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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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but one commissioner has concerns. the vote for a new nfl stadium, not seeing that it could work out that way. we have the web site next. changing his mind, donald trump's campaign says he does believe the president was born in the u.s. what he said before the state was released that have some people raising eyebrows this morning. live from las vegas, this is new >> anchor: and good friday morning to you. we are cruising on into the weekend. thank you for waking up with us. so glad to have you with us. you know we have been telling you all week, you definitely need to check your travel plans because we have a major road closure coming up. >> anchor: starting tonight and according to tom, the busiest ramp in southern nevada. we will have more on that and we want to make sure you are aware driving from the north
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>> anchor: 95 to the 15 it is going to be an issue. hope you don't have any issues. krystal and michelle filling in for the wagners and have you covered every ten minutes. >> anchor: we do it every ten minutes. start with kelly. kelly, i walked out and so refreshing. i wasn't sweating, you know. >> kelly: big full moon out there as well. now we are getting ready for that sun to come up. a little bit of a dawn glow going on but the sun come up until 6:24 this morning. looking at 78 degrees by 9 a.m. 87 by noon, and 92, that is our high today at 4:00. we have got warmer temperatures on the way, plus chances for rain in the forecast. we will talk more about it in ten minutes. >> that ramp closure that michelle was talking about is 95 southbound. the on ramp to 15. it goes until sunday, 10 a.m. it is going to be a significant closure. so if you were headed to the strip, you will have to take alternate routes, rancho,
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king, jr. up the charleston to get back on to the freeway. we are following breaking news on this friday we talked about all morning long that has to do with an officer involved accident, motorcycle accident near tropicana and durango. our kendall nunally is live on scene. kendall, what did you learn of the officer's condition. >> reporter: the officer was taken to unc trauma center he was awake and speaking. move o this morning on tropicana. a portion of this road closed between durango and buffalo. officers continued their investigation and this vantage point you will only see on news3. the only crew that is here closest to the scene. you can see this motorcycle knocked over. and continuing to investigate. and the sedan was traveling the same direction as the officer on his motorcycle rear ended him causing it to fall over. once again, that officer is expected to be okay currently
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he was conscious and speaking once he was taken there. the driver of the sedan that hit him, rear ended him. no police interaction with the other vehicle proceeding this accident. now the driver of the vehicle if cooperating did stay on scene talking to officers what exactly happened. they said they heard it and didn't see too much beforehand or at least hearing anything. and falling off the back of a truck. not so much very latest from the scene this morning. for now reporting live in las vegas, kendall nunannly. at 6:03. a clark county grand jury has officially judged a brother and sister charged with dig figuring a woman with hot grease. investigators say these two tunisia armstrong and michael williams threw the victim back on the ground and it happened in december and poured hot grease down her throat.
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insulted armstrong and threw a rock into a window. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital and then was brought back to life. both of these people face attempted murder and battery charges. williams is being held without bail. 6:04 on this friday. metro officers are looking for this man. you see it here behind me as we zoom in closer. he held seven stores of the west side of the valley. security cameras stopping him top at a at&t moments before robbing them. he handed employees a threatening note and gets away with cash and merchandise. officers say the note implies that he has a gun but they haven't seen one pulled out yet in these robberies. described as a hispanic man. take a close look. a good picture. mid-40s, scruffy beard. if you know anything about his crimes, you are asked to help police. they need you on this one.
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well, las vegas, one step closer to kickoff. officials voting unanimously to approve a $750 million tax deal that will bring the raiders to las vegas. the money will come from an increase in room tax. the plan has plenty of support, and it is now heading to the governor for approval. but county commissioner christian tialiani has some concerns particularly of addleson and mark davis any pub m fine, but do what they did, the private financed it. it does not pencil out for public benefits. >> reporter: one economic mind agrees. we talked to jeffrey dorfman, economic professor and contributor. his argument, location who go to game are not getting hotels room or pay for flights. you have to rely on tourists
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tax money back, don't sell season tickets to the one that live in las vegas. a major impact on you and unlv, school president dr. lynn jessup gave the university address. saying that the stadium will help the rebels move into the top five powerhouse conference like the pac 12 and the big 12. touched on the progress of unlv's new medical school and the upcoming presidential debate. y will be held right here in las vegas at the on october 19. another solar project coming to southern nevada. this one will generate enough electricity to power $25,000 homes. the solar project will be the third solar built on the malapo river indian reservation 40 miles northwest of las vegas. u.s. secretary of the interior sally jewel along with leaders from the tribe made the
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construction jobs on the reservation. okay, the big news today, the iphone. people have been waiting on line for a very long time, but lines haven't been as long as you maybe anticipated they would be. we are taking a live look at the big apple, new york city. apple's flagship store. here is the deal. if you want your hands on the iphone 7 plus or the nice new sleek phones they are coming out with so you are out o you will have to wait for certain types of the iphone but people wasting no time trying to get their hands on it first. a live look from new york. a frightening story. an officer -- off-duty officer is in critical condition after a man attacked him with a meat cleaver? so this happening also in new york city. we will show what you led up to that attack. and this is foodie friday. john curtis always introducing
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talking pasta from b&b restaurante.
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6:10 on this friday. we were talking about the
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making headlines for the wrong reasons. recalling galaxy 7 smartphones amid of the phones catching fire. dozens of users reporting that fires occurred while they were charging this phone. the consumer product safety commission told users stop using immediately. the recall comes after samsung said earlier this month they will stop selling galaxy note 7 phones. the cpsc say the company got 9 the cpsc say the company got 92 reports of batteries overheating that included 26 reports of them burning up and 55 reports of property damage from those fires. samsung sold 2.5 million of the devices worldwide since introducing them in august. go to to find out what you need to do. a return, a refund, definitely important information that we want to you know. and donald trump's campaign is saying that he now believes president obama was born in the u.s.
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contradiction to his stance five years ago. trump's campaign released this statement thursday, but earlier in the day, the republican nominee told the"washington post"that he was not ready to say if he was ready to think that president obama was born here in the u.s. he cast doubt on mr. obama's birthplace since his father was from kenya and repeatedly called on the president to release his birth certificate that the president did. and nypd officials are identifiedhe attacked an off duty officer with a meat cleaver outside of penn station before being shot by police. 32-year-old akram joudeh is in critical condition after police officers shot him. they confronted the suspect after he was trying to remove a boot from his car. he pulled a 11-inch cleaver and ran. while officers were chasing him an off-duty officer tackled him and hit the
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him with a six-inch gash. they fired 18 gunshots striking him several times. joudeh is in critical but stable condition. after a teacher lowered her student's grade for not standing during the pledge of allegiance the school district is standing by the teenager. leilani has been sitting for the the second grade and not standing her grade was dropped to a c-minus because the teacher says she counts the pledge of allegiance as participating. the superintendent said that that teacher violated that student's first amendment rights. leil ani is one of the last remaining descendent of the pomo people a group native to california. for her, standing does not feel right.
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only here but around the country is still going on. i was pretty mad when she lowered my grade because i worked hard for it. >> anchor: the district said that students do not lose their first amendment rights when they come through the door. thomas said is he started sitting way before colin kaepernick's campaign started to trend. while they recite the pledge he remains silent and respects their decision to stand. the iphone 7 hitting store hitting stores life to see the iphone being told in new york city and across the globe. small crowds spotted outside a few stores here at home. technically they are sold out. so that phone and iphone 7 plus won't be available for walk-in customers. these people ordered it. and you have the iphone 7 plus and also the jet black version.
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for a while. both have fastest processors, better cameras and longer battery life than their predecessors plus improved water resistance. you can always wait for the iphone 8 which i am sure will be coming out four months after the iphone 7. >> anchor: and lines for that one and i am still on the 5. >> i am on the 5 s. >> you might be on the 2. >> i am on the 5 s. so if the battery thing is a good thing for krystal allan. >> you know what to give me for christmas a charger. >> reporter: let's talk traffic. >> jeff: tropicana and durango. a motorcycle-involved accident. breaking news from our kendall nunally on scene the driver that collided with this officer has been arrested for dui. the motorcycle officer was at the intersection, was rear
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nonlife-threatening injuries. again, that dui is the any update. 15 southbound between the bowl bowel and tropicana eight minutes. our traffic edge forecast showing in one hour the commute is 9 minutes as long as we don't have any accidents. 95 northbound from henderson currently 14 minutes from 215 to the bowl. not showing any change an hour from now. we will continue to stay on top of it. we want to remind to you join the news3 waze team. download i or google play and we can use your information. that big closure starts tonight. 95 southbound on ramp to 16 southbound, closure a big traffic mess, kelly, and we can always use your information on the road. just it safely. now for check the forecast, cool here which is an indication of fall coming and in colorado, it is about the leaves changing. >> kelly: definitely and
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starts on thursday. take a look at this video. some of the hike in colorado already changing colors. a lot of tourists as you can imagine scrambling to get there, to get those beautiful pictures. a small amount of snow fell a little bit earlier. it is still technically summer by the way covering cars and trees. professional photographers making their way up to take those pictures. always end up in the calendars, rig? half of this stuff will go in a calendar and be picture perfect. we will see a little bit of the colors changing in our local mountains as well. here is a look at the red rock resort camera. the sun is not up yet. we have the dawn glow outside. clear skies again today. very similar to what we have seen the last couple of days. temperatures as you are stepping out the door, you might want a sweater, light jacket. paradise at 67. south east, 65.
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degrees this morning. winds nice and light. not an issue for us. pretty quiet yet conditions all across the west in the rockies westward anyway. we are looking at lots of sunshine. not just today but this weekend. light winds. great to get out there and enjoy. today's temperatures normal. 92 degrees and suspected high. winds east, northeast 3 to 8 miles per hour. overnight tonight, a low of 68 degrees with winds out of the west. 3 to 8 and clear skies. tomorrow, more seasonable. upper 90s for sunday and monday and monday the humidity will start to increase a little bit. we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms beginning monday night. that will go through tuesday night. >> anchor: that weather giving me a reason to smile and so does this guy. john curtis. because it is a foodie friday. we are talking italian done right. >> we are talking sausages,
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>> the whole smear. >> anchor: b & b restaurante. people tell me they don't go to the strip. this thank is where the good stuff is. mario batl i has three restaurants there. b& b have the best pasta there. you want to go to the strip, you want to get the good stuff. brett is the executive chef pasta. they hand cut their bucatini. they hand roll their orchetti. this is bucatini -- this is -- the -- i am going to teaching. all the italian rest ran when they sell this famous dish, bucatell i -- 20% goes to the
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>> anchor: the earthquake devastated that region. >> and across the country they are doing it and mario batali is doing it. >> anchor: what is the significance. >> famous for orange -- >> anchor: had to bring that up. the clogs. the only person who can pull this >> this is what they do all their sausages and salamis inhouse. you have your prosciutto and sopressata. i don't know -- >> ask brett about that. >> on the cw. he will talk more about this stuff. this is one of my favorite italian restaurants.
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>> you take us where we got to go. b&b restauranty. if you want to final out more he will be on wake up with the cw on our sister station right after this show. we will talk more eye tallano. >> would you like to touch my sausage? >> anchor: i might want to touch him. let'so 6:21. come call it beautiful music, some say not so much. the world of accordions. and historic moment during new york fashion week.
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives.
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to follow breaking news at tropicana and durango. officer-involved accident. rear-ended by a person in a sedan arrested for dui. a portion of tropicana closed between buffalo and durango. major closure of the 95 southbound ramp to 15 southbound as our tom hawley puts it, the busiest ramp in all of las vegas. a closure that starts at 10 p.m. goes until sunday at 10
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exiting rancho valley view. martin luther king, jr. to charleston getting back to the 15 and 15 northbound to d street and swing around. as for your travel times, everything is in the clear. accident-free on the freeways. a check of the forecast with kelly. >> thanks, jeff. we have clear skies and very comfortable crisp temperatures as you are stepping out the door. and 59 degrees right now. [ laughter ] lynn and 74. boulder city at 67 degrees alamo at 6869. beatty high school 64 degrees. and through the rest of the day it will warm up. dress in layer and have that sweater on you won't need it later. we are looking at highs in the low 90s. all right, this is something you don't hear very often, the world accordion contest. >> hosting this year's strategic international competition for the world's best accordion.
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? ? ?. >> anchor: that is bretty good. and talent from around the world every year and we have a competitor from new york. his name is nathan -- he is from connecticut and he is hoping to use his time at the competition to train those russian museums. the event being hosted in russia for the first time will end with a gala closing ceremony concert which is expected to attract thousands of fans. the event, by the september 17. all right, these inmates getting a get-out-of-jail-free card. who helped them and what they
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
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republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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all right, breaking news update we have been following it early this morning. a metro officer in the hospital after a crash on the local roadways. how it is affecting your morning commute. we have team coverage from the ground and on the scene. protecting your child.
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safe. we are talking about improving the way that child abduction crimes are investigated. plus.. >> i hate to break it to you, but i have done an impression of you once or twice. >> anchor: fun with trump. the a moment that will have you laughing that has to do with his hair and what jimmy does to it. we have it for you. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news3 today. everybody. we can finally say it, it is friday. >> anchor: whoo-hoo. >> anchor: friday-yay! >> anchor: we want to get you started on the right foot. krystal allan and michelle velez in for the wagners. >> anchor: a serious situation on roadways. >> jeff: tropicana and
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the motorcycle officer was taken from the scene with nonlife-threatening injuries. the driver of the sedan arrested on scene for dui. a portion of the tropicana closed between durango and buffalo. and our kendall is on the scene getting details on that situation. the commute, summerlin jammed between 215 and downtown. all other freeways clear. a check of that forecast all week long, it has been nice and cool, kelly. >> kelly: yeah, we really have lucked out the last more sunshine. nice light winds and temperatures staying below normal. at noon 87 degrees. 29 at 3:00. that is our high and temperatures will be rising this weekend, and things start getting a little bit warm again and plus looking at another chance for rain in the forecast. we are going to talk more about that in ten minutes. >> anchor: appreciate that, kelly. 6 :31. one of the most troubling phone calls you can receive as
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morning. you were invited by the fbi to see firsthand how they are working to improve how these crimes are investigated. so we can get these kids back, correct? >> reporter: we are going to learn some fascinating new ways at which they investigate these crimes. oftentimes the fbi is the lead agency in a child abduction case. if not they certainly play a very large role in these crimes. there is going to be an exercise today. thfb numerous law enforcement agencies to finetune the way they do handle their response to a child abduction case. it happens all too often. we saw one happen in north las vegas. it was in may of this year a 22-month-old child her name anastacia bartletta taken from her home in north las vegas. the couple, the suspects, the couple allegedly met the child's mother at a local bar. they offered her a ride home
6:33 am
tell us was a bizarre kidnapping from the child's home and ended with an amber alert sent to all cell phones, that included the cell phones of the suspect. they saw the amber alert on the cell phones. they panicked. they returned the child physically unharmed. today a total of 17 local law enforcement agencies from all across southern nevada and beyond. metro, henderson, even sparks and reno. they will have their law enforcement representatives here working with the fbi this will be somewhat of a drill. and we are also told that the new commander -- or fbi, special agent in charge wouldn't be here. will have a chance to meet that person and see all of this unfold. a behind-the-scenes look we rarely get. craig figner reporting live news3. craig, thank you. 6:33. police are investigating an assault on one of their officers. an officer was pushed and his
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and valley view. the officer was trying to stop a man on a motorcycle and following a confrontation, the suspect took off, ran away and was eventually chased down and cuffed on the spot. the officer is expected to be okay. and no word yet on what sparked that assault in the first place. 6:34 on this friday. a clark county teacher assistant charged with child lewdness is expected to make a plea deal. balazar's attorney said he will waive his preliminar he was arrested in june after a schoolworker told police he was seen in the rest room and little girl with autism. even with the guilty plea coming, balkazar still maintains his innocence. >> if the judge is unwilling to give him probation he will withdraw his plea and go to trial. >> anchor: he is back in
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downtown las vegas. a special ceremony to celebrate the restoration of the historic part of town. several local dignitaries were here to light up the new sign, the huntridge center sign at charleston and maryland parkway. part of a $5.2 million makeover and some restaurants and shops added in there. that iconic huntridge theatre. developer of the property hopes to buy >> anchor: good to see that piece of history coming back. inmates getting a second chance of life thanks to a generous man. who it was, and who is helping them now. and a historic moment happening during new york's fashion week. we are going to show you what made this runway show so special, and the meaning
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don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe.
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6:38 and these inmates walking free thanks to a prominent businessman and former mayoral candidate in chicago. dr. willie wilson spent
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to bail out six inmates who were in prison for low-level misdemeanors. with the support of local politicians and the cook county sheriff's office, dr. wilson started the bond payment program. the program was born out of his push for prison reform during his run as chicago mayor. he says it isn't is black thing, a human thing. he plans to help the inmates after their release and he hopes to cti bring you back local. traffic and weather every ten minutes. starting the traffic. jeff maher keeping an eye on the roadways. hey, jeff. >> jeff: just surface accidents. desert inn and valley view. a officer-involved injury accident at tropicana and durango. a metro motorcycle officer who was rear-ended -- from behind by a sedan. that driver was arrested for dui. the officer was on scene conscious speaking as he was taken to the hospital with
6:40 am
from our kendall nunally live on scene. between the bowl and tropicana. and 95 northbound and southbound also clear on this friday. now a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. the sun is up and shining off the beautiful sun of its friday. take a live look from the o'callahan middle school camera, nothing but blue skies. 65 degrees and winds nice and light. and on the way out the door, you won't need it all day. 78 degrees for the morning we today. lunch, 87 degrees. and the afternoon bell rings and you are headed home, 92 degrees. we will let you know what to expect for the weekend in ten minutes. thank you, kelly. we are headed out to the nation's capitol courtesy of earth cam. it appears that donald trump and his campaign not quite seeing eye to eye on this whole birthy issue whether president obama was born in the u.s. or not.
6:41 am
trump is saying and what his campaign. we will talk it out live with tracey potts later this half hour. teens coming to rescue of a pastor whose car was broken into not once, not twice, but three times. we will tell you what they did to stop the thief. we will tell you what they did to stop the thief. some news from overseas, the chief of the european union is dismissing rumors he is an alcoholic after he was has a balance problem. hillary clinton said, sure, and i was just overheated. >> yeah, exactly. >> vladimir putin was recently spotted in moscow taking pictures with russian brides who were supposed to get
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6:44 am
>>. all right, 6:44 an update to a story we have been following all morning long. a metro officer has been taken to the hospital afterei kendall nunally is more on tropicana. kendall. >> reporter: the update, the driver of the car that rear ended this motor officer has been arrested for dui. a live look at the scene. you can see that a motorcycle has been toppled over as officers continue to investigate. now officers tell me that the other vehicle was travelling the same direction of the motor officer and rear ended him very early this morning right around 4:00.
6:45 am
i did speak to the people who live in this neighborhood. they said they saw a lot of debris on the roadway. an update, that driver has been arrested for dui. the officer involved in this is -- has been taken to unc trauma center for treatment. the vehicle did remain on the scene along with the driver who was not injured as well. i will bring you more updates on our sister station wake up with the cw. >> anchor: appreciate that donald trump's campaign say trump is not a birther, questioning whether president obama was born outside the united states and trump said something different. he told the"washington post"he didn't want to answer yet. take a listen. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this
6:46 am
>> anchor: that was hillary clinton of course weighing in on what donald trump had to say. for more on this and the latest on the campaign trail, we are headed over to washington with tracey potts, a discrepancy what trump is saying and what his campaign is saying. >> reporter: right, because trump is not saying much at all. i don't want to answer the question and his campaign coming out saying donald trump thinks the president was born in the united states and not what he said for years. so no will clarify that and has a meeting happening as we speak behind closed doors with republicans and we will see him here in washington at an event honoring veterans at his new hotel. trump international right here in the district and then he is off to miami for a rally later tonight. we will see if he is asked or clarified things at some point today. meantime, hillary clinton is in d.c. today. last night she was with president obama.
6:47 am
today she is focusing on african-american women. and getting a little bit of heat for perhaps talk that some consider cherry picking the elector rat. what she said she is not so worried about the polls going up and down -- down for her right now because the bottom line is going to be can you drive the voters out on election day. who actually goes out to vote. and it is very important to note when you are looking at those polls, there is a difference between what the polls say abou and everybody who can vote and likely voters, everybody that is probably going to respect and go out to the polls. it does make a difference. >> anchor: glad you pointed that out, tracy, sometimes the polls don't tell the whole story. people will be waiting to see what these candidates will have to say. we have the debates around the corner. thank you very much and we will see you on monday. three pipe-wielding children are being called pint-sized heroes caught on camera stopping a pair of car
6:48 am
and the minister of this church in new mexico where this happened said they hear a commotion outside and looked to see if he was ripping into the soft convertible top of the car. right in front of his church is where that happened. and so the would-be robbers, they got a big surprise though because these three neighborhood kids armed with pipes and sticks ran up and scared them off. the minister's car has been broken into three times. now she says she is glad to have her three angels there. 6:48. the massachusetts town known for its history with witchcraft upset of the satanic temple that will be opening up there. we are talking about salem. this will be the headquarters for the satanic temple. nationalry recognized and religious and political group. they say they will open their doors as an art gallery sandwichhunt museum focussing
6:49 am
hunt phenomenon that led to the fear of satanism. the headquarterss will display a one-and-a-half-ton bronze statue of a satanic image. the organization spokesperson said they won't be going door to door and won't affect their new neighbors' daily lives. oj simpson nearing the possibility of parole. coming up on "the today show." new details of simpson's life behind bars. >> reporter: inside simpsons lives in a space similar to this sharing a bunk bed, sink and toilet with his cell mate. he rises at 6:30, breakfast of cold cereal, a muffin and fruit before heading to his work shift. >> anchor: you can catch that full story coming up minutes from now on "today." and miley cyrus sitting down on today talking about her new role as judge on "the voice" you see here on channel
6:50 am
"the voice" show people different sides of us our music and knowledge beyond our genre and i feel lucky because my team -- i think i have the most diverse teams of all sounds. country and pop and a little bit of everything. and very genre fluid and very open and very cool. >> anchor: okay. so if you would like to catch miley in action starting monday right here on channel 3, you know we always have the highlights from "the voice." you can catch her and if yo interview right after this show on "today." a warning for anyone on roadways this week, a big mess expected to mess up your weekend commute. here is tom hawley with the details. >> tom: i-15, spaghetti bowl, the busiest interchange in the state of nevada and the particular ramp from u.s. 95 south to i-15 south is the biggest ramp in the spaghetti bowl. friday night 10 p.m. until
6:51 am
transportation does have a couple of suggested alternative routes opinion you can start by having valley view for heading south and rancho or martin luther king, jr. they will bring you down charleston which gets you on the i-5 u.s. 95 interchange, the spaghetti bowl is the busiest interchange in the state of nevada and the particular ramp from u.s. 95 south to i-15 south, that is the busiest ramp in the spaghetti bowl and will be closed completely friday night 10 p.m. until 10 a.m. it is going to be a mess. the department of transportation does have a couple of suggested alternative routes. use valley view if you were headed south or use rancho or martin luther king, jr. those will all bring you down to charleston which gets you on to i-15 or you can just sort of keep going on i-15 north instead. and that will take you down here to d street where they have arranged a little turn around so the traffic will go under the freeway and then just come back, then on i-15 south again. unfortunately, that closes off
6:52 am
southbound traffic on d street. so what do you do if that is the way you normally get on? another alternative route being built from d street down to casino center from there up 95 on to 15. it's going to be a mess, and it lasts for 36 hours. get used to it and make your plans accordingly well ahead of time because the spaghetti bowl is always busy. this weekend it will be busier. our other big story on this friday, tropicana and durango an injury accident. a metro police officer was approaching that intersection and hit from behind by a driver of a sedan. that driver arrested for dui. he was conscious at the scene and taken to the hop for nonlife injuries. part of that intersection blocked off between buffalo and durango. looking at your traffic ahead forecast, 15 southbound between speedway and the bowl currently 14 minutes. within one hour a 15-minute commute as long as there
6:53 am
7 minutes. and traffic forecast putting at 6 minutes. a check of the forecast outside. here is kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. blue sky out there not just today but through the weekend too. looking like a really good one. start things off with a live look from the lakeview marina camera. headed out of here this weekend. if you do, we want to see your pictures. send them to us. you can always tweet them to us too or facebook. little rain little rain popping up. the fish are biting. maybe you should go fishing. a look at what we are expecting and seeing as far as our temperatures are concerned. summerlin, 66 degrees. spring valley, 65. southeast. a little crisp this morning and light jacket, a sweater as you are heading out the door. you won't need it for very long. the temperature will be rising into the afternoon. big ridge of high pressure in place. quiet conditions all across the west today.
6:54 am
that is going to be the story here. here is a look at the temperatures that we are expecting today. and again, just a little bit below normal. alamo a high of 86. 93 your expected high. now your seven-day forecast las vegas 92 today. tomorrow a little bit closer to normal. mid-90s but upper 90s on sunday. it is going to be getting a little warmer. moisture humidity starting to increase on monday as we are looking for a hours and thunderstorms in the forecast. beginning monday night. going through the day on tuesday. it has definitely been a while since we have seen wet weather. i, for one, am looking forward to rain. >> anchor: i am just looking forward to fall. donald trump around the watercooler sat down with "the tonight show" and jimmy fallon on channel 3 and fallon was telling him all about his impressions on the store. >> i hate to -- on the show.
6:55 am
of you once or twice. >> your voice is very high, china, china -- very high. and then -- and then you got into a stage where you were just yelling -- yelling into the microphone. and you were yelling and everyone -- like you don't need the mic. and now any more -- just a smokey, silky -- [ laughter ] >> anchor: trump also let fallon mess up his hair. something not mny say that they have done before. a lot of people always question whether his hair is real. well, there you go. okay. "tonight show starring jimmy fallon." on channel 3. this next story is great. the new york -- as new york fashion week wraps up historic moment as designer sends down the runway in a jihab. the 28-year-old designer -- and had her brand for about a
6:56 am
the muslim designer show marks the first time that every single model wore a jihab on the runway and reportedly got a standing ovation. the designer from indonesia by the way wants to use fashion to educate people about her culture and a great way to kind of put it out to there and they looked beautiful. television's biggest night almost here, the 58th annual emmy awards t at the microsoft theater in los angeles. the red carpet was rolled out by producers and show host jimmy kimball. last minute finishing touches and nbc received 41 nominations the most of any broadcast network. the emmy awards broadcast starts sunday night and on monday, as always, we will be joined by melinda with a look at all of the best and the worst red carpet hits and misses of the night which is
6:57 am
>> so much fun. >> so much fun. >> you love it with melinda and we had a lot of fun chatting it up together. thank you so much. great show. we will continue going with more local news, weather and traffic with wake up with the cw. >> jeff: we will continue to follow the breaking news from the roadways of officer-involved accident. the latest on his condition and how it is affecting your commute. the alleged case of road rage involving a cool bus caught on camera. we will hear from the man who shot thho springer and he has
6:58 am
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
6:59 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
7:00 am
when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> this morning trump about to make what he's describing as a major statement on the controversy. we'll be live with the latest. burn notice. a new federal recall of those samsung phones blamed for sparking dozens of fires. this morning, growing concerns that other models could overheat


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