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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> right now on news 3 live today. violence crash. a man dead after a vehicle slams into multiple cars right here in the valley. what exactly led up to this. let you know coming up. plus. a story you will only see right here on news 3. woman severely grease speaks out. what she has to say to the pair of kids that commited this crime. >> i would love to say hi dad. i would love to say the words aloud. >> anchor: the search continues, son is looking for his father that he thinks is right here in las vegas valley area. coming up, the story is going viral. we will have more on what his son has to say.
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>> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. happy saturday to you. i am kyndell nunley. we are looking out at the valley. saturday september 17. i cannot believe we are already over halfway through the month. jerry brown head over to you. our weather authority. people with fun activities outside this weekend. good weather, right? >> weather: yes and final weekend of autumnal equinox next week. 92 yesterday. out at the greek festival. pleasant. but warm. just really not a bad afternoon. this is a view from las vegas springs preserve. over the last hour. you can see our skies brightening in the east. 6:25 sunrise. it is currently 63 out at the springs preserve. central valley. alta and valley view. winds calm. humidity 32 percent, that will come down. it is really very nice out
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we have one system moving into the pacific northwest. that's not going to impact us. arance of rain in the seven-day forecast. that comes from the south. but not north. our skies are clear. plan your day for you. mid-morning. 83. again, winds are not a factor. mid afternoon, 2:00, 93. and then we will hit the high of about 96. and then down to 92 early evening, by 6:00. and looking for moonshine tonight. moon is full. not responsibor actions. clear skies. 68 degrees is our normal of 70. where we should be. and northwest breeze developing at 5 to 10. it will be warmer again sunday. and monday, and we will put numbers on the board for you. up ahead in my main weather. kyndell. >> anchor: thank you jerry. we are looking forward to that. and get this next story. man dead after a crash just east of south of the strip. this happened just after 9:30. tropicana and culval behind mgm grand.
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westbound on tropicana. he then ran a red light crossing colvol and hit multiple vehicles. driver died at the scene. four others transported to umc with life non-life threatening injuries. major closure underway at the spaghetti bowl where a heavily used onramp is completely shut down. and what do you need to know to avoid the gridlock? christie has the answers were. >> reporter: residents like kimberly their grocery shopping done friday afternoon. interior roads southwest of 95, 15 spaghetti bowl interchange are often already bumper-to-bumper. >> yes, sometimes around rush hour. traffic can be really backed up. >> reporter: nevada department of transportation said that this weekend's 36 hour shut down is in preparation for another big project falling weekend. >> we are going to be
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dry. we are working as fast and diligently as we can to bring the progress and improvements to valley motorists. >> reporter: more drivers will take alternative routes like valley view rancho and martin luther king until sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. another option is continue on northbound i-15 and turning around on d street. >> never go anywhere in a hurgee stay home. seriously, stay home. >> reporter: electrician steve o'hara has jobs. he said if you have to be in the area proceed with caution. >> it is scary. you can get hit easily. people just like to drive through the cones and everything. >> anchor: remember, pates is a virtue. and this one for the first time a woman that survived hot grease poured down her throat speaks out. story only here on news 3. brother and sister facing charges for the crime. and victim disfigured from the burns.
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the story. >> reporter: it is how valerie williams described last 10 months after coming back from brink of death. court documents described horror she went through in december outside of the department near h street and owens. it is a spot where two women got in a screaming match. the report said that takneesha arm strong and brother, michael williams no, relation to valry, attempted her kill her. indictment said armstrong poured and williams held her down. >> kicked, held down, grease poured down my throat. i died and came back. >> reporter: doctors found a way to revive her. suffered third-degree burns over 70 percent of the body. boiling grease disfigured neck, legs, chest, legs. >> i couldn't talk. could not breathe. >> reporter: police arrested brother and sister.
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report until she recovered. williams said that through it all she forgives the people that hurt her. >> i have a good heart. and i will not ever wish too do that. >> reporter: life has not gotten easier. through the obstacles she is now homeless. >> hard times. we all go now a court update. man convicted of killing his singer fiance' could get out of prison on parole in 20 years. jury sentenced 54-year-old him to life in prison, with a possibility of parole after that 20th year behind bars. on tuesday he was found guilty for the murder of robin jenkins seven years ago. testimony revealed previous domestic violence incidents with
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jenkins father said he could not function for months after the daughter's violent death. metro police officer is out of the hospital after injured in the line of duty. allegedly by a man driving under the influence. and police say 19-year-old david williams is driver accused of slamming his 2300 day accent into back of a metro motorcycle rolfs. after 4:00 a.m. yesterday tropicana and durango. 43-year-old officer rear ended on parole. a t flying up and over william's car. when officers arrived they say williams appeared to be under the influence of drugs. >> you make the conscious decision, to get behind the wheel. impaired. shame on you. no reason to do that. >> anchor: williams is facing d.u.i. charge. police tell us their motor cop suffered serious back, neck, and leg injuries. and investigators say the longer the officer actually remains in the hospital the greater the
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two police officers in ft. worth, texas were shot friday night after responding to a suicide call. when officers arrived at the home they found an elderly man with a gun shot wound to the head. and a person inside of the home told the officer the possible witness to the shooting was in the backyard shed. when officers opened the shed door a person inside then opened fire on them. and when one officer hit several times in upper body suffering critical injuries. another officer shot in the bulletproof vest. officers returned fire into the shed later after swat officers fired teargas canisters inside and found a dead person inside. it is unclear at this time if that person injuries were self-inflicted or from officer's gun shot. officers are both in stable condition. and the search for a las vegas father quickly goes viral on social media. is 27-year-old pierce eagan of
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tornado facebook to find him. posted photos of the dad. you can see both father and son actually do look-alike. pierce said parents met in new york in 1987 and recently heard his father was getting sick and he is living right here in las vegas. eagan said he talked on his dad once when he was six years old. and now he just hopes to hear his voice again. >> maybe, i will be able to try to find him. because i have more than some people to say hi dad. i would love to say the words aloud. >> anchor: pierce said his dad's name is edison wrangler santos and he goes by eddie. if anyone recognizes that photo head to our website, for more information on how you can connect the two. and coming up. pope frances not in his usual attire but in surgical scrubs. we will tell you what he was
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including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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>> anchor: welcome back in. world news. fragile cease fire in effect in syria between rebels and regime forces. unfortunately an apparent violation took place yesterday. heavy fighting erupted on edges of the capitol of damascus. trucks with rebel held areas in the city of aleppo held up for another day. and a powerful typhoon caused 15 deaths in china and taiwan. days before a second storm is expected to batter that same region. chinese authorities say 13 people died in two eastern provinces since typhoon made landfall early thursday. 14 people are now missing. and a second typhoon is expected to hit taiwan today before moving on to china.
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scrubs over the clothes on visit to maternity ward in robe. he watched as tiny babies were squirming and sleeping and crying in the neonatal be unit. leaving a papal medal. then went to hospice hospital to meet with terminally ill. all part of the holy year of mercy. and hollywood stuntman successfully performs a feat that evel knievel himself failed stunt he was able to pull off. and also coming up. tell you we have special guests in studio as well. and morning sports update with amber. more on that straight ahead. and special event sunday called fitness super model sunday. tell you exactly what this all is. and a report in studio you are not going to want to miss.
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>> anchor: welcome back. jerry brown with weather authority. if you like summer, you better get your last fix in this weekend, right? >> weather: officially, astronomically this is the last weekend of summer. fall begins next thursday morning. i think, we will have a few warm weekend. but it may be the 100 degrees. although i am not saying that will happen. it will be up in the ballpark. we have a 6:25 sunrise. look at this from red rock resort with camera pointed east. nice flush of color in eastern sky. as things brighten up. currently down on the strip. where it is always bright with lights. 70 degrees. the winds are calm. 22 percent. that figure will come down.
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comfortable today. noticeably cooler as you move east of the strip. 62 over at washington and eastern. humidity elevateed there quite noticeably. again that will come down. as you move west mid 60s at buffalo lake mead. saint elizabeth, dewpoint of 31 degrees. 64 at the downtown studio. 67 downtown henderson. summerlin palo verde high at 65. and we look around southern nevada, eastern clark, upper 60s, over ton 69. 59 indian springs, 43 on the mountain. 69 boulder city, and 61 in laughlin. official figures at the top of the hour. weather bug temperatures are live. these be if i recall ones from top of the hour, 69 airport. 68 l.a. and reno. frontal system across the country brings showers to midwest, that moves into the ohio valley. what was tropical storm julia
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and meanwhile for us, well, we are looking pretty good. clear skies over the west. we had a cutoff low that gave us wind few days ago and it has moved way out. our skies are clear. and likely to remain so i for the weekend. next week, one little problem we could have. getting active down here in the tropics. low pressure will drop off the california coast. that could draw some of this moisture up. so we are going to put a chance, a chance for thunderstorms in the forecast. certainly g here and elevated humidity levels. thunderstorms are problematic. but possible. so bare that in mind. highs today, 92 yesterday. 96, i am going for today. so you can see temperatures generally up four or 5 degrees in some cases. 96 for valley. warm and dry, sunny with light northeast wind. 71 up on the mountain. to 90 at red rock. nice day to get up there. and down on the lake. 99. pushing 100 degrees with bright
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jump in that 79-degree water. bright moonshine tonight with full moon. 68 degrees. normal low is 70. this is seven-day forecast. falling leaves on thursday, first day of fall. the autumnal equinox. best chance for showers, i think, or a thunderstorm is tuesday. monday night to tuesday. maybe a mountain thunderstorm on wednesday. getting breezy toward the end of the week. so again, best chance for 100 again is on sunday. outside chance on and overnight lows are not bad kyndell. upper 60s and lower 70s. we can handle it. >> anchor: i will take it jerry. thank you a cross the world, oktoberfest, world renowned beer festival opens in munich under heavy security. first time in would hundred years whole oktoberfest fairgrounds is completely enclosed by a fence and despite that, and heavy rain, rebellers were in good spirits as they waited to get into the festival.
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to be the first ones inside to see the first keg tapped. oktoberfest lasts until october 3. and in hollywood stuntman successfully performed a feat that even evel knievel failed to do four decades ago. eddie brawn crossed idaho snake river canyon in steam powered rocket cycle friday. same jump evil attempted in 1974. when he tried it. he ended up at the bottom of the canyon. when the c brawn wanted to pay homage to kanevil by making the jump. he worked on it for three years and even enlisted stunt of the man that built the evel knievel cycle to build his. he spent 1.5 million dollars to make this dream a reality. and keeping things local. here is amber dixon with your morning sports update. >> reporter: today, one and one, unlv football team faces
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should rebel rebels learn from mistakes i the loss last week at ucla. coach said reds have to hold onto balls. put more pressure on the other team's qb. and be more consistent at tackling. central michigan is 2-0. and coming off controversial win at oklahoma state. in which officials mistakenly gave the chipwas untimed final play, with it they threw out th and won. coach said what he likes about chipwas is consistency. here he is followed by junior defensive lineman on one key to victory today. >> just consistent. biggest thing to build in this program right now. being consistent competitors. do not want to be too high or low, see consistent progression in this program. and as we learn to win and compete. i believe we will do that.
6:22 am
you know i think two touchdown favorites. going on the road should be rainy day. exciting. knocked off oklahoma state. some controversy. but regardless of the outcome the way they play against them speaks to the level of play they have. >> i feel like backs against the wall whole game. whatever it is. we have to get in there. get with guys and make that our mindset. backs against the wall. >> reporter: unlv kickoff noon for bishop [inaudible]. s i will have highlights on news 3 at 11:00. also, tonight. jerry's world is not hosting any football. instead a pay-per-view site. boxer meets smith inside of square circle at at&t stadium in texas.
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canelllo had to shed the undees to get there. this site for wbo junior weight title. red hot from mexico is a favorite. you have to bet $1200 on canelllo to win $100. and finally this morning. chicago feeling like a million bucks. yesterday they went into extra innings against brewers until montero long ball sent everyone home. went home extra happy because late the night before. the cubs clinched nl central title because of a st. louis loss and waited to celebrate until today in front of the fans at wrigley field. and they got a double whammy of a party. pop the champagne because that's all for sports. have a lovely day.
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want all the bells and whistles. but technology you can get on the four wheels these days does come with a warning. marie mortera has the rip off alert. >> reporter: well focusing on be connected cars, you get in the rental. you plug in the smart phone. or tablet. like you might do with devices in your own car. and consumer advocates say the problem is data can be stored on that vehicle that someone else david quinnlin from washington state bbb office said that avoid sinking up phone or devices to car for charging. because your information could get stored like that. so better to use a cigarette lighter adapter to charge instead of the usb port. >> all the data in there is access to next person to get in there. they might know where you went. have your phone number. maybe a complete list of all the people that you have called on
6:25 am
alternative? either not connect at all or delete the device from the car's infotainment system before returning it. with this rip off alert. marie mortera. >> anchor: and welcome back. we have a special event happening this sunday called "fitness super model sunday." here to talk about it. my goodness, we have kimberly, mark, monica, breanna, what is this event? get to it. >> well, the event is to showcase, we hve olympians in town. breanna. and monica are all olympians. and it is to showcase these athletes at a event in las vegas, off the stage. more casual. and having a photo shoot. and published -- this is my first time with monica first cover up. so it is something new experience. >> anchor: as we introduce you to everyone, you are two of the olympians. and you are a photographer.
6:26 am
>> anchor: when it comes to fitness. i love the girl power. i have to be honest what does it take to be categorized as something like that? because i don't know if i can keep up [laughter] >> i have been exciting since 1991. and i was in first fitness olympian 1995. so it takes a lot of dedication to a particular eating program. and i don't like to say diet but eating program that should be a life-style. and then for the show been to be more refine to be able to get ready for stage, but it takes extra work. >> i can only imagine, and for everyone at home, being inspired by photos and really the fitness behind it. what do you want to say to that person wanting to jump start. maybe not waiting for new year when people set resolution and do not make it through. maybe now time to meet you and all get tips as well, right? >> absolutely. and what we want to do have, you
6:27 am
what it is all about. we have athletes from all over the world showcasing hard work. and most of all it is inspiring. you know, every athlete has a journey and get to share that and with the public. so we want people to come out and support. and it is fun and sexy. super model fitness. >> anchor: mark talk about the artistic aspect behind it. how did you begin shooting these super models fitness? >> well, i shot regular models first then i recognized these fitness athletes, they do not mind getting up at 5:00 a.m. or a chip of a nail. and i will jump up and do this. i thought this gives me more creative vision. so i progress from regular photography to shooting fitness, which i have done for 15 years now. >> and let's give the information. put something up on the screen. but event going on on sunday.
6:28 am
>> yes, it is at the hard rock at the rehab. and pool opens at 11:00. you can get tickets at rehab and the resort bikini competition for locals. so any locals watching that want to jump into the competition. photo shoot is hosted by kimberly. and we have pros in photo shoot but competition is for locals. so we have like a aspect for all. >> anchor: all right. what do you want to say to the anything like this before? what was your first time, i am sure walking out, okay i will do a bikini contest. >> i want to say that everyone has to start somewhere. no matter where you are from, what the journey, you have to start somewhere. everyone that will be part of, this we can, you know, provide that and give people inspiration to say we all started somewhere. >> anchor: thank you all so much. get everyone inspired this weekend. you heard it, on sunday. get the information on our
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>> i think her body guards should drop all weapons. disarm. >> anchor: donald trump not backing down when it comes to hillary clinton's body guards. why he wants them to disarm their weapons. and laying down the law. florida jury convicted a man for shooting at george zimmerman last year. punishment he could face coming up. and jon from mental institution over the weekend. 45 years after attempting to kill the president then. this morning's video vault looks at odd side story that resulted in las vegas. tom hawley takes us back. >> good morning. happy saturday to you. if you can see that sun is getting up this morning. so are you with us.
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weather wall. i am kyndell nunley. good weekend at least when it comes to summer weather. i have to be honest with you, i am looking forward to fall. >> weather: i am too. we have the cooler mornings, which are really nice. and so you can get out early morning. it will be, you know, 95 to 100 over the weekend. but today, we are looking at temperatures right around 96 degrees. you can see our skies have brightness. view looking west. and i will put it in motion for you there. you go. yo that was last hour. 64 degrees at our downtown studios in las vegas. west-southwest winds at two. and humidity at 29 percent. that figure will come down. barometer high at 30.03 inches of mercury. henderson 63, noticeably cooler down at executive airport, south-southeast wind at 8 miles an hour. and so moisture flowing up to our north. but our next weather actually coming from the south. and we could get a shower or thunderstorm this coming week.
6:33 am
sunshine through the forecast. 10 a.m. mid-morning. 83. up that 10 degrees by mid afternoon. and 92 early evening. and winds are not a factor. full moon tonight. get out. you are not responsible for actions. moonshine abundant. and then we will look ahead to work week coming up. and we have a chance for some moisture getting in here. tell you when that might be up ahead. kyndell? >> anchor: thank you jerry. campaign trail. during a campaign friday night. donald trump called for hillary clinton's security detail to disarm. wondered aloud let's see what happens to her. he told the crowd clinton against second amendment. she has responded saying that's not true. when he called for her security detail to disarm while adding it would be quote very dangerous. >> you know she is very much against second amendment. she wants to destroy your second amendment.
6:34 am
>> guns, guns, guns, right? i think what we should do, is she goes around, with armed body guards like you have never seen before. i think, that her body guards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. >> anchor: later in the night clinton's campaign manager issued a statement saying in part. quote, it is time republican leaders stand up to denounce this disturbing behavior in their nominee. >> and as presidential election coming together to raise more money. republican national committee raised the maximum amount donors can give. top donor can give up to $550,000 to the republican nominee's fund raising committee. called trump victory. that amount is $100,000 more than what was previously allowed. trump has been lagging behind hillary clinton in terms of big donors but he has drawn more smaller donations on line. >> anchor: and a florida jury
6:35 am
shooting at george zimmerman last year. zimmerman you can recall shot and killed unarmed teenager, trayvon martin and later acquitted of charges. friday apperson found guilty of attempted second degree murder. shooting into occupied vehicle and assaulting aggravated assault o may 11 of 2015 apperson and zimmerman got in a yelling match in cars. it ended with a single gun shot through zimmerman's passenger side window. appe s defense after zimmerman opinioned a gun. zimmerman denied the claim. >> i didn't feel that mr. zimmerman was credible. not in the beginning or in the middle and not in the end. the arguments were that mr. zimmerman was a practiced and perpetual liar. >> anchor: october 17 hearing. and apperson faces up to 20 years in prison. >> anchor: and a judge in georgia has ruled nick gordon
6:36 am
kristina brown is legally responsible for his partner's death. conservator of brown's estate filed wrongful death civil lawsuit against gordon in 2015. accusing him of assault, battery, intentional inflict of emotional distress and transferring money from brown's account into his own without authorization. gordon was scheduled to appear in court on friday but did not show up. and the judge said because gordon has failed to appear twice, anything alle b plaintiff is admitted through omission. and no criminal charges have been filed against gordon yes. a jury will determine the amount of damages to be awarded to brown's conservator. and in a lawsuit filed against banking giant wells fargo it happened on friday. three plaintiffs in utah suing the bank for fraud invasion of privacy and breach of contract. recent news collect fees on millions of unauthorized accounts. bank accounts were used to
6:37 am
el as a response to the scandal. it is agreed to pay $185 million in fines and refunds of 5 million more customers. and it is donald trump like you have never seen him before. jeannie mose explains what this is all about. coming up. and fox is going after netflix y major movie studio is not happy with strike service. these stories and more. with strike service. these stories and more. we wilill b be over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood and critical cancer screenings. but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
6:39 am
he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. >> anchor: welcome back. in today's consumer headlines k-mart returned no money down lay away program here for the holidays. for no money down and in store shoppers can be able to take advantage of the lay away program now through november 26. and last holiday season k-mart introduced giving hat to support saint jude's hospital. it sold more than 105,000 of them and helped to contribute more than $16 million in
6:40 am
associates. the hat will also return with a soon to be revealed style inspired by saint jude. and streaming service netflix has been hit with a lawsuit from a major movie studio. 21st century fox said they are poaching employees and encourageing them to leave the studio despite being under contract. and the lawsuit asked for a permanent injection blocking them from poaching executives. netflix exec plan ton defend themselves in court. and jeannie mose showing you trump like you have never seen before. well what this is all about. a report coming up. and get ready for national cheeseburger day. that's tomorrow. we have some tasty burgers right here in the studio.
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, wewe are e nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> anchor: thank you so much if sticking with us as we go to jerry brown with weather authority. we know this weekend we are celebrating national cheeseburger day. we have a guest had studio we will get to in moments. but this is the weekend when you want the last summer fix in when it comes to outdoor grilling, right. >> weather: yes. but for cheeseburger any weekend is good to eat them. nice weekend ahead. albeit noticeably warmer than the last few of 100 degrees. keep your fingers crossed. we have been there, done that already, right? this is view from red rock resort. showed you this at the beginning of the broadcast. see how sun has progressed. you will need your shades today i am afraid. central valley, sahara and 15. 65 degrees. winds are calm. 32 percent relative humidity, which seems elevated but that will come down. should be comfortable this afternoon. southwest of there at sierra
6:44 am
noticeable winds southwest at nine. diminished to five as i spoke. and north las vegas 69 degrees with calm winds. humidity more palatable at 17 percent. our downtown las vegas studios here. 65. same reading in summerlin palo verde high. sunrise manner, pair of six. same for southeast las vegas, 65 down in henderson anthem. and low 70s over at mountain's edge. southern nevada 43 up on the and mesquite looking at 67. pahrump you are in at 58. all right. nationally we have a frontal system over the ohio valley. substantial moisture there from southern canada down to the gulf. steam bath here. and cooler air working in getting into more fall like pattern. nothing going on here. we have some moisture up north. but our next batch of moisture will be drawn from the south. as low develops.
6:45 am
i will show you that in a second. first emphasize skies are clear. if you have a barbeque or outdoor plans not a problem. there is the activity down off the coast of mexico. some of that, some of it. could be drawn up the baja and eventually work in here. by as early as tuesday. but until then we are looking pretty. here we go. today's highs, generally in the 90s. mid to even upper 90s moving over to eastern clark county. mid 96 here in the valley. that will be four up from yesterday's official 92. sunny and warm and dry. with light northeast winds. beat the heat by going to the mountain. 71 mount charleston lodge. and 90 at red rock. down on the lake. not bad for boating. bright sunshine. warm. 79 degrees in the water. 99 air temperature. full moon tonight. so clear with moonshine. and 68 degrees. seven-day forecast.
6:46 am
then we will cool off on tuesday with clouds. and possibly some moisture. could use the rain. and get a chance for some primarily mountain thunderstorms on wednesday. and first daze of fall. the autumnal equinox, thursday morning. could get breezy in there. but otherwise, looking pretty good kyndell. >> anchor: i will say. thank you jerry. now to campaign trail. donald trump like you have never seen him before. with that head in and tights. let jeannie mose explain. >> when you think of donald trump's physical image. it is hard not to dwell on his hair. >> can i mess up the hair. >> go ahead. >> trump's larger than life image is often out of the donald's control. say when he flies above time square. it is super trump.
6:47 am
shelled out 25,000 bucks for this to run on a digital billboard for three days. i think the donald would agree with a second half of the description. >> strange visitor from another planet that came to weather power and abilities far beyond mortal men. >> some amused but for others. >> it is a worry. in australia we are worried about donald trump. >> but if you peel off super trump's tights this is what you get. back atop two buildings. one facing traffic. at the holland tunnel going to new york and another in miami. look familiar? they are the same statue that appeared briefly in public spaces last month. and before being unceremoniously taken down. now the man of contemporary art center hosting naked trump on own private property. so just as the donald told
6:48 am
20 pounds. >> bloated likeness dropped on rooftops n miami, the statue placed on a billboard then taken down after police say it tied up traffic. by lyft a full moon, naked trump reinstalled now mooning people from a top of a art gallery judge naked donald trump, awesome. >> holland tunnel they were adding new locks after someone tried to break in. art center >> trump statue is perfect for campaign. off-color, bloated and big joke. >> center said it would take down naked trump if the donald releases his tax returns. somebody get that statue a cape. >> who is that? >> trump. super trump. >> jeannie mose, cnn. >> make america naked again. >> jersey city new jersey.
6:49 am
tomorrow is officially national cheeseburger day. you can celebrate at beer park at paris and las vegas. talk about machew tony. what exactly is national cheeseburger day? and how can we celebrate right here on the strip? >> we will celebrate at beer park. beer park cheeseburger has american cheese, beachwood smoked onions. bacon, fat make mayonnaise out of it. super taste east and cou o barbeque, egg salad. everyone loves good egg salad. put potato chips on it for crunch. we have beer, budweiser. doing backyard barbeque. paper plates. red solo comes. keep it fun and relaxing and inviting. we have a gambling key to have been make sports bets there during the weekend. during sporting events and beer festival october 8.
6:50 am
jerry brown with weather authority all morning long this is the last weekend of summer. you were speaking on chef mathew that really this is the barbeque feel. what do you want to say to viewers at home of the especially locals. to get this barbeque experience unlike any other in the world. >> definitely would like to tell the viewers that we have some of the best barbeque in town. and we take high default what we do with we smoke meats with beachwood used to brew budweiser. it is their signature beachwood used in all the beer. we use it to smoke meats. cheese and onions and garnishment put on hamburgers. >> anchor: this pairs well with the burger. >> natural pairing. >> and when it comes to people getting out. what do you want to say to get them out the doors and into the restaurant.
6:51 am
center strip. view of the fountains. wide open to the street. great people watching. obviously, with the weather like it is. sunny and cool breeze. you cannot beat a cool beer and great barbeque and great cheeseburger. >> anchor: when it comes to traditional you say you will talk about one burger but you have lots of them? >> we try to make a variety. we have vegetarian with burger with just coleslaw. and all the pickles, we pickle them in-house. and make a fresh pickle. bread and butter pickles made in-house. this is not mass production. we want to make sure we put effort into the food. and everything is made fresh. even hand patting hamburgers. no frozen. fresh ground 100 percent
6:52 am
there is a national day for everything. but for cheeseburger day, it is fun. but also a way for people -- you think it is a good thing for it people to find a way to enjoy life more? i know it is a bit -- >> i think that's a good example. everyone loves cheese burgers and loves good hamburger. enjoy it with us. cook at home, but it is always nice to relax and have someone do it for you. most popular food. people love why there is a hamburger place at every turn. definitely. like you say in this country very popular. thank you so much for joining us. beer park and paris las vegas, all the information on our website happy national cheeseburger day.
6:53 am
6:55 am
>> anchor: welcome in for video vault. jon hinkley junior released prison last weekend. 45 years after assassination attempt that gravely wounded president reagan. main focus of the nation on president's health and odd side story played out here in las vegas. >> cameron was nationally known as psychic, on january 61981 she taped a guest appearance with entertainment columnist dick maurice that hosted a local tv show. march 30 an incident shocked the nation.
6:56 am
everyone down. three policemen jump on top of the assailant. take him to the ground. police draw guns. >> couple of days later released segments from january 6 taping that got national attention. >> i feel upset about him. i feel as though in july, he is under danger. also, i must tell you that i feel at the end of march, perhaps the last week of march, >> appeared to have fore seen assassination attempt. >> had to do with a gun, and it had to do with shots all over the place. >> news 3 hawley looks into it, microphone play. different in segment. went to general manager of the station where the show was recorded. >> hawley i spoke with five crew members that were involved in the actual taping of the show,
6:57 am
the today show. they told me to a person, that tape was done march 31. the day after the assassination attempt. not on january 6, as the super appeared. >> at first indignant maurice claimed gm was lying. >> this is why he said that. canceling advertising. >> then confessed on front page of the sun. career as psychic ended as president recovered. >> tom hawley always taking us back. but you're going forward. >> weather: going ahead. pretty nice today. warm. 96. but it will be dry. humidity will be coming down through the afternoon hours. then big full moon tonight. get out and party. moonshine. clear skies. 68 degrees. and looking ahead. 99. maybe one more shot at 100 tomorrow. or even monday.
6:58 am
wednesday. fall, autumn begins thursday. can you believe it? >> anchor: i cannot. we are moving right through. i was thinking this morning. christmas is around the corner. >> weather: i have seen halloween decorations in my
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. shooting from the hip. donald trump raising eyebrows once again calling for hillary clinton's armed security guards to disarm. >> take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what hap saying trump has a history of inciting violence. this after a wild day after trump acknowledged president obama was in fact born in this country. we are live with the developments. and breaking overnight. shooting spree in philadelphia. police officer ambushed while sitting in her car. the gunman taking police on a chase around the city.


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