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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  September 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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unique. she was four years old living with her family in paris when her parents were forced to undoubtedly make the most difficult choice of her life. the year was 1940 when the nazis were rounding up jewish women and children. the family decided to give up their daughter to a catholic family so she could have a better chance of survivor. >> woman: my mother worked in a factory. she could not take care of me. but i could jewish. >> reporter: for nearly 5 years monique lived under a different identity. never knowing whether she would see her family again. her only belonging adele she carried by her side at all times. her two closest companions were madeleine any of that cabal. >> reporter: this saved your
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reunited with her parents. all had somehow survived, even the doll. natalie has long since passed. yvette is still alive. later this month she will receive a special recognition for her family's bravery. monique will travel to france to be with her for the occasion. she said she would not miss it for the world. >> woman: i cannot tell you how thankful i >> anchor: that was monique right after the war with her doll. her parents survived the war by moving from town to town and doing what they had to do. only still has that's tattered, but she will never part with it. >> anchor: still to come, the best and worst of the day in college football. plus quarterback is suspended. tom brady's visit to his alma
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wonderful on this saturday jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers
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>> >> anchor: news 3 is your we have been enjoying a beautiful weekend so far. >> meteorologist: it is very nice out here. it is going to get a little warmer tomorrow but the temperatures next week will drop significantly. i will start feeling like fall. that's perfect timing because next week we officially start the fall season. we will enjoy this video. a busy luck on this trip this evening in las vegas.
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stargazing good night to do that. whether outside this afternoon. you can see in that file. you can see not much happening that as you might not tell by my sarcasm. in the valley it was beautiful. even nice right now. you just need a light jacket if you're out and about. 70 degrees in sutherland. 84 degrees in downtown. most in far east is in the mid-80s. franzen labeling 83 degrees. were looking at 79 degrees for indian springs. there also experiencing, whether as well. dryness will continue for the rest of the week. this time under the pacific northwest will bring our friends there a little rain. next week things will get more
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the south. a chance of thunderstorms developing across the southwest. overnight tonight we are in the clear. was dropping into low 70s. not quite as cool as last night.we're looking at very pleasant conditions. winds will be late for the rest the evening into early tomorrow morning. it'll be bottom out about 46 degrees and mount charleston. highest tomorrow afternoon will be what today was. upper 90s chris sandy valley as well as 96 degrees for boulder city. hundred and one for over 10 and lake mead. a toasty day in las vegas. a great morning to wake up in las vegas. why not go for a run. or go for a walk.
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98 degrees is the high will get. slightly higher than normal for this time a year. when slightly out of the east. warming trends through monday. after that temperatures dropping like a rock tuesday. storms will pop up.increased cloud cover across the region. we'll see some storms and thundershowers. we are abetting city. i can tell you 99 degrees going down to 88 degrees on tuesday. first day temperatures will actually match this season. >> anchor: it is a great time a year. people love to go outside.>> anchor: i just love the fall. >> anchor: thank you chloe. >> anchor: there is a lot of highlights for this saturday's football game. south carolina making a big mistake. you can see the kickoff in the first quarter. instead of taking an e and the
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the referee. because the tiger players realize the ball was still alive, he hopped on the ball and scored a touchdown. the south carolina head coach had a one-way conversation with the gentleman. >> still had, ember shows us
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do.
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i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? >> sports anchor: unlv football game hope to learn from the loss from last week and apply that today. it appeared to be a more evenly matched game in central michigan. on the road rebels rebels under had caused tony sanchez face out the 12 point underdogs.
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and the end zone. news 3 laid seven zip second quarter rebels lead 14 seven. hands it off, finds a nice open lane. and smooth sailing and 85 yard touchdown run. game tied at 14 point still second quarter. same score. during once go on to 14. but that is all this going the rebels would do. i nice 76 degrees in mount pleasant. unlv offense went cold. well frigid if you will. he threw two interceptions. and they blocked plenty of balls on michigan side.
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touchdowns. with 2433. the rebels now had home to play at home next saturday against idaho. they are home the following week two. then it is back on the road to take on san diego state and then highway october 27. color real estate a high school football no. everyone in the country is facing number 17.7. unless check fish, and let 28 seven and the fourth quarter. >>. back in college football now. they quarterback o'connor taken
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spartans. hanging out with one hand michigan state is hanging on. they hold on tight and when 36 28. and a tribute to mohammed ali and louisville. he was known as louisville lit because of his big mouth. but footsteps. there lamar jackson ran for four touchdowns. right here they threw for another. louisville wins 63 20. they handed the one of the worst losses. >> tom brady has serving his suspension with honor at the
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number four michigan made 17 and 1/2. they beat them 45 28. boxers so little alvarez is expected to buffalo through opponent smith. i will have highlights tonight evan 11:00 p.m.. last night he defects faced in the final in his background smith takes on real chaplain. over him right. skylar saw. went on to win a majority decision and did a little dance. after showing him the canvas. he is known to be a defensive fighter. very offensive as it takes to the body should be
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> >> anchor: before we conclude, we want to update you in the breaking news out of new york that we have been following. new york mayor said there is no reason to think the explosion in chelsea neighborhood had a terrorist connection. intentional act. >> anchor: the mayor said there is no connection to the pipe bomb explosion in the new jersey sea shore town. there were no injuries in the incident. 29 injuries were injured in the blast. officers investigating a second explosive device a few blocks from there.
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>> anchor: we will continue to monitor developments out of new york and whatever's going on here. we will have that coming up for you in two hours. have a great evening. [ted]quality top tier gas helps keep engines clean.hmm... [robot]i have helped keep yourr engine clean.
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[announcer]arco.quality top tier gas for less. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. weeks ago. did you actually think it was going to stop the internet? i mean the entire world. >> i cut it really short now. i know. the internet memes were pretty hilarious. tom's cut was giving off some serious '90s vibe, like jonathan taylor thomas in the home
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>> what did your wife think of it? >> she likes whatever i do. >> well, what we're liking? no, loving right now, is seeing just how happy tom gets when he talks about gisele and the kids. >> do your kids get what you and your wife do? >> yeah. my oldest son, jack, he does. he's 9. and my middle son, benny, he's 6. he's just getting there at that age. my little girl just -- she doesn't have any clue, which is perfect. >> that is aw around her little finger. >> oh, man, it's the worst. it's the worst. well, it's not the worst force -- for me. i think it's worse for my wife who is triying to instill some discipline. >> in honor of tom new uggs for men do nothing campaign. >> ordering in or eating out? >> ordering in. >> what are you ordering in? >> sushi. >> who cooks for the kids, mom
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no? >> neither. >> i can picture you guys cooking. >> i don't cook dinner. >> you make breakfast. pancakes or cereal? >> pancakes. >> movies or walk on the beach? >> movies. >> who's the disciplinarian between you and your wife? >> i'm the final no. once they hear dad say no, they know it's a permanent no. >> tom also told us that his two boys are into soccer and baseball right now. football, not so much. i guess it's hard tolo victoria beckham. the fashion designer and david beckham's lady debuted her new line at new york fashion week, but only we got her gushing about her handsome hubby and the kids. >> i couldn't do what i do if it wasn't for david. incredible husband, wonderful father. he's been at home this week with the children, looking after the kids, making sure they do their homework, eat their dinner, get to bed at the right time. he's wonderful.
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front row in support, but there's another beckham boy we are currently crushing on. >> you posted a video of cruz singing. ? >> which has been likened to justin bieber. potential music career? >> we didn't even really know that he could sing. he just sings in the back of the car. >> your little girl, harper, she's gorgeous. >> she loves to wear heels, and she loves to try on my clothes. she also loves makeup, you know. also a bit of a tom boy as well. so she likes to run around the garden with david and the boys playing football. ? >> so we all know victoria won't be part of the upcoming spice girls reunion. so is there bad blood? nope. in fact, posh is honoring the girl group with her new estee lauder makeup line. >> some of the names of the eyeshadows i couldn't help noticing.
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have spicy names. i'm very proud of my past. a little bit of a coincidence, but i'm liking it. i'm liking where you're going. >> as for victoria's number one beauty tip. >> love yourself. be kind to yourself. as women, we are really hard on each other, which i have no time for. >> no. we do not approve of that. >> please be nice to girls. give yourself a pat on the back. >> thank you. >> fashion week was crazy, and we were some celebs' kids taking the runway and one miss usa winner, one year after making headlines for her breakup with singer nick jonas. >> i have no fears during fashion week. i changed in a public restroom. then i changed in the car. then i got bangs. >> 24 hours in the life of olivia culpo, and this model showed us how to wear five looks in one day. >> i'm going to do a little quick change in the car.
9:25 pm
wheels, olivia faced a wall of photographers before taking her front-row seat at the show. post-show, olivia congratulated the designers, then back to the hotel for a makeover. >> bangs! we're going to do bangs. >> can i cut your hair? >> yeah, yeah. >> actually, they were clip-on fake bangs for this denim look she wore to the tommy hilfiger show. then olivia did her final quick change, a wispy up gown with cutouts in the back. >> craziness. >> of course one of the coolest trends at new york fashion week, celebrity kids walking the runway. ? candace cameron bur ray's look alike daughter natasha made her cat walk debut at the sherry hill show, and it's been a long time coming. >> i've been practicing since i was 5 years old. like i have literally, i'm not even kidding you, in my room
9:26 pm
hallway. >> what a shy, shy child she is. >> i need to get outdoors more. >> natasha has also been busy auditioning for this season of the voice which premieres next week. >> it was incredible. i was super proud of her, and i'm looking forward to watching the show air. >> other celeb kid sights, lisa rinna and harry hamlin's 18-year-old daughter, and camille grammar's 14-year-old girl mason. >> i'm your biggest cheerleader. i love you so much. now >> straight ahead, john travolta's gotti transformation. how his 5-year-old son is helping him become a mob boss. >> he says, don't laugh at the end of that scene. plus 20 years after jonbenet was murdered, why is her brother smiling? dr. phil tells "e.t." the real story. >> i think i look like a normal kid. and patrick dempsey on reconciling with his wife after she filed for divorce. >> your character goes to any lengths to win his lady.
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preservision areds 2.
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if you're just joining us, here are there week's top five stories. number five, two pitch perfect stars tie the knot. the adorable couple were in perfect harmony on california's central coast last weekend, saying i do in front of friends, family, and a few of their pitch perfect co-stars. ? brittany snow stood by emma's side as a brides made while elizabeth banks and rebel wilson watched the couple exchange vows at a winery. number four, shannen doherty stays strong. shannen, supported by her husband kurt and doctor at last week's stand up to cancer event,
9:31 pm
prognosis. >> shannen is doing amazing. we have a few more weeks of treatment and we'll be nearly finished with the chemotherapy. number three, sharon osbourne's health secret. >> i had a complete and utter break down. >> how scary was it for you when you really understood what was going on? >> it was really, really terrifying. >> sharon told us she was hospitalized last may after taking on way too much. >> my brain fused. it was just done, and i woke up in i honestly don't know. until i did get put on the right medication eventually and found a great therapist. so here i am, like a year and somewhat later, and i'm good. number two, amy schumer hospitalized. >> hi. um, okay. this is my first time being in one of these videos. >> that's amy, a bit hoarse and a paris hospital on monday hooked up to an iv.
9:32 pm
poisoning. she's fine now and even brought the humor, spoofing a dating profile video. >> my name is amy. i'm 35. i love music and food. and the number one story this week -- >> excuse me. off, off. excuse me. >> the "dancing with the stars" ambush. >> honestly it felt like someone just reached inside, took my heart out, and just tore it to shreds. >> excuse me. >> abc released d video this week of protesters disrupting monday night's premiere when two men stormed the stage. they were quickly tackled, handcuffed, and taken away by security. but not before sha lochte following his robbery scandal in rio. >> there are plenty of exemplary athletes. >> the men were booked on trespassing charges and released. go to e.t. for the latest. your posture and stature in posing on the carpet is hands down the best.
9:33 pm
helps. >> so that's how renee pulls that off. the scoop at the premiere for "bridget jones's baby." that's not all we learned. co-star patrick dempsey told us how he reconciled with his wife after she filed for divorce. >> in the movie, your character goes to any lengths to win his lady. was that something you could relate to? >> i'd say certainly, yeah. it's what my heart told me to do. >> now, now to a movie not out until next year. it covers the life and death of new york mobster john gotti. john travolta plays the head of the crime family and cameron was first on the seat with john and his co-star, his real-life wife kelly preston. >> watch how you interact in the dancing scene and the wedding scene, and it's just beautiful to see. >> for us to be in a movie where we're playing other people is so much fun, and that's what we
9:34 pm
>> okay. you think john gotti, you think mafia crime boss and eventually convicted murderer. but he could turn on the charm. and in the life and death of john gotti, which comes out in february of next year, travolta captures that swagger perfectly. >> what's that been like nfor yu to direct john travolta? >> it's amazing. on the first day to see him walk on the set as john gotti in the fancy suit, it really comes to life. >> the there he is. >> i looked at him, and the way he looked at me, i completely felt like i was in john gotti's arms. it sent chills. also, too, you know, my husband is known for being one of the most amazing dancers. i was like don't it down. you got to remember, you know. he's like, oh, you don't think i'm going to remember i'm not me in. >> the film is set in new york city but it can be difficult to shut down city blocks to make a movie there. so the filmmakers chose parts of
9:35 pm
the big apple. and traveling to ohio, her kids ella blue and ben, who also helped john run lines. >> i'm doing this scene and i want him -- because it's a harsh scene, i want him to know i'm kidding. i laugh at the end of it to make sure that he knows i'm just pretending. and he said, don't laugh at the end of that scene. >> any extra pressure in playing a real person? >> i think that you don't want to disappoint. i me shapiro, he was so familiar that i felt like it had to be accurate the way he looked, behaved, the cadences of voice, the accents, all that becomes very important when you're portraying an actual historical character. >> congratulations on your emmy nomination for playing shapiro. >> it was such a beautiful surprise and acknowledgement. >> what a wonderful way to be
9:36 pm
? welcome back ? ? your dreams were your ticket out ? >> so kevin conley directing and john travolta starring. i can dig it. now to the real life crime that has inspired hollywood recreations and now plenty of specials. the murder of jonbenet ramsey. the death of the 6-year-old beauty queen is still very much a mystery. now with the 20th anniversary looming, dr. phil is grilling the brother. here's what dr. p >> oh, my god. >> where were you when that phone call was made? >> in my bed. >> dr. phil pulled no punches with the now 29-year-old burke about his sister. >> did you ever sexually abuse jonbenet? >> no. absolutely not. >> there still are people that believe that you killed your sister. >> what is thee evidence or the
9:37 pm
i know that's not what happened. there's been a few people who said it's not even physically possible for a 9-year-old to do that. >> the police, the d.a., the fbi, everybody has always said he is not and never has been a suspect. >> in this never before seen interview footage, a 9-year-old burke is seen talking to a police psychologist just weeks after his sister's murder. see how burke reacts while watching this clip of himself drawing a family picture that did not include jonbenet? >> i don't really remember what was going through my head, but she was gone, so i didn't draw her. >> what do you think happened to your sister? >> what do you think you're saying there? >> i think i felt a little awkward talking about it, and i
9:38 pm
>> we spoke with dr. phil after this interview about his reactions to burke ramsey. >> he has very strong ideas about what has happened and what has been said. >> hey, we can't find your sister. what do you think happened? she's dead. >> and he leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination about where he stands on all of this. many of you have commented on burke's smile. this is anxiety. >> at some point you have to move on. >> he's not autistic. he's not weird. he's not creepy. he's just nervous. >> while the focus has been all about burke's smile, his fidgeting, and his nervous laugh, dr. phil remains protective of the 29-year-old computer consultant who works from home. >> did you hit your sister with a golf club? >> not on purpose. she was standing behind me, and i swung it like that. >> he's kind of a loner.
9:39 pm
things. maybe they kind of pull on their hair, or they, you know, fiddle around or whatever. for him, it's a nervous smile. >> i want them to focus on finding the real killer and not making up bogus theories about me and my parents. >> not much is known about burke. he still won't even disclose where he lives to protect his privacy. but one thing he revealed. burke has moved on and even found love. >> he has a relationship with a very nice young woman, and he has a g father. they're not together all the time. they live half a country apart. it's been 20 years since this happened, and in that time, burke's never been in trouble with the law. he's never -- he's never had any problem with assault or violence or anything like that. i mean it's totally consistent with him not being a suspect. in our final episode, what you're going to hear is burke has a very specific theory about who killed his sister.
9:40 pm
riveting that dr. phil has with burke, and there's going to be more of it on monday. coming up, we are behind the scenes with jennifer aniston for her new movie. then is kevin hart putting her new movie. then is kevin hart putting his comedy career s created in clean energy. that's how many nevada jobs joe heck puts at risk... when he votes big oil's way. joe heck's taken hundreds of thousands in big oil money... and voted their way... protecting billions in tax breaks for oil companies. and threatening nevada's solar economy. twenty five thousand nevada jobs at risk. because joe heck's in big oil's pocket. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content...
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hey, santa, want to party? >> that is office christmas party, out this december. you're going to have to wait for it. but it has this crazy cast,
9:43 pm
reteaming with jason bateman as well as olivia munn and so many others. we hit the set with the gang who all get really wild in this movie. >> this is the office christmas party. go inside of it. >> ho, ho, ho. >> notoriously christmas parties are known for potential hookups. >> i didn't know that. >> i don't think i've ever mixed business and pleasure. i've never hooked up with somebody that i worked with. >> so who's working this office christmas party with >> the grinch who wants to steal christmas away. >> jason bateman's the chief tech officer. >> people get overserved. >> snl's kate mckinnon is hr. >> in my workplace at snl, we're paid to be imbeciles every second. >> if you are going to have intercourse tonight, please do not do it on company property. >> there's definitely a short hand and a confidence and sort
9:44 pm
each other that's just -- this is like -- it almost doesn't feel like work. >> just how crazy does this bash get? i got a special tour of the set. >> everyone is at lunch and has no idea we're inside the set. don't eat the fake sushi. >> olivia also revealed she actually shares a secret connection with co-star jen's husband, justin thorough. back in 2010 when olivia was a correspondent on the daily show in new york, drinking buddies and friends. >> he gave me the best guy advice. he'd be like this guy, that guy you're not going to like. >> did he give you advice on aaron? >> he does like aaron. but jen and i met years ago. she passed by me, and she goes, hi, olivia. and i -- like my mind just blew up. i could not believe she knew my name, made eye contact. >> she's got the most intense
9:45 pm
>> wow. olivia, some major girl crushing going on there. still to come, comedy legend carol burnett on her soap opera past, showing "e.t." her best soap stare. >> your husband is not really your husband. he's actually a reincarnation of your dead grandmother. then kevin hart the rapper, and paula abdul moonlighting as a waitress. what is going on here? >> who had the coffee. >> the panca a but first this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which star set director wes craven a set of steak knives after completing the film? craven a set of steak knives after completing the film? is it court this is jennifer aniston, who told people her beauty secret. it's called water. this is julia roberts, who confessed her million dollar beauty treatment. it's called sleep. this is courtney, who escapes to the spa. and michelle, who swears by good lighting. and this is beyonce,
9:46 pm
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facing the world. you may qualify to get your first 30 days free. visit for details. orders up. >> yep, that's paula abdul, the waitress. ? >> you want the decaf, right? >> "e.t." found the pop star and former "american idol" turned so you think you can dance judge taking denny's. >> how long did it take for people to start recognizing you? >> my name is paula. >> some people weren't. then there were some people said immediately knew it. >> forever my girl. >> the fan surprise? all to benefit the charity no kid hungry. >> $1 can provide up to ten meals. >> aside from serving up pancakes, paula is working on new music and maybe a tour. >> there was talk of you joining
9:49 pm
anything? >> not yet. >> just tell us when you're ready to, all right? thinking about it, though, which is amazing. now to a star you wouldn't think of getting into the music business. kevin hart. yeah, he's a comedian. he's sold out shows, done movies, done television, but is he now turning into a legit rapper? kevin fraser got the dish on kevin hart's new gig as his alter ego that you look a lot like kevin hart, and they've never seen you two in the same place at the same time. i just want to point that out. >> that's not true. that man's teeth are way bigger than mine. i'm a lot bigger than kevin. i think kevin stands at 5'4". i stand at 5-4 1/2. >> what rappers are you on par with? >> i think the real question is what rappers are on par with me? you know, asking me who i'm on par with is like asking yourself
9:50 pm
>> kevin -- i mean chocolate drap pa is taking on the music industry, throwing shade at artists like drake. ? >> tell me, what is your issue with someone like drake? >> my issue with somebody like drake is that, yo, you're doing what i did. i used to sing and rap at the same time. i used to go and do that. i'm the one that would start off rap, and when i'm done come back and go slow. ? >> chocolate even has a real record deal. next week, he's dropping his first single, and he's coming out swinging. >> i used to talk and i'm not going to lie. >> i don't know what to say. that dude is crazy, and i love every single second of it by the way. motown look out. look out for chocolate drop. >> what would my name be? caramel pieces.
9:51 pm
who always brings the funny. carol burnett. >> yes, indeed. >> karen mathison, you got to sit down with the 83-year-old legend to talk about her new book. seriously, one chapter should be dedicated to the total fan girl crush that she has on our resident former soap hunk. >> i love me some carol. earlier this year, she did this. >> i miss all my children so much. >> i miss you. >> you're such a great actor. >> on the carpet of the was all about you that night, and you made it all about me. my parents called me and e-mailed me. >> my gosh, you know what i fan i was of "all my children." >> yes, i was ryan leavery, and carol even guest starred opposite susan lucci. >> i'm not just one of your fans. oh, my goodness. >> oh, lord have mercy. look at that outfit. >> i love this.
9:52 pm
opera stare. >> your husband is not really your husband. he's actually a reincarnation of your dead grandmother. [ drawmatic music ] >> and she's a master at the soap fake slap. >> i cheated on you with your sisters, both of them. ouch. >> i've just been using you for your money. oh, that was really good. drama, ms. burnett. now carol is celebrating some of her most famous moments from the carol burnett show in her new book "in such good company." >> that gown is good. >> thank you. i saw it in the window and just couldn't resist it. >> the one when we were doing, we said this is going to be one of the funniest sight gags in
9:53 pm
that outfit is in the smithsonian. >> such a classic. to be there, amazing. >> carol said it. it's the best. >> now carol is a grandma, and she says that her grandsons are what helps her keep. >> and that soap stare from cameron mathison, that will do it to you too. first, rupaul's first emmy win. >> i'm still in shock. it's just a i honestly did not -- i did not expect it honestly. >> ru was calm in his acceptance speech. >> thank you so much. >> but moments later, he was fighting back tears. >> there are a lot of ways this is a very historic win. how do you feel in this moment right now besides emotions? >> well, i think about all the kids who watch the show all over the world who, you know, who finally have an emotional navigation system.
9:54 pm
>> the host of rupaul's drag race won for outstanding host of a reality or reality competition show. >> i've had the chance to get another bite of the apple so to
9:55 pm
war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
9:56 pm
travel considerations
9:57 pm
look at all those stars' birthdays this week. jason sudeikis is turning 41. james marsden, 43. aisha tyler is 46. take a final look at your choices. which star sent director wes craven a set of steak knives after completing the film >> monday, "e.t." is at the emmys, backstage with the winners and breaking down all the red carpet fashions. that's monday on "e.t." >> we are almost out of time this weekend. for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our website, e.t. before we go, we need you to check out this new video.
9:58 pm
climbing charts. rabel is currently opening on tour for gav indegras. >> have a good weekend,
9:59 pm
[ricky]quality top tier gas can help engine performance. hmm,wonder what that's like... [reporter]ricky,how does it feel to be a champion? [ricky]i can't take all the credit. this guy's performance on the road inspires me. he's the real mvp! we did it,man!ha-hah!
10:00 pm
they surrounded me like a pack of wolves. and they said, "go get those crime scene photos of her mama and daddy." i was trying to cover my face. is and he was pulling my hands off of my face. and he said, "you did this. >> reporter: a sprawling southern family with a pair of church-going grandparents at its heart. >> they were definitely the most loving individuals i've ever met in my life. >> reporter: there was no way it was supposed to end like this. >> she took me by the hand and said, "sugar and charlie have been murdered." >> reporter: the former church deacon and his wife. who on earth would want them dead?


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