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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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people are saying. this restaurant reopening after bed bugs were discovered in one of those booths. >> caught on camera, see the dramatic video of a police officer. and several good samaritans helping to save a man from a burning car. wow. the video straight ahead. >> yes, what we like to say around here. it is thursday september 15th. we're happy to have you on board as we get going this morning. crystal and i are still filling in for the rest of the week as the wagners are on vacation. >> that's right. we are happy to wake up with you. we have the whole team on board. we have traffic and weather. we do it every ten minutes.
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curran. i have a feeling people are going to like what you're going to tell us. >> yes, if you liked yesterday, i think you'll like yesterday, too. >> nice light wind. a look at the temperatures. 77 by 9:00 a.m. 86 by noon. 90 at 4:00. a great day for dining el fresco. >> we're starting out with one accident. it is on the southbound 95 at the 5:15. just as you get to the galleria drive exit. flashing lights on the roadways. you don't see it affecting the flow of traffic. people swing wide and they are okay right there. big changes coming up here for the weekend and that's a complete closure of traffic both directions. the merger from 95 south on to
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10:00 a.m. on sunday. we will talk a lot more about that and also get into some alternates in a few minutes. michelle. >> tom, thank you. >> at 5:02 if the raiders come to las vegas, they are going to need a pricey new home, we know that. the billion dollar question here, how are we going to pay for this? or how are they are going to have to pay for it? are we going to have to pay for it as taxpayers? live on the number crunching. >> well framed, who is really paying for it, tourists and local people. $1.9 billion. that's exactly how much money they are talking about in order to build this 65,000 seat stadium. adding to the current 12% hotel room tax. the tax increase would be .88%,
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a dollar in extra room tax. over 30 years, that tax increase raises the cash needed to pay the 750 million that would be fronted by local lawmakers. >> generally speaking everyone is supportive of the concept of a stadium. they are supportive and excited about the home of the raiders, but they need the opportunity to have details. >> there are also other costs, streets around any proposed stadium site. the streets couldn't handle the crush of traffic as they are designed now. who would pay for that? it would cost a lot of money and those numbers, as far as who will fund those numbers that hasn't been decided just yet. the committee will meet at 9:00. they will be talking about numbers, math and who would fund
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like they will, after a very long day, it seems at minimum they will agree on a stadium site. that alone will keep this deal alive. >> news 3. >> things are moving along. thank you for keeping us on top of it. >> a man is in critical condition after crashing into a car at rainbow and desert inn. police say frederick marquette was on what's called a which is a motorized tricycle. he was not impaired and was wearing a motorcycle helmet. police say that marquette has critical head and skull injuries. >> at 5:04 an update to a developing story. workers finished cleaning the
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been contaminated by mercury. levels inside are now safe for that family. a student that attends johnson lives there, but we don't know when the family will be allowed to move back in. the junior high reopened tuesday, six days after that mercury spill forced a lock down there. officials say they found a quarter cup of mercury which is a l reported. they haven't told us yet where it is coming from. >> a pest control professional that we reached out says the bed bug problem might not be over. the restaurant shutdown after reports of people being bitten by bed bugs. health officials had reinspected and let the venue reopen. they said that officials at the
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aware, they have to have a pest management plan. president of the nevada pest management association says these pets just like to stick around. >> is it possible to get rid of them in 24 hours? yes. it is unlikely that you're going to. >> you would need to do service and then the gestational period is 21 days and a good thorough reinspection and possibly another was reinspected and reopened. it is always good to double check. he says if you suspect a bed bug problem, it is best to contact a professional company to inspect your house. >> he campaigned at the cheyenne campus after hillary clinton caught pneumonia.
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better on immigration. >> do you want to protect voting rights, women's rights, labor rights, immigrant rights, lgbt rights, do you want us to live together or not? you just got to decide. >> the former president tried to take the high road urging people to reject a "road rage" mentality and win donald trump supporters over with kindness. >> hillary clinton is back to the campaign trail today. we're health straight from the doctor. >> we're going to let you know how she's doing right now. >> the public appearance donald trump made to announce his clean bill of health. a lot of people talking about that one today. >> how one woman in georgia says
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11.
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in your area. switch today. in your area. twenty five thousand jobs. that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content... of this advertising. >> that's the fire that we have
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members of that islamic center damaged by the arsonists earlier this week. many in the florida community are calling it an act of hate. the suspect was escorted from the sheriff's office to jail late wednesday night. he's facing charges for setting fire to that islamic center of fort pierce. with the arrest, members of the community can focus on rebuilding. the leaders hope tha possible. >> hillary clinton's campaign released a letter from her daughter with new details about her health. the two-page letter says clinton was diagnosed with mild non contagious bacterial pneumonia. she's healthy and fit to serve as president of the united
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congestion and fatigue. she says the condition worsened as she travelled and developed into a cough. a chest ct scan revealed she had pneumonia. the clinton campaign removed a statement about kaine's health ng health. >> the oz episode taped yesterday in new york and scheduled to air today. >> handed a one-page summary of the physical exam he underwent last week. it was conducted by harold
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related habits and broader issues. he talked about efforts to fight the zika virus and trump's new childcare policies. >> typhoon made landfall. the strong winds and heavy downpours after hitting the island of taiwan. it shutdown all local highways. the chinese mainland. time now to talk traffic and for that -- there's tom, good morning. >> right here with an accident. southbound on the 515 and the 95. it doesn't look like a big problem. a couple of flashing lights off to the side of the road. now, i need you to put down your coffee and put away the cheerios for a moment, because this may
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over the weekend. i'm talk being a complete closure of the ramp, 95 south to 15 south. this is a big deal. this the busiest ramp in nevada. it shuts down. you can take rancho or the king boulevard or another little deal that the department of transportation is putting together where they are shutting down part of this interchange just u-turn. you come back on 15 south. however that closes down the d street south. what do you do for there? you take a little detour over here and you use casino center. it is complicated. we're going to have all of these pictures up on news right now your travel times are doing just fine. kelly, it is going to be kind of a mess over the weekend. >> yeah, definitely. especially with the weather
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everybody is going to want to go out and get going and get moving over the weekend. here is a look at the time lapse yesterday. the technical academy camera lots of blue sky. highs topping out in the mid 80s. temperatures will be a little bit warmer, but still below normal. that's what we're seeing outside right now, too. a little bit warmer than yesterday. 67 degrees. paradise again, nice and cool out there this morning. a light jacket and a sweater. quiet weather across the desert southwest. we're looking at lots of sunshine. not just today, but through the weekend as that storm system from the last couple of days is continuing its track off to the east. today's high 90 degrees. lots of sunshine in the area, a
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but still below normal. north, northeast, 3 to 8 miles per hour. clear skies, the low still at 60. our 7-day forecast temperatures will continue to warm as we head into the weekend. still seasonable. mid 90s, that's normal for this time of year. our new focus now is on a chance of rain in the forecast. this is monday night into tuesday, so that is something we will definitely be watching. >> we apprecie >> 5:15. the drama continuing in the case involving caesar's entertainment and good news this morning regarding nevada unemployment rate. for those stories and more, we're going straight to jane king. >> let's get right into it. cesar's bankruptcy, we have been talking about this. it seems like this drama is not going away anytime soon. >> it is not, and like all of these bankruptcy cases, it is
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net worth. billionaire investors are among those that must disclose their wealth to creditors of the company. the people who caesars owe money convinced the judge they need to turn over that information due to allegations of fraud. >> something that we are happy to hear about, the unemp >> it is. nevada's unemployment rate dropped to 6.3%. the lowest level in a decade. >> all right. on to this now, the epipen company that everybody has been talking about, the controversy, they have been on the hot seated for sure with the american public, but now congress is taken to the task.
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they are going to be on the hot seat next week. marlan under investigation. >> they try to rescue a man who was trapped in this red truck literally up in flames after a head-on collision. first on the scene minutes before firefighters or ems even get there. the pickup truck driver was pinned after officers say he was hit by a school bus head-on. that caused his truck to crunch up and then he got wedged underneath the bus. you can see officers using a small fire extinguisher until the firefighters could arrive.
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the bus driver was charged with failing to yield the right-of-way. >> the 18-wheeler went off the freeway and into a canal. it happened in new orleans. at least three people jumped into the water to try to help him. the driver was headed east from interstate 10 when the tractor-trailer veered off the road. the cab of the truck was mostly submerged. eventually rescuers got the driver out, but he and it is not exactly clear how he died, they are still working on that information. >> 5:19, oh, boy, so it vovrs this woman and her python. she doesn't have just one. she has 16. animal control is investigating after they were released. the woman says the snakes stay in very secure cages, so they may have been deliberately released. she says she found two of her
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other 14. the person suspected of releasing those snakes says he released the rest of the snakes in an unpopulated area. the owner says they aren't harmful, they are pets. they are more likely to curl up into a ball than hide and attack. that's what animal control said anyway. >> the woman is cooperative and is not pressing charges. >> we're going live to the beach in south carolina. julia weakening into a tropical depression off the southeast coast. still kind of gloomy there. the water is a little rough and rainy there. the threat for excessive rainfall from julia along the coast has diminished, expect those winds to kick up. a live look out of south carolina as
5:21 am
now weakened to a depression. >> all right. >> several henderson firefighters are being praised for rescuing a homeowner's pet. see the rescue caught on camera. they pull the dog from a burning house and save its life. >> the controversial topic one
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives.
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515 southbound at galleria. a couple of flashing lights obscured by this sign, but not a big deal. >> an accident on charleston just to the east of las vegas boulevard. as far as your travel times, they are looking good. five minutes from craig to the bowl. 7 minute drive. fully up to speed. traffic and the weather together every ten minutes, here is kelly. >> clear skies and cool morning, grab a jacket and a sweater. a look at the temperatures outside right now. 58 degrees in loughlin. a sweater, you're not going to need it very long. temperatures are expected to rise. by 11:00, 82 degrees and by 3:00, 90, that's our expected high for the day today. definitely more like t-shirt
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forecast. it has been a while since we had that. >> 5:24 on this thursday. a massachusetts university honored. >> it was called harambe night. it was an event which took place against brown university. harambe was they gave out many harambe plush dolls. they were encouraged to dress up. school officials were worried some would find it offensive and saying that the name harambe means bringing people together
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in particular, we know bill clinton was just here. his wife hillary clinton, she was resting up from pneumonia. she's back on the campaign trail today. we're getting word from her doctor that she is getting healthy and remains healthy and fit to serve as the president of the united states. >> donald trump took a jab at her in canton, ohio, saying be able to stand up here for an hour and do this. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail. >> the company getting a lot of attention for one of its policies dealing with office morale. we're going to tell you what it is coming up. >> the political scene here behind this card game making its rounds on the internet.
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sentencing seven years after the death of his fiancee. a man gets sentenced today. we are live with a preview. rescue. the video of several local fire fighters pulling a dog out of a burning house and resuscitating it.
5:30 am
>> we love our employees and do everything we can to make this a wonderful place to work. >> morale booster. how a company is using man's best friend to boost office morale. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> kim: look at that shot as we welcome new on this thursday. you kind of see the mirage there in the foreground. a nice look at our las vegas strip. and we hope you are having a kim and dana bagger in are still off. but we are filling in for you. >> happy to be here on this friday eve. we start with traffic and weather and we do it every ten minutes on the program. get you caught up. as far as traffic goes, people are getting to work, tom, and a couple of days this week where there have been rough commutes. >> tom: there has been and a few accident-prone days. a couple of fender-bender,
5:31 am
traffic times in the bowl area. they are green. green is good in the world of traffic. freeways are up to speed. your look over to i-15 and u.s. 95, spaghetti bowl, interchange. there is one in the downtown area in charleston east of las vegas boulevard. not an area that gets a lot of traffic this time this morning. other one on the freeway down to the south on southbound u.s. 5 which is also the 515 right here before galleria. we have been kee this one finally cleared out of the way to cross that one over the wrist. move on to weather with kelly. >> kelly: we are looking at cool skies out there. grab a jacket if you are heading out to walk the dog. chance you won't need one later today. 86 by noon. 90 by 3:00. and as you are heading home getting ready to make dinner at 6:00 tonight, 88 degrees.
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we will let you know what we are expecting for the weekend in ten minutes. >> anchor: thank you for that, kelly. 5 with 31. a man found guilty of murdering his fiancee will be sentenced today. over to ken ken with a preview of what -- ken y'all nunal y with what we can expect today. a difficult time for this family, kendall. >> reporter: as you can only imagine, a long road for the family of robin jenkins. it was her former fiancee will be back in front of a judge today and a jury as well to learn his fate at his sentencing. now for seven years, he faced 12 time dates, each one them continued. robin's dad, victor, never imagined it would take seven years long. she moved to las vegas with hopes of making it as a singer. he remembers getting a phone call from hispaniced daughter back in 2009 and listened as
5:33 am
hear her voice. >> one of the last words of my daughter to me before she was killed was -- what can i do. he was in the room with the killer. and said what can i do. she said stay on the phone. and that really brought us to this day because i stayed on the phone, and i heard her being murdered. we will bring you the latest from inside the court room a little bit later this morning. and more live at noon. reporting live in downtown las vegas, kendall nunaly. police in ohio shot and killed an armed teenager who was a robbery suspect. it happened wednesday evening in columbus, ohio after police say a group of armed people tried to rob a man. officers in the area saw three of them, three men, watching
5:34 am
description and tried to talk to them. when officers tried to take them into custody, police say a 13-year-old suspect pulled out a gun. one of the officers fired, hit the teen multiple times. police say the officer who fired the shots is a nine-year veteran of the force. the officers involved will receive mandated psychological counseling. none of the officers were injured. a local museum recently named one of the best museums in the country. travel web site trip adviser ranked las vegas is one of the top museum. they ranked 19th overall among famous museums including the smithsonian and the metropolitan museum of art. the museum is open seven days a tweak between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. >> it really is cool. if you haven't checked it out, do so. wear your walking shoes. >> anchor: lots offing. they say cats have nine lives and now a dog having a second chance.
5:35 am
thank you to henderson fire fighters. they rescued this dog from a house fire on lake meade parkway. when fire fighters arrived they saw this pit bull by the front door. they pulled the 100-pound animal to safety and resuscitated him with a special pet oxygen mask. he was transported to veterinarian for further look. but he will be o iphone 7 comes out tomorrow. coming up, where customers are already lining up to be the first to get their hands on
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including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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welcome in at 5:38. reid hoffman has a new card game taking aim at donald trump. game is called trumped up card. the world's biggest deck. similar to cards against humanity where players throw questions on cord. it features questions of more political topics. and they are not flattering to the republican presidential nominee. but it features dozens of trump cards to give players an advantage and then hoffman says proceeds from the game will benefit charities that his words are already working to keep america great. all right, someone who is working to keep things great
5:39 am
>> anchor: hopefully. >> tom: i do what i can, but sometimes things get ahead of me. one accident in charleston east of las vegas boulevard. the here and now and i am talking about this weekend, oh, yeah, talking about a closure completely of the busiest interchange in the state. part of the busiest ramp. 59 south, 15 south from friday at 10 p.m. until sunday at 10 a.m. 36 hours where that is a no go. n dot said get out early over valley luther king, jr. boulevard. bear in mind, they are not meant to handle freeway traffic so they are meant to be extra heavy. to charleston and another idea. get to 15 north and a little turn around. and will go underneath here and will come the other direction. down side here that no southbound accidents on d street. what are you going to do then. go town to casino center and
5:40 am
we will have all of this up on too just so you know where to go. travel times right now are looking good. green on the freeways. check the weather with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. clear skies outside and cool temperatures starting off the day with. if you have a sweater, a jacket on the way to school this morning. 68 degree winds southwest at 7 miles per hour. at winds. morning bell, 73 degrees. by lunchtime, 8. and the afternoon bell rings and we are out of school, 90 degrees. that is our expected high today. layers. sweater for morning and t-shirt weather this afternoon. >> anchor: go the it, layers, thank you, kelly. 5:40. taking a live look out of south carolina. we have been talking about tropical storm julia. it has been weakened to a tropical depression. moving off the southeast coast. now there was a threat for
5:41 am
concerned about these high winds that could be moving across that region. i am also high risk of dangerous rip currents along the southeast coast today. obviously they don't want people to stay near the water. but right here on news3 we will continue to follow it. one office has gone to the dogs. how the community is using four-legged friends to make the workplace a little more
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5:43 am
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time now 4:43 -- or i should say 5:43. excuse me. people are already camping out as you can see right here for the iphone. the apple store in sydney and tokyo today. they are camping out. the much-anticipated launch of the iphone 7. a dozen of people sitting in camping chairs outside the store's main entrance in sydney. some even waited overnight to be among the first to get their hands on the new phone the situation kind of the same as you see there in tokyo, a little tense. seven people already formed the line there today. some fell asleep from exhaustion from starting the line the night before. others slowly rolling through their iphones. developed it with high-resolution cameras, the drawback no headphone jack and it is set to launch this week. new jersey police investigating after they say a kindergarten student brought
5:45 am
in his lunchbox. a teacher at international academy of trenton thought the little boy was playing with a candy wrapper. she told him to stop, and he did, and when he started to play with it again, she took it away, and that's when she realized it was not candy or sugar or just some -- it was heroin. it turns out the 5-year-old had 30 packets of heroin. most of them in his lunch box. the boy was taken to the hospital where he tested drug but police are investigating to figure out how he got the drugs and no one has been charge. the department of justice have subpoenas to wells fargo over fake accounts opened by employees. no word if it will lead to charges and wells fargo refuse to comment. days after the bank was hit with a $185 million fine for creating million fake
5:46 am
for improper sales tactics. the scandal raising questions of the sales culture that led to those employees opening those unauthorized accounts. employees say the experience had pressure and unrealistic sales targets. an electronics company in virginia have its own way to make employees feel at home. that is to bring your dog to work on bring your dog to work day on clutchfield corporation. bringing the norm, and they say having the pets there help boost morale. they attend meetings and have their own id badges and a newly built pet park out back when the doggies need a potty break, and while some employees were against the dog-friendly policy and they have come around having the idea of man's best friend at the office. tom, i kind of agree with this. >> tom: i have seen your dog tow work before, but not on a daily basis.
5:47 am
>> anchor: makes people smile. >> tom: people love having doggies around. makes people smile. one accident near the downtown area. watch for that. we are generally in a good shape and close to the rush hour and things getting a little sluggish on the inbound 515, also on the southbound 15. okay if you are coming in on the 95. let's look at the road right now and busy southbound. that's what you are looking at right here starting to see the tail lights, the brake lights being tapped. frees up once you get into that merger from t i 95. as to your travel time, 15 southbound a little slow. 7-minute drive to tropicana and 95 south we are okay right now and our traffic forecast where barring any unforeseen incidents such as accidents in about two hours a nine-minute drive whereas now it is 6. giving you a heads up what to watch out for. we do traffic and weather every ten minutes. here is kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. we will start things off by
5:48 am
tropical storm. check out the video. look at those winds. tropical storm julia dumped torrential rain through jacksonville. 40-mile-per-hour winds. that is sustained, not gusts, caused damage to, yes, stations in the area. the storm also spawned tornadoes. winds up to 85 miles per hour. that is in the tornado itself there. thousands of people left without power in georgia and julia goes north past savannah. the storm is expecto s the southeast for several days. but really, most of the rainfall right now is off the coast. it is actually kind of moved offshore. it is weakened, a tropical depression right now and we are going to be dealing with high surf from that and also rip currents a combination. right now all that rain not on land. so that is good news just to keep a few spotty showers. here is a look at what we are seeing lake meade marina a time lapse. started off yesterday.
5:49 am
pretty cool time laps. summer lynn, 64. paradise at 69. nellis, 62 degrees. a sweater, a jacket this morning. dress in layers because you will not need it later this afternoon. more of that t-shirt kind of weather. light winds across the area. winds not an issue for us today or through the weekend. high pressure in control. we have quiet weather all around the area. the low that bht days that is gone. it is out of the area. continuing to track its way off to the east. here is what we are looking at for highs today. warmer than yesterday, but still below normal. ian springs, 86. boulder city, 89 for your expected high. [ laughter ] lynn warmer at 97 for the high today. tonight, mesquite, going down to 66. pahrump, 56 for your overnight low and our seven-day forecast, more sunshine headed through the weekend. warming temperatures too.
5:50 am
that's what we are expecting and also will be watching monday into tuesday, there is a chance for showers and thunderstorms, mainly overnight monday and early tuesday. at least that is what the models are looking like now. we will be keeping a pretty close eye on that one. >> anchor: all right. take a live look out of dallas, texas. breaking news out of texas actually, three hours south of dallas that we are getting word that the family of sandra bland, the african-american woman who was arrested during a traffic stop in texas and then later foundd they settled a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.9 million. so the family lawyer telling cnn that walter county texas agreeing also to change its jail procedures, and we understand that the details of this deal finalized late wednesday night. so just wanted to bring that you breaking news out of texas. definitely a story we will continue to follow as more
5:51 am
at 5:50. last night was the season finale of "america's got talent." who will be heading to las vegas to get her own show. >> anchor: she sang the national anthem at this year's super bowl game, but will lady gaga be returning as a halftime performer? we will have the details coming up. kevin and reabout to play a game called slap jack. >> okay. that is down to me now -- now up to me. >> up to you again. >> yeah. you are looking at 12. ooh, that is not looking much better, 16. >> here you go, ladies. >> oh! what is that? what is that? i did hit it? no --
5:52 am
s created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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5:54 on this thursday. we are right around the water cooler. the winner of" america's got talent" that was announced a
5:55 am
in las vegas is ... grace samuel. >> and she is 12 years old. we will be seeing her. singer-songwriter grace vanderwall. she takes home the million dollar grand prize as well as a show right here in las vegas. so i guess, grace, we will be seeing you soon. >> anchor: maybe we will have her on news3 live at noon. >> anchor: very well. one of the biggest pop stars could perform on one of the world's biggest stages next winter. lady gaga is no stranger to big stages, but a bit of a different gig. the nfl secretly negotiating
5:56 am
lady gaga to host the halftime show. something she is used to. the news comes a month after another mega you superstar adele turned down the opportunity to perform. she sang the national anthem, and they are not confirming or denying. super bowl will take place in houston, texas on february 5. we heard something about sideline reporting. maybe she is just doing her thing as a performer, and -- hey, it was a >> anchor: yeah, she is very, very talented and we love it when she comes to las vegas. let's talk "suicide squad" star margaret robbie comes as batman's villain harley quinn. she signed a deal to develop and produce films for warner brothers which is focusing more on female-driven storytelling. the 28-year-old -- the 26-year-old will be executive producer as well.
5:57 am
hollywood news for you. we have a lot more local news, weather and traffic coming up. we have a lot more local news, weather and traffic coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud.
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6:00 am
one pest control company coming forward to say that bedbugs cannot be killed in 24 hours. why you may want to continue to avoid them. and fire fighters work to rescue a dog. so we are going to show you how this rescue played out. he is up playing, breathing again. it is a great story. we have it for you. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> anchor: happy thursday. but we like to call it friday eve around here as the sun is up this morning across the las vegas valley. and we are happy to be here. kim and dana are off so krystal allan and my fev michelle velez filling in. >> we have the rest of the team on board as well. everything for you. news, weather, traffic. weather and traffic that we do every ten minutes. go ahead and start up in sky 3


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