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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. anchor: right now on news 3 live as 11:00. a perfect rescue. how a morning bike ride turned into a rescue. and a motive concerning the explosion that happened. news 3 starts now. roadside rescue.
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clock plays out after a cyclist is found not breathing. i'm alexis hernandez. a quick bystanders's question thinking to save a bikers life. >> yes this is a story about the fight to save a stranger's life. of the images you're about to see could be difficult to watch. >> for jerry sturdivant, a morning bike ride turns into a rescue for life. >> i cyclist was found turned
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for 90 minutes. >> he was nonresponsive and i turned him over and he was gasping and i could not find a pulse. >> we have units on the way. >> his training was taken over. >> having had previous training in the military and police force, you come across things like that and it's just doing what seven minutes went away before he was breathing. he's a biker and i'm a biker and i hope to have a cup of coffee one day.
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sees the situation on tv and will be reconnected someday. well, he was certainly the right person to come along at the right time and jason, thank you. we'll be updating you on that story. tonight, fbi pulls over a car that is a person of interest on a highway in five people in the car are being questioned in an fbi building in lower manhattten. and that investigation is ongoing. and two people called police
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package. the robotic device indicated it could be a live bomb. the fbi is trying to determine how to disarm the device. everybody get off of the street. >> anchor: now an update on the blast of new york. the government calling it an act of terrorism. passers by ran in panic street. get off the street. >> from what new york officials confirm that it was a bomb that detinated in the street of new york. >> the bomb exploded in or near a dumpster which contained much of the explosion. it was strong enough to crack
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>> we're lucky there were no fatalities at the time. >> no one was seriously injured. >> much of the credit goes to the rapid response of the city. within minutes, police, fbi, national guard, and police officers cornered the area leaving joh able to return to his home. >> one woman held her head and said a chandelier holding her head. >> and emergency's crews found a crude bond. the two devices were similar.
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exploded in new jersey. >> a bomb exploding in new york is an act of terrorism but it's not link to international terrorism. in other words we find no isis connection, et cetera. we have more work to do to find out what motivation was behind this. >> there has been responsibility from terrorist groups. police say there are no suspects and ask the public for health. and it was a man with a knife that set off panic in a shopping mall. and isis has now claimed responsibility.
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when a driver was killed by an off-duty police officer. >> acmed haddan said he came to the united states a few years ago. >> he just charged at me and said are you are you a muslim? >> how do you answer that when somebody comes at you with a knife. . and it may seem there is a lot of construction delays around southern nebraska. an event is going to start in a $4 million widening.
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stretch of highway. >> it will enhance traffic flows entering the existing motor speedway area. it houses more than 4,000 vehicles every day. and we are your weather authority and we're wrapping up the last week of summer. >> can you believe it's already the forecast. meteorologist: it felt like summer. 106 in parts the state and 99 in krump and triple digits had to go to lake west to get out of them. the official temperature of las
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should be refreshingly cool. we have some more heat ahead and we have almost a hurricane, tropical storm coming with 100 miles per hour along the baja and could be paying us a visit. >> it's pleasantly cool and a light southwest wind at 3 miles per hour. one, gerard. and a collision seriously injured an meped near rancho high school. the driver ran a stop sign and hit porter. he suffered critical injuries and is at umc.
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pictures and say it's a honda minivan with metallic paint and if you see it, it will have damage along the side. and officers arrive on a scene to find a man with a gunshot wound. the victim was taken to umc where he died. las vegas police go by but a small blue pickup may have been suspected. with any information call crime stoppers. metros asking for help in tracking down a robbery suspect. he hit two businesses on opposite sides of the valley.
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business, approached an employee with a demand note and then took the money then fled. he's an hispanic male and tips can be called into crime stoppers. still to come, a photo with a little girl and donald trump has gone creating a lot of stir tonight. and disclosing the use of
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a henderson homeowner is proudly flying an american flag on her property today. >> the flag was stolen a few years ago. a woman tour it down saying she did not like it because she did not like police.
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american company called american breed opened a go fund account. her old flag was 5-feet tall and the new one is 20-feet tall. and the picture that was seen across the world is going viral. a girl seems afraid as she meets donald trump. many are of mary when she met donald trump in flint michigan during the water crisis. my brother said that anybody that touches donald trump the secret service will attack them.
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>> the fact that she's mentioning the picture many say are putting her daughter in the spotlight and she says that's not true. oh, the woman best known for her role as lethal in the sound of music has died. the song that you just heard, one of the song heard, 16 going on 17 according to the carr's family, the actress died from a rare form of dimensia at 73. she was one of the five children to play the van trap. after the movie she left to raise a family.
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this is not your typical driving school. it's called driver's edge. the classes are for the real world teaching young drivers what to do in emergency situations like we had roads and ice. all the road. for 16-year-olds the class is free and possible by a state grant. all right, let's get a check on traffic. here's news 3 jeff marr. well, we made it through that big closure to the ramp of 15 southbound. and we have another closure
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happening monday, 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. wednesday. and if you're heading the exit, you're going to see a closure there as well. and we have trafficic every ten minutes and we'll see you at 4:30 a.m. and time now for the check on our weather jerry brown standing by on what a heard as a possibility of rain this week? >> meteorologist: definitely. we could get some moisture out of it. we'll be coming from the tropics and if we do get it, it could be heavy. let's go over and take a look at the-well the skies were kind of dull as we look at the spring's
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but that's a lot of people like it going outdoors. it was a little toasty. and 15% with a low dew point of 53. 93 around charleston and 84 at barton temperatures raising from 80ish around the eastern parts of the valley. and 82 at the mountain's edge. 48 at the mount charleston lodge. 78 in mesquite and you're currently at 86 degrees.
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and tomorrow, i think will be the last chance to enter into the century club. it's going to be close. we're dry here with a flow to the north. we're not going to get into that but we're keeping an eye on tropical storm pain which is typically 4-miles per hour and it's right now 39 miles per hour. and 50s in high and this looks like a high in the upper 90s. and we're going to be in upper 90s definitely for the high of the valley. 60s for the overnight low. and 99 today and let's go for 99 tomorrow. a last shot for triple digits. 99 at noon and 98 in your 7-day
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the equinox in fall comes in. you get 50s from the 90s this week we're going. chance of some rain on tuesday which is going to make gerard happy and noticeably cooler and then we warm up on thursday and kelly will update you thursday morning. 70% chance on tuesday. those odds hav to rock. time now for sports and amber is talking about las vegas. yes, and if you are a raiders fan, don't let this smile fool you. there's a lot of work to be done before the city regards our city worthy of an nfl team.
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/* /* to build the stadium. and speaking of the vikings, it's cheaper to and taking on rival green bay. he finds kyle rudolf and tied in the first quarter. and he's going to get him the ball and bradford did 200 passes and two touchdowns and no turnovers.
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threw a lot interception and loses. and patriots back up to beat. and jimmy garappolo got hurt and junior was able to win in chicago land speedway. in one point, the tire was completely unravelled and he was out releases against justin turner. and gonzalez rocking one to the 6th. and just like that the game is tied at seven. and he's having an unscheduled pit stop. and the bottom of the 7th and they say it was wet. >> he drives in the game-winning
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west. and the cubs's magic number and they were 8 and and he did great. coming up on sports night, some more updates on the locals.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. ing with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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and in this week's of full measure, cheryl atkinson gives us a closer look at paul rapaul of maine stemming from his unorthodox ways and it's because of his push to reform the state. maine is known for its reputation of the welfare step. >> it was whether or not his policies were racially motivated. >> i want you to prove that i'm a racist. i spend my life helping black
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[ beep ] . and millions of dollars of foot stamps were being spent on other countries. >> it's pushed through a series of welfare reforms. there was no limit on getting and those on drugs can be booted off the welfare program. >> food stamps is a copout. >> i think the governor has created a sense that all welfare
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at any cost without looking at the correlory effects of it. >> when i want to get liked, i go out and get a dog. it's unconditional love.
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jim dunlap: too many nevada police officers have been killed in t the last few years. the truth is, we make it too easy for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to buy guns. they get them at gun shows or online from strangers, no questions asked. so here's something we can do to honor the fallen: close the background check loophole. that will help prevent future cop killings. in states that have closed the loophole, nearly half as many police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. background checks save lives. v.o.: yes on question one.
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[ted]i will call you donnie! [woman}who's donnie?
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anchor: the southpoint boiling alley was bathed in pink but no one seemed to mind, not even the mets. >> yes, they bowling shoes to help raise money for the cure. >> pink is a signature color for the fight against the cure. all the money raised goes to southern nevada. and don't forget traffic closure on i-15 and possible rain chances.
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let's get ready to kick off sports night. and that is way back in archives. we'll show you.


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