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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  September 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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the family of a 72-year-old man killed in a drunk driving crash says justice has not been served. >> the woman responsible was sentenced to 20 years behind bars, but roger mccallen's family says the defendant should have gotten a lot more prison time. >> news 3's sergio avila takes you inside the courtroom as the family express their frustration. >> rte hearing in the courtroom. the family feels the justice system failed them. that's because the defendant has been arrested for dui multiple times in the last few years. >> my father is and always will be my hero. >> reporter: fighting back tears, roger mccallen's daughter and her family spoke about how losing their loved one left them broken. >> what she took from us is beyond words. >> reporter: 29-year-old joanne
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roger mccallen riding a motorcycle. roger mccallen's wife said she did not have the power to take him away. >> she hurt him. she hurt him so we had a closed casket. she hurt him. god took him. she didn't have that power. >> reporter: joanne kloza was sentenced to 20 years, the mack mum. she's had three previous dui have faced a much harsher penalty. >> i believe she should have gotten the same punishment as someone who picked up a gun and fired at somebody. >> reporter: joanne kloza did apologize. >> apology does not take the pain away. >> reporter: their lives focused on trying to get over the pain while pleading with others not to drink and drive. >> think about what you do before you do it.
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if you are a drunk driver, think about it before you turn that key. >> reporter: although joanne kloza received the maximum sentence of 20 years. she's eligible for parole after five years. the victim's family said they will be at each one of those parole hearings to testify as to why she needs to remain behind bars. sergio avila, news 3. florida police make an arrest in connection with the fire intentionally set at a mosque in florida. it's the same mosque once attended by pulse nightclub shooter, omar mateen. police say joe michael schrieber is under arrest for arson. he's no stranger to police. he has a long criminal record, including armed robbery and theft. a 21-year-old university of north carolina football player turns himself in seven months after a student accuses him of
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the 19-year-old delaney robinson said she was sexually assaulted in may and is criticizing school officials and prosecutors for not taking action. she also alleged recordings reveal investigators joked with him and reassured him he had nothing to worry about. >> yes. i was drinking that night on valentine's day. i'm under age and i take re but that does not give anybody the right to violate me. i did not deserve to be raped. my life has changed forever while the person who assaulted me remains as a student, a football player on the campus. >> after turning himself into chapel hill police, he was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond and appeared in court this afternoon. he has been suspended from the team. the man accused of plowing his car into three phoenix police officers appears in court
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outside of a convenience store. one of these officers was on his first day of work after police training. tonight he's recovering from a severe head injury. police say the 44-year-old barreled into the officers on purpose. another officer suffered a broken leg and the third officer received minor injuries during a struggle with him. he's booked on suspicion of aggravated assault because the car came close to hitting two clerks more fallout from the bathroom bill in north carolina. one of the college campuses is moving out of the state. they are following the lead of the ncaa which removed seven of their events out of the state. but the acc and the ncc made this decision. cars of the future are here
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began operating today but only for those who opted to give it a way. would you have tried? the cars are loaded with features to allow them to navigate on their own. just as a backup, there is a driver at the wheel to take over in case something goes wrong. hands free until things go haywire and then they take over. there is also an engineer in the car. here's feedback from riders. >> i would feel >> i can't speak for other people, but it's kind of scary. you never know what's gonna happen. >> uber says eventually the fleet will grow to include volvo crossovers. california bans the breeding and holding of killer whales in captivity. the whales may remain there. but they can only be used for educational presentation.
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whale shows. it's ended the breeding program and is phasing out the killer whale theatrical shows. the company has come under fire for the treatment of killer whales. it's one of the biggest fears of any pet owner, an animal getting lost. >> it happened to one couple. they had all given up hope and then a miracle happened. also, the pennant randy has the latest on a couple of las vegas sluggers ahead in sports.
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the ford motor company makes a huge move when it comes to its manufacturing. the ceo announces the company will shift all north american small car production to mexico from the united states. fields says ford is committing $4.5 billion to create more than a dozen new electrical models
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shifting production. fiat chrysler has made similar moves. samsung has made temporary fixes for their note 7 phones overheating and catching fire. the company is recommending customers not fully charge the battery. samsung has announced the software update. what will it do? it makes it so the battery only charges to about 60% so it won't overheat. ey can push the update to the phone. the company has been urging consumers to stop using the devices and return them for something else. when an upstate new york couple lost their dog in february, they feared the worst and figured he was gone. >> but when they got the call he was alive, fear turned into an amazement.
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>> hi, baby. hi. >> reporter: a reunion pam and joe were waiting for. since february. >> to have survived all of the code and the nasty weather and find food for himself. amazed. >> reporter: the puppy was found 80 miles away from his home. he ran away on a chilly >> i felt he was gone, you know either hit by a car on -- we had a lot of coyotes down our way. but he survived everything. >> reporter: through the snow, rain and summer drought, a woman noticed casey on her porch one morning. >> i croak down and cried. >> reporter: she broke down when she spotted casey's photo on a
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on a -- on a lost facebook page. >> humane society cleared him. >> he suffered frostbite and is being treated for fleas and worms. >> other than that, he's in pretty good health. at 7:00, a woman's purse up in smoke. look at that. the device that singed her belongings and why she's thinking twice about using it again. hint, this time it's not samsung 7. and a burglar caught on camera, stealing from a home more than once. how many times he paid this poor family's home a visit and what went missing when he left. those stories with breaking news as it happens tonight at 7:00. news 3 is your weather authority and jerry brown is here sporting that beautiful gold tie. that's worn in support for kids fighting cancer. we wish all of you in the middle
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jerry is supporting you tonight. >> a noble cause. no doubt about that. our weather looking pretty good. chamber of commerce stuff for september. no doubt about that. not gonna be too bad tomorrow. we're on a warming trend. as i put some lack of clouds in motion, you can see a setting sun but that's about all she wrote for action there. let's just move forward here. sahara and t bermuda, 85 down in henderson with a northwest wind at 5 miles an hour and thealexander school, beautiful. 28 degrees the dew point. we have optimum conditions across the $. southeast las vegas, the only reporting station that made it into the 90s today.
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8 it in aliente and el dorado 83. 81 in pahrump. mesquite, 84 in eastern clark county. sandy valley, 81 and 87 in laughlin. okay. let's see what's going on across the u.s. not a lot in the central part of the country. we've got some showers up over the northeast. the big story, absolutely no doubt about it is tropical storm julia off the carolina coast. as i've noted earlier, you can see the lows spinning it's 40-mile-an-hour wind. most of the rain is out to sea. that's good news. but still getting a good dousing along the carolina coast and we'll keep an own that. we had a cut-off low. it brought rain to our state in the northern parts. that's what caused the winds that we had.
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sitting pretty. overnight lows, 52 over in pahrump. 41 up on the mountain. 62 overton. 61 boulder city. and then highs tomorrow, generally in the 80s to low 90s. i think on balance, temperatures will be up 3, maybe 5 degrees. but when you are starting at 86, that's still pretty nice. low, clear tonight. northwest wind at 5, 10. low 90s tomorrow. dry and pleasant. 91. that means we will be in the 80s much in the day as you can see. even the 60s for 7:00 a.m. 84 at noon and by 5:00 p.m. in the upper 80s down from an afternoon high. there you go. 93 to 95 on saturday. and warming up to 99 by monday. that will be the closest call with the century club and then by next wednesday, which is the final day of astronomical summer, 96 degrees. >> all right. >> all right.
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to clinching playoff berths. randy has his eye on a few players. >> one thing i know, kris bryant of the cubs and bryce harper of the nationals, they will be playing in the postseason and bryant and cubs will clinch the first berth. their number was 3 as they took on st. louis today. the cubs would dwindle that to one. cards still in the hunt for the wild card. of the year. how about bryant, how about this shot to first to matt carpenter, that start as double play. bryant did triple in his next at-bat and knocked in a run. chicago pours it on in the 9th. rizzo, a two-run home run. 7-0. magic number is down to 1 for the cubs. put that champagne on ice, fellows. bryce harper isn't having an mvp
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however, today, scoreless in the first. rivera hits it out to harper. nice grab to end the inning with the out for bryce. he was 0 for 2 on the day. washington starts the scoring in the 7th. bases empty until ramos takes it out of the ballpark. 1-0. nationals' number is 7 to clinch e clayton kershaw, second start. kershaw in the rain. looking pretty good. gets the strikeout there in the third on tyler austin. bases loaded for the dodgers in the top of the fourth. rain coming down. but he grounds in. 3-6-1 double play. dodgers won it in the 9th with two runs.
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two denver bronco players have been fined for the way they treated cam newton last week in their opening season win on thursday night. darien stewart and brandon marshall. checks will be lighter. marshall fined $24,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on cam. no penalty called on marshall. he also kneeled during the national anthem. caught some heat for that. but yesterday he spent the day with the chief of police in denver and asked enforcement and was asked when he will stop kneeling. >> one of my coaches supported me. he said i support you. he said one game. are you gonna do this the rest of the season? the rest of the why uryour career? i think that's a valid question. they always do the national anthem at every game, every
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once i come up with a good plan, you know, i'm gonna donate to the community. >> all right. he will figure out his exit plan. he will do $300 per tackle. that could add up for can charities. yoga is good for bo oed -- body and mind. marie have been known to dot >> we also have to include our producer, christine. what about yoga for goats? it dos exist. we'll take you there.
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well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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all right. early to bed. early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. we're looking at 67. cool, sunshine. s enjoy your breakfast. >> and -- >> oh. and watch kelly tomorrow morning at 4:30 to 7:00. we're talking about yoga now. maybe some your usual type, though. we know that yoga can be great for the soul and the body and some people bringing nature into it as well. >> all right.
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>> triangle pose. >> involving goats. this is different than the gym and studio. organizers at this farm in oregon have been offering this yoga practice. they call it the no-regrets farm. there's deep breathing, stretching, downward dog and goats. >> the organizer said it's a great distraction to everything that's going on in the world right now. the customers find it delightful and fun. after a month in operation, there is into class. i see the goats there as people are, you know, doing their practice. it's just like doing it when we have our 3-year-olds in the room, right? >> distracts and there lies the practice. can you focus on your pose when you have goats walking around. >> and goat bums in your face, too. crash investigation here in las vegas. >> you are looking at a live look now at charleston and las vegas boulevard. it appears some of the intersection is shut down as we
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about injuries but we're waiting for a call back from police. we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything. we'll bring you the latest as the evening progresses. all right. news 3 live at 7:00 is coming up in a few minutes.
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you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. right now, a makeshift room catches fire with someone
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what singed it. and the proposed raiders stadium, what we can expect from tomorrow's big meeting. the concept of an nfl stadium in las vegas could be put up for a vote as early as tomorrow morning. thank you for staying with us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. a state panel has been hashing out this deal for months, a deal that hinges onh the oakland raiders from southern nevada. nathan o'neal is looking ahead to this turning point. >> reporter: well, this is the plan that hopes to transform that don't walk behind me into a professional stadium. but if this is to become more than words on paper it must first make it past that initial vote, a vote that could happen tomorrow. time is running out to make the decision that would lure the oakland raiders to las vegas, a plan to build a $1.9 billion


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