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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we've made it to hump day. we're happy to have you. wagners are off again. we are filling in and happy to be here this morning. >> krystal: thanks for waking up with us. we're going to talk weather as you wake up on this hump day. >> kelly: good temperatures and don't have to deal with the wind so we get to enjoy the nice temperatures today. stepping out the door, g temperatures are in the 60's across the valley. the rest of the day. by 9:00 a.m. 73. noon 82 and our high today 86. the 90's are on their way back into the forecast. we'll talk about when and how warm it will get coming up. >> michelle: we have a mug shot of the suspect identified as irving senter jr.
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island state police confirmed they captured a suspect wanted in the deadly shooting of an officer in north carolina. the suspect currently at the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound stemming from that shooting. we're showing you where police believe that man was staying. we have picture >> krystal: politics, former president clinton coming to las vegas campaigning for hillary who is resting at home. bill clinton will appear this morning. hillary clinton still recovering from pneumonia and hasn't been seen in public since sunday when she needed assistance. this showed her having a hard
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after her campaign says she overheated. colin powell [indiscernible] . >> this morning colin powell confirms an email exchange where he calls donald trump a national disgrace, part of the racist movement. revelations for trump. he's supposed to reveal results from his latest physical on the dr. oz show. trump's campaign manager said there is no need for detailed medical reporting. >> we all have a right to privacy. >> he's expected to reveal his economic plan after announcing he'd expand tax deductions for
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themselves in the shoes about the family worried about security or the mom struggling to afford child care. >> this is the guy you want to be championing working people? >> president obama filling in for hillary clinton tweeting but still recovering at home. she's expected to be back on the trail >> michelle: this is video you saw on news 3. metro arrested two street performers accused of robbing tourist on the strip and being rough and aggressive with people. today they are facing a judge. we're talking about these brothers. they were making money by taking pictures with people on the strip after one woman told police she felt forced to pay
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they've been aggressive with visitors in the past. victims have never pressed charges. the brothers deny any wrongdoing. we'll have more in our next hour. the british man who grabbed an officers gun and said he wanted to shoot trump will spend some time behind bars. he grabbed a gun saying he wanted to shoot he was delusional at the time. his family says he has a history of mental health problems. he's from england. his family members are hoping he can serve the sentences back in england. another hearing is set for december to decide that. >> krystal: the trials of sons
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school and ended up at a playground. his son wandered away after getting off that bunch. they watched surveillance after the incident. minutes later he was found by a neighbor who recognized he was in the playground and there were no adults with him. >> the woman that took him by the hand was able to lead him off which tells me any adult could have led him off the
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anywhere. >> clark county police watched video of the incident. the school district said staff followed protocol. the gates were locked and they sweeped the school before class starts at that point they were still locking up and didn't see the child. >> krystal: the restaurant at the silver nugget is open again after the health district closed it because of bed bugs. a plan is in that problem doesn't happen again. a customer posted pictures on facebook showing what she called an infestation and bites on the back of her leg she received while eating breakfast there. pest control workers believe the bugs may have been there for quite some time. >> hazmat crews are cleaning up at the home of a student after
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school. a cleanup crew tore apart a girl's room testing every piece of clothing and jewelry. they say the cleaning should be done tomorrow and the family may be able to move back in by the weekend. students returned to class yesterday and school leaders are looking how to deal with students how they are going to make up the days of school that were missed. fi figure out where that mercury came from. >> krystal: we have a donation to tell you about for a family that will be a game changer. the family donating $10 million to the university for development of a brand new football complex. the facility will have a training center, academic area and media room on the north end
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a game changer. >> this allows us to take one little piece of it which is unlv football and move it forward into a positive direction. unlv will need another $123 million to complete the facility. construction is set to begin next spring. look at that. >> michelle: that's amazing. it will get them up to par with the rest of the teams in their division who have excellent practice facilities and now we'll be right there with them. >> krystal: we were talking about this at noon talking about how a facility could really help the team. >> michelle: a panda making a splash online.
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>> krystal: we have adorable video to show you on this wednesday and not so fun. areas slammed with wind, rain, wednesday and not so fun. areas slammed with wind, rain, tropical storm juliia. twenty five thousand jobs. wednesday and not so fun. areas slammed with wind, rain, tropical storm juliia. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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>> this tiny baby causing a stir. it's lying on its back and trying to roll over. the panda cub does not have a
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how to pronounce this. >> krystal: video to make you smile as you get out the door. just let me lay here. i'm not doing a woman is alive thanks to good samaritans that pulled her out of a car after a crash. how they got her out is straight ahead. it's a story we couldn't get enough of. protestors trying to make a move on the dance floor as ryan lochte was on dancing with the stars. you know jeanie most has to put her spin on it.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids.
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we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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>> michelle: this is not good for them. the national hurricane center miami say some areas could get six inches of rain through friday and south carolina. >> krystal: so fortunate we don't have to deal with weather like that. weather has really taken a turn. i'm loving it. >> michelle: it was the first feeling of fall weather. we're in the 60's right now. >> kelly: temperatures fantastic out there. the wind has finally diminished. a lot of sunshine in the
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yesterday. 35-45-mile an hour winds in the valley. 50-mile an hour gusts at red rock yesterday. few more clouds over the spring mountains but as the sun went down winds started to diminish. check out these temperatures. spring valley 61. feeling like fall. you are going to want a sweater this henderson you are coming in at 66 this morning. grab a sweater. temperatures will warm up and we're going to have a lot of sunshine later in the afternoon. wind not an issue for us at all today. calm across much of the valley. here is the center of rotation that brought the wind yesterday.
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temperatures will slowly start to warm up. as we get into the weekend temperatures returning to normal which is mid 90's and still not a triple d >> michelle: the world anti-doping agency say that hackers broke into a data base and stole confidential data of high profile athletes including the williams sisters. the agency claims hackers from a russian group calling themselves the fancy bears posted records of exemptions of banned
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allowed to use because of different medical needs. u.s.a. gymnastics confirmed that biles has adhd so she uses a medicine that would normally be banned but because of her condition she's allowed to use it and she's not breaking any rules. the olympic committee says none of the athletes hear getted by the hack rules. today marks the launch of president obama to pardon a man some consider a traitor and another consider a hero. that's where he will be. the former n.s.a. contractor has been in russia since he leaked classified information about the government.
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return to the states. a public service president obama doesn't seem to be softening his stance on snowden. his leaks damaged the u.s. and national security. some say that means president obama isn't likely to oblige. all this is happening at oliver stone's movie to hit theaters this weekend. >> michelle: a man in arizona is facing three counts of attempted murder. he hit three officer in a parking lot. we have to warn you, this is graphic and you may find it dubbing. want to let you know that. the video shows the car plowing into those three officers. look at one of them fly up into the air.
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suffered a head injury. two of them were critically injured. one of them was still running around, he's ok. another officer has a broken leg and third officer received minor injuries during a struggle with that driver. he was able to arrest that man. police believe he targeted the officers and may have been impaired. >> krystal: a group of samaritans working together to free a woman from a crash. the victim told the group that another vehicle was about to hit her head on so she swerved to avoid the car and flipped several times. this is the rescue under way. cell phone video showing someone using a pocket knife to cut the seatbelt and they are pulling her out. good samaritans stepping up and possibly putting their lives at risk to help this woman.
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appeared to be ok. >> michelle: this morning on "the today show" you're going to see matt lauer's interview with roger goodell and talked about the national anthem controversy and about protecting players from concussions. >> that protocol was violated. he should have gotten medical treatment. what we did is work to evaluate our medical on them and make sure they are communicated to every personnel in the league. and in the off season we announced a few weeks ago we strengthened that. if anyone does violate a protocol on the team level, they are subject to discipline. >> did anyone get fired for that? >> no. >> michelle: this is video of the moment when keenum hit
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quarter, his head hit really hard and he was clearly showing signs of a concussion. he was not taken out of the game but he clearly had a head injury and that is what the commissioner and matt lauer were talking about. >> krystal: speaking of matt lauer, we have a sneak peek of what you can expect coming up on "the today show" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. here is a look. >> party. donald trump labeled a national disgrace. emails hacked from colin powell. impact this could have on the presidential race. then a five minute procedure that could have people saying
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>> michelle: i'm so excited for the jones movie. ryan lochte looking for a fresh start by going on dancing with the stars. pick this up. >> we're used to seeing ryan lochte do the free style not the fox trot. there he was doing something he says he's never done when suddenly dancing with the stars became protesting one of them. the two protestors that jumped on stage didn't touch anyone.
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one of the judges dishing out excuse me before going to commercial. four more chanting protestors wearing anti-antilock shirts were escorted out. one jokester tweeted did the brazilian authorities attempt to apprehend lochte on live tv. >> i was heart broken. my heart sunk and felt like
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released on $1,000 bail. how did the swimmer dance? judges gave lochte and his partner a 24 out of a possible 40. >> not quite used to dry land yet. >> the song lochte danced to, the swimmer danced like a fish out of water watching protestor get hurt.
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london. >> krystal: we're taking a liv the london subway as we take a live look at the tower bridge. so the subway station is being invaded by cats. it's part of a crowd funded campaign to replace all ads with pictures of cats. the campaign began monday and
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>> krystal: his son who has autism walking away from the school. now he wants answers from the school district.
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>> krystal: that wait over after waiting 7 years for a murder conviction. hear what a family has to say about their loved one's killer being brought to the fabulous strip as we get you going on this hump day. we're fortunate to live in a town that piamatral all over the world to come and experience. it's in our backyard. >> michelle: it's pretty fabulous. you know what sells fabulous. we're halfway through the week and the weather is awesome.


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