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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 20, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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. >> all right. welcome in, everyone. we do begin with breaking news. metro police investigating a double homicide near mccarran international airport. >> it happened right around noon near tropicana and paradise, that is where we find sergio avila. what have you learned so far? >> reporter: well, marie, 20 minutes ago, the homicide detective did brief us on more of exactly what haed apartment, where the officer is standing, where the police got a call. they got the call from somebody saying they saw a man covered in blood, so when the officers arrived here, they did not see that person us to apartment but as they got closer, they heard wrestling, something that caused them concern and they broke into the apartment and they saw a man covered in blood and took him into custody and they also found a male and female deceased at
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led up to this, but we are hearing from neighbors who are identifying the suspect as a man named frank interlickia, who lived with the couple and they believe he had problems with heroin and drug use, but metro not confirming those details. that is coming from neighbors saying they are close knit in this area and they do know most of the people that live here. and they're identifying that person as someone who had neighborhood and was living with that couple prior to this incident. again, this is still very much an early investigation. the officers will be here for a while because of the crime scene, they are still investigating, trying to determine exactly how this happened, and we will have more information on this, as it comes to us and later editions of "news 3." reporting live sergio avila, back to you in the studio.
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another update on a huge story we were following with the rest of the nation, as well. the man that police say is responsible for a string of bombings in new york and new jersey was on the radar at one point. >> the federal agents say they were looking a >> his father angerily called him a terroist after he stabbed a sibling in the leg during a fight at the home. the fbi determine had the maybe the heat of the argument and there was no connection to a terroist and closed the case. now we learned about a notebook that rahami was carrying when shot by police. writings described as rambling
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marathon and the fort hood attack. >> we're learning from the bar owner who found rahami sleeping in the doorway and called police. >> i'm happy and i feel lucky that i was able to help get this guy. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jay johnson visited the crime scene today, as the search for evidence there continues. to this point, investigators say nothing they've uncovered indicates a tie withno rahami had help planning or making bombs across new york and new jersey. now officer continue to say they have a growing cache of physical evidence linking red plant to the attacks. jay gray, nbc news, newark.. >> we have new information about the man that metro police shot two people at a parking garage in mccarran international
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jeffrey brown, the estranged husband of the woman that he shot. he faces two counts of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon and he was arrested in the veteran affairs hospital in north las vegas. >> a local business up in flames this morning is now being investigated as a case of arson. it's a story we first brought you as breaking news this morning. you could see the thick smoke around the valley as the businesses near lake mead and las vegas boulevard burned around 9:00 this morning. from bruce to mcdaniel was closed for sometime but since reopened. anyone who might have information about the fire is asked to call the north las vegas fire department or the north las vegas police department. >> all right, time now for a look at our weather, "news 3" chloe beardsly, our weather authority and we certainly feel like it's about to rain, but
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yet? >> it's been mostly to the south of us, and actually as we look outside, you can see nice blanket of clouds and it feels like it outside. the humidity is up quite a bit, and, again, a live look as we take in the cloudy skies, a very different picture compared to a few days ago. right now, even the temperatures significantly cooler compared to yesterday and we maxed out in the triple digits yesterday afternoon and now we're in the 70s and the 80s across the valley. the winds are next few hours. the biggest difference is so far the humidity level in green valley and the change across the area. we are catching the remnants of tropical storm payne, in the south moving in an eastward direction and over the course of the last few hours, in the northeastern direction, moving across arizona and portions of
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some of that moisture is coming from. like i said, it's tropical depression payne, which it was a couple of days ago, a hurricane. we're seeing a few light showers, nothing measurable has fallen in the valley and the next chance of showers is in the next couple of hours but mostly dry the rest of the evening, but another chance of showers is certainly possible as we make our way into tomorrow. the odds of that and the next big storm we're an minutes, guys. >> thank you, chloe. if you like music, food and art, and who doesn't, downtown las vegas is the place to be. >> that is this weekend, the life is beautiful festival. >> we're seeing a lot of orange. we're talking about the detour signs already close down streets
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this is more important than the music, right, the food booth. there is one booth looks over here to me, called the donut bar, but here's the most important delivery of the day for life is beautiful, the port-a-potties are arriving and on fremont street, you can see down the street with dozens of detour signs up with this is leading up to life is beautiful, a one of a kind festival featuring awards winning food, inspirational speakers and new this year, comedians and of course, the centerpiece of it all, music. >> my friend's song is a big
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lumineres and jay cole, so we have an amazing collection of musicians for a records turnout in attendance. >> so i asked the organizers what else is new this year. when you're down here, you're walking all weekend and your feet start to hurt, so they're installing more grass this year so it's easier to walk around and easier on your feet, of course, lots of road closures, though. if you want to see them or avoid the downtown area thi web site, reporting live, kelsey thomas, "news 3." >> what a fun assignment. >> that looks like a lot of fun. the weather is going to be nice, as well. >> yeah, another plus. looks like it will be a success. kelsey, thank you for that. have fun, and i know it's prep time but what a cool place for a live shot. >> let's go back to some of the impacts on the roads that kelsey
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yes, lots of orange because of the signs and some of the closures will last through late sunday or even monday, so on this map, you can see the closings that are in place now and some that are still going up, fremont and ogden knowing up tomorrow and other areas used for life is beautiful won't close until friday. that is on the web site, >> all righttr robbery at a fast-food restaurant all caught on camera, and the home repair tool is apparently what the suspect used to steal hundreds of dollars from mcdonald's. what that tool was, coming up.
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ies are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. . >> caught on camera, a man in louisiana rob this is mcdonald's chain with a hammer. he pulled up, pulled out the hammer and he tried to jump into the window after threatening employees. apparently, he was able to grab the cash register.
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track suspect down, a little ways away. out in texas, they did take him in custody. >> a police shooting in a traffic stop in oklahoma. >> gerard: argument of questions
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. >> shocking video coming out of tulsa. an unarmed driver comes out with his hand up and shot by a police officer. >> and this is caught on camera. >> the justice department is now conduct its own investigation into the terrence crutcher. this happened on friday night. one officer said the man was not cooperating with police as he walked toward the week. despite video evidence appears to show otherwise. eventually, the officer fired the taser and they shot the man and he later died at the hospital. >> as he walked over to the driver's side of that suv, she was yelling at him to stop for
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>> crutcher was not armed at the time of the shooting. that officer is now on administrative leave until the criminal investigation is complete. >> a u-2 spy plane crashing in northern california, which happened this morning sparking this grass fire right there at the scene. the air force base confirmed the crash. two pilots ejected from the plane ahead of the crash, but fi the other was hurt. no words yet on the cause. >> gerard: scary moments aboard an american airlines flight. >> how did you do it. >> we followed our training just like anybody would. >> the flight was going from phoenix to tampa as it prepared to land in am the parks something apparently went wrong and one of the landing gear
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the flight attendants prepared them for very worst. >> they were in, you know, full crash mode. okay, people, cross your arms and put your head down and when we say brace, you brace. >> gerard: must have been terrifying. the plane did, in fact, have a hard planning but none of the passengers on board were hurt. amazingly, this was not the first problem the passengers had. the first plane they were on in phoenix had to be taken out of service because of a issue with that plane, as well. >> marie: those people finally happy to be on terra firma. yes, we're here. >> gerard: might be the last night for a while. >> marie: understandably so. >> gerard: we go to chloe beardsly in the weather center. we're talking about a chance of rain and the clouds have arrived and now we're waiting for wet stuff. >> unfortunately, it looks like it's remaining to the south of us, but still keep the rain
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and right now, it's just clouds and most of the rain is to the south of us. the chance of seeing a few showers pop up, we're seeing little bits of the sunshine in las vegas and you can see it in the dance right here. just far off from this nice blanket of clouds we have over the valley right now. throughout the day, though, it's been pretty crazier as we continue the workweek. taking a look outside, it's cooler, 79 in southeast career and tech in the mid-70s, currently 80 degrees in spring valley. the rest of your temperatures
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town, very different picture compared to yesterday and the winds from the south up to 15 miles an hour through the rest of the evening. also, humidity is up all across the area, looking at temperatures in the low 60s at mt. charleston, mid-80s and lake mead and now looking at this tropical depression payne, which is causing a little bit of a pain especially for your friends in southern california and arizona. talked about is remaining to the south of us as it continues to move in a northeastern direction. you can see right here, that flow right there. getting in closer, you can some some of the closer areas and thunderstorms developing near kingman, but we have been fairly dry with high level moisture to the north of us with a few pop-up showers and the chance also diminish overnight tonight. a slight chance of seeing some activity, again, tomorrow for the thunderstorms.
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a strong area of low pressure as that moves from the pacific causing us critical fire weather for us, so a fire watch in that area with strong winds and dry conditions. overnight, lows in the 60s so another cool night is ahead for us in the valley and really all across southern nevada and the highs, will be a little bit warmer with a slight chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms pop up later on in the afternoon through the workweek, gust up to 40 and 45 miles an hour across the area. we're going to hang on to the breezes for the next couple of days with the temperatures dropping, again, into the low 80s. yes, that's the high, 81 degrees for friday and overnight lows, low 60s thursday into friday but we warm up by next tuesday. >> marie: just like that? >> just like that. >> gerard: we'll bottle it up
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on the campaign to fight that battle with pneumonia, says she
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meanwhile, video has been released from costa rica showing a volcano erupting, lighting up the night sky. this eruption taking place shortly before 3:00 in the morning. according to costa rica's volcano and seismology observatory, a second eruption occurred later that same morning sending ash and smoke some 13,000 feet into the air and both eruptions lasting about 15 minutes. nobody injured in all this, but they did have to close a nearby airp a concerns that the ash would cause problems for those planes, and that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> gerard: well, it's splitsville for brangelina. >> marie: a lot of people talking about this. angelina jolie filed for divorce
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they met on the set of "mr. and they met on the set of "mr. and mrs. smith" when he was still maried to mrs. smith" when he was still i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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. >> gerard: right now on "news 3 at 3:30" promising safety with a heavy focus on preventing terrorism here in the u.s. the presidential candidates say they are the best ones for job. how it could influence the outcome of the presidential race. >> they get one piece of cheese between two cold pieces of bread. >> marie: she's taking a stand. a cafeteria worker upset with her new school lunch policy.


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