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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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dog from a burning henderson home. >> i can say i never stopped-- >> i was very much loved. she says story of survival. only on 3, a woman who lived through the holocaust opens up about her journey and saying thank you to the family that saved her life. . >> hi, we're following some breaking news the rider of a tricycle is fighting for her life after crashing into a car three hours ago. >> it happened on rainbow and desert inn. this is a live shot of the scene and our crew is right there as investigators take a look at what happened. metro says the rider suffered life-threatening injuries in this crash and at this point, we don't know if anyone was hurt. >> let's talk about the traffic situation and rainbow is shut down on desert inn and spring
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we'll continue to follow any further developments and bring you more later in the newscast or tomorrow morning on ""news 3" today". >> a local casino restaurant opened 24 hours after being closed for bed bugs, but the question on many of us why it was re-opened so soon. >> i'm sto. >> to make sure this doesn't happen in the future, but one pest professional says 24 hours is probably not enough time to completely treat this situation. >> silver nugget restaurant reopens 24 hours after being closed for bed bugs, but there
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and they found a bug. >> you want to go where it seems to be cleaner and just where it seems like they take better care of the place. >> southern nevada officials reinspected it and allowed it to re-open and included this statement: . >> pest management association say these pests can stick around. >> sit possible to get rid of them in 24 hours, yes. it's unlikely that you're going to. >> reporter: it often takes more than one application of pest control to get rid of them. >> you need to do service and the gestational period is 21 days and you need a good thorough reinspection and possibly another application. >> so it's good to know how the spot them before they bite.
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see the eggs. they lay them in packs of egg. >> while the silver nugget restaurant was and inspected and re-opened, it's always good to check. >> do your own inspection. don't trust the venue to do it. >> back out here live, he says the pest control company receive five to 10 calls a day with questions regarding these little bu you have them, call a professional pest control company. christy wilcox for "news 3." >> thanks for update. an update to this developing story, workers with the environmental protection agency finished cleaning a home near walter junior high school with elevated levels of mercury. they said the clean-up was finished a day ahead of schedule and the levels are now safe.
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junior high and the officials say they found a quarter cup of americary, but they don't know where that came from. >> new at 11:00, a warning from the better business bureau. the trusted web site is asking people to be careful who they trust. "news 3" john treanor joins us from downtown las vegas and this is a scam that can really catch someone. what's in a logo anyway? if it says bbc, it's a lot. how do you you know the trusted image is the same one you can actually trust? it's the web site plenty of people will log on to first before choosing which company gets the next big job,, the better business bureau, the non-profit that studies
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the company tracks thousands of scams and many of the companies proudly put the bbb logo on their web site, but it's like that old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. here's what happens when you click the logo of a certified bbb accredited company that redirects you to their official page and history of complaints and reports, but that doesn't always take and they have a lange the doesn't work showing that company is not a member. >> they have some faith or trust in the better business bureau to want to use their logo, but they can't. >> every year, businesses will get letters like this, a cease and desist from bbb, but for every company caught, there's a customer who was deceived. >> don't take anything at face value.
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research. >> how do they recommend you do your research? they say go to the better business bureau web site first, not other way around. if you start with, they will tell you which ones are accredited so you don't have to trust what you're looking at. >> john, thank you. let's look ahead to the weekend. the busiest freeway ramp will be closed for 36 hours creating a and ndot is closing the 95 south and the i-15 south freeway ramp on friday night at 10:00 part of project neon and this happens during one of the biggest events of the year, the life is beautiful festival in downtown las vegas so we recommend these
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. >> of course, our team traffic will have full coverage on this closure every 10 minutes starting at 4:30 on ""news 3" today". >> the fate of a proposed stadium designed to bring the oakland raiders to l in the morning. if it passes, then the 1.9 billion plan will head to brian sandoval. and sheldon adelson and the raiders themselves would foot the rest of the bill. to developers say the plan needs to move quickly and need a final decision by next month. >> two investigators that
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tomorrow. ryan and aman bundy face several charges connected with the standoff in january. the sheriff who lived by the refuge took the stand today, saying the bundy's warn had the armed citizens would invade. the sheriff also told the jury that aman bundy never physically threatened him. >> on the campaign trail, bill clinton stepped wife in the valley rallying the voters for his wife, hillary clinton. this is common territory campaigning in the cheyenne campus after hillary clinton came down with pneumonia. mr. clinton said his wife would be better for economy and immigration issues and the former president tried to take the high road and told people to
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kindness. we are trying to better inform and empower you. we reached out to both candidates to extend in our station and our network sister stations so tell us what you want to know from the candidates. what issues are important and relevant to you, what would you say to hillary clinton or ask her. share your thoughts by e-mailing us and we want to thank you for the questions so far. keep them coming. we want to give you voice to the white house. >> caught on camera. they say cats have nine lives and a dog is getting a second chance thanks to henderson fire. they rescued the dog from a house fire near lake mead parkway and warm springs. when they arrived, they found a pit bull by the front door unresponsive and they pulled the 100 pound pup to safety and resuscitated him with a specialized pet aggressive mask, as you can see they are gently
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as well and he was transferred to a volume veterinarian for more examination but the pup seemed to be okay. >> good for them. so glad they're quick to hold out. a local holocaust survivor gets to say thank you to the family that saved her life. >> and the controversy surrounding this teacher and the outfit jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works.
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y police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives.
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lcv victory fund is responsible for the content... of this advertising. >> welcome back. r here. they are sometimes referred to as the hidden children of the holocaust. >> jewish kids taken in by non-jewish families and hidden from the not nazis, and we have a story. >> imagine leaving your parents at a young age and living with complete strangers. maureen ritter survived the war because of strangers and we
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office. >> during the time i was with the family, i can say i never stopped being loved. >> monique ritter's story is one of incredible sacrifice and love, only four years old living with her family in paris when her parents were forced to make most undoubtedly the most difficult choice of their life. it was 1940 when the not taking women and children. >> my father because prisonerisf war and my mother works ineffectively and she cannot take care of me, but i could not say the word "jewish". >> for nearly five years, she lived under a different identity, never knowing if she would see her parents again. her only belonging, a doll she
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and her two closest companions were madeline and yvette duval. they treated her like a daughter. really this family saved your life? >> yes, they did. >> reporter: after the war, she was reunited with her parents. all had somehow survived, even the doll. madeline has long since passed and yvette still is alive and she will receive a recognition for her family's bravery and qu with her for the occasion and says she wouldn't miss either for world. >> i cannot tell you how thankful i am. >> monique's parents survived the war by moving from town to town. they did whatever they had to do, but if you can imagine them having to give up their four-year-old daughter because it's the only option. by the way, monique, i should tell you, still has that doll.
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she'll never part with it. >> you say there is a huge community of holocaust survivors. >> there is and i've had the opportunity to interview quite a few and we need olearn their stories. >> and learn and listen. great story, gerrard. >> let's talk about what is trending on social media. an atlanta teacher is under fire for some clothes she's wearing in the classroom. patricia brown showed her wearing this dress on instagram. the picture went viral with many saying her attire was inappropriate. others defended her saying her clothes meet school guidelines and she's being shamed for her figure. brown set her instagram to private and wishes everyone would focus on what is more important, student education. so we want to know what do you think about those images? earlier this evening on the facebook page, we asked if you
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vast majority of you say she was not. you still have time to vote and weigh in, just hit that like button on the facebook page. >> new at 11:00, a local museum was named one of the best museums in the country and trip advisor ranked the mob museum as one of the top museum destinations based on customer reviews. this ranked 19th overall joining the smithsonian and the metropolitan museum of art the mob museum is open 7 days a week between 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. what a labor of love it's been for some people and some that we know personally. >> absolutely. it is a beloved museum, really something so unique to las vegas and if you haven't had a chance to get out there, head on down. >> well, the weather authority jerry brown is here to tell you about the weather. i don't know, it might be a competition, go inside the mob
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>> the museums are competing with the climate these days, getting nice around here with the crisp, cool mornings, a harbinger of things to come called autumn. you can see the twinkling stars to the west and you can see the setting sun there from henderson, on a time lapse and the miracle mile shops on the strip, 74 degrees. i'll take that. 21% the relative humidity, that is a little bit elevated but it will be coming down tomorrow and the 215, a west breeze at 7 miles an hour and mid-70s, warmer in henderson and horizon and green way. the winds no big deal. so what do we have, we have 60s in anthem and 72 in mountain's edge and 62 in palo verde and 61 in blue diamond, and the highs
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stadium, and elsewhere in the low 80s with that over on the westside in summerlin. 84 was the high today in indian springs and beatty didn't report. i didn't see that goose egg. it would be something the it was 63. 91 in overton and 63 in mt. charleston for high. okay, what about us here in las vegas? officially day below the normal. that just happens to be the forecast yesterday, so $33 more in the kitty, they're up to 264 for the three square people and that is certainly a good cause. 73, the current temperature out at the airport, looking for a high tomorrow of 91 degrees, 90 to 91 degrees so four or five degrees warmer than today. nationally, i guess the big
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with 40 mile per hour winds but it's producing a lot of rain but thankfully most is off the coast and you're certainly getting some good surfing in there right along the carolinas so we'll keep an eye on that. we haven't seen the last of. that cut-off low giving us the winds a couple of days up in wyoming and moving well away from us, so we may have concerns but they're not meteorological and really looking good and still will be comfortable tomorrow. th pahrump, 41 on the mountain, 62 in mesquite and 58 in searchlight and the highs tomorrow, generally in the upper 80s to lower 90s, just beautiful spate of weather in southern nevada and laughlin stale in the 90s, cool and freshing and nice and tomorrow, 80s most of the day and 91 for a high. let's put the day in
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12:00 p.m. and if we hit the century club, it will probably be on monday and next wednesday, the final day of summer, 96 degrees so the breakfast forecast will be 67 and you can check that out with kelly tomorrow on "news 3" today. >> great for coffee. >> your place or mine? >> well, we'll tk
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"going down!" don't miss halloween time at the disneyland resort
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. >> all right, with 18 days left in baseball regular season, there's a pretty good chance that local stars bryant and bryce harper could be playing in the post-season, 99% to be exact and that they could play each other in the world series and both are on the diamond today with the cubs should be the first to clinch the division with the image number 3 taking on the st. louis cardinals and a big day for anthony a pretty good lead and chris bryant steps up and he lines right into a double play to carlos martinez, but he had an rbi triple, not a bad day for bryant. in the 2nd, rizzo's second run of the day and put the champagne on the ice and maybe celebrate tomorrow. bryce harper is not having the
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bases loaded and former 51, rivera sends it to harper and he slides to make the catch and end the inning, 0-for-2 for a walk and wilson ramos, the home run, that is 1-0, nationals and that is the final score and the washington image number is 7 to clinch the nl east. the dodgers started four games back with the yankees behind toronto two and starting to look pretty good which is good news for the dodgers fans. bases loaded for the dodgers and with the rare 3-6-1 double play and dodgers win with two runs to increase their lead in the division and finally, how about this, henderson swimmer courtenay jordan is competing in
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she came back with a great race in the 400 meter freestyle and taking another silver medal. that is quite a career, with one race left, the 100 freestyle on september 16th. >> that's awesome. she saw a lot of athletes get medals so an exciting moment for a local. >> all triumphant and you see the paralympics, they have that many more because you know they really fought.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. the new salami caprese panini i'll do as president. from subway. pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust part of the new chef-inspired
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. >> an update to the breaking news we first brow you at the top of the newscast, a man is in critical condition after crashing into a car over three hours ago. >> you're looking live at the scene here on rainbow near desert inn. witnesses told police the rider
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police stay man was not impaired and was wearing a motorcycle helmet. >> northbound rainbow will remain closed between spring mountain and d.i. for the next few hours and that will go on for quite a while. we'll have more on "news 3" today. >> let's turn the page and talk about a big weekend especially for foodies, a local italian tradition continues. >> the san gennaro festival kicks off this weekend with the best italian food t booths, live entertainment and a whole lot of [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin james.


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