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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> krystal: help keep a child warm this winter. we're heading into this season as summer starts to wrap up. we're going tell you about the salvation army's warm souls event and how you can help those in need in the community. >> michelle: and let the celebrations begin! we're kicking off oktoberfest with great food, drinks and entertainment. we're going to show you how you can get in on all these festivities. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company everybody. thank you for joining us. thank you for staying with us for the second half-hour. we're starting off with the 29-year-old woman. she admitted to driving drunk and killing a man after two previous dui convictions. she learned her fate in court today. >> krystal: kyndell nunley was there for her sentencing and
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based upon what we've been able to see it was an emotional scene inside. >> kyndell: emotion al day in court as you man only imagine. the family, the wife and children of the victim, that is 72-year-old roger mcclelland, they took the stand to tell the court they believe the justice system has failed their family. that's because the woman who admitted to hitting and killing him was convicted twice in the past. two dui. and was reportedly a suspended license the day he was killed. >> she needs to utilize the system as it hasn't been utilized before and rehabilitate herself before we allow her or anyone like her back on the streets. >> this is what it causes >> kyndell: before her sentencing she handed over an
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acknowledging it wouldn't change her action. after accepting a plea deal earlier this summer this morning the 29-year-old was sentenced to 20 years behind bars. she will be eligible for patrol after the first five. the deadly crash on june 11th killed 72-year-old roger as he rode near he intersection of west charleston and buffalo. his children took the stand today and through tears told the woman who admitted killing him about the man they lost. >> i was scared i was going to i want him to be my legal father. i came home from the military and my dad was killed by a drunk driver. my dad had two great grand kids, or two great grand kids and five kids. [ inaudible ].
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>> reporter: the family continued to say after the sentencing that they did not believe that justice was served for their husband and father following the amount of time she was given. once again hitting that maximum sentence of 20 years with parole after the first five. they say they will focus on healing and will be involved throughout the rest of the court case when she does become eligible for parole. kyndell nunley, news 3. >> michelle:at watch. a big announcement concerning unlv football this week. a significant donation from a prominent local family and a lot of people saying this is going to be a game changer for the program. the fertitta family donating $10 million to the university for the development of a brand-new, squeaky clean -- look at it -- football complex. doesn't it look awesome? the 73,000 square foot facility will include a training center,
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it will be constructed on the north end of the campus. that's near the team's existing practice field. this allows us to take one piece of unlv football and move it forward into a positive direction. >> michelle: unlv i can't get my words out, says it will still need about 12 million additional dollars to complete the facility construction. but this $10 million is a really good start. >> krystal: absolutely! it's really going to put them o saying -- the other teams in their division. the unlv football foundation guy who was on our show tim told us something big was happening. >> michelle: that was last week. >> krystal: now we're talking about what you can do today to help people in our community. the salvation army we're pleased to partner with them. we're talking about warm souls. and juan who is the homeless services coordinator is here to tell us about it. you have blankets, coats.
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trying to accomplish work. >> working together with port of subs to work together in the community to collect coats and blankets for families k homeless people, veterans. the wipt rs just around the corner. anything we collect is so helpful. >> krystal: obviously it stays warm for quite sometime. we were just complaining about the te the right coats and blankets to keep themselves warm during the cold months. i want to talk about specifically with the kids. with are we helping kids of all ages? >> kids of all ages. anybody that comes through our doors we want to help. especially with kids. school is just starting and, you know, it gets cold quickly. so we can help them put coats on their backs and keep them warm that helps. >> krystal: you say veterans and the homeless as well.
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with coats or blankets? >> we do coats for the veterans and the homeless. we can provide blankets or coats that's something they can wear. >> krystal: fantastic. what's our goal, juan? what are we trying to meet in terms of our goal? >> to me the goal is as much as we can. there's always a need. there's, you know, whatever we can do to help people. >> krystal: on a given day how many people do you have walking through your doors. >> at our homeless see anywhere between two to 300 people. >> krystal: wow. that just gives you some idea you can wrap your head around the significant need here in our community. and it will probably increase as we head into the winter months. tell people where they need to go. >> port of subs and drop off donations. they can bring them to our family services department. or to our homeless shelter on oe ps on 2500 oe west owens. >> krystal: we know southern nevada you have really,
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through each year. we need it you to do it again. thank you for the work you all are doing. >> thank you. >> krystal: you are making a big impact in our community. >> i say thank you to channel 3, port of subs and the community. >> krystal: we're here to serve right? that's why we're put on this earth? michelle back to you. >> michelle: oktoberfest around the corner. and they're kicking off the festivities bringing the german culture here to las vegas. a little preview some of the olympic swimmer ryan lochte was looking for a fresh start by going on the "dancing with the stars" but as we told you yesterday that didn't go very well. we8 jeanne moos has more. she has her little jeanne moos spin on a recap of that memorable moment. that's coming up in trending today. >> kelly: get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have today. let you know what we're
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives.
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>> kelly: it is coming up on 12:41. looking at lots of blue sky. this is a live picture from the virgin valley high school camera. beautiful conditions for us. here's a look at some of the temperatures that we're seeing right now. mesquite you are coming in right now at 86 degrees. boulder city 83. pahrump you are at 79. beatty coming in at 77. mount charleston, 57 degrees. make sure you got a sweat shirt on if you are planning ono still in the upper 70s, low 80s. mountain's edge, southern highlands coming in at 79. el dorado at 82. winds not an issue today. just a nice light breeze. here's a look at the low pressure center that caused us the problems the last couple days. brought us all those winds. we're seeing rain showers around salt lake city into parts of idaho. storms firing up in parts of colorado into new mexico as well. we are expecting dry conditions
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but let's head out east and see -- this is tropical storm julia here. you see it spinning off the coast there. heaviest of that rainfall in the north eastern quadrant of the storm. the coastline of south carolina getting hit the hardest with this storm right now. a lot of activity in fact across much of the south getting into arkansas, louisiana, a lot of thunderstorms pumping up. for us it's going to be nice and quiet. looking at a high today in pahrump of 85 degrees. mount charleston your hig 61. boulder city looking at a high around 84. overnight tonight the lows. mesquite down to 61. indian springs 56. laughlin 64. in las vegas today we're expecting a beautiful afternoon. if you want to eat outside, go play some golf. sunny and light winds. 86 degrees tonight. going back into the 60s. 90 that's the high tomorrow. we're going to get back into the 90s. it's going to be a low increase as we head into the weekend. in fact temperatures only
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>> michelle: thank you. >> krystal: all right time hof lady is known for her role on devious maids. she is going to be in a lifetime movie that happened here in our community. >> michelle: it will be called death of a vegas show girl and it's going be to the murder of debbie flores. this project is one of the most important one in my career i have a privilege to portray debbie flores narvaez an intelligent and talented dancer who died way too soon. dough mes k k abuse is an awful thing. will october 22nd.
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performer received a life sentence. he was given the maximum sentence with possibility of parole after ten years. we covered this trial extensively. it was hard to be there. griff itsz admitted to killing her. this happened in december 2010 but he claimed self-defense. her dismembered body was found a month after she went missing encased in two tubs of cement. that trial again very looked like, actually the actress who is going to be portraying her, roslyn sanchez, she looks very much like debbie. >> krystal: very similar. striking resemblance. october 22nd i believe. >> michelle: october 22nd. there's an apple store in green bay, wisconsin. but it actually sells real apples. the problem is people didn't realize that.
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apple store asking for them to fix their phone. >> krystal: they're like we can't do anything with your phone but we can get you a grood apple pie. they specialize in the apples that you eat. that's crazy when people now associate apple with apple. they opened monday and sold all their fruit before the day was done. it would be good for business. the store's manager says they get a lot of calls for people coming out? can you help me repair this ipad? they're like no, not that apple. green bay apple store currently features sweet tangy apples from wisconsin's store county. more varieties expected in the coming weeks. the variety that you eat. not that you text or call on. >> michelle: speaking of apple, the tech giant. twitter launching its app on apple tv.
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xbox one. >> krystal: the free apps will feature all live streaming video available on twitter including live streams of ten nfl thursday night football games which by the way is on news 3. exclusively on apple tv if you want to catch those. viewers can watch live video and check out a feed and tweets through a side-by-side video experience. the apps will be available in select markets around the world starting today. right on time for football season. >> michell t store, joining forcing. >> krystal: let's stay on the topic of sports. olympic swimmer ryan lochte trying to start things off differently by getting on "dancing with the stars" and wipe the slate a little bit considering what happened in rio. >> michelle: what he tried to do was get started on the right foot but got started on the wrong foot. people rushed the stage as
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didn't see. >> reporter: we're used to seeing olympic swimmer ryan lochte do the free style not the fox trot. ? [music] ? there he was doing something he says he's never done when suddenly "dancing with the stars" became protesting one of them. >> liar! >> reporter: the two protesters who jumped on stage didn't touch anyone. security immediately tackled one of them. the show was live. this is all viewers >> excuse me! excuse me! back off. >> reporter: one of the judges dishing out five excuse mes before the show went to a commercial. >> we'll take a break. >> reporter: lochte wiping his brow. four more chanting protesters wearing anti-lochte shirts were shooed away by dancer derek hough. the two men were charged with misdemeanor trespassing. >> lochte is a liar.
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overexaggerated story of getting robbed in rio riled up protest fans. >> we want to publicize this is a bad decision to have a liar be publicized as a star. >> reporter: one jokester tweeted... did the brazilian authorities just attempt to apprehend lochte on live tv? the swimmer seem to take it to heart. >> i was really heart broken. my heart just sunk. and it felt like someone just ripped it apart. are were released on a thousand dollars bail. okay okay enough with the protest. how did the swimmer dance? the judges gave lochte and his partner a so-so 24 out of a possible 40. the song lochte danced to? ? they call me irresponsible ? >> reporter: the swimmer danced like a fish out of water.
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hooked. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> krystal: look at this spread! >> michelle: we've got a lot of people here too. october fast approaching which means the start of oktoberfest and hofbrauhaus las vegas is here to help us kick things off. >> krystal: that's right. we're just going to go around here and everybody just say their first names. we have a big group here. >> i'm judy. to be continue >> my name is [ inaudible ] >> my name is frank. and i'm responsible for all this food. >> so we got everybody introduced. we got a full house. hofbrauhaus. we are celebrating oktoberfest like nobody else can right guys? so we're going jump right in. you can't have oktoberfest without the beer. >> michelle: we'll start with the important stuff. the beer.
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it's only available at the hofbrauhaus las vegas. >> krystal: like they do in munich right. you can't have the beer without the food. i mean, come on. you brought this? >> i love it. >> cutlet. >> pan fried. >> of course they're all about the >> this is [ inaudible ] >> apple strudel. >> krystal: you guys make all this-- >> [ inaudible ]. for special. and the cold cuts are all [ inaudible ]. >> krystal: like they do in munich. look at this meat. my gosh. what a spread that is. of course with the beers you got
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the fruit. >> michelle: we have food and beer. but also hofbrauhaus hasn't tanment. unlike any other place here in las vegas. that's where the lovely judy comes in. your job is to spank people. [ laughter ] >> get a shot and you get a swat. >> krystal: a couple of volunteers signed on for this. >> michelle: you don't see their faces but they do a lot of work behind the scenes here. >> krystal: patrick and marcus! our brave and marcus said he got this okayed by his wife. assume the position. >> michelle: you have taken a shot? >> ooh! >> harder! [ laughter ] >> krystal: wait a minute. he needed a beer to soothe that pain a little bit. cheers today. hofbrauhaus! oktoberfest like no one else does it. thank you for being here. so much.
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you are going to feel that tomorrow. ice it. we'll be right back. stay with us. . >> reporter: for grammy winners lincoln park nothing compares to selling showed out shows south of the border. except when there's an opportunity to give back. wild coast is working to protect. >> reporter: the nonprofit music for relief was created to rebuild communities faced with fallout from natural disasters. >> people that still don't have the basic human essentials. >> reporter: combat the on going threat of rising sea levels. >> it is a passion project for me because i'm really passionate about the ocean. >> reporter: and preserve places like the precious mexican mangroves. >> for that reason i think it's special to be able to do some
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it's not only close it's special. ? [music] ?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> abe: yeah, i got the file you emailed. fingerprints and dna match. milo harp is orpheus. i'll make sure both names are on the poster. with any luck, they weren't headed this way. >> eve: you know what? you take the baby. maybe she just needs some last-minute adjustments on the dress. i'll be right back. >> nicole: o >> marlena: all right, we'll get the show on the road. aughs] oh, my gosh. >> brady: [sighs] >> paul: nervous? >> brady: no. maybe a little. no, i mean, i got nothing to be nervous about. i'm marrying the love of my life, the mother of my child. today's a great day, right? [objects clatter] >> eve: oh! oh, god! oh, god! [yelling] [suspenseful music]


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