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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the ambitious plan that veterans can live the dream they fought to protect. >> the 911 call that a dispatcher received and what may have caused the mistake. a southwest community is finally calm after a nearly five-hour standoff ends with robbery suspects in custody. thank you for joining us. i'm marie and gerard ramalho joins us with the story, and the second suspect finally surrendered an hour ago. >> that's right, jim. after several hours, the s.w.a.t. team were able to make the arrest without any incident or injuries, so good news there. you can see west russell has reopened. the evacuees were allowed go
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night of wondering and waiting what might happen next so police responded quickly and the s.w.a.t. team members called in as a precaution and the metro mobile command center in place for a potentially long night. >> i haven't heard any shots yet. hopefully everything goes smoothly. >> the incident began when the suspect robbed the green valley dwro person and after a struggle billion the clerk, he drove off to an apartment complex. e is believed to be involved with the robbery. >> one was running on foot and the other was refusing to come out. part of the complex was evacuated and west russell closed off to traffic. >> my mom sent pictures saying i can't come home. >> providing these photos taken by her mother still inside the complex. >> my son is in there with her.
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of what is going on. >> reporter: an unexpected series of events for dozens in the area, dozens hoping for a quick and peaceful outcome. so we did get the best possible outcome and it could have been worse. we were hearing from some of the residents out here that the suspect was holed up in his father's apartment complex. we don't know if that is the case. we thought at one point we being used and negotiating going on. whatever s.w.a.t. did here tonight, it worked and no injuries with both suspects in custody. jim and marie, back to you. >> and finally all the families can go back home. new at 11:00, a man is dead after crashing his offroad motor bike in summerlin. this happened on alta and
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driver died at the scene and woman in the suv suffered minor injuries. >> a man will spend the rest of his life in front for his role against a nellis airman. he was gunned down in his garage in 2010. prosecutors prove had the cory hawkins help plan her husband's already serving life sentence. >> we are learning more about the love triangle that led to this shooting in the international airport. he planned to kill his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend when they returned from a trip. he fired several shots at them in the parking garage.
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condition and jeffrey brown surrendered at a local v.a. medical center. >> metro detectives are working to figure out what led to a double murder this afternoon near tropicana and swenson. police say the suspect they have in custody was temporarily living with the victims who were trying to help them get their life together. and christy wilcox will take a look at this developing story. >> shocking for neighbors that live in that neighborhood. the ex-wife of victims said he and the wife were trying to help the very person that killed them. >> there are no words to describe them. >> her ex-husband and wife were trying to help this man get back on his feet. >> he's unfortunately paying the price for helping somebody that needed help, but instead, they ended up in a situation no one imagined beaten to death in
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connection to the double murder on tuesday. homicide detectives said blood was spotted on him and the neighbors called 911 when they heard commotion and the couple was found dead when the police arrived at the scene, the couple was dead by a bat or other investigating what happened. >> [indiscernable] . >> reporter: mary kay, who has two daughters with him said he was known for generosity. >> he was down and out on his luck. it's just sad and my two daughters have lost their father. >> relatives of the victim said the suspect had recently been kicked out of a nearby apartment and known to have drug problems.
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violent in charlotte, north carolina tonight after dozens took to the streets angry about a deadly police involved shooting and this crowd started to throw rocks and bottles on them before police used tear gas to break up the protest. earlier today, police were looking for a suspect when they saw an african-american man inside a vehicle at an apartment complex and they say he got out of the car with a gun in hand, and that's when an officer, who and killed him. the victim's family insist he did not have a gun when the officers shot and killed him. >> the fbi is pressing charges in a criminal complaint where the suspect in the bombing attack in new york and new jersey referred to pipe bombs
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charged with using a weapons of mass destruction and this injured 29 people but no one was killed. >> a very rare crash of a u-2 spy plane in northern california killed one pilot and injured another. you can see not much left. it happened right after take-off this morning 60 miles north of sacramento. the two-seater plane was carrying an instructor and a student pilot who were conducting routine training. the air force says it's the first crash of a and they're working to figure out what went wrong. >> decision 2016 where there is a shocking endorsement for hillary clinton that is sure to raise eyebrows with voters. the daughter of robert kennedy says former president george h.w. bush told her he supports hillary clinton over donald trump and that many prominent republicans are
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nominee. >> our mission is to connect the presidential candidates to you, our viewers, to better inform and empower you before you cast your ballots and we reached out to participate in extended interviews for the candidates not only here but our sister stations across the country. tell us what you want to know about the candidates, what issues are most what would you ask the other candidates. . >> new at 11:00, a 911 dispatcher in massachusetts got an unusual emergency call.
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>> england. >> yeah, this is not england. the officer said he received a 911 call from a woman in england trying to report a hit and run there. after figuring out the mishap, both had a good laugh and when he said that the response time might be in about six hours, so how did this happen? the caller told the bbc, she used a digital assistance from microsoft similar to siri and i'm guessing a time change >> i'd love to help, but it may take my officer awhile to get there. >> after fighting to protect our country, they came home to find it difficult to fit back into civilian life. >> too many local veterans have no place to call home. up next, we'll tell you about a new ambitious plan to change that.
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. >> one man hopes to help 1,000 veterans in the next two years. >> the founder of veterans village made it possible by donation. news 3s john treanor is downtown with that story. >> reporter: veterans village is right across the street here and in the past threers coming, we watch donations from steve wynn to tesla, that made this goal possible. they say they're ready to expand to 10 times the size they right now. arnold stalk has no time for breaks and walk with him in veteran village and you see his passion project, he created this with one big goal, end veteran
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around and just be comfortable with 150 people a night, that we wanted to make a commitment for 1,000 a night. >> that motel houses more than 150 veterans. they get addiction treatment if they need it and have help finding a job and it's all fully staffed and three new places are set to open up with 200 units the shadow of the stratosphere and self-contained shipping units turned home in all within two years, 1,000 homeless veterans live on their own. >> where they can live with dig any and be respected and not feel incarcerated and integrate in the neighborhood. >> a non-profit with a mission that is working. and arnold stalk is the formula. >> you just can't give up and if
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>> yeah, and that work is not stopping at this project. it's remarkable to see what has been built so far, but he has four letters written to donald trump and hillary clinton and waiting until election day, the day after, whoever gets elected, a letter will be in the mail. john treanor, news 3. >> thank you for that. he is one of the most popular and polarizing fighters in the history of sports, iron mike tyson gearing man show at the mgm grand, but before, that he's speaking to "news 3." >> if you had a time machine today, the today mike tyson to go back to the mike tyson age 20-- >> no, no. he had to feel the fire to see it was hot. >> you can watch more of the
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on wake up with the cw powered by "news 3." >> nice to see him in a good place and caught on camera in a especially gross litter, kitty litter. this community is outraged after a woman is dumping gallons of used kitty litter on a neighbor's lot. it shows her getting out of a white lexus and dropping off five gallons of it. even worse, the woman that lives at the homeys the neighbors helped to clean up the mess and they want the police to get her to stop it. >> littering of another kind. >> like good cop, bad cop. we bring in a story like that and kevin janison with the
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>> we'll precipitate on it and get things to grow. another blazing sky at sunset as the clouds lifted just enough to give us gorgeous colors out there. now, this really just lasted for a couple of minutes and we can count on the "news 3" viewers to grab their cameras even this one on desert shores and we have good color and plenty of clouds on the eastside of town and you flip around and look to the westside of the valley, not much the afternoon. you'll see a shower go by right about there, and boom, the sky explodes. that was pretty cool. we'll check in with a couple -- boulder city, i wanted to see this, too, because we can count the drops. here they come, 12 drops on the lens, that's it in the skies above boulder city. laughlin at .700 inches of rain
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with michael rain, a .100 of an inch and in boulder city, 84% with the temperature at 69 degrees. numbers in the low to mid-70s valley wide with the numbers at 52, the lake at 73 and pahrump checking in at 74. at mccarran today, the official high, this was an easy one, we were jokebo happening after midnight, 86 degrees and the afternoon high was no warmer than 28, so at 11:00 p.m., we thought it would be in that general neighborhood and another $33 raised for 3 square and we haven't missed one yet in the september. we're going to peek in the upper
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ramps up, and not until the southern parts of the county and showers in the laughlin area and rain for another hour or so, the extreme southern parts of the county. we have had a few patches and it's still sprinkles in the southeastern part of the las vegas vay clearing out, and a system off the west coast will combine with the available moisture out there and unstable environment and could be a few thunderstorms, but today, most of the rain was south of the valley and tomorrow, it will be north, so the friends in lincoln county, we have a better chance to see that. that could change things dramatically. mid-40s in the mountains, 62 in
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bottoms out at 54 and mesquite, 82 and triple digits in and that will lead to a stray thunderstorm and that is, again, north of las vegas tomorrow afternoon, 88 tomorrow. here's your 7-day forecast, so on the backside of the system, that could give us a thunderstorm tomorrow a so we get really windy until wednesday and lingering breezes on friday and the life is beautiful festival and a couple festivals in town, so check out the morning show beginning at 4:30 a.m. kelly will keep you updated
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nine hours, five minutes and 10 seconds. >> 85 and sunny both weekend days. >> great news. >> now we have to verify. >> tough act to follow, but maybe we can do with it this story. >> i'll be judging you. >> all right. stay tuned for 4 one. >> couples who are meant to be together, well, they will get through all of the ups and wn that makes it through the ups and downs.
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. >> new at 11:00, marriage can have its ups and downs and one newlywed couple got used to highs and lows while saying their vows. take a look. >> i now pronounce you man and wife. you may kiss your bride.
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schlater said their "i dos" monday while riding this wooden roller coaster at the washington state fair. the bride wanted to do something unique. >> they were pronounced man and wife by a local deejay and the couple said it was a lot better than having just a traditional wedding. >> and she held on to her bouquet, as well. football team go 2-2, the dodgers and giants go on and
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill.
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. >> after two road losses, the 1-2 unlv team is facing idaho i despite dropped balls and miscommunication on defense at central michigan, at home against the vandals, the rebels are favored by 14-15 points. should they win, the team will be 2-2, and this record they accomplished only once this year. here's head coach tony sanchez. >> we have the opportunity to get back to 500 after four games, get back in the
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conference. there's a lot of good opportunities sitting in front of us right now, so, again, we need to focus on this and we need to go and win this game. >> kickoff is 6 p.m. on saturday. the rebels will play at home the following weekend, too with opening conference play against fresno state. the unlv volleyball team opens conference play facing boise state at the cox pavilion and they are stacked with senior leadership and the southwest but the coach is okay with that, so our player who started the season with a
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>> that kind of sucks and you know there is a volleyball team. >> well, the dodgers, puig wants bumgarner clearing the benches and he was telling him not to look at him and pui bumgarner with him and his teammates wearing t-shirts saying "don't look at me." and in san fran, the bases loaded and rich hill striking out san francisco's brandon belk. the top of the 5th now, munez
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and hill is probably saying, don't look at me while i have mimi any meltdown and puig struck out twice for him, so not a great night for him after poking fun. and i i imagine you can those t-shirts. >> the manager wants them to focus on the game.
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. >> the perfect weekend coming up with a big one with life is beautiful downtown and the [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg.


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