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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  September 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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suspect. and a frightening afternoon for police when they are targeted by a person with a meat cleaver. obviously we're having video issues right now. we don't want to mix stories up.
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all right. we had a stern talk with our computers and they are on board. a game changer for las vegas. the concept of the nfl stadium clears its first hurdle. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. it takes us one step bringing the oakland raiders to southern nevada. this is our top story. news 3's nathan o'neal explains how unlv could score big from a new stadium. >> here comes the blitz. raiders took it easy. >> reporter: a touchdown for las vegas. as an 11-member state panel approves a plan to build a 65,000-seat stadium here, all hopes of luring the oakland raiders. the current proposal funds the
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$750 million to the pot. the rest of the money, coming from the raiders and casino mogul, sheldon adelson. >> this is i think one of the most exciting days in the history of las vegas. we're on the verge of having a franchise. >> it does not pencil out for public benefit and the economic factor gets touted but it's not never been proved in the football, which would share the facility with the raiders. tony sanchez. >> this stadium will take us through an entirely different level and change the landscape of unlv. >> reporter: an investment that len jessup says would be a boost to the university and to the athletic department which is chasing dreams of joining a power 5 conference. >> we got the message loud and clear over the summer when the
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missing ingredients. we made a lot of headway on that this week. >> reporter: what happens next? well, developers are working on a very tight deadline. they are hoping the governor will call a special session. that way they will get their chance to make their pitch to nevada lawmakers and then eventually to the nfl. reporting, i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. the mayor of oakland says she's focused on keeping the raiders in their c mayor said in part, oakland has a lot to offer this team in the nfl. now is the time for everyone in our region to pull together to show the nfl and the raiders that their future is in oakland. the vote on the new football stadium is just one of the highlights in this afternoon's state of the university address at unlv. len jessup said the move will help the rebels move into a powerhouse conference, such as the pac 12.
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enthusiastic crowd at the judy bailey theater and discussed progress on-- on unlv's medical school. >> i hear the concept of 1,000 students that will be interning at the debate, we'll link them up with the news agency. they will be able to be hands on at the debate. >> that debate is scheduled for october 19th at the thomas and mack loose. police say the thief has hit seven stores in the past couple of weeks. robberies have happened near rainbow and charleston. business owners say the bearded criminal has terrorized them. video taken this weekend inside an at&t store appears to show the robber making his move and going in. russ, the guy right here that manages the mattress place next door to the at&t store that was
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it's -- i think it's something to be concerned about. >> reporter: well, police describe the suspect as an hispanic man in his mid-40s, 6 feet, and weighs around 220 pounds. the man accused of stabbing his fiance to death will soon learn if he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. jurors heard from david frostick as he asked for mercy saying he's learned his life over to peace. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: david frostick asking for mercy from a jury saying he's found a new life through religion.
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today the jury heard testimony from jenkins' family about why he should spend the rest of his life behind bars without paroles. here's robin jenkins's nice. >> it's hard to put in words. >> robin's father said he couldn't function for three months. he was on the phone with his daughter moments before her murder. >> the last words that robin said that means remember this. >> reporter: the jury also heard from -- from frostick's family members who pleaded for mercy. >> the jury will pick up deliberations on his sentence tomorrow morning. they will likely choose between life in prison with or watt po role. hillary clinton back on the
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first event since leaving a 9/11 memorial and was caught on camera nearing passing out. she held a rally in greensboro, north carolina. she said the downtime gave her time to reconnect with the goals of her campaign. while in north carolina, she took aim at the state's so-called bathroom law that opponents say discriminates against lgbt people. >> rime running for the teenager here in north carolina who sees your governor's bill legalizing discrimination and suddenly feels like a second-class citizen. [ cheers ] >> clinton was later scheduled to attend a caucus dinner in washington, d.c. donald trump makes a guest appearance on "the tonight show." he leaves the store looking different than when he arrived.
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hairstyle. jimmy asked trump if he could mess up his hair. trump looks hesitant. he's egged on by the audience. [ cheers ] >> you hear the audience cheering there. so he allowed him to give him an impromptu makeover. >> go ahead. [ cheers ] >> yes! donald trump, >> wow. i don't think anyone has ever seen trump look like that before. >> that uncomfortable? [laughter] >> with that hair. well, you can see the entire interview and the hair-do tonight starring jimny fallin right after news 3 live at 11:00. >> if you google trump's mother, you can see images that show they have a very similar hair type.
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federal funds. the grant is to rehabilitate the runway at the airport. you are seeing file video leaving burning. today, harry reid secured more than $370 million in federal funds for the airport in northern nevada. reid says that airport is one of nevada's most important economic hubs and the grant represents a significant investment in the state's growth and success. california, once again, under wildfire fire in northern california. officials say the blaze broke out before 1:00 this afternoon in sacramento. they say the flames jumped to fire road and now are burning towards the california expo. the expo had to be evacuated. it's a major center that showcases conferences among other things. officials say two power lines and a power substation were impacted bide the flames.
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prosecutors in nashville want a new judge and a new sentencing here hearing for a convicted rapist. they say judge watkin who sentenced the vanderbilt player may have been influenced by a dozen letters or e-mails. watkins received the e-mails but didn't tell the prosecution before. judge and a new hearing for a possibly stiffer and newer sentence. an update to breaking news we brought you at 3:00. new york police officials identified the map they say attacked officers with a meat cleaver. nypd chief james o'neil said the suspect was 23-year-old okram juday. they say he was living in his car. police stopped him for trying to
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a meat cleaver from his waistband. police say when a third officer tried to subdue the suspect, that man slashed the officer's face leaving a 6-inch gash. the uniformed officers fired it 18 shots striking the suspect several times. >> i want to commend them for their bravery and performance of duty and push off right off the bat the number of >> the officers say they weren't able to subdue the suspect with a taser before moving to their firearms. that suspect is in critical condition at a nearby hospital. several displaced manatees are headed back to the gulf thanks to the work of dzhokhar -- thanks to the work of volunteers.
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a.m. they pulled four manatees from the pond. but as the day wore on, volunteers found more manatees, each manatee having to undergo a health assessment before going back to the gulf. >> this area experienced a lot of flooding. this whole golf course was under water. i think the boths were unable to go on the >> well, one of the manatees is one of the largest florida fish and wildlife have seen and weighed more than 1400 pounds. another iconic animal needed help after floods. take a at -- take a look at this photo. this is southern australia. the man who took this photo says
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a tree. kind of has that look on his face like what's going on here! >> i've had days where i felt like that. [laughter] >> wildlife experts reassured that man that they cope well with the rain. they have thick fur and survive the wet winters in australia. i don't know. that face to me says i need a jacket and umbrella. >> and a nice warm bed. >> hot cocoa, please. an arizona mom credits two deliver a healthy boy. officer joshua parish and his field training officer spotted them on the side of the road. once they pulled over, they realized the woman was having a baby. >> it was a really cool experience. i joined this job because i want to help people and that was a
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step in in a very unique, stressful situation for these two people and have such a large impact on their life. >> officer parish has been on the job for 12 weeks. he learned how to deliver a baby during his recent training. football fans from competing high schools are coming together for a very common case. >> instead of wearing team colors, supporters from both schools agreed to wear gold. why gold? because it significant childhead cans kerr awareness month. here's more. >> reporter: bernie and somerset are no strangers when it comes to competing. but tomorrow night instead of seeing purple on one side and blue on the other side, both greyhounds and bulldogs fans will be decked out in gold. >> tomorrow night you will see gold here, gold there. we might have gold ss on our helmet.
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families at both schools have had children lose their battle with cancer. taylor lost her brother in november of 2014. >> i was just really happy my school was taking so much joy into this. >> reporter: students and staff have been selling t-shirts for the game. a portion of the money goes for cancer research. >> cancer is a terrible thing. it needs money and research and there's been a lot of improvement in it years. early detection is one of the great things that you can have happen. >> reporter: both teams are going in to win. but the real winners won't be on the scoreboard. >> at the end of the day, it's for the kids and those who battle cancer. >> a bigger night than what you will find on the field. >> amazing young man. >> darien trotter reporting from
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already sold 2,000 t-shirts. we've seen a lot of people wearing the pins and the ties recently. good to see young people catching on to a good mission. let's talk about our weather. we're talking about football. it's thursday night lights. >> yes, and the weather is cooperating. we have a lot of light winds and clear skies. it's gonna be a great night to watch the game. you can see a live look people out and about, hopefully having a good time. the weather, it's looking good out there. not too hot. not too bad. here is a look at the highs. ranging from the 80s on the west side of town on the 90s. you can see 93 for southeast as well as sunrise is where we maxed out. in some neighborhoods it will be warmer compared to the temperatures today. a lot of sunshine. very calm conditions at lake mead earlier this afternoon.
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expected tomorrow. the numbers outside look like this. ranging from the mid-70s in blue diamond to 80s in summerlin. on the east side of town, 85 in sunrise. and northwesterly low to mid-80s for the downtown area. so nice weather, calm conditions continue. even outside of the valley, we're coming in from 80 in pahrump. 79 for indy upspr indy -- in southern nevada and the region accompanied by a warming trend. we're expecting changes in the week ahead. i will show you why. we're expecting an areas of low pressure to develop off the coast of baja. that will help fitter in moisture from the south allowing to see possible thunderstorms next week. i will show you the chances in a second. overnight tonight, take advantage of it. 63 for your overnight low. not quite as cool as last night but pretty close.
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of the northwest after midnight. we're looking at pretty nice weather for your thursday. 64 for your overnight low in overton. 49 for alamo. 58 for indian springs. 39 on the mountain tomorrow. reaching 68 by the end of the day for your friday. 97 degrees is on tap for lake mead. 91 for boulder city. also in the low 90s for pahrump and upper 80s for search and sandy valley by tomorrow afternoon. we'll wake up to pretty nice conditions as well. again, another day where we're not gonna see sky. 72 by 7:00 a.m. still barely in the 70s by the:00 k upper 80s by noon and we'll max out at 92. temperatures slightly below normal. that's about to change especially as we make our way in the weekend, with the highs reaching 90 degrees. like i talked about, the moisture filtering into the area, allowing the chance for thunderstorms to potentially pop up. it's a slight chance.
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like me, don't wash your car. wait until next thursday. >> thank you. well, fans patiently waiting for the newest device. >> the i-7 is already selling out before people can get their hands on it. and there's an out-of-this-world surprise for all of you space and astro enthusiasts. danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes. tarkanian was ordered by a judge to repay $17 million in a failed development scheme. tarkanian refused to pay the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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early birds and super phone fans across the world camped outside of apple stores the day before the highly-anticipated launch of the new iphone 7. this was much in sydney outside of the apple store where you see at least a dozen people camping outside. some bringing tents. the iphone 7, 7 plus in already in action there down under. let's take you to tokyo now, where many people waited outside of the store as well. they are really looking forward to the iphone 7's new features. of course, bragging rights, right? apple unveiled the new phone.
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with high-resolution cameras. if you are hoping to preorder online, chances are you will be waiting a while. most of the 7 plus and the iphone 7 in jet black sold out already around the world. samsung says it's fixed the brehm -- the problem that's causing the batteries to catch fire. this news comes the day after recall. if you one of these phones, you can get a replacement or a refund. samsung said devices will be available within a week. spotify reaches a big milestone. 40million paid subscribers on spotify. that numbers makes it the clear leader in the market. it's at a 10 million premium uses in about six months. their biggest rival, apple music, has 17 million paid viewers.
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many total users it has. but back in june, they said they had 100 million subscribers. that number accounts for those who were paid and unpaid. professional football getting more social. ten weeknight games will be live streaming on twitter. it all starts night as the buffalo bills take on the jets. fans will be able to watch on their mobile devices for free through twitter's app. you can cat country twitter operates except for canada. there is a separate contract for the nfl there. coming up at 11:00, you saw it at the top of our newscast, a local vote unanimous to move forward on plans to build a stadium for the raiders. how do people in oakland feel about this? why an expert believes our county needs to think outside of
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the businessman bringing the staple into real life. all right. space and astronomy fans, listen up. >> well, this month, the college of southern nevada hosting a lecture series.
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s always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto, and i approve this message. ?? ?? ?? ?? america's fascination with jonbenet's brother. >> i think i look like a normal kid. >> his 6-year-old sister was murdered. the reason behind his smile. >> you're going to learn a lot that nobody has ever heard.
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security breach. >> look at this. i am toast. >> how beyonce made her hollywood concert look like an a-list awards show. >> plus ashton kutcher's sexy modeling past and revealing his secrets to becoming big-time famous from smalltown roots. >> doing well right off the bat. >> and one of the coolest emmy nominees makes us sweat. we work out with tracee ellis ross. >> you want to feel a little pop. >> and why this 12-year-old singing champ is drawing oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! >> now for september 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> it has been a ratings bonanza this week for dr. phil as millions have tuned in for his exclusive interview with jonbenet's brother burke. >> the fascination has to do with burke's mannerisms and his expression when talking about his sister's death is not what people expect and dr. phil gave


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