customers complained about bedbugs. news 3's antonio castelan checked on the fumigation efforts and explains how the casino is making sure this never happened again. >> reporter: it's a question silver nugget casino officials are asking themselves. that's why they have a pest
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exterminator to routinely check the restaurant. pest experts say anyone could have brought these bedbugs into the casino. inside the silver nugget casino restaurant, this sign greeted customers. the restaurant is closed for today. today may have been wrongly spelled but outside, the silver nugget tried to make things right. this exterminator company was on site. the worker told us he was ready to kill these may be the bugs he was talking about. a customer snapped these pictures from under her dining booth. >> the pictures i seen showed evidence of a bedbug infestvation. >> reporter: george believes the bedbugs have been at the property for a while. >> that didn't happen overnight. >> reporter: the southern nevada health inspectors sent inspectors to the casino this morning. officials confirmed bedbugs were
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-- inspected in june and received an a-grade. this has people leerily about eating there. will you eat thor? >> hell, no. i would never eat in the silver nugget. it's nasty. it's contaminated. >> i don't think it's the silver nugget's doing because look how long they've been opening and now they have an infestation. >> reporter: in a statement, silver nugget casino representatives said, we're continuing our investigation of every measure to ensure the safety and health of our guests and employees. we checked into the silver casino's past inspections. for the past three years, it shows that they had a grade of an "a." reporting near lake mead and las vegas boulevard, antonio castelan, news 3. well, the bugs causing problems at a walmart in arizona after people using the store's motorized scooters reported they
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has bedbugs at home probably brought them to that walmart. and anybody who sat in these motorized scooters since could have brought the bugs back home with them, where they could form a new colony. walmart have taken the scooters out for service for testing. a missouri's man peaceful visit to the a cemetery was shattered when his car was stolen. he visits his wife and son at the grsi headstones when the theft happened. the map said he doesn't know what kind of person who steal from people in mourning. >> it was like somebody was reaching into my heart and twisting it and pulling it out. i don't know how dirty -- i don't know how brutal the individual was that can steal a vehicle from a cemetery. >> the victim said he left the
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this is the second car theft at that cemetery in as many months. a frightening after little school experience for kids. >> this all happened after the bus caught fire. and a group of paralympic runners ended up running faster than the olympic gold medalists. and we did not, did not, make it to 90. 89. i don't think too many people were mid-80s. wait until you see the forecast. we're getting rid of the winds. i'm very excited about this and i'm gonna tell you about it
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scary moments for children in maryland when their bus catches fire. you can see the smoke. the bus was dropping off kids after school when students started to smell smoke. fortunately, the bus driver was
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the bus safely. fire investigators say the fire seems to have started at the left rear wheel before spreading of the no word on what exactly caused the fire. new at 7:00, four runners at this year's paralympic games finished faster than the gold medalists in the same race. the gold medal finished in a world record time of 3 minutes and 48 seconds. the second, third and fourth-place finishers crossed the line ahead of the 3 minute 50 olympic gold medalists in rio in the olympic games. his name is matthew central. it's the runners in this race all visually thrill -- all vis. it was a simple choice for khalil black, the man accused of waving a gun at tourists in front of the bellagio. mental health court or jail? today he made his court
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>> reporter: two weeks ago, black was here at the courthouse for sentencing on some very serious charges. attorneys on both sides decided this is a sick man and mental health court was a better option. we wanted to know more about the process from someone who has been through it. >> mental health court has taught me a lot about integrity. >> reporter: melvin stands in front of croom 3-f waiting fog heir name to be called. he's used to the routine by now having spent the least once a week. >> i suffer from schizophrenia, bipolar, and a number of things -- ptsd and they helped me get everything under control. >> reporter: this clark county's mental health court, a specialty program for men and women who have been arrested in our community and diagnosed with serious mental illness. instead of jail, those who qualify will undergo counseling and their medications will be
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them to account. we're -- it's very important that they follow the rules and if they don't, that there's accountability. >> reporter: chief judge david barker has been presiding over this court for about six months. >> i like to view it as a crime reduction effort. >> and one defendant making his first appearance, khalil black. >> have you been taking your medication in jail? >> yes. >> reporter: black was sent to mental health court after pleading guilty to felony back in january, his actions shut down las vegas boulevard. that's when police say black began waving a gun around, threatening to shoot people. just after his arrest, black was nearly incoherent. now stabilized on medication. he will be released into the care of mojave mental health. >> if they continue to re-offend they go to jail. >> reporter: as for melvin --
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liable to go away. >> reporter: he admits to a troubled past, arrests for robbery, burglary and drugs. while he doesn't blame his mental illness, he's grateful help was available. >> if they don't have the mental health court, i would be -- it would be a resolving door for me. i would be right back in jail. >> reporter: denise rosch, news 3. a photo of a michigan girl is making the rounds on photo is what's getting the attention. the 4-year-old's neighbors lost everything in a house fire. when her mom told her the three little girls who lived there don't have any toys, little becca sprung into action and loaded up her car with barbie dolls and toys and drove it straight to the family in need. >> it was her birthday present and christmas presents. we pulled those out and gave them to them. >> i cried.
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the little girl, for her to donate her own toys and items of hers to three little girls that she doesn't even know it, she's a special little girl. >> what's the old saying? a little child shall lead us? there's good leadership tonight. becca is not the only one pitching in. the community raised $4600 for family on only asked for $1,000. >> that's celebrating the good people in this world who just see a need and decide to fill it. 4 years old. life lessons from such a young person. >> great -- great karma. jerry brown is our weather authority. he's gonna have good karma. >> i'm still choked up by that story. when i was a little boy, i would
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>> i was a rotten boy. that's a nice little girl. let's take a look. the twinkling lights over thele it starting to light up. it's just beautiful out there now. 79 degrees in the southeast valley with a west breeze at 7. they are starting to come down. we have a wind advisory. it's not in effect much longer. 39-mile-an-hour wind gusts earlier today. so that was noticeabled. the winds went to 11 miles west-southwest at 8 up at sky canyon in the northwest valley. 74 degrees. 79 here at -- here at our downtown studios. it's 79 also in the paradise corridor. 89 in downtown henderson and 72 out at palo verde high in summerlin. you saw the wind speeds quickly because they zoomed right on by.
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winds most extreme. 40 at summerlin. but we had areas in the 20s, including our studio. gusts up at mount charleston to 34 miles an hour. indian springs, 43. not a good day to be down at lake mead. 4-mile-an-hour wind gusts. 78 in boulder city. okay. take a look at the current reading out at the airport. 79 degrees at the top of the hour. it's 65 in laughlin and 67 in tomorrow. that's gonna be nice without the winds. i'm really looking forward to that. a lot of moisture out here. i showed you earlier, that's hurricane orlean off baja. i think you can fly down to cabo with assurance. it's moving away and will not impact us. we have a lot of hurricane lovers in the audience. i wanted to show you that. a cut-off low is sending moisture up into idaho and parts
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it's affecting. wind advisory in effect for another 35 minutes or so. and then our winds should diminish overnight. tomorrow, they won't be a factor. 61, the low in boulder city. i hike that 48 in pahrump. you can open up the windows over there. 37 up on the mountain. 44 up in caliente. those are numbers i like to see. nice cool, crisp mornings. highs tomorrow in the 80s across much of mountain. low 60s tonight with the breezes early and then diminishing. a gorgeous, gorgeous day tomorrow. mid-80s and as you plan your day, it 64 at 7:00 a.m. 79 at noon. 85 at 5:00 p.m. the seven-day forecast, low 90s through friday. midnight 90s over the weekend. -- mid-90s over the weekend. i'm throwing a 99 up there.
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>> okay. we can deal about that. >> we can even deal with 100 again. we are we're survivors. >> go get that dessert. you rent a car. up want all of the comforts of your own car to come with it. >> but the -- but the connectivity features
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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welcome back. alaska airlines flew past rival hawaiian airlines posting the best-on-time flights. nearly 90% of the flights arrived within their schedule of july. american. a total of 21 planes were stuck on the ground longer than federal rules allowed. three hours for domestic flights and four hours for international flights. when you rent a car, you want all of the bells and whistles but the technology comes with a warning. connected cars, the ones with the usb ports to plug in your phone or tablet could sink data from your devices to the car.
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messages might be available to the next person that drive that rental car. the better business bureau says avoid sinking of your even just for charging. >> all of that data in there, that's access to the next person to get into that car. they might know where you went. they might have your phone number and a list of all of the people you've called in your contact list. imagine that. >> what you can do instead -- the bbb says use a cigarette usb port. if you do connect, delete your device from the car's system before returning. well, gm says the all-electric car beats tesla when it comes to how many miles you can drive on a single charge. gm says the chevy bolt can go 238 miles on one charge. that's enough to drive from new york to washington, d.c. it's also 23 miles more than tesla promises with its upcoming model 3. the chevy bolt will go on sale
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$37,500. let's take a look at what's coming up tonight on news 3 live at 11:00. more controversy surrounding colin kaepernick. the texas cigar lounge adding more fuel to the fire. and the impact a new $10 million football facility at unlv will have on plans to build a stadium for the raiders. that and breaking news as it hoops tonight at 11:00. and there is an apple store in wisconsin tat iphones or computers. >> that has people concerned. let's take to you green bay. the apple store here specializes in apple, the ones that you eat. the store opens opened on monday and sold all of the fruit before the kay was done. -- before the day was done. >> the store manager said they get a lot of calls to set up appointments.
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call -- we get calls daily about how to fix phones. we have to make sure apples are the kind you eat. they don't me working on their phones. [laughter] >> have a good night i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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panic at "dancing with the stars." the terrifying moment you didn't see at home. >> i was in shock. >> ryan lochte right after the on stage ambush. how derek hough prevented a full-blown crisis on live tv.
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you don't do that here. >> the changes the show is making now. >> then -- >> hi. >> amy schumer's vacation mishap. why she ended up in the hospital. plus shocking revelations from a "glee" star, sex on the set, a secret abortion and feuding co-stars. >> you felt like she was unprofessional. >> definitely. >> naya rivera tells all. we are behind the scenes of michael weatherly's wild new show where anything can happen. >> we've been waiting for you. ?? ?? >> now for september 13, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" "dancing with the stars" has never kicked off like this before. protesters invade the ballroom during the live show. >> forget monday night football, the best tackle of the night was on "dancing with the stars.? >> target, disgraced olympic swimmer ryan lochte. >> our michelle turner was in the middle of all the madness. >> excuse me! excuse me! >> how are you feeling?


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