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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  September 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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time debate and the candidates are preparing in very different ways. such a sad story. you see the child in the video there, dramatic verbal confrontation inside a local store. it was caught on cell phone video. it had some racial overtones. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm marie mortera. this argument broke out between two women over a store worker's women stepped in to help the man. it's our top story. news 3's antonio castelan spoke with the woman who went to the worker's defense. >> reporter: this is where the argument happened. it was all over not speaking english. one of the customers got frustrated not being able to communicate with an employee. she had choice words for him and that's when another woman decided to stick up for the man. >> people use you to clean their houses, they use you guys for a
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>> reporter: you are witnessing a confrontation. the argument happened at the fallas peredes off the 95 and decatur earlier this week. >> you are cheap labor. you are cheap labor. >> i wish you would. >> goodbye. >> reporter: isabel santos is the woman seen having the argument with the woman on the right. santos says the argument erupted after the woman got a store employee who did not speak english. we spoke with santos over the phone. >> started insulting him like, how is it possible that you are working here and you don't speak english. we're so tired of you dirty mexicans. that's why our country is the way it is. >> reporter: santos decided to step in. >> you should be ashamed of yourself in front of your baby. >> i speak -- >> i'm sure. >> reporter: santos says the argument lasted a couple of minutes.
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her. >> she said i'm gonna call immigration right now. we're gonna find out who is legal and not. >> i do what i want to do. this is an american store. where do you come from? >> reporter: santos does not regret standing up for the map who couldn't speak english. >> no. absolutely no. the i would do it again. at first i held back because my kids were there. my kids witnessed defendingn >> reporter: santos said she needed to be escorted out of the store because she was threatened by the woman. as for the store, they had no comment. but workers off camera say customers have no right to treat them badly. reporting off the 95 and decatur, antonio castelan, news 3. let's show you live images from charlotte, north carolina. the peaceful protest here is what we've been able to witness.
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streets. yes, the city of charlotte is still on edge as night falls and they are gearing up for potentially a fourth night of protests. many marchers taking to the streets now. >> new video surfacing showing the moments surrounding the police shooting of keith lamont scott and already more questions are now overherd. >> -- overheard. >> we want to warn you, the video is disturbing. while you hear the gunshots, you you hear police saying drop the gun and you hear scott's wife saying don't shoot him as police converge on the parking lot of an apartment complex. mrs. scott tells officers, her husband has a tbi and she instructs her husband to comply with officers. >> keith, don't you do it. >> hear that? and then four gunshots can be heard. >> keith! keith! don't you do it!
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did you shoot him? >> at this point, we don't know what happened prior to the recording or the circumstances that led up to the shooting. the scott family released this video today. their attorney says it's to help gather the facts of the case. as for police, they say they saw scott holding a handgun as he exited his vehicle. police at this point are not releasing dash-cam or body camera videos at this time. the state bureau of investigation has taken over the investigation. it's been a full day of caught fire at twin lakes plaza at rancho and washington. six businesses damaged. flames spread right through the complex just before 3:00 in the morning. as news 3's denise rosch explains, firefighters ran into a problem fighting this fire. >> reporter: one issue for firefighters out here dealt with how the center is built. more on that in a moment. but first take a look at the damage. most of the businesses now boarded up. the cause is still under
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after the flames were out. erma brown knows this center better than anyone. >> watch your step. >> reporter: the owner of a touch of elegance beauty salon. she's been in this business for 30 years. >> in here was the waiting room and the tv was placed here. >> reporter: now walking through the rubble after an early-morning dose fire -- early-morning fire destroyed her business. -- at the chiropractor around the wind flew it. >> reporter: it started 3:00 friday morning. almost immediately first responders calling for a second and third alarm. additional manpower after a problem was found. one roof built on -- on a exiting roof. >> you couldn't get the water on
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down from below which is more difficult than ripping it up from the top. >> a lot of -- >> reporter: adrian is a cook and says the business that started out with taco trucks was just taking off with a brick and mortar location. now it's gone. >> things happen for a reason. our heavenly father knows the best. i'm sure once will be better. meanwhile, it's sad. >> reporter: contractors begin boarding up. talk around the center focuses on rebuilding. brown asking customers not to give up on her shop. as for that roof on roof construction, we wanted to know if that's even legal but unfortunately, the las vegas building department is closed on fridays. so we'll have to check back next
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at $500,000. denise rosch, news 3. the price tag so far for the cleaning up of the mercury spill at walter johnson school is $16,000. the clark county school district is paying for the cleanup. $13,000 bill from the company that decontaminated the campus and another big portion for field technicians and a project administrator. the mercury spill shut down the campus for almost a week. at this unclear who brought it to the school. 45 days left until the november election, the candidates are gearing up for their first debate in new york. the debate between donald trump and hillary clinton now just three days away. nbc's lester holt will moderate. right now, both candidates are preparing in their own way. both view this as a critical point in the race for the white house. clinton is working on debate
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presentation. the debate is expected to focus on security, achieving prosperity and america's direction. >> this is mrs. clinton's chance to give us a warm knowledge. this is about knowledge and experience, deep experience, deep knowledge and she has to have a warm conversation with america. >> trump has resisted planning for this debate. it's very hard to know what he's going to do. it's not clear he has a plan going into it. >> experts say that could be trump's clinton off. voter turnout will play a big role in who becomes president. the primaries had a large turnout but not a record. we'll have to see what happens. the battle of the basketball -- of the ballot is heats up regarding recreational marijuana. the opponents with the no on 2 campaign hitting hard on the edible portion of this, saying
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dangerous for children. nevada supporters actually say nevada is ready. >> we believe when voters of nevada are educated on this issue, they are gonna reject legalizing and commercializing a retail drug. >> let's bring it out in the open. let's tax it. let's test it. let's regulate it so it won't look like candy. >> the state senator says he's working on a bill that would address but until election day it's a battle in the weeks to come. the price you can pay for a selfie could be big. >> especially in this case. we'll tell you what horribly went wrong when this group tried to say cheese with a python. >> and ticketed for religious expression. you be the judge. why one woman said she was pulled over for her love of jesus and the battle over it all in court. the winds have backed off
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we'll tell you when you can expect it and have the full seven-day forecast -- coming up. what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who.
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led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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the price some people are paying for snapping a selfie. one man learned by keeping a depth of field is probably a good thing. >> yeah, today, forest departments in india, they had to remove this python from the grounds of the school. as they were leaving -- you can see some of the men stopped to pose f when the man seen on the right backed into snap his own selfie. the mistake, of course, that constrictor lunging out and biting him on the shoulder. we understand he's expected to be okay. a florida woman making headlines after she said she would go to court to fight for jesus. judy jones said she was pulled over for having the phrase what
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shield. the trooper ticketed her saying it's against the law to block the driver's view. what got her fired up, she's a had the lettering for ten years. she said she thinks she was stopped for another reason. >> how could that be blocking my view? it's really not. the purpose was that name right there, jesus. >> troopers say the word jesus has nothing do judy took her fight to court and left with a warning. a judge cited with the troopers saying she needs to remove the lettering and add it with something transparent. she says she will get that windshield fixed. the controversial sculpture of donald trump destroyed right here in our own backyard. >> the display was just put up in downtown las vegas not too long ago.
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kelsey thomas met with him to find out. >> i'm disgusted. >> reporter: someone has destroyed naked trump, the hardened foam version. >> i poured my heart and soul into it. unfortunately, some people have no respect. >> reporter: his hard work lasted a few days in a downtown las vegas parking lot near the life is beautiful festival. >> i came around the corner and saw him laying on his see the gop presidential candidate knocked down and sprayed with graffiti. >> and to destroy other people's opinions or rights, i believe that's wrong. >> reporter: a very serious and very naked-looking trump eventually whisked away on a golf caught. -- golf caught. >> just because this was
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>> reporter: ironically, the life-sized statue was destroyed at a festival that celebrates art. >> it's tragic we can't have nice things. >> reporter: we've seen public art in las vegas destroyed time and time again. the lion and crocodile, stolen. the seven magic mountain display, vandalized. and part of the love lockett sculpture outside the park ripped away. now trump. destroyed his naked likeness? >> i would have message for them but i don't think it would be received well. their lack of intelligence is shown here. my message is good job, idiots. >> reporter: kelsey thomas, news 3. >> mr. ginger says the statue is not repairable. >> we asked him if he will be making a new one, he said this isn't the last time you will see of trump.
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>> remains to be seen. let's make good on your word and in this case, one that tasted pretty sweet. just ask the students at the university of wisconsin. the entire school got a tasty surprise after nigel hayes made good on a bet. last week, he bet his fellow students that they couldn't buy up the allotment of season tickets and he promised t doughnuts if he lost. well, they sold out of the 2100-tickets. today, he paid up along with his teammates and coaches passing out hundreds of doughnuts on campus. i think they are big fans of the team and the doughnuts. >> i think that's a great way to make friends. thousands of music and art lovers flocking to downtown las vegas for one of the biggest
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local artists and a lot of great food. the event runs through sunday. tonight's festtivetivities will end -- festivities will end around 1:00 a.m. and you have the fires there. >> yes. >> we've been talking about road closures all week long. >> we want to show you that map of where the event it's taken over downtown las vegas spanning 18 city blocks. those red and yellow lines are where the event is taking place. east of las vegas boulevard to 11th street and from bridger on the south over to mesquite, keep an eye on that area. watch out if you are not taking in the party. >> we talked about the setup and the roads. now it's time to check in with kevin janison. >> all right. no pressure.
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out-of-towners. >> if they came in yesterday, they were probably a tad concerned. we got the wind to die down. we're gonna have a great weekend. if you are not going to either of the music festivals, we've put together a little collage of some of your area cameras that we have. love these shots out of the lake mead marina. there might be more wind at the higher elevations if you are heading up there tomorrow. red rock is gonna be spectacular. 70s around 80 degrees and wall-to-wall sunshine. find their way out there. and zion, it should be absolutely perfect. maybe a cloud. blue sky, red rock is gonna be gorgeous. pecos, 77. the wind is has backed way down. sky canyon, the northwest part of the valley, it might beout might be outside of the valley, 73. anthem, 73 degrees. wind speeds which have been so
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down below 10 miles an hour. in some cases they are calm. we had a 42-mile-an-hour gust. that was this morning in nellis but most neighborhoods found that 30-mile-an-hour threshold h that was better than yesterday when they were up around 50 to 60. outside of the valley, the same story, strongest wind gust. we did see 40 miles an hour up in beatty. 34 at the lake. the wind blowing around mild air. maxed out at 81, 10 degrees belo that was a cool start. 63 degrees for the morning low temperature. same neighborhood tomorrow. we'll got to the upper 70s at lunchtime. going to the mid- to upper 80s. there will be a little breeze. i think it will ramp up late in the day. maybe gusts around 20, 25 miles an hour. the wind bag itself, blowing it safety eastward into utah and colorado. they are precipitationing frozen stuff at the higher elevation. chilly up there. another weak disturbance coming through.
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the winds. some gusts over 20. but that should be the top end. the mountain will be chilly. 41 tonight. 57 in sandy valley. highs tomorrow, boulder city at 86. 89 in pahrump. and down in laughlin, they should max out at 92. the las vegas valley heading down to 62 under a clear sky. the rebound tomorrow, 87. still warm. but not as much wind. a couple of breezes in the hour. the lake 91. the water temperature is now 77. with these cool morning lows it will get cooler. mount charleston after that chilly morning low, 65. remember a little more wind up there and your seven-day forecast will add a degree on sunday. we'll have some more breezes. a few gusts over 20 miles an hour. by monday, those winds are gone. we're looking at 90 degrees. that's pretty much our resting
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week. mid-80s to 90. lows in the 60s. this is just a great time of year around here of a you've endured the heat. the hottest summer on record in las vegas. it's nice to have the mellower days. >> well deserved. >> i will be out shaking hands, high fives. >> you can pat yourself on the back. if you are headed out to one of the football games, share your burst. head to you can see them on "operation football" later tonight. it's a billion-dollar business. it may be on your list for gift giving. >> gift cards. that's what we're talking about. the new way thieves are stealing
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11.
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that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. the chef-inspired i'll do as president. panini collection from subway is grilled right before your eyes, in our new panini press. but...let's start at the beginning the new salami caprese panini starts with genoa salami, thick-sliced fresh mozzarella, creamy pesto, and italian bread. then it's pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust the new chef-inspired panini collection. now playing at subway. horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardrdy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society.
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they're just not for us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. you probably have gift cards on your mind when it comes to searching for that perfect gift. you are not alone. by the end of 2016, americans are expected to spend nearly $26 billion on gift cards. but a warning for those of you who gift them or receive them, thieves have figured out a way to steal the funds on the card without you knowing. a security analyst says gift card draining is becoming all too common. >> here is a gift card.
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the rack. they come here, they scratch off the bar code. they get the number. they then take these stickers, peel the sticker off, place it back over the gift card. they go back. they bring it back into the store. it's back on the rack. they have the number. they are now waiting for this card to be activated. >> once the card is activated, thieves the remaining funds. coming up at 11:00, all of tonight's high school football action, join randy and amber for operation football of it will be . and we'll have breaking news as it happens. and backstreet is back. >> i didn't recognize that. >> i can't sing it. >> they are hitting the stage right here in las vegas.
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planet hollywood. they take to the stage in march. it's a one-of-a-kind production we're told. larger than life. by the way, that's where j-lo and britney spears perform. those tickets go on sale next saturday. >> we'll practice during the we are one nation under god. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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tonight, brad, angelina and the mid-flight fight that may have ended it all. audio from the cockpit "e.t.? just uncovered. >> long flight. >> exactly.
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>> why oldest son maddox is caught in the middle. >> maddox is the first baby i ever held. >> and does jen aniston have anything to say about all of this? >> any comment on brad and angie's divorce? >> was jim carrey's girlfriend suicidal because the actor gave her stds? the lawsuits get extremely personal. >> a dancing exclusive with eye an lochte. >> we are going to cha cha. >> is he already having regrets about signing on for the show? with tim allen. ?? ?? ?? now for september 23, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight?" we have all-new details about the argument that led to a child abuse investigation against brad pitt. new evidence has surfaced and there is insight that could sway this case. >> the fbi tells "e.t." it is continuing to gather facts about the reported child abuse allegations against brad pitt.


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