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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 15, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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personal information today >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> this is i think one of the most exciting days in the history of las vegas. >> reed: a game changer for our valley. a unanimous vote to bring an nfl stadium to las vegas finally gets the green light. the concept of a $1.9 billion nfl stadium passes its first critical vote here at home. good afternoon. i'm reed cowan. >> marie: i'm marie mortera. this is a big one. it is a vote that takes us one southern nevada. it is our top story today at three. news 3's nathan o'neal is live on the unlv campus which could score big time from a new stadium. >> reporter: after months of debate, the hopes of a las vegas raiders football team and a stadium are one step closer to reality. clearing a major hurdle today. the first of three votes. >> all in favor please say aye. >> reporter: a touchdown for
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65,000 seat stadium here with hopes of luring the oakland raiders. the current pro proposal uses increase in hotel room tax to contribute $750 million to the pot. the rest of the money coming from the raiders and casino mogul sheldon adelson. >> this is one of the most exciting days i think in the history of las vegas. we're on the verge of having an nfl franchise. unlv is going to have a state-of-the-art stadium. maybe one of the best in the >> reporter: but the stadium faces harsh criticism as it makes its way forward. >> it does not pencil out for public benefit and the economic development factor gets touted but it'ser in been proved out in any research done. >> reporter: supporters say it would revolutionize unlv football which would share the facility with the raid ez. head coach tony sanchez. >> this stadium will take us to an entirely different level and really change the landscape of unlv and provide an experience
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current rebels. >> reporter: unlv president says the stadium would be a boom to the university's athletic program which is chasing dreams of joining a power five conference. >> we got the message loud and clear over the summer when the big 12 and pac 12 and other people that we talked to that we had missing ingredients. a practice facility for football and good stadium to play in. we made a lot of headway on that this week. >> reporter: what's next? the governor must call a special session. that way developers get a chance and then eventually to the nfl. reporting live i'm nathan o'neal. news 3. >> reed: it's going to be a big few months ahead on this subject. we appreciate the update. >> marie: want to tell you about metro investigating an assault of one of their own officers. police say an officer was pushed and his motorcycle toppled during a traffic stop near desert inn and valley view. the officer was trying to stop a motorcyclist. following the confrontation the
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cuffed and taken away in a patrol car. that officer is expected to be okay. no word on what sparked the assault. >> reed: took just a few hours for a jury to convict a man named david frostick. guilty of killing his fiancee in 2009. he is waiting to hear his fate in the form of a sentence. frostick faces life without the possibility of parole for that crime. but they sentenced him the jury is listening to testimony from people put on the stand by both the prosecution and frostick's defense team. e members of frostick's family take the stand and the defendant himself is also set to speak today. news 3 will be there for that. earlier today the jury heard from a former metro patrol officer who met the victim a month before she was killed after she called 911 to report she had been in a physical fight with frostick. >> she was physically shaken. her face really red. her eyes bloodshot. she had tears coming down her
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>> reed: it was ap emotional day in court and it's very much to be expected on both sides. the last time the jury was in court they took a few hours to come up with that guilty verdict. so will be interesting to see what they say about sentencing. we'll follow the story and bring you the latest later on editions of news 3. >> marie: clark county teacher's assistant expected to take a plea deal after being charged with child lewdness. balcazar's attorney says he will waive his preliminary and plead guilty to avoid jail time. he was arrested in june after a school worker told police he was seen in a restroom with an autistic girl at mack middle school. police need your help to find a man suspected in seven robberies across the valley. >> reed: most recent happening this month at rainbow near charleston. police say the suspect is described as hispanic male, adult in his 40s.
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slacks and sunglasses. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. the number crime -- 702-385-5555. an update to a story. a man in critical condition after crashing into a car at rainbow and desert inn. 75-year-old frederick was on what's called a trike which is like a motorized tricycle. it happened just after 8:00 p.m. wednesday night. was speeding when he crashed into two cars and was thrown into the road. police say the man was not impaired and was wearing a helmet. the driver did stay at the scene and cooperate with police who say they were not impaired either. the drivers. police say the victim has serious head and skull injuries. >> marie: police are giving high school students a first-hand look at the dangers of drunk driving. metro police set up a dui crash scene outside palo verde high school earlier today.
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it encourages new drivers to think about personal safety when alcohol is involved. the program is based on the 1980 stat that every 15 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol related incident. >> reed: an investigation is underway in columbus, ohio. it's happening right now. >> marie: this comes after a 13-year-old armed robbery suspect allegedly carrying a bb gun was shot and killed by police. jay gray has details. >> reporter: officials are urging calm in the wake of a left a 13-year-old dead in columbus, ohio. >> it is critical that we remain calm and committed to the investigative process. >> reporter: officers responding to an armed robbery call chased down two suspects near the scene. one of those, 13-year-old tyrie king, who police say pulled a weapon from his waistband. >> we found a gun at the scene near the suspect we were trying to apprehend.
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attached to the barrel is a bb gun. >> turns out to not be a firearm in the sense that it fires real bullets. but as you can see it looks like a firearm that could kill you. >> reporter: an investigation into the deadly shooting is now underway. >> once the investigation is complete, the prosecutor will present that to a grand jury and the grand jury will then decide should be filed. >> reporter: the officer involved in the incident, a nine-year columbus veteran, been placed on administrative leave. jay gray, nbc news. >> reed: donald trump releases his medical records. >> marie: we'll tell what you they reveal about the republican presidential candidate. >> reed: plus a car burst into flames but you won't believe what the driver says started the
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>> marie: donald trump revealed his medical records. he did it on the dr. oz show. the records show he has a clean bill of health.
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literally read off of that report. a letter was written by trump's personal doctors saying that trump is in excellent physical health. results of standard medical test show trump's cholesterol levels are normal. in this episode dr. oz read his blood pressure registered normal, 116/70. he is 6'3" and weighs 236. he did tell dr. oz he would like to lose weight. >> reed: another batch of athlete data has been leaked. according to anti-doping agency the information leaked by the same russian cyber espionage group that published data earlier this week. it's important we let you know this is in relation to rio de janeiro. this time the hackers released data from 25 athletes from the u.s. to germany. british cyclists bradley and wigins are among the athletes affected. the same group is also blamed for posting data on american
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and serena and venus williams. >> marie: traffic brought to a standstill on a popular australia bridge. >> reed: because of a massive fire. how fire crews were able to make sure everybody walked away from this. >> chloe: hey guys! it's thursday night. you know what that means. it's time for football. we're live at liberty high school tonight. i'm with these fabulous ladies getting ready for the big game tonight against desert pines.
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>> marie: breaking news out of new york city. a man with a cleaver attacked new york city officers fired shots. the situation unfolding as we speak. >> reed: social media is just on fire with this outside of penn station right now. what we know is that that officer was not wearing a uniform, was approached by a man who a lot of people in the area say is known to be a mentally disturbed man on that block right outside of penn station. he then pulled out -- the man then pulled a cleaver or hatchet and started hitting the officer in the head with a hatchet. the officer returned fire and was able to take that guy down.
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that flew grazed one of the officers in that area. what you are look at in new york city is a huge police presence by all social media accounts. a man attacked with a cleaver or hatchet outside of the very busy penn station. >> marie: this all happening about 5:00 p.m. new york time. so obviously the height of the evening rush hour. other social media posts from employees nearby saying that they were forced to stay in their offices. th because of the huge police presence outside. as for those officers that were hit? they are expected to be all right. as for the suspect? the suspect also has non life threatening injuries we're told by authorities. >> reed: nypd on top of it and so are we. rush-hour traffic brought to a fiery halt in another part of the world because of this bus fire on the sidney harbor bridge. according to australian media,
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injuries but three were taken to the hospital suffering from minor smoke inhalation. motorists traveling in the area were warned to expect extensive delays. >> marie: we're hours away from getting our hands on the new iphone7. >> reed: a loft folks are lining up. around a dozen people sat in coming chairs in sidney, australia. some even had tents waiting overnight to be among the first to get their hands on this popular phone. others just thought concrete sounded like fun. >> i am not doing it so much for the phone. more the experience. i just wanted to do it for some reason. >> reed: the situation was similar outside tokyo's apple store. people had formed a line today. apple unveiled an iphone7 that's got high-resolution cameras, no headphone jack and its annual launch event this week. i drove by the shops at downtown summerlin. no lines there. looks like it was all clear. looks like sidney and tokyo are
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looks like. i can't get my hands on a phone. look at the posture. [ laughter ] look at people texting. sit up straight says this dad. >> marie: they really are camping out. >> reed: time for a check of our forecast. news 3 is your weather authority. it's game time so we're heading out to a local football field this afternoon. >> marie: what an afternoon it is to be out there at liberty high school. let's check in with chloe beardsley who joins us live with this game of the week. >> chloe: we're so i just walked out of the tunnel. this is the patriots tunnel where the football players will be walking out of. all honesty i wanted to stay in there because it's shaded and is toasty. we're going introduce you to some of the cheerleaders here gearing up for the game and talk about some of the football players getting ready to play desert pines. today we're at liberty high school. we're going look at the weather. looking outside most of the neighborhoods are still pretty toasty. you can see the numbers on the screen right now.
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the numbers yesterday. later this evening we're looking to drop down the temperatures to the mid-80s by 7:00. we're going to stick with clear skies throughout the evening. winds pick up slightly to ten miles an hour. as far as the rest of the week goes? we're going remain fairly dry. there's not much impact right now. big changes are headed our way by next week. i'll show you in just a second. overnight tonight. like i said, looking at the clear skies. temperatures dropping that the upper 60s. look at similar conditions comp t regional lows looking at upper 30s on the mountain at mount charleston. 64 degrees overton. upper 50s indian springs. highs by tomorrow afternoon again will be a few degrees warmer compared to our numbers today. 91 degrees for boulder city. upper 60s mount charleston. 92 for pahrump and upper 80s indian springs. 96 for overton. as we look ahead to las vegas tomorrow afternoon we're looking to hit around 92. still temperatures slightly below normal.
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valley not just for friday as we take you out the next seven days taking a look at the seven day but also continuing into the weekend. lots of sunshine. temperatures slowly creeping into the upper 90s into sunday. we have monsoonal moisture that will move north ward by early next week allowing us to see a chance for thunderstorms developing in the week ahead. for now, i would recommend for you to enjoy this nice weather while we have it. with me here as we take you back out on the field i'm with and taylor the captains of the patriots cheer squad. tell me how you feel >> i'm so excited. we play the jaguars tonight. and we just beat a texas team last week. so we play centennial corona next week. very exciting. >> chloe: tell me about how have the football players been getting ready for this game tonight. >> they've been practicing so much. every night they're out on the field training really hard and everything. we're trying to be the best of the best. >> chloe: they're not oe only
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routine. what is this called? >> this is our welcome back performance. we performed last week at the welcome back assembly and we're going perform it today. >> chloe: they're going give us a preview and show us how it's done. ladies, take it away. >> one! two! three! the patriots are back ready to cheer this is our season. this is our year. we're we'll put you to the test. we are the patriots we are the best! we're the red, blue, white. ready to fight! we can't be beat. get ready for defeat. we're on our way stand up and say... we are the patriots. we'll blow you away! . >> chloe: you heard it from them. they said they're going win tonight. so randy will have highlights coming up on later editions of news 3.
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studio. >> marie: kicking off thursday night lights in a big way. thank you so much. >> reed: still to come. up in flames. a close call for a driver after his car erupts in flames. why he says it's his phone to blame for thehe we are one nation under god. that black and white, wewe are e nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> reed: a close call for a florida driver after he says his samsung phone caused his car to catch fire. >> marie: the driver of the 2008 hyundai says he was charging his samsung galaxy s-seven when it burst into flames. >> the 55-year-old man says he just heard it pop just before it caught fire. thankfully he was able to get
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second time one of these phones has been blamed for a car fire. official recall of samsung's galaxy note 7 phone is in affect. tonight samsung says it has a fix for the problem and that will be available by next wednesday. >> reed: until then stop using your phone. you can exchange your phone for a different model if you want wait for their fix. >> marie: florida cat that climbed out of his own grave last year now has a forever home. >> reed: what a story. it's all thanks to stories who this feline nicknamed zombie cat. we do want to warn you some of the images of the injuries might be disturbing to view. going back in time, in 2015, bart cat was hit by a car and presumed dead. they buried him. that's how dead people thought he was. five days later bart clawed his way out of the grave earning the nickname zombie cat. bart was on a feeding tube for seven weeks. he lost an eye.
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society spent just under $11,000 to keep bart alive. >> how many cats can crawl out of a grave right? so he deserves it. we did get donations for his care. >> reed: $9,000 were donated by people from all over the world. but the fight to save that zombie cat didn't end there. because the humane society ceo decided that bart's owners didn't make a good home they kept him then the owners sue. so the legal battle cost the shelter $5,000. bart's f taken him for a year have decided to keep him forever. bart weighs twice as much as when he did at the time he was first rescued. i think he is still handsome. >> marie: i think so too. they should have named him lucky. >> reed: zombie cat is in the past. a series of thefts plague a small neighborhood. >> marie: but the thief may not
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>> marie: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30," getting your questions answered. from paid leave to race relations in america. republican candidate donald trump sits down to discuss the issues in a segment we call beyond the podium. >> reed: a new way to detect the zika virus. it's all about the eyes. what this means for diagnosis in the future. >> marie: also the cat bandit. don't let the fur fool you, this cat is terrorizing a neighborhood. what she is accused of stealing >> announcer: news 3 starts >> reed: talking politics. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after taking a few days off while recovering from pneumonia. thank you for joining us. i'm reed cowan. >> marie: i'm marie mortera. clinton boarded her plane in white plains, new york today. her first stop in? a campaign rally in north carolina. donald trump is revealing his medical records in today's episode of the dr. oz show. his medical records show he has


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