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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  September 19, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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. >> right now on ""news 3" live at 3:30" digging into details. the suspect in custody but questions remain. the latest on the explosions in new york and new jersey. >> plus, feeling addicted. people have their phones all the time but keeping them in their hands and not pocket may have an impact on your overall well-being. . >> and a happy meeting. what one officer did almost 20 years ago that made this meeting a reality. . >> a suspect is in custody after a shoot-out with police this morning. >> police and the fbi say he is the man responsible for a weekend terror attacks across new york and new jersey. investigators say 28-year-old
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of the bomb blast in manhattan saturday night. investigators say they uncovered bomb making materials inside an apartment over a new jersey restaurant owned by the suspect's family. >> we all have a role as citizens to make sure we don't succumb to that fear, and there's no better example than that than the people in new york and new jersey. >> police have stepped up security attacks with additional national guards and soldiers on the streets across the area, and these incidents are raising the questions about the preparedness and the best policies for country to move forward. >> new at 3:30, we look at if the policies in place good enough. >> reporter: when it comes to terrorizing a community and a nation, this weekend, the string of explosions seemed to serve its purpose with multiple
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some injuring others and others dismandled by police robots. they are investigated as acts of terrorism as isis related charges here in the united states has already surpassed 100. >> they can inspire people to kind of do that for them, their franchise model of jihad. if they can get someone to do the explosions and the stabbings for them, they are winning and right now, they are same city that the summit is being held for refugees and migrants, and it's this policy is what jim hanson calls dangerous. >> why then would we bring these people to the united states. that is not bias or bigotry, that is pure security. if you don't know the good guys from the bad guys, you can't bring them here.
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new york police department ending surveillance at mosques. >> if they handcuffed the law enforcement community by not allowing to look at the people most likely to commit the act. >> but others have cautioned conducting surveillance of entire communities is unamerican and president obama warn had the one of the goals of terroists is undermine the american values. >> they are trying to hurt innocent people but they want to inspire fear in all >> reporter: reporting live, christine frazel. . >> the explosions in new york and new jersey bring about a renewed focus on terrorism at home and overseas. more from the terrorism alert desk. >> from the terrorism alert desk
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eliias. during his comments in new york and new jersey, president obama spoke about dismantling isis abroad. >> as we take away more of their territory, it exposes isil as the failed cause that is the and over time, it will be hard tore recruit and inspire people to violence. >> right now, iraqi has retaken the areas b still controls mosul, the second largest city and they are to launch offensives there by the end of this month. and new yorkers woke to this message on their cell phone, it reads, emergency alert, wanted, ahmad rahami. shortly after 8:00 with a piercing rick, which usually signals amber alerts or tornado advisories. the notify new york city began in 2007 and all new yorkers
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tracked down a terroist. police are saying that the planned attacks that actually reached advanced stages. from the terrorism alert december in washington d.c., i'm jonathan eliias. >> still ahead, the russian elections committee has the kremlin power party took an overwhelming victory in the parliament elections and the if officials say they won three quarters of the seat and members from the losing party are accusing severalli stations of violating voting laws unless these results should not be counted. the russian united party was on track to get 444 of the 450 seats. on the bridgegate scandal, with these two made a plan to close some of the plains in fort lee
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christie and it was closed paralyzing traffic and chris-- >> you can't go far without seeing someone on electronics and some may say they're addicted. >> some are saying is social media addiction is a real thing and experts say yes. we have more. >> reporter: the number of likes on that instagram picture, the comments you get on your facebook post from social media, you could have a problem. >> and it tends to activate the reward center of the brain in a way that cocaine use or alcohol use tends to activate that reward center of the brain, increasing dopamine, the pleasure chemical so it works on the same phenomenal. >> an addiction psychiatrist says the number of people looking for help is on the rise. the phenomenan of social media
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research is done on the topic, a subset of internet addiction, which according to the american psychiatric association is characterized by someone's lack of control over use of the internet. it lead to distress, mood changes and social problems. >> people that don't know longer connect with their family members or people around them, they're starting to feel isolated or feel depressed are using some sort of social media outlet. it when we see the people that have the consequences and continue to use despite consequence. >> the consequences also include impaired sleep and feelings of withdrawl when not compulsively checking social media. so who is most at risk. >> patients with other addictions are more likely to have other addictions or facebook addictions.
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that most now lyft is testing self-driving vehicles in san francisco and phoenix in partnership with general motors and uber is doing the self-driver program in chicago. >> carnival core is launching threv vacations and cruising. the programs will air here on "news 3" and on the cw network beginning on october 1st featuring ships from all of the carnival core cruises. and josh garcia will meet locals and seaside destinations to explore history, culture, food and other stories. >> going back to social media for a moment, twitter users have more wiggle room to say what is
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tweets that say photos, videos or posts no longer have an impact on the 140 count character on the tweet. they will remain part of the 140 limit and twitter is talking about expanding their character count for over a year and considering a 10,000 character limit but that was disregarded. tim tebow, the former nfl star suits up in baseball gear. he sta in the florida instructional league. the residents of the area are excited to have him back to town sporting orange and blue being that he was a florida gators player and they hope he surprises everyone with his talent on the field and makes it to spring training next year. >> that's the goal. and i hope hopefully with enough work and the right training, you
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done. >> there's some locals that are excited, as well, because the las vegas 51s are an affiliate of the new york mets, and that's the team that signed tim tebow, so perhaps tebow mania. >> right in our backyard. i'm sure he does big crowds. >> yeah, absolutely. going to a 51s game is always fun and any time you have football star talent, makes it more interesting. >> well, still ahead, paying it forward. one employee go above and beyond to help a client. >> and they want to make sure the employee's kindness doesn't go unnoticed. the inspiring story coming up. >> and this one teen who has down syndrome. how much this meant not only for the team but his mother, as well. >> big change in temperatures tomorrow, low to mid-80s tomorrow and we'll tell you why
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. n joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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. >> amazing people that do in our world. >> a special gesture by a an employee brightened this day so much, she took to social media. >> claudia rustic reports. >> thank you for calling...
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>> i'm 34 and originally from new york. >> known by her capital one employee id after a kind gesture to a customer went viral. >> christy that grady gave me a call. >> she called from pittsburgh for credit card help and said her fiance had recently broken up with her and she needed to find a place to live. her car was turned off for suspicious activity when she tried to send new furniture to the new >> how she said it, i knew what she needed at the moment. >> she gave her 4500 miles for vacation and send her flowers. >> i wanted to help do something to brighten her day. >> grady five days later got a text from her -- she sent a
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kyy-39-- >> grady was featured and grady called tanya back to thank her saying she's changed her perspective in life. >> i think it meant more to me that she was just so happy and that it really perked her up, you know, and changed her whole attitude. >> tanya is a grateful one and has a message for grady. >> i'm so happy that you're happy, but truly, you have like ma never be erased. it's pretty awesome. >> indeed it is. >> a small act of kindness in the wake of the bombings in new york and new jersey, as well. an employee from starbucks brought coffee and pastries to first responders on sunday bringing a needed break to the firefighters and the police officers out there working the scene. 29 people were injured sunday when a bomb exploded in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood.
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jersey over the weekend, as well as the discovery of several unexploded devices have led authorities to believe there may be a terroist cell at work. >> a high school football water boy's moment had a real "rudy" moment when they helped him score this touchdown. >> robby hyle, who has down syndrome sui scoring play thanks to his teammates. his mother was battling cancer and understandably overcome with emotion. >> this team has been so instrumental in getting me to practice, and it really takes a village to raise him. this village has been outstanding. >> and both teams came together to honor robby.
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with a number 1 jersey to celebrate his big touchdown. >> well, he was best known as louie armstrong, the well known entertainer in jazz and his story will be told in the smithsonian in washington, d.c. in the 1940s, he was known for as his trumpet playing. >> the significance of louie armstrong's trumpet is the significance of armstrong and one of the most important musicians and took jazz and american music to new heights with his improvizational playing and the way he stretched the boundaries of the instrument. >> one of the founders of true american art form, and you can
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performers by visiting the museum on the national mall that officially opens on september 24th. >> now to a photo seen around the world. a young pageant winner meets the republican presidential nominee and appears afraid to do so. take a look. this photo was taken last week after mary cogny little miss flynt in michigan and she said, this photo is not what it seems. mary said it wasot her. her mom blames her brother for leaving behind that startled look. >> her little brother told her if anybody touches donald trump, the secret service would tackle them, plus all the yelling going on around them, that might have startled her. >> okay, you can get it. it was an intense scene there and the mom says that picture sparked a few negative comments trying to put her daughter in
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that's not case but it happened to get popular online. >> a famously curiously monkey needs some help or at least his store does. an online petition has started to try to save the only curious george store. the owner of the cambridge score is because they need to relocate and this is the one dedicated to live pictures and educational toys. >> a police officer in columbus, ohio is reunited with a man he ago. >> the primary -- do you remember me. >> no, i don't. >> from 1977. i pulled you from a swimming pool. . >> that's just awesome. the meeting came about after a picture was posted on facebook of officer james poole in a community event. someone commented on the post
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as a five-year-old. fast forward to friday and 24-year-old chris jones is able to properly thank the officer for saving his life and jones now has a five-year-old daughter himself and plans to become a police officer. >> here, let's continue this conversation. join us, if you would tweet us at: . >> make sure to join the conversation about all the things that made you smile or media. find us for searching for ksnv "news 3" las vegas. time now for a check of the forecast. >> always making your grand entrance, kevin. >> no matter what you say, and we were expecting trumpet and
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>> wait a minute. where's my queue? do we have a live audience? >> there's actually plenty going on with the weather and trying to get the last minute data as the clouds continue to increase, you can see it from the camera on top of mandalay bay, looking northward, the clouds having swallowed up the las vegas valley sky, didn't start that way with the sun came comes the clouds and they keep on coming. rain is possible beginning as early as tomorrow morning, early tomorrow morning, and, again, most of the significant rain will stay south of the valley with a couple showers is possible. 101 in warm springs, 80%
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hills, they're at -- and the 80s for the next foreseeable future, in fact, the last chance to hit 100 degrees will be this afternoon. haven't done it officially in mccarran yet. we've been at 99 so close. pahrump, 98, 103 and a lot of clouds in the afternoon and probably not getting out of the 80s and 87 might be a reach. there will be breeze, 10-15 miles an hour at the top end, but the stronger wind also hold off until thursday and will get very windy on thursday. so we've been watching what's going on as the clouds stream up from the south, the rain already pushing across the international border and the rest of hurricane payne will toss its guts into the southwest, plus the area of low pressure from the southwest and another one from the northwest is going to make this a very active week.
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region, 85 in san francisco, a warm day for them, 91 in salt lake and the high temperatures, we drop to mid to upper 80s and phoenix, too, with clouds and showers and 87. pahrump, going to 67, 76 in mesquite and the high temperatures tomorrow afternoon, boulder city at 84. laughlin 90 and death valley at 103. for the las vegas valley,e' going to 77 and a period of time with breezy hours and a gust or two up to 30 miles an hour. there is the chance of rain and the best chance of rain will be the farthest south you live. 85 for high temperature tomorrow, that after what is closing in on 100 this afternoon, and as far as triple digits are concerned for 2016, good-bye! >> see ya! >> aloha! >> we have winds on thursday so another chance of showers with this second system wednesday
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with leftover breezes on friday and the cooler temperatures getting to the low 80s. >> sweater weather for us, maybe? >> this is perfect weather. >> long sleeves. >> mid-70s, 80s, not a lot of complainers. the red phone will not be ring. >> that is something else we're installing, by the way. he wants a red carpet, red curtain.
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