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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> dana: good morning. it is 4:30 on this wednesday. it is hump day and we had a little rain last night. just a few drops. >> kim: enough to have the windshield wipers on as i was driving on the 95 last night. now it means a possibly. maybe we should check out the forecast. >> dana: i saw kevin's forecast last night at 11:00. he had the time lapse out of boulder city and he counted the rain drops. he said we had 12 rain drops in boulder city. it was light for sure but looks like more on the horizon. >> kelly: he said the same thing, just enough to make me have to wash the car. hold off on that until friday.
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showers to the south of the las vegas valley. there is a chance of showers again today. temperatures 76 at 9:00 a.m., 82 at noon and still going to be below normal. 86 at 4:00. going to get cooler plus a big wind event on the way. >> kim: we now have an update to a story we brought you just hours ago on this very station during our 11:00 news. it has to do 16-year-old. that 16-year-old is dead after crashing off of the road on a motorcycle and right into an s.u.v. happening just before 7:00 last night. metro saying the dirt bike rider ran a red light and crashed into the car. the rider died at the scene. the woman driving the s.u.v. suffering minor injuries we're told. she was not impaired during this accident.
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16-year-old has yet to be identified. >> dana: a local man will spend the rest of his life in prison for his role in a murder for hire plot against a nellis airman. he was gunned down inside this garage in december of 2010. prosecutors proved that corey hawkins helped his wife plan her husband's murder and was with michael rodriguez when he gunned down. rodriguez and michelle are serving life sentences in this case. >> kim: the man who shot two people in that parking garage at the airport was waiting for his victims to get to their car after flying in from indianapolis. here is the man we're talking about. that man jeffrey brown plotted to kill the people you are seeing on your screen. his estranged wife and her
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he was waiting in that parking garage on the sixth floor. once he had eyes on them he fired several shots at them. we don't have word this morning on the condition of the victims. when they were rushed to the hospital after this event they were conscious and talking. eventually jeffrey brown surrendered peacefully to police at a local v.a. medical center. >> dana: this is not a good scene last night playing out in protestors hitting the street and hitting back against local police officers that were dressed in this riot gear. this all occurred because police officers shot and killed an african-american man after they went to an apartment complex there. a local woman calling for peace now. >> you got to stop, you got to stop killing each other. >> dana: angry residents confronted the police officers.
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situation erupted hours after police went to an apartment complex to serve a suspect with a warrant. officers encountered a different man inside a car. scott later pronounced dead at the hospital after they say they had to shoot him because he had a gun in his hand. family members say he was not armed. the officer who fired, placed on administrative leave. standard procedure in such cases. >> kim: we are learning more about the man suspected of unleashing terror in new york and new jersey. this is according to the f.b.i., the information they've obtained. a chilling glimpse into what motivated that man. the documents saying that two years ago the f.b.i. looked into him but came up with nothing
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afghan born united states citizen bought bomb ingredients on ebay and recorded a video of himself igniting a blast in his backyard. >> dana: time for decision 2016. learning more about the money and how much the candidates are raising. tracy potts has more. focus on more jobs for people with disabilities. trump calls her an insider. >> she represents the donors, politicians, big banks, multinational corporations and everybody getting rich off a very rigged system. >> new filings show clinton and trump had their best fundraising month yet in august. clinton raised nearly $60 million and out spent trump six to one on tv ads.
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of which he donated himself. it's his foundation money now in question. the charity making donations so trump could avoid paying legal fines. trump says the story is peppered with inaccuracies. >> it's unethical to use chartable dollars to pay for expenses one ought to be paying for out of >> more of the same. more taxes, more regulations. >> trying to catch up. our latest online poll puts clinton five points ahead. >> kim: speaking of washington, we have a heads up of what is going to happen there today. the can c.e.o. of the company
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>> anchor: epi pens will be in the hot seat. she will appear before the house committee on oversight and government reform. this is a big topic for the c.e.o. head of that pharmaceutical company who will be defending the cost of the epi pen signaling the company has no plans to lower prices despite a public out cry and questions from apt will be asking those questions. she is set toe say she struck a balance between the price and access to the drug. the price of the epi pens has grown $608 for a two pack. that is an increase of more than 500% since 2007. the c.e.o. saying the company does not want to go back to a time where awareness of allergic reactions is lower and schools didn't stock the drugment they
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balance. >> dana: there is a local group commitmented to helping our local homeless veterans find homes. they are hoping to find homes for 1,000 of them over the next two years. called veterans village expanding to two new locations. they make housing units from old shipping containers. this is a way to get shelter for these veterans in our community. those veterans pay what they can determined on a case by case going to sit around and just be comfortable with 150 people a night. we wanted to make a commitment for 1,000 people a night. >> 1,000 homeless veterans could get off the streets of las vegas in the next two years. everybody supports that including local companies like tesla, they are donated money to this effort. >> kim: it is the split that
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friends. how george clooney is responding to brad and angelina getting a divorce. >> dana: he crossed the line in disciplining the little girirl. i'm hillary clinton and enop, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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>> kim: you can see the dad is gripping the daughter's hair. this is all over social media this m thing go down took the picture. she tried to stop the punishment but the man told her to mind her own business. >> she's playing please stop, you are hurting me. i promise i won't do it again. people say i embarrassed this man. that little girl was embarrassed being dragged by the hair of her head in wal-mart. >> kim: witnesses said the dad eventually stopped the practice
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not all the customers inside the store are concerned about this. we want to hear from you. please sound off on our facebook page. we want your opinion. does this cross the line or is this just a daddies palestinianing his daughter? >> dana: opioids may affect the way people perceive the cuteness of babies. researchers from university of pennsylvanialvania had 47 adultk at a series of baby portraits befe anti-opioid treatment. their brain showed no response to the photos before the treatment. when they were given the treatment their responses became more similar to healthy people. experts say that opioids could affect how a parent bonds and cares for their child. could be another harmful impact from opioids. >> kim: if your iphone 7 is
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freak out. apple received a ton of complaints on this concerning the iphone 7. producing some sort of a strange hissing or buzzing sound. it's heard when the processor intensive app or gaming app is used or the device appears to be under stress. users are posting videos of the phone making this noise. apple has yet to respond. when it comes to the new apple product, coming hour, we have new information concerning the iphone 7. the experts put it through the paces. their results headed your way brand new and exclusive at 5:00 this morning. >> dana: speaking of apple, at 4:52 they are behind a new solar plant in arizona that is hidden behind a nine-foot wall. during construction no one knew who was behind the building of
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to sec resi. the truth revealed yesterday. app system going to use the mega watt station to power its valley location there. it's capable of powering 12,000 homes. why were they being secret? we don't know. >> kim: you don't want to miss "the today show" this morning. here is a heads up of what to in charlotte with the late e on the protests sparked by another fatal police shooting. millions use them every day but how accurate are the popular fitness trackers? jeff is putting them to the test. and what was behind the break up of angelina jolie and brad pitt and why is she asking for sole
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news conference yesterday previewing the up coming matchup at georgia tech. clemson head coach was interrupted by a ring tone. >> they beat us. is that the irish spring guy? that was irish spring. right on point. old spice. thld listen, they have beaten us and have been the better team on that day period, the end. that's all that matters. >> dana: you see why people like this guy? not son-in-law he a great coach but he's nice to be around. some of these coaches are so surly. >> kim: he's great for late night. we're talking about a 911 dispatcher in massachusetts who
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>> you called the police department in massachusetts. >> yes. massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> there is no way you can help me then, is there? >> where exactly are you calling from? >> england. >> that's across the pond. the officer having a little fun with this woman saying even though she was calling to report a hit and run. she was calling as a he said it's going to take us about six hours to respond. how does this happen? she says the caller tells him on the other side of 911 they have a digital assistant for microsoft similar to suri and that must have led to the mixup. >> dana: how can you be mad at a woman with that accent? this guy going for grandfather
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granddaughter. for now there is only one place she can view this.
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>> dana: this bear is about 100 dimes bigger than that new baby. this grandfather purchasing this bear for his granddaughter after
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>> dana: it is 5:00 on this hump day. sun will be up in about 20 minutes on this september 21 , the last full day of summer. >> kim: who is waking up to a dirty car this morning after driving around yesterday with with drizzle going on. i told dana this morning i think kelly is going to have -- i think she's going to have tricks and treats in the forecast


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