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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 16, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> marie: we start off the 3:00 newscast with a major road closure that could slow you down this weekend. >> reed: this is a live look out of the spaghetti bowl today. for now traffic seems to be moving steadily through. >> marie: starting tonight things are going to change dramatically. the state's most traveled freeway ramp will close for 36 hours. good afternoon and thank you for joining us i'm marie mortera. >>d: south is going to close at 10:00 p.m. tonight. it's going reopen sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. the nevada department of transportation recommends avoiding that area at all costs. but if you don't there will be a detour taking you to d street to get to you the 15 south. when the ramp reopens you will notice a slight reconfiguration of the lanes getting on to the i-15 south. >> marie: this project is part of project neon which will eventually improve traffic
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but for now, yes, a few bumps in the road. for more alternate routes to take this weekend to just get around all this, head to our website. that's >> reed: dozens of police officers and federal agents descend on boulder city to search for a missing child. >> marie: we can tell you the entire thing was just a drill. a training exercise meant to sharpen the skills of local investigators. news 3's denise rosch joins us live in boulder city. this is the first time our cameras have been allowed to record this type of >> reporter: the new special agent in charge of the fbi is all about transparency and what happened out here today, this was a full day event for law enforcement. the basic scenario is this. a 14-year-old girl goes missing from her boulder city neighborhood. investigators are brought in to
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a command post is even set up near her home where search volunteers are assembling. all of this practice based on real world events. situations the fbi and police have seen in real cases. >> it helps us unify the knowledge base, the sharing of information. because every department, including the fbi, we have different experiences. the fbi can draw upon not just national but international experiences in information with state and local partners who may not have access to that information. >> reporter: i should point out the officers involved in this training had no idea where the evidence would lead. they treated this as a real investigation. so did they find that missing 14-year-old girl? i'll have that part of the story tonight at 6:30. reporting live in boulder city, i'm denise rosch for news 3 back to you. >> reed: a worthy training program. thank you so much.
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hitting an officer and throwing him off his motorcycle. police say early this morning 19-year-old david williams was driving in the same direction as the officer when he hit near tropicana and durango. williams traveled about a thousand feet after the crash before stopping. police say the 19-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. the officer was taken to umc trauma then released. >> you make decision to get behind the wheel impaired. shame on you. i mean, there's no reason for to you do it. we're very lucky this isn't worse. that he didn't strike a vehicle that was stopped. had our officer been stopped on the side of the road it could have been a whole different story. >> marie: despite what the officer went through police say that officer was able to call for assistance and was conscience and speaking when taken to the hospital. they expect that officer to make
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>> reed: sentencing phase continues for a man found guilty of killing his fiancee seven years ago. jury deliberations on david frostick started this morning. on thursday jurors heard from the victim's family. many reliving the last moments they spent with the aspiring singer robin jenkins. the man at the center of the case took the stand himself. frostick spoke directly to jurors about how finding religion in jail changed him for the better. ultimately it will be up to a jury of 12 men and women to decide if frostick will serve donald trump admits he thinks the president was born in the united states. >> marie: hillary clinton didn't waste any time in responding. nbc news xor correspondent edward lawrence tells us clinton is demanding an apology for president obama. >> reporter: donald trump gathered the media for a veterans event at his new washington hotel with the promise of a big announcement. for 30 minutes military veterans gave positive testimonials about trump. at the end of the event with a
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announcement. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> reporter: trump falsely adds that hillary clinton started the birther movement in 2008. clinton and her campaign never made that claim during that election. as for the president today? >> we got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born. >> reporter: mr. obama has been very vocal speaking out against trump in the past few weeks. the democratic is healthy and in good spirits then attacked trump for his ideas. >> imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts are. >> reporter: clinton added trump needs to apologize to the president. something the congressional black caucus agrees. >> we will not elect a chief bigot of the united states of america. >> reporter: clinton passed trump at the airport on her way
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edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> reed: still on come, the death of singing sensation whitney houston's daughter is back in the headlines. >> marie: why one judge is asking bobbi kristina's significant other to pay up. >> reed: and walking free. why several inmates are headed home after a complete stranger decides to bail all of them out. >> chloe: it's going to get warmer as we make our way into the weekend. i'll have the numbers plus your high school football forecast
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and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. narrator: afscme people is responsible including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> marie: donald trump today finally admitting that president obama was born in the u.s. at an event today in washington, d.c. at his newly opened trump hotel which also honored veterans today trump acknowledged president obama was in fact born in the u.s. however, he did accuse hillary clinton's 2008 presidential
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mr. obama's place of birth. meanwhile, clinton criticized trump for leading the birther movement and called on him to apologize to president obama and the american people. >> reed: a judge in atlanta has ruled against bobbi kristina brown's partner nick gordon in a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by her estate. the judge signed an order saying gordon repeatedly failed to meet the court deadlines. that means the by de235u89. brown was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her atlanta home in 2015. six months later she died. a jury trial will be set to determine how much gordon will be required to pay in damages. so far gordon has not been charged with any crime. >> marie: still to come, students stance against the pledge of allegiance makes headlines. >> reed: why the school district says they're standing behind the student. >> marie: a sinkhole discovered
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major problems in one part of the country. the alarming news neighbors were not expecting to get ahead. jerry brown here at the greek fest at jones and hacienda where the emphasis definitely on all things culinary. there's some lamb on a stick. that and lots of grecian goodies
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. >> reed: after a teacher lowered a student's grade for not standing during the pledge of allegiance the school district is standing behind the teen she's sat during the pledge second the second grade. last friday she learned her grade was dropped because the teacher counted it as participation. the superintendent says the teacher violated the student's first amendment right. she is one of the last remaining de sdendants of an indigenous group native to northern california. she says for her standing just doesn't feel light right. >> i feel like it's a lie. what they did to my people not
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is still going on to this day. i was pretty mad when she lowered my grade because i worked hard for it. >> reed: the district says, quote... students do not lose their first amendment rights when they come through the door. thomas says she started sitting way before colin cap eric in's protest. while others recite the pledge she remains silent and respects their decision to stand. >> marie: crews scrambling to stop a leak of contaminated water into the ground water in florida. this comes after an augusin sinkhole in one of the containment pods at a processing plant. since then officials say about 215 million gallons of contaminated water has drained into this hole. the water is used to process fertilizer and it's seeping into florida aquifer. >> reed: inmates are walking free thanks to a stranger who footed the bail. >> marie: his name is dr. willie wilson. he spent $15,000 of his own
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were in prison for low level misdemeanors. with the support of local politicians and the cool county sheriff's -- cook county sheriff's office he started the bond payment program. the program was born out of his push for prison reform during his run for chicago mayor. >> some of these kids just had a little ounce of marijuana and locked in jail for two or three weeks or months or years. that don't make sense. >> i am just trying to move forward. get my job back possibly. >> marie: dr. wilson says he plans to help the inmates even after their release. he hopes to continue the program and for others to join hill. ups is planning to hire 95,000 workers ahead of the holiday shopping season. that's up from last year when ups hired 93,000 people for temporary jobs during its busiest season. a spokesperson says ups is looking for package hanl handlers and delivery drivers.
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hour up to 30 an hour. a spokesman added that roughly 37 percent of seasonal hires have been hired permanently. >> reed: sea ice covering the arctic ocean reached its minimum extent. it was the second lowest ever on record. according to scientists at the snow and ice data center. this shows just how the arctic ice cover grown in autumn and winter and shrunk over spring and >> marie: the summer temps tied with the second lowest in the 37 year satellite record from september 2007. the nsidc director says this is a fairy cool summer so it's believed we will see further dramatic of the arctic ice. >> reed: time for a check of our forecast. news 3 is our weather authority. >> marie: we're talking about the ice but i have a feeling you are going to have a different story as we look at the days to come right. >> chloe: oent thing iced we
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i know reed is a fan of starbucks. toasty weather here in las vegas. that trend will continue for the next few days before big changes headed our way. i'm excited. i hope you are at home too. we're looking at another beautiful day. again, blue skies in las vegas. even jennifer lopez and britney spears are feeling the weather. lots of sunshine. we'll continue this weekend. we've seen calm weather at l lots of people enjoying the awesome temperatures that we're seeing yet again all across the valley. you can see a look out of our time-lapse today. air quality is in the good category right now so some good news right there. 87 degrees for your current temperature at the inspirada overlook. in the low 90s near southeast career and tech and 90 degrees right around spring valley. the rest of us, temperatures in lingering in the 80s and 90s. mid-80s blue diamond. upper 80s summerlin.
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the moment. another calm day. light winds and a great way to really kick off your friday. mid-60s at mount charleston. looking at low 90s for pahrump as well as lake mead and boulder city right now also seeing very calm conditions. while many people are outside probably with t-shirts and tank tops right now, by this eve new england you are probably going to want to put a light jacket on. we'll be dropping to the low 80s. great night to watch some football games though. clear skies and very calm weather will also continue acrosshe for the weekend as well. we are seeing stormy weather mostly in the midwest and south. other than that we're going stay fairly calm for the next few days to our area until more storms move through by next week. overnight tonight, again, cool like last notice. if you liked last night, you will like tonight. winds increasing slightly after midnight. you won't be able to tell though. cool on the mountain. 40 mount charleston for the low. 46 for pahrump.
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and highs tomorrow? you are going to shed the jacket by the afternoon. 99 degrees expected for lake mead. mid-90s for pahrump. and 71 degrees for mount charleston. wake up to nice temperatures again starting off in the 70s right around seven. low 80s around nine. and 89 degrees by noon. again, another day full of sunshine. winds picking up slightly in the afternoon. up to ten miles an hour. near normal temperatures will continue at least for now. the warming trend continues into the weekend. sunday we are going to h around 98 degrees. slightly cooler weather anticipated by monday. we are anticipating a series of storms passing through. only a slight chance of seeing those thunderstorms develop in our valley though. that's possible tuesday and wednesday. and the cool down is certainly going to accompany that. >> reed: thank you so much. we'll be on the look out for it. all the magic of grease hitting the movie this weekend. we're not talking about the movie. we're talking about greece. it's kicking off tonight.
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the 44th annual greek festival. a lot of fun. it's arrived a little early. >> reed: we sent jerry brown out there to reserve a few spots. you got your baklava and fettuccine. >> jerry: yeah. kevin janison usually does this shot. i'm as greek as he is. i love greece. even brushed up so get ready for this. i am with marie pastor here, father hon dangerous. we're at st. john's. it's beautiful. you've got trees, grass, shade. >> ten acres of absolute wonderfulness. if you want to be greek for a day, please come on down this weekend. the weather is going to be absolutely perfect. and we can show you all the food we're serving. >> jerry: we were talking about food. we saw the lamb. >> rice pilaf. we have lamb sliced.
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we have spinach pies. we have pesta cheese and pita bread. >> jerry: and you've got donuts covered in honey. >> this is our greek style donut. it is basically a donut hole covered with honey goodness. >> reporter: we're going have dancers here at five. this is nonprofit. i want to emphasize that. you've been here forever. >> festival has gone on 44th year. we started out at the sahara and riviera. then we moved to the premise here. we have like i said ten wrfl ache -- wonderful acres. it all goes to support the greek orthodox community here in las vegas and southern nevada. >> jerry: the face that launched a thousand ships was greek. i think you should come down maybe reed launch a thousand calories or two. what a way to go. [ laughter ] . >> reed: all right. i want her to be my new best
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she would take care of me. thank you so much. still to come, a town built on the history of witchcraft could be taking a new turn. >> marie: why the latest neighbors to roll into town is >> marie: why the latest neighbors to roll into town is turning heads and twenty five thousand jobs. >> marie: why the latest neighbors to roll into town is turning heads and that's how many jobs nevada's created in clean energy. when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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>> reed: some people in massachusetts know their history with witchcraft and are upset about a satanic temple. >> marie: a former funeral home in salem will be the headquarters for the satanic temple. according to the group's website they are a nationally recognized religious and political group. the website says they will open their doors as an art gallery and witch hunt museum focusing on the satanic panic.
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some say led to the fear of satanism. the headquarters will display a one-and-a-half ton bronze statue of a satanic image. the organization spokesperson says they won't be going door-to-door and won't affect their new neighbors daily lives. >> i want to answer because the next time i see you, you could be the president of the united states. i just wanted to know if there's something we could do that's just not presidential really or something that we can do now thate like-- >> like what? [ laughter ] i'm not liking the sound of this. >> can i mess your hair up? [ cheering ] >> the answer is yes. but the people in new hampshire where i am going to be in about an hour from now i hope they're going to understand. [ laughter ] >> go ahead. mess my hair up.
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[ laughter ] >> yes! >> reed: donald trump took his presidential campaign to late night tv and as you just saw even granting an interesting request from jimmy kimmel. the republican candidate made a guest appearance on nbc's tonight show with jimmy fallon. i kimmel. it's fallon. jimmy did talk to trump about the campaign and donald says he loved doing the primary debates and looks forward to the debates with hillary clinton. he says he thought matt lauer did a forum with him and hillary clinton and says he believes lester holt will make a good moderator. >> marie: how many tv anchors will let their hair get rougeed up like that. >> reed: i would totally do it. >> marie: you have great hair. and great haired products. >> reed: a lot of glue in there. a face behind education make as stop in the valley. >> marie: we'll check in with stop in the valley. >> marie: we'll check in with the rapper pit bull as woman: here in nevada,
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narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. narrator: afscme people is responsible i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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