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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:16pm PDT

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right now. >> krystal: starting off with breaking news. emergency officials are investigating reports of an explosion like noise near jfk airport in queens. that was happening moments ago. >> michelle: the fdny and nypd say they've found no evidence of anything actually exploding in the area. reports have come in from the belmont race track, wood mooer and valley stream. we're working to track caused the noise. we'll let you know. we are getting this information from our sister station there in new york. and you know a lot of people on edge right now because of what happened over the weekend in new york with several explosions in new york city and new jersey. so, yeah, definitely to investigate. >> krystal: for sure. we'll definitely keep you posted and see what shakes out with that. thank you so much for being with us. we're going bring it back here local. a woman hospitalized after a fire tore through her home in the northeast valley.
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nunley live from the neighborhood here carey and north pecos. kyndell, we hear that she actually went back inside of that burning home. you know why? >> kyndell: that is correct. we spoke with county fire officials and the red cross who are assisting with the family that has been displaced. they told us the woman went back inside the home to save her pets. now this is a house which caught fire a little after 6:00 this morning. the woman was able to make it out saving several of those pets. that includes at least unfortunately, the red cross says 70 percent of her body was burned, and she is in the hospital listed in critical condition. another person who lives here was also treated by first responders but did not need to be taken to the hospital. of course, with this being a neighborhood, there were concerns that the fire would spread to other homes. county fire officials were able to get the flames off within 15 minutes of that first call for help. we have spoken to the people who live here. at this time they're asking for
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family members continue to recover. we'll update throughout the day here on news 3. reporting live in northeast las vegas, kyndell nunley. back to you two. >> michelle: an update after a bad crash on the 215. if you were part of this you know what i am talking about. a major back-up. the 215 essentially a parking lot for two hours. this is a multi-vehicle crash. it happened around seven near e eastbound lane closed down to one lane. amazingly nobody was seriously injured in that crash. >> krystal: nearly a two hour delay.. a former legacy high school eacher sentenced after admitting to having a sexual relationship with student. police say frank bayer told them the female pursued him. the crimes happened in march and bayer chose not to go to trial. we were in court and found out what his sentence was.
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>> michelle: metro working to figure out what led to a double murder that happened near tropicana and swenson. this is a story that we first brought you yesterday as breaking news here on this program, "news 3 live at noon." now we know police say the suspect was actually living with the victims who were trying to help this man get his life back on track. according to people who knew them, kelly and robin naples were trying to help frank interlicchia back on his feet but instead they were beaten to death in their own home. >> krystal: turning to what's happening nationally. a tense night in charlotte, north carolina. angry protesters confronting police after another officer-involved shooting involving an african-american man. >> michelle: police are saying that the man had a weapon and they have evidence and video to prove it but the victim's family says he had a book.
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that the man shot and killed by police tuesday afternoon was in fact armed. chaos erupting overnight in charlotte, north carolina. after a 43-year-old black man was fatally shot by police at an apartment complex. >> all officers 10-four we got one suspect down. >> reporter: authorities say officers were trying to serve a warrant to a different man tuesday afternoon when they encountered keith lamont sco >> they engaged him. he was warmed a handgun they found on the scene as well. made some imminent threat and because of that at least one of our officers fired rounds at the subject shooting him. >> reporter: news of scott's death spread quickly sparking protests near the site of the shooting. >> no justice no peace! >> reporter: demonstrators faced off with police wearing riot gear.
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>> reporter: clark officers. members of scott's family tell local news outlets that he was not armed. >> he didn't have no gun! he wasn't messing with nobody! they just out their truck and said hands up he got a gun he got a gun. pow, pow pow, pow! that's it! >> reporter: officials say at least a dozen officers suffered non life threatening injuries during the protest. the police officer who shot scott was identified tuesday night the two-year veteran of the department who is also african-american is on administrative leave pending an investigation. in charlotte, north carolina, chris clackham, nbc news. >> krystal: this comes following dozens of people protesting in tulsa, oklahoma last night as well. they demonstrated against the police shooting of an unarmed african-american man. 40-year-old terrence clutcher. on monday police releasing video
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down by a tulsa police officer. his arms up in the air during the encounter with police from a number of different vantage points. the officer spotted his vehicle in the middle of the road. the demonstrators want authorities to arrest that officer. >> michelle: tough news to start the day with but i do have really -- well i don't have it. i just get to toss to kel kwloi has some really good news on the weather front. it's nice out. >> kelly: look at this picture behind me. how beautiful is this right? we've got a few cloin temperatures cooler than normal. we did have showers make their way through the area. sprinkles really make their way through this morning. as we take a look at the aliante camera. quite a few more clouds. starting to see the clouds breaking up. we do still have some showers in the area and the temperatures very comfortable. 80 degrees right now at beatty elementary school. 76 at darnell elementary school looking at 70s across the valley. majority of that shower activity staying south and to the east.
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as we head throughout the afternoon we do have a chance for showers. highs today in the low to mid-80s across the las vegas valley. normal is low 90s. we've got another storm system on the way. we're going to talk about what this one is going to bring coming up. >> michelle: thank you. a parent's choice in punishment stirring up some controversy today in these pictures has gone viral. >> krystal: they certainly have. coming up, what the parent said to one witness and what the witness actually did after she wal mart. >> michelle: plus the one thing you can do that could save your life even if you are already seeing your doctor. this is today's rip-off alert. we'll explain. >> krystal: in honor of national hunger month, el dorado can tino partnering up with three care. how it plans to help provide meals in our community and how you can get in on the effort. that at 12:30. you stay with us we have a lot
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>> michelle: ten people killed in bangladesh today when a river bank collapse and a huge slab of mud fell on top of an overcrowded ferry which then sank. at least 11 people are still missing. low lying bangladesh with extensive inland waterways and lax safety standards has an appalling record of ferry accidents. with casualties sometimes running up into the hundreds. overcrowding is a common factor but little has been done to improve safety despite the governments promising to toughen regulations. >> krystal: federal officials have filed additional charges against the man who police say is responsible for a string of bombings across new york and new jersey. you see him there on the screen charged with using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing public places on top of his earlier charges of attempted murder after a shootout with police. this is him being wheeled into that ambulance after the shootout with police.
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his fingerprints were all over one of the devices that did not explode. rahami was taken into custody monday. again, those pictures you saw of him, after he was injured in a shootout with police. >> michelle: new video today appears to show an air strike on a syrian town proving that the cease-fire in that war-torn country is officially over. two people were killed during the strike and more than 30 people injured. that town controlled by rebels and human rights groups says government jets heavily bombarded the town passed a resolution today after north korea declared it's fifth nuclear test. the resolution defines north korea's test as a serious provocation that threatens the lives of south korean citizens and world peace. the resolution also warns north korea that its provocation would only result in the country's isolation and further pressure from the international community. >> krystal: a philadelphia man says an off-duty officer attacked him during a road rage
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claiming that the off-duty officer was wearing a police uniform and driving with a fraternal order of police license plate. the incident happened this week. kalil says he was trying to merge into slow moving traffic when the driver of a pickup truck, this being the pickup truck, pulled out a gun, cut him off multiple times and began cursing at him. >> he pulled out his gun on me, cut me off. almost made me crash three or four times. he kept coming into my lane clo a and started cursing at me. telling me [ bleep ] back to your country. >> krystal: police are saying the officer has been removed from street duty and is under investigation by internal affairs. >> michelle: a pipeline that carries gasoline to six southeastern states has been sealed after a spill caused gas shortages across the region. governor pat mccrory says the gasoline pipeline will resume to normal operations soon and
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this has affected gas prices. those states have declared emergencies and relax restrictions on fuel transportation because of the shortage. share holders are calling on volkswagen to pay up after the emissions cheating scandal. about 40 percent is of the company's market value was wind out after it admitted to fitting 11 million vehicles worldwide with software that could cheat emissions after the u.s. environmental protection agency alerted the world to this problem. volkswagen has agreed to pay $15.3 billion in civil penalties and agreed to fix or buy back the cars. >> krystal: this has a lot of people talking. a parent's choice of punishment for his daughter getting a lot of attention on social media. texas police are getting in on this after photos of a man gripping his daughter by her
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cart surfaced. a customer tried to stop it and snapped the photos that we showed you there. but the man told her to mind her own business. witnesses say the father eventually let her daughter -- or let his daughter's hair go but that customer called 911 telling police the punishment crossed the line. >> while he was dragging her she was saying please stop you are hurting me. it's hurting. i promise i won't do it again. please stop. please stop. >> the police are concerned a this time for the children that may be within the home with the dad who appeared to have been a little aggressive at the time. >> krystal: right now no charges have been filed against the parent but, you know, when it comes to punishment a lot of people have a lot of different opinions. we'd love to hear from you. let us know what i think. send us a message via twitter or facebook. krystal and michelle both on social media platforms. >> michelle: torrential rains have triggered floods and
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have died. in the worst hit area, 16 people were fou d >> julie: no. >> joey: never heard of it. >> jennifer: you've never heard of "a star is born"? >> julie: judy garland? james mason? >> jennifer: kris kristofferson? barbra streisand? >> julie: it's this wonderful story about a girl singer. she's really talented. she becomes a star. but her husband, oh-- >> claire: you know, that could


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