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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 16, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> marie: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30," the fallout continues. the samsung galaxy seven can't catch a break but now we know when you can expect to get a replacement. >> reed: a world wide rapper helps to open a school in las vegas and we're there. >> marie: helping homeless youth. we're honoring a local group dedicated to making sure every student has what he or she needs. >> announcer: news 3 starts right news update out of the courthouse. our sergio avila reports just five minutes ago a jury reached a verdict in the sentencing of this man, david frostick. >> marie: the jury sentence will be announced in just an hour at 4:30. frostick was convicted last week of killing his fiancee robin jenkins seven years ago. we'll have a full recap of sentencing on "news 3 live at five." president barack obama was
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period. >> marie: republican presidential candidate donald trump confirming what his campaign announced earlier. that he believed the president was born in the u.s. good afternoon and thank you for staying with us. i'm marie mortera. >> reed: i'm reed cowan. this is as we know a complete reversal of what donald trump said five years ago. but the issue isn't likely to go away soon. it may have just gotten a rebirth. trump continues to falsely blame democratic nominee controversy. president obama refused to answer a reporter's question today about donald trump's recent remarks. >> i jonathan have no reaction and i'm shocked that a question like that would come up at a time when we got so many other things to do. i'm not that shocked actually. it's fairly typical. we got other business to attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as
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presidential election reflects more serious issues than that. >> reed: hillary clinton wasted no time attacking the presidential candidate saying trump's acknowledgement of the president's birthplace doesn't go far enough and he must also apologize to the american people and president obama. seven weeks to go before the historic presidential election and the candidates are working overtime to shore up their base and attract up decided voters. >> marie: he that on all platform. jeff barnd looks at one platform where anything can happen. . >> reporter: there's no doubt presidential campaigns can be contentious. promise have grown white hot. >> i'm going to lower your taxes. >> reporter: and so have the attacks. >> we need to stand up and repudiate this divisive rhetoric. >> reporter: but one critical stop on the way to the white house, the tv talk show circuit, allows the nation to see the contenders with their hair down.
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their coif do what it wants. [ cheering ] donald trump is currently trying to overcome some previous gaffs made on the campaign trail. while hillary clinton faces mounting chatter about her health. last month on jimmy kimmel live mrs. clinton tried proving her strength by opening a pickle jar. some political experts say appearances like mrs. clinton's on the jimmy kimmel show allow allowing the candidates to overcome ob stacks that may have occurred in more confining arenas of a campaign stop, news conference, or debate. just what affect these appearances have on voters is still open to debate among pundits. take the ground breaking appearance 24 years ago with a saxophone, an arkansas governor and a little help from elvis. [ cheering ] ? [music] ? media expert david rair tells me
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moment was-- >> he got a lot of acclaim for it but many people thought he was un-presidential. >> reporter: nevertheless bill clinton became our 42nd president. so whether it is a sax, messy hair or picky jars, pundits say the lighthearted talk show circuit is as acceptable in a crucial campaign as kissing babies. in washington, i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> marie: now we want to hear from you. what you do think with our question of the day. can a presidential candidate's appearance on a late night talk let us know what you think. head over to to weigh in and click on the question of the day icon. >> reed: two potential terror attacks stopped by police. this while people world wide are getting more concerned that a terror attack may happen to them. details from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington -- in israel police stopped two attempted terror attacks today. police shot and killed a suspected terrorist about to
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an hour later two palestinian terrorists tried to run down a group of soldiers near the city of hebron. soldiers shot and killed those two. lawmakers in washington are trying to block the white house from releasing terror suspects from the guantanamo bay prison camp. the house passed a bill that would stop the remaining 61 detainees from being transferred. the move would interrupt president obama's plan to close the camp by end of the year. the white house has threatened to veto the bill. worried french citizens are about another terror attack. the survey shows 97 percent of them believe there will be another attack in the country sometime this year. >> reed: michelle marsh reporting. a new york man pulls out a meat cleaver and attacks an officer. we first brought you this story yesterday. new footage show what's may have caused that man to act this way. these images are shot yesterday yesterday right before the
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to show some different images hopefully. the images we want to show you are him in a car trying to remove a boot that was placed on his vehicle by new york city police. a boot had been placed on his tire. a reporter caught video when officers say they shot at 32-year-old akram joudeh more than a dozen times. two other officers were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries from the encounter. joudeh, we understand, is recovering at the being called pint sized heroes after they were caught on camera stopping a pair of car thieves. >> marie: let's take you to the scene late monday night when the minister of a new mexico church heard a commotion and looked to see thieves ripping into her soft top convertible in front of her church. those would-be robbers got a big surprise though when three neighborhood kids armed with pipes and sticks ran up and scared them off.
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they were so mad. they were pointing at the car >> i just said my god these kids are so brave and courageous. they're heroes. >> marie: that minister's car had been broken in to three times but she was glad to have her three guardian angels there this time. viva mexico! viva mexico! >> marie: today mexico celebrates 206 years of independence. the date was commemorated by a ceremony called the cry of independenceic mexican president enrique pena nieto. the ceremony happened amid protests calling for his resignation. thousands of mexicans participated in the 206 celebration of the country's independence last night. the ceremony led by the president who joined the celebrations that saw music and of course you can see here, fireworks. >> reed: making headlines a major department involving a samsung galaxy note 7 phones
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the phones pose an immediate risk of fire and shut not be used. nbc's tom costello tells us replacements are on the way. >> reporter: for the world's biggest cell phone manufacturer. >> just wanted to post and share what just happened to my note 67. >> reporter: what began as a black eye is now an official recall. roughly 1 million galaxy note 7's in the u.s. samsung says of the phones overheating, dozens of reports of fires. including a garage that burned to the ground in south carolina and a jeep that was charred and gutted in florida. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i am urging all consumers, all consumers, to take advantage of this recall right away. >> we apologize. especially to those of you who are personally affected by this.
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>> reporter: samsung blames the fires on a defect inside its lithium-ion batterys which operate at a very high four volts. . >> the root problem with lithium-ion batteries is there's a lot of energy stored inside a tiny device. >> reporter: samsung says the replacement phones arriving wednesday will come with new batteries made by a different supplier. concern this morning about other samsung models that may also catch fire. >> in new york suffered first degree burns when a samsung core allegedly caught fire. in florida tuesday night a car gutted by fire after another galaxy phone allegedly exploded. meanwhile a california man has filed suit claiming he suffered second and third degree burns on his leg when his s seven edge caught fire. >> reed: samsung says the defective batteries are limited only to the note seven under the recall. so just look at your phone and make sure you have one of those. customers can either exchange
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or get a full refund. >> marie: the faa is now expected to ban the use of the note seven on board commercial flights. the fear is that a run away fire involving those lithium batteries can be extremely dangerous mid-air. it is the day many apple fans have been waiting for. the crowds here all for the newest iphones available in stores. some of them anyway. you are looking at the first who got their hands on the new gadgets at store on new york's fifth avenue. in california, fans camped out waiting for one particular apple store to open. it is a store apple's ceo tim cook has been known to stop by and meet and greet buyers. look at that, there she was opening the doors himself. finder steve jobs used to show up there up announced too. >> reed: montana money. it could be an ees easy way for
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wheel. it can read blood alcohol level through a slit on the skin. it all starts when the patch changes color after 40 minutes of drinking. once that happens the color on the patch indicates that the drinker is safe to drive. >> we're not saying don't drink. we're just saying drink responsibly. if you choose to drink get a designated driver. a hero for the night or uber driver. >> reed: determine atech is hoping to work with bars, restaurants and companies to make customized story focusing on teen here in our valley. >> reed: how one man is taking it upon himself to help homeless and disadvantaged high schoolers. >> chloe: high temperatures today. slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow. and next week not only are we expecting gusty winds and cooler and next week not only are we expecting gusty winds and cooler temperatures but a chance of danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized
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>> reed: a collective shy we made it to friday. now we're focusing on the good stuff. the time that we devote to people doing good things in our world. we're featuring a hero who is helping homeless and disadvantaged high schoolers. >> marie: right now there are 1300 homeless youth in clark county. chloe beardsley introduces us to this group supplying clothes and other necessities to help these kids get through 150. its inspiration came from a story that aired nearly five years ago here on news 3. patrick sparringer says this is how it started. he was touched by our story which led him to create an organization dedicated to helping teens make the grade. >> on channel 3 back on december 2011 denise rosch did a story about 150 homeless kids at rancho high school. >> chloe: and the rest is history. >> we decided to do something
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break. and little did we know this accidental project became a full-time charity. >> chloe: patrick collaborated with don purdue to create project 150. the group got its name because it started off helping 150 teens. since then the number has grown to more than 8,000 over the years. it's here where teens can come pick up clothing, shoes, food and other items for school. >> nice pair of pants. nice pair of shoes. a nice outfit. in in a learning environment. >> reporter: they help students in need at multiple schools in the valley. >> 47 high schools here in las vegas. >> chloe: plus 15 high schools in reno, laughlin, moapa valley and they're looking to expand services out to pahrump. >> our goal for these kids is pretty simple. just graduate high school. >> chloe: patrick says he couldn't have grown this organization without the hundreds of volunteers who help organize and deliver throughout the year.
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just like he and his partner don did. >> everybody has something to give. and the smallest idea that you have may not be so crazy. >> chloe: this is so cool. project 150 also provides food to families who are homeless during the holidays. and they have an event to raise money. a soccer tournament in october. we'll post that information on >> reed: one of my heroes, one of our friend was a homeless teen that we know here in t where woe reach out to help young people that's all they need is a little help. >> marie: it all started because of a story right. >> chloe: so cool. >> marie: seeing a need then taking action on it. thank you for that. we'll see you in a bit when we talk about weather. for now let's take to this unusual sight along the virginia highway or was it a galaxy far, far away. darth vader put down the light sabre and picked up a trash bag. the man inside this costume adopted this mile-and-a-half
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he spends most of his time working in new zealand. while he is home in virginia he decided to pick up some trash. he says someone alerted police that batman was walking along the highway and police quickly cleared up the confusion saying first it's darth vader. second, he is cleaning up trash. vader says he likes to dress up to make people smile. >> reed: tweet you an also tweet the station @news3lv. >> marie: and sdwloin the conversation on facebook. >> reed: time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at five." ammon bundy's attorneys are asking for a mistrial in his federal case. at five, why they say bundy isn't getting a fair shake in the trial now underway. >> marie: plus the nation's defense system runs out of money at end of the month. at five, the political fight in putting a new defense plan in jeopardy.
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major closure at the spaghetti bowl coming up at five. >> reed: it is the last weekend of summer. doesn't look like it. >> marie: but there are changes coming up so let's check in with chloe once again. >> chloe: it's going feel like summer this weekend. by the time we hit monday we're going be like is it fall? and it's going feel like that. unpack your winter gear because we're cooling down quickly next few days. enjoy this right now. again, a beautiful l las vegas strip. blue skies across the area. really no matter where you go this afternoon. a look at what we're expecting later tonight. i will show you that in a second. here is what's happening right now. the highs across the valley. if you like these numbers we're going see them tomorrow and then slightly warmer weather will continue on sunday. here's where we're at at the moment. 93 for the downtown area. of course a little bit cooler on the west side of town.
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winds in the single digit category this afternoon. coming in at 89 for indian springs as well as pahrump and low 90s for boulder city outside right now. also where we're seeing very calm weather now a look at what we're expecting tonight in las vegas. temperatures still lingering in the 90s by 7:00. this is actually supposed to be 11:00. that's a typo. but you get the point. 88 by nine. 83 by 11:00 p.m. this evening. dry conditions will continue across southern nevada for the next couple of days. as we look at our we're seeing stormy weather in the midwest as well as the south. a lot of moisture from the gulf. you can see near houston. as we look ahead to next few days low pressure moving through the pacific northwest will only impact friends to the north. we'll stay dry through the weekend but changes are expected in the following week as we see chances for thunderstorms by the early portion of the workweek. overnight tonight though we're going see cool weather again. temperatures dropping into the upper 60s. very similar compared to last night when we're normally in the
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after midnight. maybe up to ten miles an hour. it's going to be tough to feel it outside. 64 for the overnight low. looking at mid-40s for pahrump. highs tomorrow will be very similar compared to the numbers we saw for today. in las vegas it's going be another beautiful day. lots of sunshine. a great day to get outside and enjoy the weather with this normal like temperatures that we're seeing for this time of year. and if you like the toasty weather you are going to really enjoy sunday. get outside and enjoy. increasing clouds are expected by monday with seeing thunderstorms develop tuesday and wednesday. we're expecting gusty winds from these storms and also the cool down. we're going go from 98 degrees from sunday to the upper 80s by tuesday. that's going to feel a little more like fall around here. and then back into the low 90s we go. >> marie: i love it. bring on the next season. >> reed: thanks chloe. here in southern nevada an unlikely person is responsible for the grand opening of a new charter school. rapper pit bull who also has
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of nevada. >> marie: news 3's kyndell nunley takes us to its grand opening ceremony. [ cheering ] . >> kyndell: singing aloud. and even some with a little jig. the students at nevada's sports leadership and management academy also known as slam are definitely ready to kick off the academic year for the first time in the school's history. >> what doesn't kill you makes you here at slam what we're doing is teaching you there is no boundaries guys. >> reporter: slam is not only unique for its curriculum but one of the organizers behind its opening. armando christian perez also known as pit bull is the school's ambassador >> you are making history. this is the second slam school in the united states of america. i want to you own that. i want to you understand how powerful this is going to be not only in the united states but around the world. >> kyndell: slam is looking to change up how students across
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classroom. with a campus in miami and now las vegas, students are able to take career building lessons in sports medicine, sports marketing and entertainment, or business and management. >> we need to have your careers you chose --. >> kyndell: how is it working out so far? >> i want to be like a businessman and i want to start my own clothing line. >> reporter: slam seventh grader armando. >> this is just like a step to where you want to go. showing you that you c offs to a strong start the miami born rapper who also goes by mr. 305 is using his star power to educate hundreds across the country. >> i'm trying. thank you. [ cheering ] . >> kyndell: school organizers first broke ground last october. as you can see less than a year later these students are in the classroom ready to learn right. >> yeah! . >> kyndell: reporting from slam academy of nevada, kyndell
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i happen to know his sister. and their mother must be so proud. their mother and father f. because these are people who come from the heart. he comes off as this tough cool rapper with pretty ladies but they are all heart. great people. currently slam academy teaches students grades 6-nine but will increase in size with students through all the high school next few years. >> marie: we know there's a lot of people out there interested in this school. for more information on how to enroll visit loving her las vegas gig. and the feeling is mutual. here is a live lock at where she performs at the planet hollywood. >> reed: spears is adding 18 more shows to her residency. they're between march and may. tickets go on sale today and are priced from $59 to $29. >> marie: 59 to $229. >> reed: i was trying to give myself a discount but reality lo
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after nine months of waiting guinness book of world records has found the oldest active pilot in the world. >> marie: he is 98 from iowa and his manager surprised him with the news. >> you need to come out here. he said i got something important to talk about. i figured well none what. so i stepped in the door and said i know what. they found somebody older. and he said there isn't nobody older. >> marie: bernie beat -- ernie beat the previous record by
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