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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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at least a dozen police officers injured as hundreds protest charlotte near the scene of a favorite officer involved shooting. a rambling late details surrounding the bombing suspects. for the third time in three weeks, questions about donald trump's charitable foundation donations. >> grilled tuesday and on the menu the ceo behind epipen's skyrocketing price. angie files for divorce from brad. what happened to our biggest hollywood couples? "early today" starts right now.
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morning. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm gigi stonewood. >> breaking news overnight in north carolina, a scene of riot gear over yet another police-involved shooting. hundreds gathered in charlotte in a tense standoff with police that began with chanting, but ultimately ended in a clash with several protesters and officers injured. police dispersed the crowd with tear gas after demonstrators threw objects and damaged their cruisers. it took place near the scene where officers shot and killed a man while looking for someone else. officers were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man now identified as keith lamont scott getting out of his car with a gun. >> at this point all we know is there are in the complex parking lot this subject gets out with a weapon. they engage him and one of the officers felt a legal threat and fired his weapon because of that.
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he was reading a book in his car waiting for his son at a bus stop. on facebook live, scott's reported daughter streamed video from the scene of the shooting. she is convinced her father was shot because of his race. they reported that brentley benson, the police officer, is also black. while he has been placed on administrative leave, the mayor of charlotte tod for calm and promising a full investigation will ensue. a man i accused in a recent stripping of bombings in new york and new jersey is charmed with several counts of using weapons of mass instruction. ahmad rahami, court documents show his fingerprints were found all over the pressure bomb blocks away from the explosion
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ebay to purchase mls used in the homemade bombs, this as we are learning new details about rahami, including the contents of a rambling notebook he had on him when he was cap tushd. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: after ahmad rahani was shot by police monday, investigators say they found a journal, pierced by a bullet, filled with anti-american sentiments. law enforces call it a rambling series of references to past events. shooting and a mention about propaganda about anwar al awlaki. >> we know his path around the world. >> reporter: with investigators diving deeply into his repeated lengthy visit to afghanistan and pakistan, they confirm as spoken in the past with the fbi. in 2014, after a trip oversea, federal law enforcement officials were called to his
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brother in the leg and a neighbor heard him yell, you're a terrorist. he told the fbi, he was angry. he had no reason to think his son is a terrorist. >> the investigation into his activities at this time did not indicate any radicalization or nefarious activities. >> investigators are seeking answers from his wife asia bibi rahami. they were married in 2011. she was living in pakistan and applied for a u.s. visa. >> they found out she was pregnant, then they told her she couldn't come in until she had the baby. >> reporter: the visa was granted. she was not in the u.s., out of surgery and sedative, rahami hasn't been talkative. the two officers he injured are released from the hospital. >> i'm glad to be alive.
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>> reporter: this as federal investigators say they have connected rahami to four explosive device, two pressure cooker bombs in new york city, a cluster of pipe bombs in new jersey, and a backpack loaded with explosives, inadd verdict tendly triggered by the bomb squad. >> turning now to presidential presidential politic, donald trump facing new scrutiny over his foundation's standing. a legal dispute, a check cut not from a business or personal account, but from a charitable foundation as first reported by the washington post. >> it's clearly unethical to use charitable dollars to pay for
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pocket. >> the trump campaign said, in typical washington fashion, they have gotten their facts wrong. they could not make any improper payments. all contributions are reported to the irs and all foundation donations are publicly disclosed. meanwhile, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail today after taking a day off to prepare for monday's debate. looking where the candidates are headed. >> reporter: good morning. let's start first of all, frances, with hillary clinton. she took a day off yesterday to prepare for the debate. she's back on the campaign trail today in orlando. she has a speech supposed to be one of those in the series of her theme-related speeches.
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economy, but more specifically with people with disabilities and trying to put them back to work, including making them a big part of the economy. meantime, donald trump and mike pence together are in ohio today. they're talking about whether or not trump mixed business, personal, charitable finances in a way that was unethical. new information on that. he's likely to face questions about that as they rally in ohio today. >> a lot to find tracie potts, thanks. accusations continue to fly over a deadly attack on a u.n. aid convoy in syria, the white house pointedly holding russia responsible for that airstrike that killed 21 people. as they delivered aid to syria's most devastated parts. >> in any event, we hold the russian government responsible for airstrikes in this space. >> 24 countries took part in a major u.n. meeting on syria yesterday.
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violence that continued to pick up despite a week-long cease-fire. controversy continues to swirl in tulsa, surrounding a shooting death of an unarmed man by a female officer. next, we'll hear the police officer's side of the story. >> first, we got a flash flood watching multiple states, bill karins is here. scary in northern portions of iowa, southern minnesota. storms racing through wisconsin. a couple of flash flood warnings already. we can expect as much as 2 to 4 inches widespread. isolated, 7 to 8 inches. best chance northern iowa and
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>> this morning, investigators are look into what left one dead and another injured. they were performing a training mission with a plane crash shortly after takeoff. they can fly higher than any other u.s. military aircraft and it is also one of the oldest. it was designed during the eisenhower administration to spy on strong holds in the soviet union. gigi. >> thanks, frances. >> there are new details emerging about that deadly police shooting in tulsa, oklahoma that ignited nationwide outrage. for first time we are hearing the side of the white officer who fatally shot an unarmed african-american father of four. last night hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown tulsa to demand accountability and trtransparency. c's gabe gutierrez has the
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>> reporter: with him stopping in the middle of the road, a 911 caller wasn't sure what to make of him. they were responding to an unrelated call. >> he won't show me his hands. >> since he ignored their commands for more than a minute. video shows he had his hands up as he walked back to his vehicle. an officer in the chopper who can't be heard by an officer on the ground makes this. at might be on something. seconds later one deploys his taser, another fires her gun. she joined the tulsa police department five years. >> she said she was never scared ever. >> reporter: her lawyer said he was acting erratically. they thought he was reaching inside the suv. >> she clearly believed him to be under the influence of some
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recognition expert. >> reporter: they said a vile of pcp was found in the suv. toxicology tests are not finished and no weapon was found. the attorney argued the video shows he wasn't reaching inside the vehicle because his window was up. >> it shows that this department, like many police departments around america, see people of color as criminals or as suspects but not as american citizens. >> reporter: the district attorney is now reviewing the charges should be filed. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, tulsa, oklahoma. wells fargo ceo was grilled on opening accounts without customers permission. it's cost the bank $185 million in fines and over 5300 jobs have been lost so far. senator elizabeth warren called
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criminal charges. >> you haven't resigned. you haven't returned a single nickel of your personal earnings. you haven't fired a single senior executive. instead, evidently, your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low-level employees who don't have the money for a fancy pr firm to defend themselves. it's guttless leadership. this is about accountability. you should resign. >> stump apologized before the committee for his role in the da has begun new internal procedures to prevent future incidents. >> i am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill on our responsibility to our customers, to our team members, and to the american public. i accept full responsibility for all unethical sales practices in our retail banking business, and
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we are following the unrest overnight in charlotte, north carolina, where angry protesters confronted police after an officer-involved shooting left a blackman dead. officers used tear gas on the protesters. charlotte police say more than a
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for samsung consumers today. cnbc's landon dowdy has the details. good morning. >> good morning. we're seeing a lot of green. taking a quick look at your markets. stocks overseas as the bank of japan announces a major policy overhaul. wall street pointing to a change as well. samsung says 500,000 new phones haee million phones due to a malfunction. the battery can over heat, catch fire and explode. samsung is urging people to turn off their phones. mylan chief heather bresch is facing a senate hearing.
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the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. did you see it coming? one of hollywood's true power couples is calling it quits. angelina jolie has officially filed for divorce from brad pitt citing irreconcilable differences. they have been together for 12 years. she is reportedly looking for physical custody suggesting pitt get visitation rights. >> brad and angelina came from very different background and came into the marriage and into the relationship with very different ideas of parenting. over the years, they would tell people one was very strict and the other was very soft. and so parenting all of these children was probably, it's safe
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negotiation at times. >> according to associated press the decision was made for the health of the family. we were talking about this. the first thing i was thinking of was jennifer aniston. i think "the new york post" says it all. >> they were thinking it, too. very sad for the children. you know that team aniston has been waiting for more than a decade for this. there are a lot of people out here calling karma. >> hollywood when it comeso >> never a dull moment. meanwhile, hamilton creator is adding melody to some of donald trump's infamous tweets. let's take a look. ? i would like to send my best wishes to all even the haters and losers on this special day, september 11th ? ? happy cinco de mayo ? ? the best taco bowls are made
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? i love hispanics ? >> the man can make a musical out of anything. i would buy that album. >> i would, too. and show up on broadway. i see it as well. tim kaine is appearing on ellen this afternoon. here's a sneak peek for you right here. >> i know you play harmonica. you're on the road. you must have some free time. you're not playing ping pong, i know that. i got you a harmonica with my name on it so -- ?? ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> you know what, he's in a band he's that good. this is "early today." ?? when is your flu shot more than a flu shot?
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welcome back. besides the flood threat we also have severe weather threat, isolated tornado. minneapolis through iowa. a spring like setup. cool air and hot air in place. the hot air stuck in the middle of the country on this last full day of su. we could see some showers and thunderstorms in the inner mountain west including our friends in salt lake city. back to you, gigi and frances. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he has received death threats. he has sat or knelt on one knee says he isn't too concerned about it and that if something were to happen, it would prove his point. surging gas prices and scattered fuel shortages across
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in the coming weeks. crews in alabama have built a temporary bypass for a critical pipeline in alabama. it was shut down last week over a major leak. the line provides nearly 40% of the region's gasoline. it's welcome news for six states that have declared states of emergency. oscar winning writer and director curtis hanson has sadly passed away at the age of 71. hanson is best known for the critically acclaimed film "l.a. confidential" which threw him to the front of hollywood covering all genres from horror to comedy and drama. "the hand that rocks the cradle." he has reportedly retired in recent years due to a battle with alzheimer's. he died of natural causes. first lady michelle obama stopped by "the late show" with stephen colbert. >> if you got stuck on a desert
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who would you pick? >> i'd pick the president. how about you? >> beyonce. >> hey, can i have one of your baby carrots? >> yeah. thanks. they're great. >> do you know that if you eat too many carrots you turn orange? >> really? >> yeah. and if you turn really orange you have to start saying crazy things and run for president. >> the best conversations happen in a blanket board, especially when you're michelle had any sympathy for melania. she barely hit a smile. >> a little sitle at this there. celebrating birthdays, actor luke wilson turns 45. faith hill, 49 and actor legendary comedian and snl alumn bill murray and bartender turning 66. i'm gigi stonewood. >> i'm frances rivera.
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we will see you back here tomorrow.>> you got to stop, gop killing each other. >> protestors get violent in north carolina after a second deadly police shooting. what led up to this police opening up fire this time coming up. all about the money, as we learn about how much trump and clinton raised for the trump faces questions about donations made by his charity. helping veterans, a local organization dedicated to helping veterans find a place to live are expanding their operations. more on the plan ahead. plus -- >> that's a sad story unfortunate for a family. >> george clooney finding out by
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>> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this wednesday. it is hump day and we had a little rain last night. just a few drops. >> kim: enough to have the windshield wipers on as i was driving on the 95 last night. now it means a possibly. maybe we should check out the forecast. >> dana: i saw kevin's forecast last night at 11:00. he had the time lapse out of boulder city and he counted the rain drops. he said we had 12 rain drops in boulder city. it was light for sure but looks like more on the horizon. >> kelly: he said the same thing, just enough to make me have to wash the car. hold off on that until friday.


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