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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  September 20, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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physical activity.. >> and life is beautiful almost here. this weekend, we're talking about the food, which so many go far and we have some here tell us what they are cooking up for the festival this weekend. . >> all right. welcome in, everybody and good afternoon and thank you for staying with us. to the deal that would, and that is a big "would" bring an nfl stadium here to las vegas. >> and today, we're going to hear more from more of the vocal critics of the plan to pay for it in the county commission meeting and our greg figner has been on this story, those that want it and those that say, ah pump the brakes, so we'll talk about the two flashpoints in trying to bring the stadium to town.
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the stadium as proposed now is a $1.9 billion project, and one of the more vocal critics of the project is clark county commissioner christine -- and this would go to help operate and fund a privately operated si at today's meeting in the clark county commission, they are here to help keep the momentum for the stadium going saying last minute obstacles could derail what is already a highly complex deal. >> once you make a commitment and the raiders are trying to make a commitment to go forward, you don't want to be a lot of uncertainty in the process
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point. >> and the action being withheld, he means going through so much of the process and later have a hiccup in the tax part, because that is where the funding is coming from. last week, the southern nevada tourism and infrastructure committee said they would send a recommendation to the lawmakers in carson city to approve their request to impose that tax, and once that happens, they get the governor's signature and from there, the negotiations with t to vote to approve to move the raiders from oakland to las vegas, and of course, in the midst of all that, there needs to be a stadium, an ultimate home which will take three years to build. reporting live for "news 3." >> all right, we appreciate that, craig. thank you so much. >> all right, so we'll see where that heads and we'll continue to follow that story as soon as we know more. >> all right, we're going to go
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talk about what is next on the agenda. in fact, let's talk a little weather, shall we? we'll bring our kelly curran into the conversation, take a little break from news or we'll go back to this. we are going to weather. kelly, there you are! >> yeah, we are tracking showers moving through the area. here's a look at what we're seeing and the radar and really, it's just a few spotty showers, all we're dealing most of the activity is to the south and we'll take a look, where we're seeing some thunderstorms moving into flagstaff, in fact, interstate 40 is getting some of the heavier showers, at least for a while. let's zoom in closer and sunday what is going on here with this band of showers to the south of the 15 crossing, very light sprinkles and maybe a little bit heavier south of mesquite, all moving to the north and east. now, as far as what we're
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get a whole lot warmer, maybe a degree or two before they start to slowly slide back down. wait until you see the forecast for the rest of the week with chance of rain and gusty winds, but i think a lot of people will be pretty happy with the forecast for weekend. >> okay, thank you. all right, so as the weather starts ocool down, this is a good time to talk about an important resolve, childhood obesity awareness is why healthy kids festival is very important and we have susan here, the coordinator to talk about it. this is unr, an extension of the university cooperative extension, so an outreach program there at the school, and you guys put on this healthy festival every year. >> yeah, our office has over 80 programs and our job is to put the university's research to work in the community with evidence based programs.
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obesity is a huge issue and 30% that enter kindergarten are already overweight and obese and we have lots to focus on. we talk about physical literacy, and we talk about math and reading but not physical literacy. we need to help develop their coordination and physical abilities so they can be more active. research shows a child that feels uncoordinated or when doing fundamental skills or sports lead to them being less active and turned off. >> especially if they feel they're awkward and can't fit in and they're not a good soccer player. let's talk about this festival, obviously, lots of healthy options, so the important thing is teaching kids about nutrition, serving size, what foods, you know, i think kids vegetables and they think, ew
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yuck. >> we'll have a chef preparing salads and fruit salads and it takes more than one try to like it, and that is normal. we have awesome donors like the marshall foundation donated a thousand balls so anyone that shoots a hoop or scores a touchdown or scores a goal gets to take a ball home. >> this is to help teach kids how the make healthy decisions when they're eating and i'm sure there and encouraging them to get out and move, which i think in this day in age we've sort of lost touch with all the technology really, and a lot of the tv stuff. and you heard people say, back when i was a kid, i would ride my bike and i wouldn't come back for three hours. >> if i want my child to be more active, where can i go. we'll bring together 50 partners
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>> here is the information: . >> a great way as a family to learn in making healthier choice. >> crystal, back to you. last night, we had pizza and cookies. >> don't take a queue from us. >> it's okay every once in awhile. >> everybody. >> a bear walks into a hotel. i'm not going to start a joke. how the patrons of the hotel reacted when they saw a bear trying to get into the hotel. we have a lot of stories on bears lately. these bears are just everywhere. and gearing up for life is beautiful, we have a sneak preview of what festivalgoers will enjoy from headlining fans, entertainment, food, they got
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. >> all right. so we're starting to see some clouds, convection over the local mountains. we have the clouds that have been moving in since yesterday associated with the tropical storm. this is the high school camera in mesquite with overcast conditions over there. we do have showers just to the south of mesquite, and the temperatur t big part of the story, a noticeable difference from yesterday. look at the current temperatures, overton, 88, and searchlight, 70 with a lot more cloud cover and showers and primm at 78 and 82 downtown and aliante, 81 and we have all these clouds that are helping to keep the temperatures down, and
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here's what we're seeing right now, and what we have going on pretty close with returns in the northwestern portion of the valley. i think a lot of this may quite got be hitting the ground yet, and the it does, it's sprinkles at best. the better chance just south of mesquite, we're seeing some of the darker shades of green and this is mainly light showers, sprinkles at best here on the 15. let's zoom out, where the real rain is happening this going getting thunderstorm activity into southern california, some pretty steady rain showers and the shades of yellow and orange, moderate precipitation. this is tropical storm payne tracking its way in the north and east making landfall in the baja peninsula tomorrow,
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overnight tonight, boulder city, down to 64 and primm, 62 and the 7-day forecast yesterday with triple digits, and for the next seven, we're talking 80 degree highs. chance of rain tomorrow and thursday and it's we'll be dealing with some winds thursday and friday, but the weekend is shaping up on the weekend just in time for life is beautiful. >> great for festivalgoers. >> couldn't ask for better >> life is not beautiful for brad pitt and angelina jolie, have you heard the news? it was kelly that broke the office, have you heard. a source familiar with that family says that jolie, what are they called brangelina, they're split. >> yeah, angelina filing for
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married since 2004 after starring together in "mr. and mrs. smith" so systems saying the 41-year-old is asking for physical custody of the couple's six children and asking the judge to give pitt visitation and saying that joely got asking for spousal support and apparently, those who are kind of close to the couple are saying, according to, that as jolie was somewhat upset over the raising the children, they weren't agreeing. >> the disciplining. >> so that led to them, saying here, this is not going to work. >> of course, there could be more to the story, but that's all we know. >> we'll keep you posted. >> okay, this young man, prince william getting a lot of attention about his job of an air ambulance pilot. he's opening up more about it.
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the shift work is exciting and challenging for the variety more than anything. >> okay, so this is all part of the u.k. national air ambulance week. prince william says he enjoys working with his team and made the comments during an online bbc documentary posting today about the pilot job and the service that the air ambulance charity provides, and i think it's interesting for people, because when you think of a royal, you think they don't work. he >> just seems like they want to be as much as they can be normal. >> yeah, 20 years ago, an ohio officer pulled a five-year-old boy drowning from a swimming pool ultimately saving his life. >> now, that officer got an unexpected surprise. take a look. >> do you remember me. >> no, i don't, sir. >> from 1997. you pulled me from a swimming
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. >> because of you, i'm still here. because of you, i have this five-year-old girl. >> how can you not tear up watching that. obviously, they are both very emotional. james poole, and 24-year-old chris jones saying i am standing here because of you. i wouldn't know what to do. jones said he wanted to be an officer just like poole. wow. that's an awesome story. >> that gave me chills. good story. >> absolutely. >> all right, some tense moments for a staff in a hotel in anchorage, alaska. a black bear walked up and welcomed by their automatic sliding door.
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>> i have never been there, but i imagine. >> it was an afternoon like any other at the aviator hotel in anchorage. that's until one guest sent staff running with security cameras capturing it all. >> he was trying to get in to see people. >> reporter: and he found night he goes >> a black bear, fish and game estimates weighed over 200 pounds, scared away the only person who could check him in. >> i think she's all right. her hair was up and then it's down. it's like, are you all right. >> this is first time i've seen a bear. >> she's not alone. a new manager from california arrived a few hours before.
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lobby. so this is something i have to work on a little bit. >> better get inside the building. that's a bear. >> leisurely taking this jaunt and ending up here. the anchorage cemetery, four blocks away. >> the black bears on the southside, but not in a cemetery in downtown anchorage. you >> back among the trees, he found a spot away from the cameras up this tree. >> it's not like he laid down. he's settling in for a long sleep. >> reporter: that nap never game. fish and game intervened in a situation, says, wasn't safe for people for bear. >> he was not even scared.
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very curious black bear. >> all right, we have some breaking news right now. police are investigating, this coming into the newsroom with police investigating after two people found dead in an apartment complex near tropicana and swenson. there is limited information on what exactly happened, but we do have a crew headed to that scene. we'll be updating this story on and later editions of "news 3," but this information just coming into the studio. we'll keep you posted. krystal. >> and we have a couple folks here from life is beautiful, that will share a little bit about what you can expect to my immediate left here, we have ryan dougherty and chief experience officer for life is beautiful. we'll have a really nice experience here. >> yeah.
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[indiscernable] the first year being part of the festival. you're ready. >> we're making burgers and getting our lobster crispies ready to go. >> i love it. we'll get a taste of what you're serving up and i want to talk in general you all had planned. >> great weather coming up this weekend. >> we're busy, getting the last minute touches, but we have e we take over 18 square blocks. >> you will transform the town. >> of course, we have heard of all the great headliners you bring but there are sessions you can attend. >> more than just a band. we have 70 bands over four stages from luminary and james cole and this is planned from
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ton of public arm. and of course, we have an culinary program. >> a lot of people come from the food, right. >> that's where you come in, my friend. >> we'll be dancing with our burgers and the lobsters will be more pitting around, pretty much everything. >> it's a anyone that loves food. >> it will be fun for us to taste and check out other places. >> how many food vendors. >> 40 restaurants and food trucks so eat your way around. >> you can do that with the learning experience and this is life is beautiful, happening this coming weekend. this is the place to be, downtown, ladies and gentlemen.
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>> love it. check it out and thank you for being with us. we appreciate it, so it will be a good time. hope to see everybody there and with that, we'll send it to break, actually, back to michelle. >> michelle, go ahead and take it. >> all right, so here's what we're working on for noon, world alzheimer's day. a menu that is trending and how you can get a little taste, so don't miss those stories and
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congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. heck voted to protect perks for politicians like himself, allowing congressmen to travel on private jets at taxpayer expense
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heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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. >> all right. so we're going to continue to track these showers here. a couple crowdy ones popping up with the lift still down to the south, and if we don't get anything today, we have two more chances, wednesday and thursday with gusty winds in the forecast, as well, but i am so excited about just the fact that there's 80s all seven days on the forecast. >> us, too. >> it's crazy and almost surreal. >> tomorrow tonight. open the windows and 62 on friday night. >> okay, k-mart closing dozens of stores across the country. we'll tell you if any are located here in southern nevada, and a nine-year-old student making his course work look easy. you won't believe where this nine-year-old is going to school. here's a hint.
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him. that story and more on "news 3 live at 3:00" and now, that's some pig point people living in the far southwest of florida reported a large hog wandering in the area. here he is. reminds me of leila, my dog. looks like that when she's laying around. this 600 pound, six foot long to the sheriff's livestock and if the owner does not come forward in three days, they will auction off the pig. isn't that cute? >> it's pig. >> a big pig.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. p should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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[phone ringing] >> dario: hello? >> deimos: it's me. do you have anything to report yet? >> dario: actually, yeah, i do. i'll send over what i found. >> deimos: excellent. thanks. [knocking at door] [dramatic music] ? ? i heard that you were pregnant. ? ? >> chloe: well, that's, uh, surprising. >> deimos: is it true? >> chloe: it's none of your business. >> deimos: are you carrying


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