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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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one pest control company coming forward to say that bedbugs cannot be killed in 24 hours. why you may want to continue to avoid them. and fire fighters work to rescue a dog. so we are going to show you how this rescue played out. he is up playing, breathing again. it is a great story. we have it for you. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> anchor: happy thursday. but we like to call it friday eve around here as the sun is up this morning across the las vegas valley. and we are happy to be here. kim and dana are off so krystal allan and my fev michelle velez filling in. >> we have the rest of the team on board as well. everything for you. news, weather, traffic. weather and traffic that we do every ten minutes. go ahead and start up in sky 3
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above the downtown area. we have report of an accident over in charleston and las vegas boulevard. we are not quite there yet, but in is the intersection we are talking about. so there is charleston and las vegas boulevard. it was reported just to the east of it, and i don't see anything blocking our travel lanes there. looks like everyone is moving through famously. no delay. so that is good news. when we are looking for an accident and we don't find it, you win. continue team traffic with jeff ban >> jeff: i guess with me you lose. and i have an accident southbound as approach galleria. fortunately both drinks are moving okay for your thursday. a look at travel times, 15 southbound from craig to downtown low loving at 8 minutes. everything else is in the clear. let's see if we are winning with the forecast, here is kelly. >> kelly: oh, absolutely. the forecast fantastic. grab a jacket or sweater heading out the door this morning. temperatures are a little cool but you won't need that jacket
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86 at noon and 90 is our expected high. great day to have lunch outside. maybe even dinner. we will talk about how long the cooler temperatures will last next. >> all right. thank you, at 6:02. happening today, if the raiders come to las vegas, they are going to have a pricey new home. the billion dollar question here, how and who will pay for it. news3's craig figner reports live as we people are wondering who will be on the line to foot this bill, craig? >> reporter: that is a very big and important question. behind me, it looks like a little bit of a party going on, tailgating in advance of this meeting on the raiders, the stadium deal. i will talk about that in a moment, but first $1.9 billion, that is the price tag to build a home for the raiders. a 65,000-seat stadium, and the conversation today is going to
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be one about how to pay for it. and, two, perhaps where to put it. now to pay for it it will be funded by adding to the current 12% hotel room tax. the tax will increase under one plan by .88% and touri also pay $.88 on a $100-a-room-night bill. and it raises the cash needed to repay $750 million that would be fronted with the approval of local government leaders. >> generally concept of a stadium. they are supportive of being home of the raiders but they need the opportunity to have details. >> reporter: back here live, we are looking at some people from a local labor union who are gathering in a parking lot where a meeting is going to be happening. it is going to be in a building here and they will be tailgating if you will this morning. they are bringing a lot of discussion today about how this pay for it and perhaps where to put the stadium.
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this will be along -- a day-long meeting and the result will be a vote likely to at least decide on where to put the stadium and that will keep talks moving forward. they may not decide on a funding plan not today but they will talk about it. reporting live, news3. >> anchor: we will see what comes out of that meeting, thank you, craig. a man in critical condition after crashing into a car near the desert inn.the 75-year-old was on what can called a trike, a motorized tricycle. night. the rider was speeding when he trashed into two cars and was thrown off the trike into the road. police say the man was not impaired and was wearing a helmet. the drivers did stay at the scene and they were not impaired either. the victim has serious head and skull injuries. between desert and spring mountain was shut down for quite some time wednesday night as police investigated. multiple law enforcement agencies have arrested a very violent sex offender right
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martin suarez was caught and cuffed yesterday just before 1:00 near sunset and gibson in henderson. investigators say he is facing multiple charges out of california. has 35 arrests on his record. henderson and u.s. marshal. so metro police, henderson police and u.s. marshals helped to capture him. he will be extradited back to california. 6:05 on this thursday. the silver nugget opening 24 hours after closing for bedbugs and one professional said 24 hours may not be enough time to completely get rid of them all. southern nevada health officials have reinspected and let the venue reopen. they sent news3 a statement, the health district has advised the restaurant that an integrate pest management plan is required. the health district is working with the facility to develop such a plan which will include bedbugs.
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association says these pests can stick around for quite some time. it often takes more than one application of pest control to get rid of them. >> is it possible to get rid of them in 24 hours, yes. it is unlikely that you are going to. you need to do service and the gestational period is 21 days and then do a good thorough reinspection 21 days and possibly another application. >> we mentioned this pest control company gets 5 to 10 call bedbugs. if you suspect them, call a professional pest company to get it taken care of. >> anchor: gives me the creeps. started cleaning a home near walter junior high school. the one home that had elevated levels of mercury. the cleanup was finished wednesday, a day ahead of schedule and the levels inside are now safe. a student that attends johnson
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when and if that student or his or her family -- his or her family will be able to move back in. the junior high reopened six days after the mercury spill caused a lockdown. they found a quarter cup of mercury but they don't know how this got there. we are just two weeks out from the first presidential debate. it is right around the corner. in the meantime, the candidates definitely on the trail and former president bill clinton was in las vegas yesterday stepping in for his bought of pneumonia. he campaigned at cheyenne campus after his wife is recovering from her illness. clinton said his wife could be better for the economy and better for immigration. the former president trying to take the high road urging people to reject the, quote, road rage mentality and win donald trump supporters over with kindness. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail today after resting up since sunday. all right, at 6:07.
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but this dog is getting a second chance thanks to henderson fire fighters. they rescued this pup from a house fire wednesday morning that happened near lake mead and warm springs, when fire fighters arrived they found this pit bull by the front door. they pulled the animal to safety and they started resuscitating him as you see here in this video. they have these specialized pet oxygen masks to do that. he was transported to a local veterinarian for further evaluation and we are so grateful for our hes down a mosque now behind bars. how police were able to find him. and one police officer's training kicks in when he and his partner comes across a woman giving birth on the side of the road. what he has to say about delivering the baby. what he has to say about delivering the baby. your fabulous las vegas strip. it looks great any time of day especially with the dawn of light on it. we are on route 2.
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we will report back from sky 3 we will report back from sky 3 i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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:11 on this thursday. we are bringing you an update to this story involving a mosque. police say it was set on fire. this happening in orlando. the person that they expect is
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custody. that was a scene four days ago in florida after a fire was started at the mosque where the orlando shooter from the pulse night club attended. the st. lucie sheriff's office say tips from the community led to the suspect, 32-year-old joseph michael schreiber. schreiber is known to law enforcement and has a history with robbery with a firearm. in addition to the felony arson charge, authorities will say it is a a felony from a second-degree offense to a first-degree offense. if convicted it is possible he could face life in prison. u.s. official says that the department of justice has issued subpoenas to wells fargo over fake accounts opened by bank employees. it is not clear if the investigation will lead to charges and wells fargo has declined to comment on this. this news comes just days after the bank was hit with a
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more than 2 million of those fake accounts. wells fargo said it fired 5300 people in the past few years because of these improper sales tactics. at 6:13. police shot and called 13-year-old in ohio after apparently mistaking a bb gun with a real gun. started with reports of an armed robbery in columbus. when officers approached a group of three people, two of them ran. as officers tried to take the suspects into custody, police say t from his waistband. officers thinking it was a real gun open fired on that 13-year-old ttyree king. they are talking to witnesses of the shooting and robbery. police are searching for one of the three suspects. a 64-year-old handicapped man beaten in a fight over a handicap parking spot -- we have to warn that you the video is disturbing. >> anchor: witnesses say this confrontation happened tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a wal-mart in fairfield,
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victim was arguing with the attacker's girlfriend because she parked in a disabled spot and doesn't have any handicapped plates or -- you know, cards. and that's when the boyfriend pulled the handicap from his car and started punching him. witnesses say the assault was very hard to watch. police are still looking for that person responsible. no word on the man's current condition. at 6:14. an arizona mom, well, she is smiling and crediting these deliver a healthy baby boy. take a look. >> i did this job to help people and that was just a prime example of being able to step in a very unique, stressful situation for these two people and have such a large impact on their life. >> anchor: officer joshua parish and his field training partner spotted a man yelling for help on the side of the road. they realized his wife was having a baby. the officers called
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so they had to step in. get this, officer parish had only been on the job for 12 weeks. luckily he did learn in the 12 weeks how to deliver a baby during his police academy training. i bet he didn't think we have to use it so quickly. we will shift gears and talk a little traffic on this thursday, and send it right on up to tom hawley. tom, how are we look something in. >> tom: looking all right. by the way they don't teach us that in traffic reporting school eithe babies. looking at a smooth commute over here as we pass by the santa fe where rancho connects with 95, and connects to 95 south down near the spaghetti bowl. this is the more complicated interchange. it looks like they are handling it. no delay on the freeway here. continue our team traffic with jeff, who i am sure will be fine as an obstetrician. >> jeff: absolutely. well experienced, tom, thank you.
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as you make your way through the bowl, 15 southbound is the slow spot. 50 miles per hour 95 and summer lynn parkway, you are looking -- summerlin parkway, you are looking all right. currently 8 minutes and one hour. we are forecasting it to be a ten-minute commute. 215 northbound, 12 minutes from the summerlin parkway to the 95. not going to change one hour from now as long as everything stays smooth. let's also remind you join the news3 waze team. get it in the app store and google play and tell us what you are seeing. we have people out there giving us useful information without doing it behind the wheel. continue to do that. knew check of your forecast, and kelly, south carolina had a rough end of the week. >> kelly: they have. and the good news is tropical storm julia is now tropical depression julia that moved
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oh, why look at all this water flooding in the charleston area as well. parts of north and south carolina. without power, georgia, parts of that area without power as well. the good news is it has weakened to a tropical depression now. it is moving out into the open water. so as far as rainfall, an inch or less in the carolinas is really all they are expecting throughout the rest of the day today. here is look outside on the red rock resort camera. the sun not quite up yet. comes up at 6:24 this morning. but we are starting to see a little bit of that dawn glow out there. beautiful colors as well. a lot of blue sky once the sun comes up and cool temperatures too. grab a jacket or sweater as you are heading out. you won't need any. dress in layer. 65 degrees centennial. north las vegas, 67. green valley at 66. and sunrise, 62 degrees right now. winds nice and light. not an issue for us.
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radar picture at least not in the southwest. everything is nice and quiet. here is that low-pressure system we were watching. earlier this week, it is continuing to track to the east. the dakotas getting hit pretty hard right now and that cold front stretching down into texas from that low-pressure center. a look at what we are expecting today. in las vegas tons of sunshine, quiet conditions for us. 90 degrees. that is our expected high. so warmer than yesterday, but still below normal for this time of year. overnight tonight, we are clear skies. very pleasant night for us. in fact very pleasant nights on the way. afternoon highs right around seasonal normals mid-90s for the weekend. as we get into next week, a chance for showers and thunderstorms monday night and into tuesday. so that is something that we have been watching pretty closely. it has been a while since we had some rain here. all right, the national football league launching an initiative aimed at presenting, diagnosing and
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head injuries. the play smart play safe initiative involves hiring of a physician as the nfl's chief medical officer. in addition to that, the league and owner also provide $100 million to support engineering advancements and medical research. the nfl has long been under fire by critics who allege the league has done little to protect player from head injuries. the league say it is has been doing more, making dozens of rule changes to protect player and putting players suspected of getting concussions it says it is stacking games with medical professionals on hand. our celebrity pic. our celebs picking who they want to see win in the big game. here is how it is breaking down. our celebrities and their picks. news3 sports director randy howe taking the minnesota vikings. amber dixon on the squad.
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are picking the green bay packers this sunday. you can make your picks. if you want to find out more about the celebrities and the team. you can do that by heading to and pick who you think will win the games. if you were like, you could win a stay at casablanca casino golf and spa. don't forget, you can watch all the game-time action on news3 sunday's game in -- is green bay i should say against the minnesota vikings. that game kickof all right, one woman's shirt sending a message of hope to other mothers. the meaning behind it and her story. plus -- >> the winner of the $1 million and the star of the headline show in las vegas is ... >> anchor: and ... you are just going to have to wait. you will have to watch when we come back to catch it unless
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we have it coming up. and we are taking a live look out of our nation's capitol. hillary clinton, she is going to be hitting the campaign trail again today. and, you know, this comes
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. ith the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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a beautiful morning for a hike up the side of lowell mountain even though you have to stop to take a breath once a while before continuing up the trail. we are more interested in what is happening with the roadway down below. the mountain where the 215 build up -- the beltway buildup after the far northwest. the traffic is detoured to the north while the bridge is constructed over the top. looks like they are making a lot of progress with fresh asphalt d we will see that bridge over the top opening soon. the actual completion of this part of the beltway still another year or so away. right now let's check your weather with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. the sun actually coming up as we speak right now. beautiful start to this thursday morning. a look outside at the red rock visitor resort camera. there you see it the sun coming up 6:24 in the morning. as far as the temperatures are concerned this morning, here is what we are looking at, pahrump, 57. boulder city, 67 degrees.
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a jacket or sweater this morning. you will not need it in the afternoon as highs climb to 90 degrees. we are back in the 90s today. what about the weekend though? by the way the last full weekend of summer. we will talk about it coming up. >> anchor: okay, thank you, kelly. she is all smiles now. a texas woman's misfortune a message of hope for those struggling to have a baby. thanks to a t-shirt and facebook post her story has spread to inspire tens of "you are looking at a rainbow "you are looking at a rainbow in the middle of a heart" after storms in the middle of a heart" autumn is the mother you saw in the photo. she bought the shirt after miscarrying her first child. she is now expecting a healthy baby boy and wore the shirt for the first time saturday. she didn't know that it would
6:26 am
now her miscarriages have become her message. and ones she can say happened in the right place at the right time. i am sure she is inspiring a lot people by sharing her testimony. one neighbor credited with saving the life of a boy she had never met. her heroic story ahead. jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers,
6:27 am
honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
6:29 am
i don't have to say alleged anymore. i can say murderer. >> anchor: that isat the hands of her fiancee. we are finding out how long he will spend behind bars after being found guilty of murder nearly seven years later. and warning. the better business bureau sending out a consumer alert telling you to be careful of who you trust. what some companies are doing to scam customers. plus ... >> the winner of the $1
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... >> anchor: you got to wait to find out. we know who it is. and maybe if you were watching you probably do too. it was announced just a few hours ago right here on news3. we will tell how is coming to vegas. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> anchor: we want to welcome you in on this thursday. you are taking a live look courtesy of sky 3 of bridge mountain in red rock. these live images. so picturesque. we have beautiful terrain here in las vegas. >> anchor: who better to show it all off us to than our resident history you have about, if you will, tom. he has probably climbed that mountain. >> anchor: or somewhere near it. we are happy to have him. we are happy to have you. >> anchor: absolutely. >> anchor: we are filling in for the wagners. i am mitchell velez and this is krystal allan.
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every ten minutes. let's do traffic. tom hawley, what a great shot you have us. >> tom: i love bridge mountain. i haven't been to the top of it in about five years or so, but a gorgeous view. looking at the western beltway. cruising our way around the western perimeter. the town center interchange off in the distance. both directions on the 215. we are doing great and a couple of report of fender-benders there. they turn to willow the wisps, they disappeared appear as we rife on them. check your travel times. 15 southbound at washington where you can see traffic is moving along just fine looking at your travel times on this thursday. everything in the clear. 15 southbound from downtown to 215 will take you 8 minutes. about the same going the other direction. summerlin westbound and 215 eastbound no delays. now let's see if that cooler weather will stick around. here is kelly. >> kelly: it is nice out there right now. temperatures in the 60s. grab a jacket or light sweater if you are heading out the door.
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layers. that is the key. sunshine at noon. 86 and 90 at 3:00, our suspected high and warmer than normal as you get home around 6:00, 88 degrees. i will let you know what to expect for the weekend coming up in 10 minutes. >> anchor: thank you. at 6:32 happening today, a man found guilty of murdering his fiancee seven years ago will be sentenced today. for monday on that go to kendall center. kendall. >> reporter: i can tell you a long road for the family of robin jenkins but they are finally looking for closure after a jury found his former fiancee guilty of her 2009 murder. today he will be back in one of the court rooms at the operational justice center for his sentencing in just a matter of hours. now he was charged with killing his 45-year-old fiancee back in may of 2009.
6:33 am
hour to find him guilty, why did it take years to get anymore front of one. for seven years he faced 12 trial dates, each one continued. robin's dad said he never thought it would take this long she moved to las vegas to make it big as a singer. he remembered getting a panicked phone call and hisened to her as she dropped the phone during a fight and he explained it was the first time to ever her her voice. >> one daughter to me before she was killed, she sailed, what can i do. she was in the room with her killer. and -- i said what can i do. she said stay on the phone. and that really brought us to this day, because i stayed on the phone, and i heard her being murdered. >> reporter: and he is facing life behind bars without the
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we will bring you the latest for the court room later on news3. live from downtown los angeles, kendall nunualy. >> anchor: we will see you more at noon on that. two federal agents that raided bundy's ranch will take trial against his son. he along with five others will face charges connected to that standoff back in january. the sheriff who lived by the refuge took the bundys warned that armed citizens would invade. the sheriff telling the jury that aaron bundy never specifically threatened him. the better business bureau sending a warning to be careful who they trust. the nonprofit that prides themselves keeping records at local companies and then logging complaints that are made against them. well, they are dealing with fraud. when a company becomes a member of the bbb, they put -- it puts the bureau's logo on its web site.
6:35 am
to the web site, but that isn't always the case. the better business bureau gets regular complaints from consumers that businesses advertising an affiliation with the bureau actually just go copy the logo and place it on their sites. the better business bureau is encouraging to check with the organization to verify the companies have an accredited affiliation. and we are so proud of one of our local mostly cloudy skies. the m+ od muse it was named one of the best museums in the country. congratulations to them. trip advisor ranking it as one their top museum destinations based on consumer reviews. the museum ranked 19th overall joining several famous museums including the smithsonian and the metropolitan museum of art in new york city. if you want to stop by open
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because it is the best of the best. >> wear your walking shoes because do you a lot of walking and so much to see. a neighbor stepping up to save someone she has never met before. the warning she ignored to save a 7-year-old from a burning house. and teacher in shock after finding heroin in a student's lunch box. you won't believe how much she found in this kindergartener's lunchbox.
6:38 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. . that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
6:39 am
this is the scene moments of a one woman risk her life to save a neighbor's son from this burning home you see here behind me. situation. >> don't go inside. just tell everybody to get outside. >> that was the warning from the 911 dispatcher, but 22-year-old mary ella saw the flames and ignored those warnings. medina is her last name. she didn't know the family at all but found a woman with twin infants and she was panicked because she said her
6:40 am
with her phone in the pocket. she called 911. she still had them on line. she ran in the house to get the boy. even as the dispatcher told her not to. medina was able to help the boy out of house and has no regrets. the family says they are grateful for her actions. now tom flying high overhead in sky 3. >> tom: we are over the southern beltway and we are cruising east checking out the people doing the exact same thing only on the ground. a little less traffic to deal with at our altitude. it is not bunching up too bad, but you see increasing congestion into the rush hour approaching the interchange with i-15. look like just normal rush-hour traffic. we had a few accidents and they have seemed to clear just as fast as they reported. check your weather with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, tom. everybody driving into the sunrise there. another look at the sunrise on the overlook camera this morning. beautiful condition for us.
6:41 am
bartlett elementary school. winds south-southeast 3 miles per hour. maybe a jacket walking out the door, but you won't need it later. so layer that is the key. morning bell, 73 opinion 86 at lunchtime, getting out for the afternoon 90. our expected highs for today and wet weather. the possibilities for it in our forecast. we will talk about that in ten minutes. >> all right, thank you. at 6:41, a teenager looking to make an emoji that will represent her culture. what she is proposing and who is backing this idea. what she is proposing and who is backing this idea. oh! >> what -- what is that? >> i did hit? no -- >> you can't hit. you lose. >> loses --
6:42 am
6:43 am
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happening todaas they will need a pricey new home, but the billion dollar question is, how are they going to pay for it? and who is going to be paying. craig is taking a look at the number crunching this morning. so craig, have you been able to figure it out? >> reporter: tourism and infrastructure committee will meet today to talk about perhaps where to put the stadium. they may even vote on a site that they like for the
6:45 am
but one big topic of conversation will focus on money, exactly how this pay the share -- the $750 million share that could come from public money for the total $1.9 billion price tag to build 65,000-seat stadium. a long meeting and an entire day and at the end of it a vote on a favored site that will at least keep this talk going on the promise of having the raiders in las vegas. i am craig figre live on the cam us of unlv. back to you in the studio. >> anchor: something we are keeping a close eye on. thank you, craig. hillary clinton's campaign releasing a letter from her doctor we are new details of the candidate's health and her current pneumonia situation. the two-page letter said she was diagnosed with mild noncontagious bacterial pneumonia and she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest and she continues to be healthy and
6:46 am
evaluated clinton on friday september 2 for a fever, congestion and fatigue. the condition worsened as clinton traveled and the congestion developed into a cough. the clinton campaign also released in a letter from vice vice presidential nominee tim kaine's doctor saying he is in excellent health. this morning we know more about donald trump and hillary clinton's medical history as she gets back on the campaign trail today. fairly complete and shows she is actually a very healthy person. i feel as good today as i was 30. >> anchor: all right, let's go live to nbc tracey potts. as we talked to you yesterday, a lot has happened as far as the presidential candidates and their health. >> reporter: exactly, we are hearing a lot about the health backgrounds from their doctors as you just noted. the dr. oz interview that
6:47 am
and a lot less than we have known about previous candidates but trickling out. now for hillary clinton, she after four days of rest, doctors orders. she is back today. starting in north carolina this morning, and her staff said will focus on they are theme stronger together. she was doing a whole series before getting sick. that will focus on children and families and off to d.c. where she has an event c a couple more over the next two days. hillary clinton behind according to the latest bloomberg poll by 5 points. meantime donald trump is also releasing some of his health history is hoping to make headlines today in new york when he talks about the economy. that is his big issue detailing his economic plan that he says will be balanced by savings from the budget and new growth. and we expect to find out what
6:48 am
>> anchor: you know, tracey, a lot of attention was made with the fact that hillary clinton almost collapsed on 9/11 were donald trump was very quiet and seemed compassionate wishing her to get well quickly and he did make a comment yesterday that has some people talking now. >> reporter: well, yeah, he was in ohio yesterday campaigning, and he said -- he said a couple of things interestingly. he said we would like to see campaign trail. he would like to have someone to campaign against. he was talking about how hot in the room dpoup these rallies 102 degrees in here. i don't know if it was really too hot. a lot of bodies packed in here. it is hot and you got to be able to withstand that and he kind of joked. you guys think that hillary could stay in this room for an hour and all these boos and nos. so, you know, not really necessarily making fun of it, but clearly making an issue of
6:49 am
>> anchor: we will have to wait and see how everything goes. hopefully everybody will stay healthy because a big day coming up with the big debate. tracey potts, we will see you tomorrow. donald trump and his health reviewed by dr. oz. on dr. oz this morning sitting down with donald trump actually on "the today show" to talk about what he found. >> the records that i got without question indicate he is healthy enough to be president. if i as a doctor had a patient like are in good health for a man of his age and send him on his way and i think that is reflective of the fact he has had appropriate screenings throughout the year. i did not do the test myself and i cannot confirm that the data is all right, but the summary is pretty clear. >> anchor: that is dr. oz on "the today show" talking about his sit down with donald trump on his show. you can catch the full interview in just minutes coming up after this newscast on today. 6:49. this has a lot of people
6:50 am
new jersey police investigating after a kindergartener reportedly brought 30 packs of heroin to school in a lunchbox. so his teacher at the international academy of trenton thought he was playing with candy wrappers. she told him to stop and he did, but when he started playing with it again she took a closer look at it and realized it was a packet of drugs. the 5-year-old had 30 packs of heroin, most of them inside that lunch box. >>y boxes. and just so everybody -- every kid -- he is like -- >> how can they control this, right? we are going to have to become more of a police state. >> anchor: the boy was taken taken to a hospital. he tested negative for any sort of drugs in his system. police are investigating trying to figure out where he got the drugs.
6:51 am
charged. the atlantic coast conference announced wednesday that all acc championships scheduled for neutral sites in north carolina will be moved due to house bill 2. the decision includes ten neutral site championships, the acc title football game set to be played in charlotte in december. hb 2 requires transgender people to use rest rooms at school and government buildings according to the gender on their birth certificate. it was signed into law earlier this year by republican defended it as a common sense safety and security measure. thursday the collegiate association ncaa announced it was relocating seven of its championships due to the bill as well. a 15-year-old girl proposing a new e moji and she wants to see emojis that look like her and her culture.
6:52 am
it is a head scarf that muslim women wear. this teenager says she chooses to wear it as many women choose to do so. she says she was baffled there wasn't an emoji to represent women like her. so she pitched the idea to a nonprofit corporation that reviews and develops emoji. she got an immediate reply, and now one of the co-founders is backing this idea. she will present her proposal in person to unicode technical committee in november. all right, we would like to talk a little traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will see what tom hawley is talking about right now on the roadways. >> tom: you know i am not one to sound alarm bells, but bing-a-ling-a-ling because the spa get fee bowl will have a busy ramp closure. the busiest ramp closing tomorrow night at 10. from 95 south to 15 south.
6:53 am
morning. that will have major traffic ramifications on the saturday afternoon, thousands of cars per hour go through here. you want to use alternate routes such as martin luther king, jr. exit to rancho or valley view. that will put extra stress on the service streets as well. be thing to steer clear. here and now a fender-bender on the southbound 95 just before martin luther king, jr. boulevard blocking off the inside lane. starting to slow things down just a little bit. but as we continue team struggling a little bit over the weekend. >> jeff: yeah, certainly a big closure. those struggling to wake up the ding-a-ling thing helped a little bit. woke you up. 15 southbound, 15 miles per hour. we have debris on the roadway at russell. looking at your traffic forecast, from 215 to downtown, 12 minutes. add one minute over the next hour. 15 southbound looks to be unchanged over the next hour,
6:54 am
forecast with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. beautiful conditions to through the. a lot of clear keys, light winds, and temperatures are a little on the cool side. maybe a jacket or sweater headed out the door this morning. temperatures will rise. you will not need it in the afternoon. a live look on the technical academy camera. it is just gorgeous. temperatures already starting to rise. paradise at 70 degrees. nellis, at 62. el dorado and mountain edge at 65. winds are not an issue throughout the day, and they are going to stay. we are looking at beautiful conditions all across the southwest. dry, quiet conditions, but we have another storm system moving its way in for next week. here is a look at the temperatures that we are expecting for the afternoon, mesquite, 1 degrees. boulder city a high of 89 and beatty, 85 degrees. in las vegas, 90 even. still below normal but warmer
6:55 am
sunny skies and highs in the mid-90s and a chance of rain monday night into tuesday. at 6 :64. take you around the water cooler and the winner of "america's got talent" announced the winner on news3. >> the winner of the $1 million and star of the headline show in las vegas is ... ... [cheering] grace vanderwalt! >> anchor: and she is just 12 years old. singer-songwriter grace vanderwalt took home the top prize and beat out the
6:56 am
psychic abilities. she will have a show in las vegas and hopefully we will have her on one of our hoes. one of the biggest star also perform on one of the biggest stages. we are talking about this lady here, lady gaga. the nfl secretly negotiating with gaga to headline next year's super bowl halftime hoe. it comes after adele turned down an after to perform. gaga sang the national anthem at this year's big they are not con firming or denying these negotiations. super bowl 51 takes place in houston, texas on february 5. the daughter of a late georgia sheriff deputy is posing in some very touching pictures to celebrate her father's birthday. one of the most poignant pictures here is where she is wearing her dad cruise thomas's uniform and clutching his badge. kneeling on a ground. a picture of two of them together when she was a little
6:57 am
talia thomas was 8 months old. these pictures went viral after the photographer posted them on their facebook. talia's grandspirits who share custody with her mother says she loves and misses her father and sometimes she still talks to dad. >> anchor: i know tampa.breaks your heart. >> anchor: gets you right there. very touching. that's all for us here as far as the morning show goes. "today show" is coming coming up with our friends in the cw. krystal and jeff take it from there. a vote set for today of a possible nfl stadium. craig has the details on what you can expect. >> krystal: and a dispute
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. back to his old ways? after days of taking the high road, donald trump takes a shot at hillary clinton's health. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. >> as clinton returns to the brings his doctor's report to a tv medical show. >> your bmi is high. >> this morning, dr. mehmet oz joins us live. scandal grows. hackers releasing another batch of data, the private information from at least ten more american olympic athletes exposed. is there more to come? nbc news investigation. the canine teams the tsa relies on to sniff out explosives at


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