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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 15, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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security breach. >> look at this. i am toast. >> how beyonce made her hollywood concert look like an a-list awards show. >> plus ashton kutcher's sexy modeling past and revealing his secrets to becoming big-time famous from smalltown roots. >> doing well right off the bat. >> and one of the coolest emmy nominees makes us sweat. we work out with tracee ellis ross. >> you want to feel a little pop. >> and why this 12-year-old singing champ is drawing oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh! >> now for september 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> it has been a ratings bonanza this week for dr. phil as millions have tuned in for his exclusive interview with jonbenet's brother burke. >> the fascination has to do with burke's mannerisms and his expression when talking about his sister's death is not what people expect and dr. phil gave
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what do you think happened? she's dead. >> many of you have commented on burke's smile. this is anxiety. he's socially uncomfortable. >> at some point you have to move on. >> he's not autistic. he's not weird. he's not creepy. he's just nervous. >> while the focus has been all about burke's smile, his fidgeting and nervous laugh, dr. phil remains protective of the 29-year-old computer consultant who works from home. a golf club? >> not on purpose. she was standing behind me and i went like that. >> he's kind of a loner. people do things, maybe they pull on their hair and they fiddle around or whatever. for him, it's a nervous smile. >> i want them to focus on finding the real killer and not making up bogus theorys about me and my parents. >> not much is known about burke. still won't even disclose where he lives to protect his privacy, but one thing he revealed, burke
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>> he's in a relationship with a very nice young woman and he has a good relationssip with his father. they're not together all the time. they live half a country apart. it's been 20 years since this happened and in that time burke's never been in trouble with the law. he's never -- he's never had any problem with assault or violence or anything like that. it's totally consistent with him not being a suspect, but in our follow-uppi very specific theory about who killed his sister. >> and that final episode airs mooday on dr. phil. a lot of people are very curious and want to know what happened. what a night last night for "america's got talent." they had their highest rating in five years and the record number of people voting and crowned 12-year-old singer grace vanderwaal as its new champion. so the girl simon cowell called
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>> the winner is -- grace vanderwaal! >> high five. >> she did it! >> these are tears of joy, right? >> yes, of course! >> you called it from the beginning there, howie. >> from the beginning. >> i'm such a good judge. that's a good judge. >> you are a shooting star! you are on your way! i love you! you are so special! >> i've been watching this show for 11 years, and i've been ? i don't play by the rules of the game ?? >> the kulele-playing phenom became a frontrunner by writing and playing her own original music. >> i think you're the next taylor swift. ?? ? ??
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also a pro on social media. >> here's my never-before-seen forehead. >> and now -- >> planet hollywood, here i can! the new york native will headline in vegas, but how will the 12-year-old spend the million dollar grand prize money? >> i want to get a treehouse, zip lines, bridges, everything. >> how about this? we heard you, grace, so we contacted pete nelson, treehouse for you. >> you want a treehouse built? we can be at your house tomorrow. bridges, zip line, the whole thing, this is so fun. so exciting and congratulations! call me. >> i love it. >> pete, can i have a treehouse built? i'm just saying. you want to give me one? >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte is going after the mirror ball
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>> i am just finished with our second rehearsal for the quick step, and i am beat. look at this. i am toast. >> ryan is all in. so ready to put monday night's "dancing with the stars" ambush behind him and there are questions about what prompted the protest. >> one report claims the relative of the protesters was arrested in rio during the olympics. brazilian authorities posted this image of what they say is a fake i.d. of an american who was arrested for allegedly selling fake tickets. according to the report, he is the nephew and cousin of the protesters. >> once lochte did what he did >> all of a sudden americans became targets in rio. and it became difficult for americans there. >> just four days until monday night's live show, yesterday i stopped by to watch babyface rehearse. ?? ? >> the singer, songwriter and producer tied for third last week. would you like to sse more security there in the coming weeks? >> i guess there could be.
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keep happening, and i think the point was made that they were trying to make them get out and move on. >> i call you mr. unbotheree because you're so cool, calm and collected. i mean, look at you now, come on. have you fallen in love with dance or are you falling in love with dance? >> no, not yet. >> i've got to get it first. >> is dance mildly irritating to you? >> it's not irritating. it's just hard. >> so are you good with the tango? because you do have to have some >> yeah. i have to think about it and dream about it so i can be it. you have to work for it. >> you might not be babyface this week. you might be stank face. >> i like that stank face. we'll go with that. >> such a good guy and a great singer, as well. do you want dancing and singing that is absolutely insane? because beyonce brought it last night. she made dodger stadium look like an awards show with the
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there, too. ?? ?? >> also in the splash zone, amy schumer looking recovered from the food poisoning that put her in the hospital earlier this week. ?? ?? ?? >> also belting it out in the crowd, katy perry. ?? >> katy glammed up for the show with a fringed frock and feathering earrings. she watched from a private suite while chowing down on a hot dog. ?? >> a source tells me jay-z also hung out in a private suite while other celebs including christina aguilera, laverne cox and vin diesel all got into
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made it a date night. ?? ? ?? ?? >> last night was the 37th concert for b on this tour. her second show back on stage after a doctor ordered her to rest her vocal cords. it is no wonder she looked a little spent after killing it on stage. >> i know what she had to go through with vocal rest because as much as i was screaming i'm down a couple of octaves, can you you really did. >> coming up next -- >> welcome to my home. >> inside a new york housewives five-story manhattan home with an elevator and wait until you see the expensive stuff she's hiding in there. >> i have shoes hat are anywhere from $11,000 to $12,000. >> andda "full house" mom with her look alike daughter turned model. >> hi, "e.t.? >> when have you seen an actress
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>> former miss universe olivia
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i don't want to be a part of she does not care about my feelings at all. >> yes, she does. did you cctch that drama on the final reunion show of the real housewives for new york city. sonja morgan nearly stormed off the set after those ladies ganged up on her. calmer when sonja gave us a tour of her unbelievable home in the middle of manhattan. >> hello, "e.t.? welcome to my home. >> the 500-square fooo house with five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. >> but what i like about this house is all of the outdoor space. living in new york and spending a lot of time since my divorce, that's been a godsend. >> sonja kept the townhouse in the divorce from her ex whose family founded j.p. morgan. you know, j.p. morgan chase.
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and "the real housewives of new york city," sonja is a friend who always knows where the party is. and the party, well, it's usually at her place. >> this gets the most action. i've had board meetings here, fashion meetings. i can have friends over, cocktail parties. >> the elegant feasts go down on the second loor. >> if the walls could talk. >> draped in classic french decor, the dining room leads into the mahogany kitchen. >> i have great views. >> moving on up to the third >> did i lock these closets? yeah, good. this is where i keep my birkins and my good stuff. >> if you're a guest at chateau morgan, it's a five-star service. with the fifth floor to yourself. >> you can take the elevator straight up. what is sonja's most lavish item in the home? >> i have shoes, you know, worth anywhere from $10,000 to $12,000
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and a housewife comes over and clips her purse on top of it. still ahead, me and first-time emmy nominee tracee ellis ross who happens to be one of the coolest chicks in hollywood. putting work at the gym and getting real about body issues. >> i have had an internal struggle of not feeling comfortable in my skin. >> then -- >> ashton kutcher on his modeling past how the smalltown boy became big-time famous and you can, too. >> candace cameron bure on the runway and why you might see her >> honey! over here! picture! no, i won't be like that. i promise i won't do that.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? eat structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? well, this is becoming a trend, young mothers with famous models. meet natasha bure and her mother
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debut at new york's fashion week. >> honey, over here! picture! >> i promise, i won't do that. >> candace was gushing over natasha as she prepared to walk the catwalk. >> i prefer being here as a proud mom than just a celebrity sitting in the front row. >> i love doing this kind of stuff. you gettto show your attitude a little bit. >> i wish i felt like she does when i was 18 years old. >> i've been practicing since i was 5 years old. like, literally i'm not even kidding you, i was in mom carpet hallway. >> see what a shy, shy child she is? we were with the designer sherry hill and natasha as she tried on some outfits. >> it's time to see if these girls want to do something themselves rather than spend their mom's money. >> i've never walked in a runway show before. i'm super excited and i hope i don't trip and that's my biggest concern. >> natasha has also been bbsy a auditioning for this season of
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>> it was incredible. i am super proud of her and i am looking forward to watching the show air. >> when you think fashion and models you think new york, paris, l.a. did you see many of the famous faces you see on the runway in ads are from the heartland, the middle of america and there is an agency that specializes in finding those beautiful people like ashton kutcher and carlie kloss in the most unlikely places. >> when someone comes up to you and says i want to give you the world. you should be a model and come to new york you're immediately dubious. >> ashton was still in college when he heard those words. it came from this woman, mary clark, a fellow cedar rapids, iowa, native who discovered ashton in a bar and pretty much launched his career. >> mary walked up to me and said you need to do this. so i went nd entered a fress faces contest. >> it is really powerful to see even him up on stage talking to everybody and you can't help but
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happened. it's pretty incredible. >> you can say mary has a knack for finding talent especially in iowa. she and her husband jeff run model management and they're responsible for discovering some of today's top faces. they found carlie kloss at a local benefit fashion show and "vogue" cover girl grace hartzel was just 14 when mary discovered her. >> she's sharing runways with the li york fashion week and another up one of their finds, up and comer alana arrington. >> she did yeezy. >> they take from where i was two years ago to the top. it's, like, it's very inspiring. >> i'll tell you a story about what makes them unbelievable and doing really well right off the bat and then i went to chicago and i was really struggling and
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i don't know if i can do this anymore, and i called them and they lent me $300. they got me back on my feet and got me back going, but what makes iowa so special? >> it's a secret, but all of the best people coming from the middle. not really. there is a genuine, heartfelt difference, and they're beautiffl and people are really tall because of that corn. the secret is the corn. >> by the way, corn sales just went through the roof. >> they also told us the best advice for aspiring models, be patient. it doesn't always happen overnight like it did for ashton and carlie. ?? ?? >> oh, yeah. we all know tracee ellis ross can work that body and she proved it moving just like her mother diana ross. let me tell you, i had no idea what i was in for when the emmy-nominated star "black-ish" invited me to work out with her.
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it. i don't have a stitch of makeup on. i don't work ut in makeup. >> sure. >> although i do wear red lips because i feel if you look in the mirror you have to feel a little pop. >> i was surprised to learn that like a lot of women tracee once was conflicted with body issues. i have had an internal struggle as a young girl of not feeling comfortable in my skin and i just happen to be one of those people who has fought hard to earned. my size fluctuates between a large, 4 and a 10. i work out regularly. >> sure. >> because you have o use your whole -- >> oh, my gosh. >> so you get all of this. >> she put me through the ringer at the tracy anderson method studio and said those past body insecurity his nothing to do with having a mother who is a superstaa. >> my mom was just my mom and she was just this gorgeous,
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self-esteem and courage and be who i am. if anything, it played into my desire to work out in red lipstick. >> what's the best piece of advice that she has ever given you about navigating this business? >> it's a lifetime of a mommy. >> tracee ellis ross! "black-ish.? >> her emmy nomination is her first ever. >> i got nominated and i was, like, this is ridiculous! >> and while trying on her emmy dress tracee became emotional. gotten married, and i haven't had a child and there aren't a lot of things in our culture that allow single people to be celebrated and there was this moment that was really beautiful. >> single? yes, but that doesn't mean she's not keeping her eyes wide open. >> today i was driving my car and there was this man walking without a shirt on and i was, like, focus on the road, girl! focus the road! i was, like, oh, god!
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>> that's real honesty, right? tracee is my girl crush. she's the first african-american in 30 years to be nominated for an emmy. >> the last? >> phylicia rashad, you know i know my claire huxtable trivia.
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!"
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halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat." it's all at travel consideration provided by -- >> tomorrow, paul walker's brother is still fighting back tears three years after his death. >> we are still feeling the effects of not having paul around anymore. >> their emotional interview. >> kevin hart's surprising
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just going to shine bright. >> and our flashback friday with ray romano celebrating "everybody loves raymond". football are bringing good will to deserving kids. >> hey! we're at st. jude. >> tony gonzalez and bill cowel from nfl today spent the day for cancer awareness month and participated in team activities and it was great. >> i'm looking at you and getting a high five. you see the smile on their face and you can imagine what these kids are going through and you get a chance to make a kid smile it moves you. >> giving back is wwat i believe is our responsibility as people who have been given so much. you have to give back to the world around you. that's what the universe taught me. you have to put it out there. >> tony and bill tonight on cbs when the new york jets take on the buffalo bills for thursday night football. >> take care, everybody.
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