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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  September 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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what singed it. and the proposed raiders stadium, what we can expect from tomorrow's big meeting. the concept of an nfl stadium in las vegas could be put up for a vote as early as tomorrow morning. thank you for staying with us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. a state panel has been hashing out this deal for months, a deal that hinges onh the oakland raiders from southern nevada. nathan o'neal is looking ahead to this turning point. >> reporter: well, this is the plan that hopes to transform that don't walk behind me into a professional stadium. but if this is to become more than words on paper it must first make it past that initial vote, a vote that could happen tomorrow. time is running out to make the decision that would lure the oakland raiders to las vegas, a plan to build a $1.9 billion
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on some of the deal points tomorrow. we'll see where the committee members come down on that. and hopefully we will move it forward. >> reporter: the clark county commissioner, one of 11 people who have the power to make the stadium a reality. the 65,000-seat stadium would be funded partly by a hotel room tax, making the public's contribution roughly $750 million but in the 11th hour, there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> and then there's also the question regarding vacant lot on russell located west of interstate 15. >> it would be getting crowded. >> reporter: both potential sites would need drastic upgrades to handle the heavy traffic. >> russell road, clearly is not capable of handling that much traffic. >> reporter: but the question remains -- who what pay for the
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from the committee by october, just weeks away, so they have time to make their case to nevada lawmakers and to the nfl to allow a raider relocation. >> generally speaking, everyone is supportive of the concept of the stadium. they are excited about us being the home of the raiders but they need the opportunity to have details. >> reporter: as for the commissioner, he says this could be our one and only shot of getting pro football. >> i don't know. if it doesn't happen this go-around, will they come back >> reporter: the vote to advance the stadium could happen tomorrow morning around the:00 a.m. we'll be there. if it does pass, it will be up to the governor to make his move. i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. a swarm of bees spotted at a local park. las vegas fire and rescue responded to pioneer park near washington after people saw the swarm in a tree. las vegas fire and rescue says the bees were not a threat to anyone at the time but they put
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this tree. officials say the bees are swarming and migrating south for the winter and they should move on from the park soon. an emotional day in court as the 29-year-old woman who admitted to driving drunk and killing a man after two previous dui convictions learned her faith. after accepting a plea deal, joanne kloza was sentenced to 20 years behind bars. she will be eligible for parole after about year five. but the justice system failed then. 72-year-old roger mccallen's widow and children took to the stand and through tears told the woman theft lost a person. >> [ inaudible ] >> i came home from the military and my dad was killed by a drunk driver. >> the family says they do not believe justice was served for
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members of congress and the media joined forces to combat the problem of opioid addiction in our country. at a press conference on capitol hill, lawmakers and broadcasters announced a partnership for a media strategy to bring better awareness to the issue. the plan includes public service announcements and increased news coverage. one senator compared the efforts to nancy reagan's just say no to drugs campaign. >> i a legacy of telling people about the terrible consequences of drug addiction and this problem we're facing. >> it's not a democrat killer, a republican killer. it's a silent killer. >> congress passed a bill over the summer to give more resources to address this epidemic. multiple law enforcement agencies arrest a violent sex
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martin suarez was arrested yesterday before 1:00 p.m. near sunset and gibson in henderson. investigators say he was facing multiple charges in california. suarez has 35 arrests on his record. metro, henderson police and u.s. marshals helped capture him. he will be extradited to california. a house fire claimed the life of a man staying inside of a cop vert -- converted room. the fire started at 7:00 a.m. this morning at a neighborhood near eastern and washington. blame. as antonio castelan uncovered, names tried to put out the fire before it spread. >> reporter: the neighbors put it out with a fire hose. that kept the fire from spreading to the house. the neighbors went right through the door and got five people out of this home. unfortunately, one man was not able to make it. >> we noticed the smoke. >> reporter: it was brian's cue to jump into action. >> we smelled the smoke and then in the backyard, we were looking
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coming from. >> reporter: brian found the smoke rising from his makeshift room two doors from his house. the converted storeage room was in the backyard of a home near this eastern and washington. the fire started before 7:00 this morning. >> the two hoses we tried, their hose and the neighbor's it wouldn't work. we took our house and took it down there. >> reporter: when firefighters arrived, they found the front door open with several people outside. there was a man staying in that converted room. firefighters s 5 he died on the way to the hospital. >> this was a homeless person that was living in that room and they let him stay there for free in return for doing work around the house. >> reporter: it's not clear if that converted room was up to the county's building codes. firefighters ruled the blaze an accidental electrical fire. >> this room had many, many extension cords draped all over the room. >> brian wishes he could have saved everyone. >> it was our neighbor.
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took action. >> reporter: we are told that the county is investigating to see whether that converted room was up to code. reporting near eastern and bonanza, antonio castelan, news 3. the road to decision 2016, back in southern nevada. former president, bill clinton, says his wife is doing fine and says she will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. he delivered the news at a rally in north las vegas. hillary clinton was supposed to she spent the final day recovering from a pneumonia. >> another big issue in this election, who gets to name the next justice of the supreme court? do you want to protect voting rights, women's rights,
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or not? >> a new poll shows trump is in the lead in nevada. healthy and fit to serve as president. that's the word from hillary clinton's doctor. her campaign released a letter from her doctor who sees clinton regularly for routine care. the doctor wrote she does a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein as well as regular television show audience by his recent exam. he handed the doctor on the show that summary. that exam conducted the exam and said he would be the healthiest president in history. the episode will air tomorrow. well, donald trump's wife trying to settle questions about whether she followed immigration law when she first came to the united states. she tweeted out a letter from an attorney said she followed all of the rules.
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some say may have happened in the u.s. in 1995 before she had a work visa. she tweeted out that she correctly went through legal process. a neighbor went into a house to save a 7-year-old inside. >> hurry, baby. >> we'll have more from the dramatic 911 call. carmageddon. how to avoid heavy traffic when a busy ramp to the spaghetti bowl closes down. and we got a treat with the weather. wall-to-wall sunshine in the las vegas. i will let you know if we'll see
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it was suppose to be an ordinary day at the mall but it turned into disaster for a woman
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leave. all of a sudden something in her purse exploded. it turns out it was a battery for her vaporizer. the woman is now going after the maker saying they should have to pay for a new purse and all of the contents. she also hopes her story serves a warning for those who vape. to miami where a man breaks into the same home three times in three days. security cameras show the intruder just walking around. well, luckily, the owners were not at home during t everything from televisions to bicycles, even got in the fridge and took some food. police say they went to the home every day the intruder was there but they still can't catch him. the homeowner hopes the surveillance video will help police catch the guy responsible. new at 7:00, dramatic 911 call from a house fire shows the woman's quick thinking saved the life of a 7-year-old boy.
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>> don't go inside. tell everybody to get outside. >> all right. that first woman was 22-year-old maria medina. she saw the flames down the street. she didn't know the family but called 911 and went to help. she found a mother panicked. her 7-year-old son still in the house with her phone in her pocket. me dean -- medina ran into the home to get the. >> you can hear saying, nobody go inside. i just put the phone down and didn't think about it. >> firefighters were able to put -- put out the fire. a major traffic alert as we look forward to the weekend. the freeway ramp will be closed for 36 hours this weekend creating a traffic nightmare for drivers. kelsey thomas looks into the
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traffic is bad now in las vegas, just wait until this weekend when the ramp from the 95 south to 15 is shut down. it's one of many detears that will be happening because of project neon. >> doing good. doing great. yes, we are. this is a happy day. it's a happy day. >> reporter: in a city that worships newness -- >> it was kind of designed to be that you can come and have a breakfast and feel like you are going to grandma's >> reporter: michael serves up nostalgia. >> because it works. >> it's like this all of the time, especially on the weekends. >> reporter: come friday night, the omelette house will embrace another change, one that will bring a traffic tieup outside of their restaurant in the heart of las vegas. >> i think it's gonna be huge because the department of transportation says there are more cars that use this particular ramp than any other
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south onto 15 south is being shut down from 10:00 friday night until 10:00 sunday morning. tom hawley, news 3's traffic authority, says a backup is inevitable, as drivers who rely on the freeway find other ways to get around. >> when you are stuck in traffic, you can beat on the windshield, honk the horn or get an audio book, music station that you like. just try to keep cool. >> reporter: the closure is necessary to make room for the that will connect u.s. 95 to i-15. >> i think they will have a harder time to get here but they will get here one way or another. >> reporter: now this dining shop that shies away from change hopes to cash in on the congestion because as michael puts it -- >> they have to have their fix. >> reporter: tom says the worst traffic will be midday saturday. so either stay home or just try to stay away from the spaghetti
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closure is, to avoid it, take the 95 south to valley rancho or martin luther king. you can take any of those streets to charleston and continue on your way or you can take the 95 south to the i-15 north, get off at the d street exit where n-d.o.t. will have a turn-around for drivers to get back on the i-15 south. this is a lot of information for you to take in a few minutes. stay with us for continuing team traffic coverage of this closure. well, the european space agency says the project to chart every star in our galaxy is on track to finish a year from now. >> wow. >> today, the agency released the first data from the ongoing effort. >> it's to draw up the 3-dimensional map of our galaxy thanks to a spacecraft. the project has mapped 4 million new stars.
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mysteries of the galaxy. >> wonder what the weather is like up there and if chloe beardsley has goggles to see it. >> she says cold. >> you don't want to live up there. >> no? >> come here. but the weather is really nice here. i mean, it wasn't so a couple of days ago. sorry about that. but it is going to bet better better from here on out. we're seeing clear skies. we've seen them all day. just in case you were hiding under a rock, here is a recap of the afternoon. you can hardly tell this is even a time lapse but it is. you can see wall-to-wall sunshine no matter where you turn in the valley. not even a cloud in the sky as far as what we captured earlier today and much lighter winds, compared to earlier this week. temperatures outside were in the upper 70s at the overlook.
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career and tech and our last stop, 81 degrees for spring valley. the rest of us, mostly a mixture of 70s and 80s in the valley. of course, cooler on the west side of town near centennial, summerlin and blue diamond. mostly in the mid- to upper 70s in comparison with the low 80s on the east side of town. sunrise at 82 degrees at the moment. we're off to a cool start. we started in the 50s, and tonight. that's your wind speeds right now. 78 in pahrump. 80 for lake mead and upper 70s for boulder city, also experiencing very calm conditions for tonight. we saw the dry weather across the area. we'll see a repeat of that tomorrow. i will show you how long it's going to last. but first we'll check in with our friends. you can see tropical storm julia still impacting the carolinas. most precipitation is offshore. you can see along the coast still getting heavy rainfall. the system has sustained winds
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moving offshore. now back home, this is what we're looking at over the next few days. dry conditions will continue across the region. you can see not much change in the weather pattern as we continue through friday. we'll see a warming trend as we make our way towards the weekend and even continuing into the next workweek. overnight tonight we'll see lows dipping down in the 60s for the las vegas valley. temperatures a little bit cooler than what we see this time of year. but the numbers you see right now won't be as cool as last ni degrees warmer depending upon where you live. as we wake up tomorrow morning we'll start in the upper 60s for the las vegas valley. mid-70s by 9:00 and mid-80s by noon. sunny skies are expected through most of thedy. temperatures will be above normal. many are already asks asking what's the weekend gonna look like? it is gonna look pretty normal. near-normal temperatures expected for saturday.
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temperatures. 98 degrees on monday and then slightly cooler as we make our way into next hump day. >> all right. >> thank you for that. >> yes. chipotle is promoting another big event. it's not to lure customers back. >> it's to get more employees. the one date you need to remember if you are looking for a job. and a teen hopes her new emoji will help millions of women around the world. over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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netflix is taking on internet providers to put an end to data caps. they are asking the fcc to push companies to get rid of the limits, even calling the practice unreasonable and unfair. with data limits. the more data you want to use, the more it costs but netflix says americans need 300 gigabytes of data per month to meet internet television needs. chipotle looking to bring in more employees with the blitz hiring event. the company plans to offer $5,000 jobs across the country on september 28th. they employ about 60,000 people nationwide.
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apply online. the mexican-style restaurant has struggled after an outbreak of food-borne illness and a lawsuit of accused of mistreating its customers. uber offering a ride of driverless vehicles. the vehicles, as you can see, are loaded with features that allow them to navigate on their own. they have a camera on top, lasers help guide the around. to be safe, there is a driver behind the wheel to take control if something goes wrong as well as an uber engineer in the front passenger seat. the idea of self-driving vehicles is getting mixed reviews in pittsburgh. >> i would feel comfortable riding in one. i trust it over human drivers. >> i can't really speak for other people, but it's kind of scary. you never know what's gonna happen.
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will continue with their plan. in fact, they will eventually grow that self-driving fleet to include volvo crossovers. time for a look at what's coming up at 11:00. an atlanta teacher under the social media spotlight tonight. what do you think about her outfits? there's some controversy to talk about. and an incredible pet rescue. how henderson firefighters saved this poor little dog. we hav t a look at carmageddon situation at the spaghetti bowl this weekend. that's tonight at 11:00. finally here, a 15-year-old girl didn't see herself reflected in her phone's emoji. >> now she's making one with this headscarf. >> she decided to pitch the idea
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develops new emojis. she got an immediate reply and now one of reddit's cofounders is backing her idea. she will present the proposal in person at the committee in
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?? ?? is michael jackson's little girl secretly married? only "e.t." is with paris and her man inside their very grown-up photo shoot. >> they were kissing, biting, pulling, hugging. >> plus, new bombshells from
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talking about it. >> then the "dancing with the stars" security scramble after the ryan lochte ambush. what we just learned. >> it was insane. >> plus justin timberlake. the new project bringing him to tv and a "big bang theory" exclusive. we're behind the scenes for the wedding re-do ith new cast members. >> what? >> now for september 14, 2016, >> dr. phil grills jonbenet's brother about her murder that remains unsolved 20 years later. >> the rumors about her life, is she secretly married and is her man after the million she will inherit? >> only we have a fascinating glimpse into her world of her very first photo shoot. >> michael jackson's little girl is all grown up and making news. >> out of all the marriage


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