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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> we welcome you in on this monday. hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. we are getting you started on the right foot. enjoyed these beautiful temperatures as we said so long to summer. want to welcome you in. we're filling in for the wagners. >> michelle: we have a couple of days left but fall is on our doorstep. >> kelly: absolutely. you are going to notice it is still summer today. i forecast for today. but wait until you see the rest of the forecast. here is a look at what we're expecting today. we've got sunshine to get things started. going to see clouds build. mostly sunny in the afternoon. hurricane payne is heading our way. we're going to talk about the
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coming up. >> krystal: we are taking a live look at a raid overnight in new jersey in connection with bombs discovered in new jersey and new york. f.b.i. agents raided a buildth in the city of elizabeth not far from where a bomb was found earlier at a train station. agents search the first american fried chicken and a first floor location or if they found
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second device found blocks away from the bomb that exploded saturday night. that blast left 29 people hurt and it's amazing no one was killed. we're going to take a live look at new york city. officials ordered a massive incollies in security after saturday's 1,000 more state police. they want to have increased security presence in neighborhoods, airports, bus terminals and the subways. >> michelle: security will be an even bigger concern with leaders from around the world descending on the big apple. this is the investigation into who left the bombs in new york continues.
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can at the drain station. it exploded as a bomb robot tried to disarm it. a manhunt under way to try to find the bomber. today an increased security presence is still in new york city. soldiers descending on manhattan. a visible show of force after a bomb exploded saturday. >> rushed out there within seconds of the my ears were still ringing and i noticed glass everywhere. >> many of the injured were hit with shrapnel, all have been released from the hospital. it blew the can it was placed in more than 100 feet of damage. >> we're lucky there were no fatalities at the time. >> it might have been part of a coordinated attack.
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discovered a pressure coomer with wires and a cell phone attached. that's now been dismantled. it appears the same man was spotted in surveillance videos near both places. >> we have a lot of work to do to say what kind of motivation was behind this. >> investigators are pouring over surveillance videos and bomb fragmen another attack. this one a stabbing attack at a minnesota mall. they are investigating this as terrorism. isis claimed that the suspect is one of its soldiers without that claim has not yet been confirmed. it happened saturday night. a man with a knife disguised as a security guard went on a
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rampage. he was ranting about muslim. >> nine people were hurt ranging in age from 15-53. the man with the knife was shot and killed by an off duty police officer who is now being hailed as a hero. the area is prominent refugees from somalia. >> isis can be reborn under a different name if you don't change the narrative and change people's minds. they are brainwashing people and one of the ways to take action against that is to expose their brutality and corruption and
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which means a judge will hear his case instead of a he's cued d this is after he had a confrontation with a woman at the aria. the victim was trying to get an autograph from nicholas cage. you see cage trying to bring the situation down a little bit. neil forced her down to the ground as she was trying to approach cage. we'll keep you updated on what
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>> a neighbor accused of shooting his neighbor expected to go on trial today. james stapleton shot and killed his neighbor in may of last year. we're showing surveillance of that shooting. police say the men exchanged several angry text before an all out gun fight in the street. he died in the happen after being hit in the head. stapleton was hit in the chest but survived. s acting in self-defense. we'll have updates throughout the day. >> caught on video, a roadside rescue, a cyclist found face down and not breathing and good samaritans jump in to save the man's life. this happened near downtown summerlin when former police officer performed cpr on that man until paramedics arrived.
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breathing again before being taken to a nearby hospital. >> having training in the military and police, you come across things like that and it's a matter of doing what you have to do. >> the man's identity and current condition is unknown at this time. he's hoping someone may see the story and will help them
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>> game of thrones ruling the night at the emmy awards and broke a record in the >> that brings the show's tote toll 38 and that beats the total of 37 won by frazier for most
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>> her three-year-old unbuck it would seat while riding home and she pulled over and explained why they are so important. she later decided it needed to be reenforced so she called the police which came out and explained. >> other drivers could run into the back of mom, hit the side of the car and if we're not
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something. >> it was extreme but i knew she would remember it. >> i think that's a great idea. sometimes kids don't listen to their parents but they listen to other people, especially police officers. it seemed to have worked. her daughter promised the officers she will always keep heredity belt on. >> i guess it was a lesson learned then. the mom made the r going on with our weather. >> kelly: it is going to get pretty active over the next couple of days. today we're back in the triple digits. here is a at what we saw yesterday. we topped out at 99. lot of blue sky all day long.
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triple digit mark. here is a look at temperatures heading out the door right now. north las vegas 66, spring valley 70. a little warmer this morning but wait until you see the seven-day forecast, it is all over the place as far as temperatures are concerned. here is what is going on right now. pretty much nothing in our area. we're going to see sunny skies as we wake up. we have rainmaking its way that's where our next weather maker is coming from. hurricane payne, a category 1 is tracking northward over the baha peninsula and bring us a little bit of wet weather during the day tomorrow. today going to be dry. 100 is our expected high. still technically summer out there. tonight increasing clouds, increasing humidity and wind.
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midnights tonight. tomorrow make sure have you your umbrella handy. mostly cloudy skies. will have a chance for showers. most will stay light to moderate. look at the change in temperature, 86 for the high tomorrow. 80's through the rest of the week. windy conditions, more chances for rain and look at friday morning. 60 for the >> decision 2016 we are your station for all things politics. clinton talking to millennials on the state of the election attemptle university today. while trump holds a rally in florida. the nominees on the campaign trail trying to gain momentum. >> donald trump used the bombings and stabbing attack to
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won't keep us safe. clinton reacted to the attacks from this weekend. >> need to do everything we can to support our first responders. also pray for the victims. we have to let this investigation unfold. >> safety may become a focus for the candidates this week. tim kaine said trump's latest call for clinton surrounding the oscars to the disarm is part of the dangerous rhetoric. >> i believe it's an expression of indifference to whether violence would occur. >> trump said it because of clinton's views on gun control.
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focusing on issues the american people know about it. >> you may remember about day little girl known as mrs. flint when she wrote the president about if water crisis. here she is in a picture with donald trump. people on the internet comparing
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>> a small plane falls from the sky and hits a house. you can see a small flash of light in the video here and that is the plane. it happened just before 7:30 saturday evening in arizona. they bail out of the pilot was taken to the hospital because he suffered some burns. his injuries nonlife threatening. two people inside the home but they were not injured either. the cause of that crash still under investigation. >> michelle: a gas shortage across the southeast has drivers anxious. a break in the colonial pipe
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georgia to tennessee to carolina. there is not enough fuel for distributors. what they are seeing is a lot of signs on gas stations saying they are out of gas. they've been taking down prices. they've been putting bags over the pumps. if drivers find a station with gas they could pay more pergola up to $1 more than >> coming up on a monday on today the investigation of that bombing here in new york as more explosives are found at a train station in new jersey overnight. is there a connection in who are the people detained by police? we're live with the latest. then the winners , the fax and jokes that stole the show at
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and nick jonas will be here to talk about his new movie. >> we're just getting started on a monday and we're talking all things emmies. it was the big show of the weekend. a saturday night live cast member getting her first emmy. it really took her by surprise. >> thank you to the academy so much. good thank you -- this is really crazy. thank you to lauren michaels for giving me the job of my life and
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>> hillary tweeted con congratulations to her. >> there were other hilarious moments from last night including jimmy kimmel trying to get to the show ends up late with james corden and of course
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karaoke. another skit jimmy kimmel is trying to get to the ceremony and hires an uber driver that looks real familiar. >> you are driving? >> yeah, i'm in between jobs right now. you can make $12 an hour. >> jeb bush and he played it up well. they get into an awkward conversation and jeb tel positive campaign is theee to success. he says did you get nominated and he says i wonder what that's like. he kicked him out of the car. it was really cute. >> a cool new park. the reason the country's new water park is setting such records coming up. >> a report card and it's not
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up. >> the largest water park standing at 29,000 square feet has the capacity to hold up to 500 people and shaped in the new logo of the city of dubai.
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outlet for adults and children to climb on a jungle gym floating park. and get a workout in the process. >> jimmy kimmel gets his mother involved in the show and makes a snack for the audience. >> you show without dishing about the red carpet. melinda stops by to talk about the hits and misses. >> they continue their investigation into the explosion in new york and new jersey. calm right out in but heightened security in that community. we're back on the other side of
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