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tv   News 3 Live in Prime  NBC  September 18, 2016 8:30pm-9:29pm PDT

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at it down the stretch here. >> al: second and ten, from the 36. rodgers fires. that will move the sticks. adams makes the catch. again going in waynes' direction. the next snap will be under three minutes. >> cris: a little gun shy now. they're so afraid of getti now, waynes being a little more cautious. maybe a little overly aggressive. and now, he's going to have to come back up and get the aggressive gene going. now, at the line of scrimmage. the bump and run now. >> al: 2:30 to go. play clock at four. rodgers sliding right. looking to get out. he can't.
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joseph is the first guy in there to knock him down. >> cris: joseph got a little bit of revenge that time on tretter, the center, right there. going to slide the line all the way to the right. and joseph is going to slide off. and this time, aaron rodgers does not get away. >> al: four-yard sack. second and 14. trying to get it off before the two-minute warning. and they won't. that's the two-minute warning. second and 14. and green bay as all of its time-outs. close one in the opener. vikings by three. (alarm ringing) (reporter) crowds in midtown today mean only one thing. (announcer vo) every one is ready for the next gen iphone. (indistinct chattering) (announcer vo) and so is verizon with the only next gen network that lets you make the most of it. lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds
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your can's thinking houston. don't jinx it. your can is houston. ?? >> al: after the game, the postgame report. michele on the field. we have our own mike and mike, along with tony dungy. they will break it down. and a look ahead to next sunday's match-up, between the bears and the cowboys. down in arlington. second and 14, now. robison was on the table a moment ago. wrapping up his ankle.
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had the big forced fumble. >> cris: and neil hunter back in there. >> al: hunter, number 99. second down and 14. the vikings crowd, the defensive line. and then, backed off. and rodgers throws on the run. it's knocked away. terence newman is there. intended for jordy nelson. third and 14. >> cris: there's the danger when you're dealing with a veteran. all the way. if he had gotten that left hand in front, would have likely had that interception. the packers are lucky that didn't go the other way. >> al: 38-year-old terence newman. out there on a third down and 14. >> cris: trae waynes against davante adams, one-on-one. >> al: robison is back in the game. and rodgers throws.
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it is picked off by trae waynes. picking on him all night long. finally, he might have the last say. >> cris: trae waynes, just keep fighting. there you go. run a little post corner. he was wide-open, on the slant. because it was a one-step move by davante adams, trae waynes it. the entire defense has flowed to the right side. aaron rodgers saw it. comes back to his one-on-one. and trae waynes, after an interesting night, the play of the game. >> al: it's not over in the sense that green bay has all of its time-outs. with the stop here, they get the ball back. and we know what this guy can do, in clutch time. ball at the 54 yard line.
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fullback line in there. this can be a 2 1/2 yard gain opinion and green bay takes its first time-out. to michele. >> michele: morgan burnett with the packers, questionable with a hamstring injury, al. >> al: he's out of the game. chances are, the safety is on this drive. minnesota figures to keep it on this ground. know about peterson, of course. goes to carolina. green bay will go home. until october the 30th. they have four-straight home games, beginning next week. and a bye. >> cris: good time to be in green bay.
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second down and seven. >> cris: you will get everybody up, he's no help anywhere. >> al: you have to play it safe to make sure green bay uses all of its time-outs. i think. what do either of us know, right? >> cris: well, it's the right call, obviously. it is. you don't want to make it easy. but aaron rodgers just needs three to get us to overtime. and that's a lot of time to don't want to leave him a time-out, either. but the likelihood of picking this up, with the way the packers are playing defense, right now. running the ball. the way it's going tonight, next to nil. sam bradford has been the star. and stefon diggs is the other star.
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>> al: third down and six. at the 49 yard line. bradford, 22 out of 30. 286 and 2 touchdowns. >> cris: looks like he was talking to stefon diggs in the huddle. maybe i'm imaginable things. >> al: yep. looking at him. but incomplete. and a flag comes in. damarious randall, with the penalty. and that is a killer. for green bay. >> cris: zach line made that play with a great blitz pickup. a tough call here. >> referee: pass interference, number 29, defense. automatic first down from the spot of the foul. >> al: 23, not 29. >> cris: looks like their feet got tangled up. there's the foul. you see the left arm, hooking, grabbing and turning. it is the turn right there, that's a great call by the
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let's watch zach line right here. he doesn't pick up that blitz, it looked like bradford would be sacked. great call on the official. that is a tough one and got it right. >> al: so, 1:36. can make green bay use their final time-out, which they will here. blake martinez, the rookie, stuffs asiata. now, minnesota can take just about all of the time off the clock. >> cris: bradford, talking to diggs, in the huddle, was on interesting moment here. here he goes, bradford. and there's diggs, right there. and you see him looking at him and having a direct conversation with him. they set it up. he cuts the split down to maybe
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going to go to the out. instead he breaks to the in. and gets the call. >> al: coming your way, big boy. >> cris: i bet they don't throw now. but i'm a gambling guy. >> al: i bet you are. tripped up at the 40. they take this down to around 50 seconds or so, before they have and the minnesota vikings are on the cusp of christening their new house. when they played green bay, at metropolitan stadium, the metrodome, zygi wilf and his brother, mark, the owners of the game. green bay has spoiled every stadium.
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mary out of aaron rodgers. >> al: rodgers doesn't create turnovers and hasn't through the years. with three fumbles. and a pick. only lost one of those fumbles. and that was a big one, right there. robison, as minnesota got a break and recovered it. and of all people, waynes with the interception. >> cris: there won't be much time. but as far as hail marys are concerned, i don't know anybody that can throw them better than that guy. >> al: we've seen them. last year, the double-hail mary
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seconds off the clock. the minnesota vikings, you take the snap and run around with the ball. you have three seconds left on the clock. >> cris: i'm sure they'll let this run completely out here. >> al: sure. >> cris: and will make a decision. >> al: sam bradford. the long term. teddy bridgewater has a full recovery from a bad knee injury, sustained three weeks ago. bradford, coming to the sideline. >> cris: he has to take the ball and throw it kind of -- >> al: do something with it. and the only thing that can kill him is some wacky, bad snap that gets picked up.
8:43 pm
still fourth down. >> al: minnesota will at least have to snap it and do something with it. >> cris: if he puts a receiver to one side, and throws the ball, three seconds are going to go off. >> al: only thing that could hurt them is a terrible snap and a recovery and touchdown by green bay. >> cris: they will throw it to diggs. >> al: bradford, will take all of the time off the clock. sends it to the heavens. and the minnesota vikings have beaten the green bay packers. >> cris: that's one of the most impressive things i've seen a football player do. what sam bradford did tonight was one of the most impressive things against a very good football team. of the pressure of opening a new stadium.
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>> al: and got up to a bit of a slow start, first two series. until he gathered it. went to the locker room to have his left hand x-rayed. and for a moment, looked like shaun hill would have to take the reins again. and next thing you know, sam bradford has led this team, right now, to a victory tonight and a record of 2-0. coming up, the volkswagen
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welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here, now, mike tirico. >> opening night, and the fans leave happy. the vikings beat the packers, 17-14. and a close memorable game in this long rivalry. different things in this game. the field goal they didn't go for in the third quarter, when they were in easy field goal range. the five sacks. the multiple turnovers. aaron rodgers not handling the ball well. for the vikes, a tremendous story. sam bradford, 15 days ago, they trade for him. he comes in here. they open the new stadium. he gets a victory and a game ball. not just the one he's carrying
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night football bus. but stefon diggs, 152 yards receiving. and trae waynes. and they are starting by, are michelle tafoya. >> how were you able to put things together so quickly? >> my teammates have been great. they've been behind me since day one, since i got here. everyone has offered advice. they're all willing to help. i didn't do it on my own. and those guys, none of it would have been possible. >> you took a lot of hits tonight. bruised your left hand. we watched it all. what was it like to be in the middle of it all? >> what is football? it's part of the game. you have to stand in there take the hits and deliver the strikes when your team needs them. >> an impressive performance, given all of that. and your first time in this building. they're opening this place up. it's your first start with a new team. what were the nerves like when
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tonight. it reminds me of last year, my first game in philadelphia. obviously, you always want to play well, your first time with a team. especially in front of the home fans. and our fans were great tonight. i mean this, is the loudest i've heard a place in a long time. big shoutout to our fans tonight. >> congratulations, a big win. let's go to stefon diggs, a big night for you, as well. and a touchdown catch. why were you and sam able to connect the way you did tonight? >> he had a short week. talk about preparation, being on the same page. we can communicate a lot in practice. and i tried to make plays for him. he throws great balls, as you can see. >> there was one moment you might not have done your job. you came out to defend a teammate. 15-yard penalty. what were you thinking? >> it was costly.
8:50 pm
and i almost lost it in the game. i take full responsibility. moving forward, it will never happen again. i saw my guy on the ground. i'm a passionate guy. and i hate to see my guys on the ground. i have to take full responsibility. it's my fault. >> it's a win. congratulations. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> go to trae waynes. here he is. they picked on you a bit tonight. but you had the last word with that interception. how did that play unfold >> basically, the play, they had a long ways to go, i wanted to, you know, ease out of my back foot. and get the deep ball. >> you came in here for xavier rhodes, a big responsibility. what were your nerves like coming into this game? >> just the fact we're facing a great offense, great quarterback, great receivers. we prepared well for them. you know, he did a great job of coaching me up throughout this
8:51 pm
with a heated rival, the packers, and a big win. what does this mean to this team? >> it means a lot. the packers are a big game. the fact we can open up the stadium against them, means a lot to us. >> congratulations. >> michele, thank you. impressive performances from new and young vikings. let's bring in tony dungy from the studio. when you saw what bradford was the game, norv turner's offense is not what he was familiar with. not as much in his background. how impressive for you was what bradford did tonight? >> it was impressive, mike. i was there on friday and watched them practice. an i stopped in the offensive coach's office after practice. they were so excited about sam bradford getting to play. this is exactly what norv turner wants to do. people load up on the passing game.
8:52 pm
he feels like sam throws the deep ball beautifully. you have to look at the minnesota defense, too. i thought it was a great win on both sides of the football. >> there is a composite here, they were looking at. with the defense, and bradford's ability to control the deep balls. we don't know how long peterson is going to be out, with the knee injury. they have good defenses ahead, the next three weeks, in carolina, the giants on a monday night and houston. >> it's tough when you lose a weapon like atreen peterson. but norv turner will not change what they do. they will pound the football and defend the running game. now, sam bradford becomes more important. hitting the deep balls. controlling the flow with the offense until peterson gets back. i think they're going to be in good shape because of the energy that they feel around sam
8:53 pm
turn it over to mike florio, there will be conversations about the peterson injury. that's not the only injury we'll be talking about tomorrow. jimmy garoppolo, hurt for the patriots, who have a short week ahead. >> that's right, mike. an a.c. joint sprain. he was in tremendous pain after the game. that in and of itself, without the outcome of an mri. regardless of that, unlikely he will mri on thur now, the patriots have a decision to make. who do they get to join brissette on that depth chart? there's not many available, especially guys with familiarity of the patriots system. and if you're going to do a trade for two weeks, a tough decision for the patriots and not much time. >> the third round pick from north carolina state. patriots play houston on thursday. meantime, in dallas next sunday
8:54 pm
washington is 0-2. not the most hormones you locker room after the game for the redskins. >> already dysfunction in that locker room. griping and complaints about kirk cousins' lack of decisiveness, and lack of poise. it's still early. when the expectations were elevated by the contract for kirk cousins, guys want the ball. when they don't get it, they will be upset. and now, washington has to figure it out. colt mccoy and nate sudfeld are also on the roster. too early to think about a change. but not too early to think about the problems in the locker room. >> mike will start five-straight hours tomorrow morning on nbcsn, with "pro football talk live." followed by "the dan patrick show." vikings win, 17-14. al and cris, wrap it up after this. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are.
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welcome back to the volkswagen passat postgame report. >> first and goal at the 1. handoff to elliott up the middle. pound, push, push, pound, touchdown. back to throw. runs to the goal line. it's a touchback. second and two at the 4. handoff, inside. comes back to washington and puts dallas on top. >> if you follow football, you he's out probably until the middle of the year. they go with the rookie, dak prescott. i watched this whole game before coming over here. that's no rookie, dak prescott. i'm looking at this guy going -- he's thrown 75 passes without an interception. longest streak to begin a career without a pick in the history of the nfl. >> he does some of the same things that tony romo can do. saw it in the preseason. big deal, in the preseason.
8:58 pm
when the real defenses come out. he does the same thing. ezekiel elliott, now, star running back. got the ball on the ground a couple of times out there. for dak prescott to get there to dez bryant. and dez bryant was talking about him in the preseason, how impressive he was. and showing up in the regular season. >> cowboys are 1-1, after losing to the giants on opening day. and chicago bears losing to houston on opening day. they have the monday night game against philadelphia tomorrow. games that are early in the season, that are more important than others, pretty big for them. >> i think for the cowboys right now, there's a feeling of life after tony romo, which i'm not sure they were feeling that way coming into this season. and when that injury happened. >> life after teddy bridgewater in minnesota, is thanks to sam bradford. that is the story, as the minnesota vikings open their new stadium, with a 17-14 win over the green bay packers, as the
8:59 pm
and the packers are 1-1. bud grant got it started. beautiful ballpark. 17-14. local news except on the west coast next. our whole gang, good night, from minneapolis.
9:00 pm
. he was unresponsive and wasn't breathing.
9:01 pm
>> reporter: right now on live in prime, the quick action of a good samaritan. how it may have prevented tragedy for a bike rider. it's a story you'll see only on news 3. an act of terrorism. investigators hunting for clues after a bombing injured 29 people in new york city. and it is football sunday. and the nfl's top man is talking about the raiders possible move to las vegas. we'll show you what roger goodell is saying >> reporter: (sirens) road side rescue. a dramatic scene plays out after a cyclist is found face down and not breathing. good evening. welcome. >> bystanders jumped into action to try and save the man's life and the entire ordeal was
9:02 pm
it's a story you'll only see on news 3. >> now live where the cyclist was first found unresponsive. nathan? >> reporter: this is a story about the fight that saved a compleat stranger's life. some of the images you're about to see, some people may find it difficult to watch. >> this is the same thing i got in my car. just put it in like this. >> reporter: for jerry, a sunday morning bike ride turns into a jerry finding a man face down not breathing and unconscious. >> i could tell he had actually been riding and apparently fallen over. >> reporter: from his go-pro camera recording the 9-minute ordeal. >> he was unresponsive and not breathing. he was gasping now and then. i started chest compressions.
9:03 pm
>> reporter: bystanders calling 911. jerry keeps calm. >> having had previous training in the military and police -- you come across things like that and it's a matter of doing what you have to do. >> reporter: emergency crews roll up. (sirens) the man rushed to the hospital. jerry left wond again soon. >> he's a biker and of course he had a faster bike than me. [laughs] i'd like to have a cup of coffee with him. >> reporter: we must be clear we don't know the identity of the man or his current condition. jerry is hoping someone sees the story and recognizes the situation so they can get reconnected in the future someday. >> reporter: all right. thank you. it would be nice if the two get
9:04 pm
coffee down the road. we'll follow this one for sure. unanswered questions tonight about the explosion that rattled a manhattan neighborhood. new york's governor now officially calling it an act of terrorism. >> the bomb blast was strong enough to shatter windows and shake apartments and injure 29 people. >> all of the injured have been released from the hospital thankfully. >> investigators now trying to figure out how the blast is connected to another possible explosive device found a few explosion along the jersey shore. >> reporter: it was 8:30 on a busy saturday night when the blast rocked the chelsea neighborhood. >> it's scary. it's unsettling. it's -- shocking that it happened so close to me. >> reporter: 29 people were hurt. all of them released from the hment. authorities don't believe isis is responsible but want to know who planted the bomb and why.
9:05 pm
generically a terrorist activity. that's how we're going to consider it. and that's how we will prosecute it also. >> reporter: less than three hours after the explosion in chelsea another object described as a possible secondary device was found a few blocks away by officers combing the area. >> that device has been removed. authorities are searching for possible connections. >> we have two separate crime scenes. keep in mind we're in the m of a investigation. >> reporter: hours before, a pipe bomb exploded before a charity run. the run was cancel. it's not clear if the blast is connected to either of the devices in new york city. this is a busy time for the new york area. world leaders are arriving from the united nation's general assembly and the mayor is asking new yorkers to be on the lookout. >> a central message today is be vigilant. be vigilant at this point in
9:06 pm
1,000 state troopers and members of the national guard will be deployed throughout new york city. >> reporter: we are just getting this late breaking development. authorities say fbi agents pulled over a car on a highway in brooklyn and are questioning the vehicle's occupants in connection with the investigation of the bombing in manhattan. >> five people are being questioned. moren and thousands of runners were to participate in a charity race to benefit marines and sailors. officials won't say if they believe the explosion was terror related. new jersey governor chris christie said state police have promising leads but no suspects. an fbi spokesman says investigators continue to canvas seaside park and conduct interviews.
9:07 pm
knife set off panic in a shopping mall. the fbi is investigating the attack as a potential act of terror and isis claimed responsibility. >> that has not been confirmed. none of the nine people were seriously heard in st. cloud before the suspect was killed by an off-duty police officer. his father has identified the attacker as a 22-year-old college student dahir adhan. today the fbi carried out searchers of his father says his son came to the u.s. 15 years ago and had no suspicion his son was involved in terrorist activity. he was asking people about islam, witnesses say. >> just charged me and said are you a muslim. are you a muslim. how are you going to respond to that? >> reporter: a large population
9:08 pm
a 19-year-old man is dead after a shooting early this morning in north las vegas. the shooting happened after midnight near belmont and lake mead. when officers arrived they found the man with a gunshot wound. he was taken to umc where he died. police don't have much to go on but say a small blue pickup may have been involved and it doesn't appear to be random. they're asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers at metro police tonight asking for help in tracking down a robbery suspect. they released photos of him tonight. he hit two businesses this weekend. on opposite sides of the valley. police say he entered the business, approached an employee, presented a demand note and fled the scene. the suspect is described as a
9:09 pm
feet tall, 220 pounds. tips can be called in to crime stoppers. a metro is also searching for the driver of a mini-van involved in a collision that seriously injured a moped rider north of downtown. this was near ranchy high school. -- rancho high school. the mini-van ran a stop sign and hit fillip porter. porter suffered critical video -- photos they're able to capture of the impact. it shows the hit-and-run vehicle as an older model honda oddsy mani- -- mini-van with left side damage and a broken left side passenger window. another person died after a crash on interstate 15 in north las vegas. the crash happened on southbound i-15 at cheyenne just before noon.
9:10 pm
later died. four people have died this weekend in crashes on southern nevada road. and unfortunately we're talking about another deadly year on nevada roads. >> one group is getting bound the -- behind the wheel to stop the problem. john trainer joined them for driver's edge. >> reporter: this is driver's edge. >> i'll make the thing sde promise. >> reporter: it's a different principle than driver's ed in high school. >> we get young drivers behind the wheel. take control exercises. all of the experiences like in traditional cars. and experiences that are life and death on the road. >> reporter: these classes are a wake-up call for teens and parents. how better to know what to do in an emergency.
9:11 pm
correct and turn back into the skid. >> reporter: today's four courses like this one. ella and brandon are about to lose control. wet road. no traction. >> there is no replacement for the feeling you have when you get off the gas and turn. there you go. foot on the brake. >> reporter: for the 16-year-old controlled crisis averted. the class is free and popular courtesy of a state grant. the lessons they take are priceless and long really going to take it with us. >> reporter: and road work, it may seem like there is a lot of coninstruction around southern nevada, get ready for more. and a $34 million widening of the northern i-15 corridor. the project will expand the stretch of highway from four to
9:12 pm
of other asthetic and safety improvements. it will also enhance traffic flows entering and exiting the motor speedway. the section of i-15 currently hand ldz more than -- handles more than 41,000 cars a day. seven weeks until election day. >> next on live in prime, as the race gets tighter, pulling out big names to help with a block of important voters she is and someone may need to go back for more driver's education. how their car ended up on a house. and hot today. 99 the official high. the parts of our valley in triple digits.
9:13 pm
over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health h services and critical cancer screenings. and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
9:14 pm
51 days until the election.
9:15 pm
and tighter between clinton and trump. especially in key donald ground states. >> clinton's lead is slipping among millenials. tonight the campaign to help the nominees. >> jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> i'm an ohio boy myself. >> reporter: big name democrats including actor john (inaudible) campaigning for clinton in battleground state ohio. elizabeth warren was there toooo with choice words for >> a selfish low life who puts his own interest ahead of everyone and everything else. a man who will not be president of the united states. [applause] . >> reporter: democrats are out in force as new polls show clinton's big lead among millennial voters. ahead by 24 points in august. she stands with young voters on
9:16 pm
reform. >> it's on our shoulders to maining the case -- make the case but on five issues the difference between clintsen and trump -- clinton and trump are vast. >> reporter: trump's campaign is still blaming clinton for stirring up the question nine years ago on whether president obama was born in the u.s. >> associates of the clinton campaign started this in 2007. questioning obama's american mate mike pence was in a battleground sunday talking to a jacksonville church about his christian faith. clinton will be courting some of the milelian voters in philadelphia monday. while trump campaigns in florida. a state critical to both candidates. >> reporter: and as far as campaign appearances here in our battleground state, tim kaine is due to visit reno on tuesday.
9:17 pm
prime, southern nevada ready to move forward with a stadium to bring the raiders to our area. the commissioner not completely sold yet. it's the start of a new week. woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill
9:18 pm
including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
9:19 pm
. jerry brown here in the news 3 weather center. and boy, not a lot going on today. no clouds to speak of. our skies are clear tonight. still warm. 86 degrees in the central valley if you are unfortunate enough to be on the i-15 at sahara. southwest winds at 5. 11%. the relative humidity. temperatures around the valley in the 80s. 89 downtown henderson.
9:20 pm
especially central valley and east valley. 106. that was the hot spot in nevada down in overton. we take a look at the current reading, 90 out at the airport. down 9 degrees from this afternoon's official high. nationally showers back east. but out west, things are dry. north that will not get in here. we're keeping an eye on tropical storm paine. so some of that moisture could make it as far north as southern nevada. it's a possibility. tonight lows quite refreshing. upper 60s to a few low 70s. 40s on the mountain. this is a very summer-like looking map with a lot of triple digits.
9:21 pm
this is our last chance tomorrow i think to hit triple digits in the valley. 69 degrees for the overnight low. clear skies. and then tomorrow let's go for another 99 degree day. tomorrow will be the last chance to make it into the century club. 7:00 a.m., 72. 92 by noon. the quick warm-up and 98 by 5:00 p.m. now weather tends to be very intereg september and of course for -- equinox, fall is on thursday. should be windy and only in the 80s. you can see we have the chance for tropical moisture on tuesday. it will be noticeably cooler and even by -- by -- getting down into friday morning, upper 50s in parts of the valley. so pretty wild weather. roller coaster temperatures and the chance of rain. you'll want to keep your eyes
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have been killedcers in the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. it works. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives. v.o.: yes on question one. der god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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enginfrom harmful deposits. hmm,wonder what that's like... hey! ninjas! step away from my engine. spin move! scorpion! kaaa!
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roger goodell says there is a lot of work to be done before the nfl considers las vegas for a franchise. goodell spoke after a southern nevada committee voted to reen in public money to build an nfl stadium. the project is being discussed to lure the raiders away from oakland. goodell says it's up to the owners to decide if las vegas is a viable city to host the nfl. he says he is still evaluating whether having a team play in casino-driven las vegas is a good idea and goodell says it's tough for a city to lose a team referring to oakland and st.
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here is something you don't see every day. a driver in china had to have his car removed from the roof of a house with a crane. but how did it get there? well, the driver tried to back uphill along the narrow mountain streets. >> just off the pavement and at the same height was the roof of a bungalow. the roof was separated from the street by a courtyard wall. the driver and wound up with the rear of the car on the roof. the front on the wall. luckily no one was injured. but he has a story to tell. >> someone built the road wrong or built the home wrong. >> yeah. not great in a neighborhood that's for sure. that's going to do it for us on live in prime. thanks for joining us. we'll be back tonight at our normal time, 11:00.
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sharyl: the words people who don't like you use about you are angry, hateful, racist. >> oh, i'm racist? if i have something to say, i say it right out. sharyl: embattled and outspoken, maine's governor paul lepage has largely sworn off the media. but he spoke with us about his attempts to reform a welfare state. joce: this hacker helped shut down one of the most successful propaganda tools for isis, but four questions keep him from being hired by the fbi. >> i can't imagine one person i know who would have the skill set to actually fulfill that job that would meet all those criteria. sharyl: congressman jason chaffetz heads the house oversight committee and he isn't finished with the hillary clinton email trail. rep. chaffetz: it's one of the biggest security breaches in the


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