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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> dana: it is 5:00 on this hump day. sun will be up in about 20 minutes on this september 21 , the last full day of summer. >> kim: who is waking up to a dirty car this morning after driving around yesterday with with drizzle going on. i told dana this morning i think kelly is going to have -- i think she's going to have tricks and treats in the forecast
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sharing in our 4:30 half hour. >> dana: jeff has travel times covered now we go to kelly curran. something unusual happened yesterday as we send it over to the weather authority. our daytime high came just after midnight. >> kelly: 12 :22 was our high and our low was 11:59. we started at the high and ended at the low. midnight to today a little different. right now we are tracking showers around search light and around bull head city. nothing in the las vegas valley right now. as we head throughout your day, we have a chance of showers. don't wash your car yet.
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86. >> jeff: nothing in the form of accidents. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> dana: a local english teacher accused of having sex with one of his students. craig joins us from downtown las vegas with more on this one. when police asked him if he did it, he said yes. >> that is what we are learning and learned when this all happened , therr student. that is what former legacy high school teacher frank bare admitted to when he was arrested. this morning the case on calendar for a sentencing. after his arrest he told him that a female student pursued him and he responded to the advances. this morning the former teacher
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was 17. she's 18 now. we will see in court this morning if his admission plays any role in his centsensing as far as sentencing goes. >> dana: an intense night in north carolina not good as protestors faced off against police in riot gea upwards of 12 police officers were injured in this. an african-american man was shot and killed by a local police officer. officers went to an apartment complex to serve a warrant against somebody else when they say this man got out of his car with a gun. they say that officers were forced to return fire on scott.
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protest broke out close to where that took place. a handsful of officers injured in these confrontations. in the light of day things have calmed down but the cleanup is beginning. >> kim: we'll have continued live coverage in conjunction with "the today show" throughout this broadcast. a local teenager is dead after crashing his dirt bike into an s.u.v. on the far west side of town happening just before 7:00 last night. metro saying the 16-year-old ran a red light at that location and slammed right into the s.u.v. the rider dying right there at the scene and the woman driving the s.u.v. was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. as of right now early on in the investigation local police believe she wasn't doing anything wrong. this was at the fault of the teenager. >> dana: a local man planned to kill his estranged wife and her boyfriend once they returned
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indianapolis. new details about that love try angle that led to gunfire at the airport parking garage. detectives say that jeffrey brown waited in the parking garage and fired several shots at them when they arrived. both victims currently in stable condition. brown surrendered peacefully to police a few hours later at a local v.a. center. he's been charged with attempted murder. >> kim: a big update will spend the rest of his life behind bars for his role in a murder for hire plot against a nellis airman. he was gunned down inside his garage in 2010. local prosecutors proving that corey hawkins and you saw a picture of him at the beginning of the video helped his wife plan his murder. also along with michael rodriguez. this came to light when he was gunned down.
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are already serving life sentences. which takes us to another case that has captivated the country that has to do with the suspected terror suspect involved in the new york and new jersey area and all of that violence from over the weekend. according to federal court papers it gives a chilling glimpse into what authorities say motivated that man accused in those bombings. those documents indicate two years ago the f.b.i. him to terrorism. we do know by now he was afghan born but moved to the united states at seven years old with his family. according to authorities this morning he bought bomb ingredients on ebay and recorded a video of him igniting a blast in his backyard. >> dana: the new iphone 7 is out. is it worth it?
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phone to the test. the exclusive results coming up. >> kim: and also still to come these were the images we first showed you yesterday morning and now a new update and it has to do with more than just a scary picture on your screen. how it has to do with visitors. details headed your way. >> dana: check out this picture. is that a two headed cow? >> kim: i have no idea what i'm
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? ck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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to electronic labs immediately where testing is under way. >> consumer reports started testing the new iphone 7 and plus immediately. those phones have a number of upgrades and they say it's water resistent, up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. consumer reports put those claims to the test in a pressure rised indicate they pass but we'll continue to check them for functionality. what is missing is getting a lot of attention. with no head phone jack, audio testers examine the new head phone connection using the lightning charging port. as far as sound quality goes, we found no significant differences with the new wired head phone connection. the iphone 7 plus is a
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allowing for optical zoom on the main camera. >> the lens was sharper and had better image performance than the primary lens. the primary lens was come rabble to previous i phones. they are still evaluating the voice quality and battery life. >> kim: we are just getting started with this news 3 exclusive. full results of those test along with a consumer report exclusive available within the next few weeks and we'll have it for you in the morning. >> dana: this was the scene at the airport in croaker. in costa rica. they have all this ash from this erupting volcano that erupted four times this week. they had to clean it off the runways at the local airport as you can see right now on your
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people affected by these cancellations. delta had to cancel flights. in total over 100 flights have been cancelled in and out of that country. >> kim: the united states flying a pair of super sonic bombers over south korea for the second time in as many weeks in a show of force following north korea's latest nuclear test earlier this month. these sort of flyovers are common when animosity rises it's technically in a state of war because of the 1950 careen war ending with a arm sis, not a peace treaty. the united states flaying b1b bombers over south korea last wednesday. why this was on the news in las vegas is because this is out of
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unprecedented. >> dana: jeff is in the traffic center. >> jeff: looking at highs -- i'll leave that for kelly. we are seeing conviction, various lanes blocked. through the bowl 64 miles an hour and no delays. clear at 13 minutes. now for a real look at the forecast, here is a few light rain showers across parts of the area. this is a time lapse from the las vegas day school camera. a lot of sunshine to get things started. brief showers, light showers in parts of the area and gorgeous sunset. so many fantastic pictures sent in by our viewers. 69-degrees henderson. spring valley you are at 68.
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there as well and smells like rain. here is a look where it is raining and we are seeing showers around search light and down into bull head city. they've been seeing activity this morning. these showers all tracking to the north and east. i expect to have a dry commute in las vegas this morning. we zoom out, here is the moisture from tropical depression pain. look at this system dropping in from the northwest. these two going to collide. we'll see more showe afternoon and overnight hours. slight chance in las vegas. approximate the big story the wind event on the backside of this system moving in. red flag warning. fire weather warning and wind advisory in place for tomorrow afternoon. much drier air with gusts up to 45 miles an hour. today 86. wind not an issue but chance for showers. another chance of showers tonight with a low of 68. take a look at the seven-day
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ends, then the strong winds. 81 is it for the high. 59 for friday morning's low. look at the weekend. it is picture perfect for big festivals going on. >> kim: tina fey scripted it and we're here to prove it on wednesday we wear pink. we match this morning. thanks for joining us. i don't know if you've had an in and out seems like a west coast thing. in and out in trouble this morning. they are getting heat if you will because they are not offering up a meatless meal. >> that's right. and i had the great enjoyment of an in and out burger. every time i come to california, we make a point to get one. thousands of fans of the chain did sign a petition for vegies burgers to be served. the chain is letting its fans
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healthy meat free option. the organizers will send the petition to the chain when it reaches 25 signatures. last night there were 20,000. >> i recently traveled internationally and they had posted at one of the t.s.a. gates before you go through security if you have a galaxy note 7, that had to remain in off mode the entire flight. they didn't care if you were in the air for 10 hours. the again this morning. >> the new replacement galaxy note 7 smartphones will be available in stores starting today. if you have one you can get a replacement today. the batteries can catch fire. the problem doesn't affect all the note 7. samsung used different suppliers for the batteries. if have you any question about that, go to the local wireless store and ask if your phone is
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>> next wednesday we'll switch it up. >> dana: i have a pink tie on. living room in vermont. where did it come from? this was off a piece of farm machinery. why it was on fire, i don't know. probably as a result of the crash that sent the fire into this guy's home. structural damage but nobody injured here. the tire separated and hit this house. the driver of the truck was not cited. they are saying it was just an accident. >> kim: let's check this out
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is one animal although we clearly see two heads. that was quite the surprise for the farmer when he got a little closer thinking there were twin cows he was approaching. it's just one. lucky to be alive born on a farm in kentucky and the owner says that he was checking out his property when he had to do this double take , the one we're doing right now as we check out our screens in front of us. the middle two of her four do not blink. she stands and walks in circles and tends to fall over because of this rare situation. we have good news. the farmer says she's eating well. she needs a little help getting around. since lucky's birth she's had several visits from people who have heard about the calf with two faces. she's ended up being quite the
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well these days. lucky to be alive. >> dana: we have live pictures coming out of manhattan this morning. the united states nations
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. narrator: afscme people is responsible i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero.
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donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>> jeff: we are free and clear on this wednesday. as we take a look at travel times currently clear at 1 minutes. 215 northbound from summerlin to the 95 that's a 12 minute commute. now let's get a check of the forecast. >> kelly: we are still tracking rain showers this morning south of the las vegas valley and to
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picture. temperatures stepping out the door, it's cooler. boulder city you are coming in at 68. heading through the rest of the day highs today expected to reach the mid 80's. cooler temperatures on the way plus strong winds. we'll talk about that in our next check of traffic and weather in 10 minutes. >> kim: we want to hear from you and it has to do with this video that's gone they saw what was going down. >> dana: this is a dad and daughter in the wal-mart. he's pulling her hair this. happened in cleveland, texas. a shopper that you were talking about called 911 and posted these to social media. >> while he was dragging her she's saying please stop, it's hurting, i promise i won't do it again, please stop. >> dana: not everybody inside
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sound off on our facebook page on what you think. >> kim: we're taking you to new jersey, in particular the neighborhood where the terror suspect who is still in police custody while recovering in a hospital was apparently living with his family above that fried chicken restaurant and new information about what authorities say he was doing in that home, apparently buying mb and they found a journal on him when he was arrested warning that bombs would resound in the streets and federal prosecutors continue to sound off on this one as it develops. we'll have more here on channel 3 in conjunction with nbc news. >> dana: talking in that journal about a personal jihad. so now we probably have a motive in this case. this is in nearby arizona.
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now we do and what it's going to be used for. that is copping up. >> kim: how a local nonprofit is expanding to help some of the most vulnerable in our
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. t of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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>> dana: george clooney was surprised to hear that brad pitt and angelina jolie are getting a split. some saying brad may have a new romance. >> kim: a popular american company behind the massive solar plant. news 3 today. >> dana: this is the final day of summer. >> kim: we're starting to move into fall. thursday is when we actually turn the page. do i have that right? i got the nod from kelly. >> dana: and from me too.
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program. thanks for spending time with us. >> dana: we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we'll get to kelly in just a second. there is jeff in the traffic center. >> jeff: 95 and 515 both directions. life is beautiful preparation under way. closures already in effect for seventh, eighth, ninth street and those will increase as we head into this weekend. a lot of people have big p for that. >> kelly: be prepared for cooler temperatures and you can smell the rain. we're seeing showers south of las vegas right now. few clouds in the area today. temperatures expected to top out in the mid 80's. we'll talk about what we expect for the life is beautiful
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>> kim: local police working to figure out what may have led to a double murder here in our valley. michelle is looking into this story. she joins us live in studio with details. >> michelle: police say that the suspect they have in custody was temporarily living with the victims who were trying to help him get his life back on track this. happened yesterday afternoon. the ex-wife of one of the victims say her exhusband and his wife were t as frank, get him back on his feet. police arrested him in connection to the double murder they're happened and they believe that it was possibly done with a baseball bat or hammer. it was a gruesome scene. he was covered in blood. neighbors suspect drugs were involved. police are investigating what happened. a woman named mary kay r kay who
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said he was known for his generosity. he was one of the victims killed. >> my two daughters have lost their father. >> michelle: the two victims kelly and his wife robin naples. relatives of kelly and robin say the suspect had recently been kicked out of a nearby apartment and was known to have a problem. >> dana: there are thousands of veterans that are living on the streets of las vegas every night living and sleeping on the streets of las vegas. now there is a local organization that is trying to reduce that number. -t it's called veterans village in downtown las vegas expanding to two new locations. they are trying to make housing units from old shipping containers. i know it's rude meantry but they are just trying to get these people off the street.
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trying to increase that number. >> we as an organization decided we're not going to sit around and just be comfortable with 150 people a night. we wanted to make a commitment for 1,000 people a night. >> dana: we have veterans that are homeless in our community trying to get 1,000 of those off the streets. a lot of companies here in town are supporting this effort including tesla which have given very generous donations. >> kim: speaking of solar city, we have a story that spring boards off of that. we take to you arizona for this one. how do you like them apples? we know this morning who was behind that new massive secret solar plant. it is apple. it's hidden behind a nine foot
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phase nobody knew who was behind this big solar power plant because everyone associated with it was sworn to secrecy. the truth revealed hours ago. apple is going to use this 50 mega watt station to power its east valley location and that extra energy is going to spill into the power company grid saving the company and customers money. the plant is capable of powering 12,000 homes. resi pledge? let us know. a lot of people just waking up including butterflies in our community. kendall joins us live from the springs preserve with more on this one. where are these butterflies? >> they are not even awake yet. can you believe it. those diva butterflies. have to wait until the sun comes up.
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november 20. i have all the details for you. i'm looking forward to being inside that exhibit because hundreds of butterflies will be flying around. very beautiful. i've never seen it in person. i'm ready to wake them up with us across the valley this morning. just a couple of bucks. i'll get all the information on reporting live outside springs preserve. >> kim: those divas don't have to put on we'll see you with butterflies in person at 6:00. we transition to this live picture out of los angeles. we've done so because we have sad news to share this morning. curtis hanson died at the age of 71. he won a screen writing officer for l.a. confidential. he directed that thriller the
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a big deal that has to do with the epi pen and the head of that company on the hot seat. we know some of the questions she's going to have to field. we'll share them ahead. >> dana: most we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why?
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>> jeff: let's see what is going on on the roadways on this wednesday. 95 clear as you are heading into the bowl. we are accident free so far. 15 southbound between the speedway and bowl clear. three minute commute on 95 northbound. let's get a check of traffic and weather. we do that every 10 minutes. here is kelly. >> kelly: we are looking at a few clouds in the sky this morning. showers south of the area. get your cameras ready. i think we're going to have a
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going. you see rain showers move through. we're going to get a couple of drops on the lens. beautiful colors as the sun went down yesterday. as far as what we're looking at right now. temperature wise it's a cool start. >> kim: this was a ceasefire between president obama and vladimir putin just days ago at the g20 summit.
5:42 am
who are stranded within ahelp aleppo,he does not believe a cee is in place. >> dana: season 11 of the voice began this week. the blind auditions continue. we're going to show you one of the most talked about moments on the second night coming up. >> kim: you call 911 because you want immediate help. why was th i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans
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after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto. i trust her to keep us safe. i'm catherine cortez masto,
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> krystal: breaking news out of israel saying security guards wounding a man attempting to attack the [indiscernible] the attacker was shot before he reached embassy. it is believed that man had a weapon. that's it from the breaking news desk. >> dana: officials say one pilot killed and a ejecting from a spy plane that crashed in california. the plane crashed after taking off from beagle air force base yesterday morning. aircraft crashed 60 miles north of sacramento. this is the first crash of its mind two decades. two seater plane carrying an instructor and student conducting routine training. the pilot's names have not yet been released. >> kim: happening today and
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stakeout camera at any moment live on this very program because we're looking for the c.e.o. of the pharmaceutical company milan going to be in the hot seat today in front of congress answering tough questions having to do with the cost of that life saving epi pen. she's expected to signal the company has no plans to lower the prices despite the public out cry and questions from skeptical lawmakers. in prepared tesny believed to have gotten prepared statements together where she's going to say the company struck a balance between price and access to that drug. digest this. the price of epi pens has grown to $608 for a two pack. that is increase of more than 500% since the year 2007. that is why she will be facing very tough questions in a matter of moments we'll take you there
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today. >> dana: traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we're off to a decent start. >> jeff: accident free. we had one here that was just cleared within the last 10 minutes. your commute is looking pretty clear. 15 southbound you can see starting to slow down a little bit. looking at travel times from speedway to the bowl clear at 14 let's get a check of the forecast with dana and kelly. have we survived sum senator. >> dana: we're still here. i'm still standing. >> kelly: second hottest summer ever in las vegas. >> dana: since records were kept back in the 1930's around here. autumn begins tomorrow. >> kelly: finally.
5:48 am
beautiful colors. drought will affect the foliage. lack of rain will cause trees to go into survival mode meaning they shut down early to prepare for winter with leaves turning brown instead of all the reds and yellows we get. hopefully we'll get yellow on mt. charleston before the snow starts coming down. here at home today we're looking for probably a gorgeous get your samaras ready, we want to see the pictures. this is yesterday in mesquite. a lot of clouds out there. the bulk of the shower activity to the south or east of mesquite. check out the colors as the sun went down. gorgeous yesterday evening. we got tons of pictures in. we love to see those. winds not an issue for us right
5:49 am
paradise 70. sunrise 69 right now as you are stepping out the door. here is a look at where it's raining right now. near bull head city, these showers moving to the north and east. the las vegas valley dry this morning there. is a chance for showers but the best chance is in arizona. there is moisture from payne. here is another low that is going to be dropping through that trough interacting with this moisture going t whole thing to the east. we're going to see shower chances to night and early tomorrow morning and then much drier air and gusty winds move in. fire weather warning. winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. highs today overton 89, boulder city 86 for your high. in las vegas today 86 as well. a chance for showers that lingers until early tomorrow morning. then much drier air, very windy
5:50 am
81 and mid 80's for life is beautiful this weekend. >> kim: they are not joking when they call them blind auditions. they knew exactly who was singing. we'll take you to the must see moments ahead. >> brad pitt and angelina jolie have called it quits. you're going to hear from george clooney who heard about the news from a reporter. what he had to say about that. some saying
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>> kim: dana just delivered an idaho joke we will not share on this family program but we will take to you that great state and we heard someone say he had a horse face. i never heard someone say he had a corn face. this is taking place.
5:54 am
nearly 20 acres and a million ears of corn. that is jimmy fallon of the tonight show saying this is the 20th time this farmer depicted someone famous. he does it every year before the big festival. they are going to have a big fireworks show to kick off the festival. i have a feeling a little something to talk about, that farmer will end up being on "the tonight show" with jimmy >> dana: time for the water cooler. you've seen "the voice." the judges on this program tried to convince these singers to join their team. last night the new judge miley cyrus bringing out the big guns. >> you sounded like a rock and roll dolly parten to me. it was high and sweet and growl and power.
5:55 am
>> i might have something perfect for you then. can you turn around and look that screen quickly. >> hey everybody this is dolly. you have got to pick miley because she's my god daughter. >> dana: i love it. the blind auditions continue next week. legacy now set in stone. the latest recipient on the star she's an oscar winner kissing her own star there. she won the oscar for the 1990's movie misery. angelina and brad filing for divorce had all of us shocked yesterday including george
5:56 am
i am very sorry. that's a sad story and unfortunate for a family. unfortunate story about a family. i feel very sorry to hear that. first i've heard of i that. >> dana: they have six kids together. they met on the set of mr. and ms. smith. now a new trailer came out for brad pitt's new movie in it he has a steamy love scene and some people are saying that he has a romance with her now. although even is reporting that is just a rumor. >> kim: i watch e! news for all of you and they said that's just a rumor. still to come this morning the former republican president who says he's endorsing clinton for
5:57 am
analysis on the candidattes woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are,
5:58 am
narrator: afscme people is responsible
5:59 am
what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. e cortez masto and i approve this message. >> kim: violent protest. you are looking at the ramifications. we're live from charlotte this morning with what happened after another deadly police shooting. plus -- >>
6:00 am
dismembering her body is up for parole. coming up we'll tell you who is trying to keep him behind bars. >> kim: that was a school we're book picture because we're talking about a former teacher who will face the music after being accused of sex with a student. >> dana: good morning. the dawn glow has arrived on this final full day of it is september 21. a wednesday morning. welcome in. we're the wagners. >> kim: we got a war shack test. many of you waking up to a dirty car because if you were driving around yesterday, you may have been sprinkled on. kim and dana checking in with kelly and jeff. kelly, you did give us the heads up and boy did you nail the forecast. we had drops and sounds like the active weather not done this week.


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