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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  September 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now on news3 live at 5:00, a controversial police shooting in north carolina. authorities releasing body cam and cash cam footage of the incident you'll see right here. plus three local children without their mother tonight, resulted in a man stabbed their mother to death. and the life is beautiful fest cal taking over downtown las vegas. not every one sees the beauty in it. why some businesses are complaining. thanks for joining us, i'm gerard ramalho. tonight there are new images and
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keith lamont scott. he was shot and killed during con franations of charlott police. he has a closer look at the new video and new details in this highly controversial case. >> reporter: tonight a first look at police dash and body cam video in the final moments of keith lamont scott flight during the confrontation with police. imagines that the chief warns alone won't answer all of the questions in this case. >> t gun in his hand. you can see something in the hand and he pointed it at an officer. >> reporter: the chief said it was just part of the bigger picture of the shooting he's sharing with the public. >> in the spirit of transparency, we're going to get everything we can deliver. >> reporter: including additional images and information about how and why the deadly shooting took place. detail that is include officers saw scott with marijuana and a gun. >> when they see the weapon and
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ut oh, this is a safety issue for us and the public. >> reporter: putny says responding officers acted appropriately and will not face charges. >> if laws were violated, i will be taking different actions. >> reporter: there is a separate independent investigation under way by the north carolina state bureau of investigation. the release of the police footage and information. comes a day after scott's family shared this cell phone video recorded by his scene. and after four days of pressure from 100s of protesters demanding transparency. as the investigation continues, so does concern over what could come next. >> now protests have been planned for tonight and about an hour or so before the police video was released, national guard troops moved into the uptown area here. jay gray, nbc news charlott. all right, thanks for that. we do have other pieces of the
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we did hold back on parts due to the traffic nature f. you'd like to see the full dash cam as well as body cam footage that was released, you could head to our website, there is one clip about two minutes long. and another about one money long. five people are dead following the shooting rampage at a mall in washington state, the attack happened friday evening but the on the loose. leaving the city of burlington washington on high alert. let's look at that surveillance photos. witnesses describe a chaotic scene when the shooting started with people running, unsure of where to seek safety. the mayor urging residents to come forward with any leads that could help authorities in their search for the gunmen.
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and the most chaotic that to me if they've ever been here, you know, i wouldn't think this would even happen here. so i'm shocked. >> now our support goes with them to help them extend the law to bring to justice who did this to our community. the fbi says there's no evidence at this time that the attack is tie ed to terrorism. >> i heard she ran out the unit and try ed to now to a brutal murder in henderson, a mother of three found stabbed to death in her own home. the accused killer is her husband. he is behind bars tonight. and now three small children in protective custody. our kelsey thomas joins us live where the murder happened near gal rea drive and sunset. kelsey? >> well gerard, the crime scene tape is down tonight. police are still trying to uncover why this 30-year-old
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scene of domestic violence. >> reporter: it was a brutal crime, early saturday morning, a 30-year-old mother now dead, stabbed to death in what maybe a heart breaking case of surveillance. >> she told my husband he use ed to beat her. she left her husband because he use ed to beat her real bad. >> reporter: it's what she heard over the last year that haunts her. >> i never heard her scre i couldn't say if he was jumping on her at the time. >> reporter: this is where she was killed. jewel said the accused killer is the victim's 48-year-old husband. >> about 5:00 a.m. this morning, police dispatchers receive ed a 911 call from a man reporting someone had been injured. >> reporter: as soon as police began their investigation, detectives did not have to go far to make an arrest. >> the male who made the 911
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was subsequently arrested on open murder charges. >> reporter: tonight a 48-year-old man is behind bars. a young mother is dead. three small children home at the time of the murder are now in protective custody. and police tell news3 they've never been called to the home before. >> do you regret not calling the cops? >> who would regret. if i knew he was jumping on her, i would have went over there. >> reporter: a heartbroken neighbor in and out without answers. and tried to run for her life. but he caught her. he drug her back in the house and now she gone. >> reporter: and police tonight have not talked about the relationship between the suspect and the victim, but as you heard t neighbor said she believes the two were married and we have not yet identified the man or the woman that were involved in this deadly stabbing here in henderson. reporting live, kelsey thomas
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kids now without their parents. thanks, for the live report. the calls to help tonight to solve a six-year-old murder mystery. a local family desperate for answers. it is a cold case that's pused lea police. there's no motive for darren's killing. the father of two was working on someone's car in clayton street when a thief pulled out a gun and demanded cash. for darren's that goes by is another day his killer walks free. >> almost to date. a man was taken from his family with know rime no reason. if you saw anything, if anybody saw anything, remembers anything, even if it's small. come forward. talk to the police department, and let them know anything you remember. and today the neighborhood watch that was formed because of darren's tragic murder came together for a block party. they're still haunted by i the
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community. it take answer entire neighborhood to watch out for each other and keep everyone safe. >> when we are riding throughout the neighborhood, whether we're going to work or school or running errands, we keep our eye out for each other. things that are not -- that seem kind of off or odd, umm, we'll tell each other about it. so police tonight need leads to put his killer behind bars. if you have any information about this crime, you can call the crime stoppers hot 385-5555. the cockpit crusade a hot or burning smell. the 737 had 156 people on board. it left re know and landed without incident at the airport. american then put the passengers on another flight. we have a. we have a traffic alert to tell you about happening
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symphony park over i 15. this 180-foot long bridge has been around for 19 years. starting tonight from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., symphony park avenue will be closed between mlk and grand central park way. you can get downtown by using alta bonneville or charleston. all the rests will be open to the spaghetti bowl this weekend. the demolition is part of the project neon out and spaghetti bowl. the construction over the park avenue will start next month and will be complete by early next year. also, it is the second day of the life is beautiful festival. ready for some slow downs in the downtown area with many streets blocked off. life is beautiful spans 18 downtown blocks. the red and yellow lines you're looking at there where the event
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boulevard to eleventh street and from bridger on the south up to mesquite. and with nearly 100,000 festival goers, life is beautiful has in fact taken over downtown las vegas. but for many local businesses, the three day festival takes a toll on their bottom line. one of the businesses that has been closed because of the festival. >> reporter: gerard, we are at the h is a local dog day care center. this business has been around as long as life has been beautiful has been coming here. but this year, they were force ed to close down for an entire week leading up to the festival. you can see why. this is completely surrounding this business. this week in life is beautiful is expected to bring in 100,000 people to downtown. it's a festival with plenty of music, art and food. and while business owners like
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this this year, she was compensated for some of her losses but it didn't cover everything. she's looking long term here and hope s the organizers will continue to work with downtown business organizers to inimprove the experience for every one. >> if you want it to be a festival, don't bring businesses here, and just do that. but you have to evolve your planning, maybe shrink the fingerprint, or move the and keep the business owners on the loop if you're going to be cutting off their livelihood. >> reporter: and compounding the problem, kathy says as soon as life is beautiful clears out of here, bike fest rolls into town. and she'll be force ed to close her business for at least another week. so that's two consecutive weeks of lost business. sdmrfrjts i remember they had this problem last year. hopefully as this festival progresses, they can find
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nathan, thank you for the live reports. still ahead, las vegas icon makes its return to the big screen. jerry visits with fans a tea a scscre i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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ctable, unpredictable.
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legends made a red carpet appearance today. we're talking about comedian jerry louis. at 90 years young, he was greeting fans outside the regal theater. they were there to promote a screening of his new film entitled max rose. where he plays an ageing jazz pianist that discovered his 65-year- another big name, including wane newton and pen and teller and actor nicholas cage. it's his first leading role in 20 years. getting hands on, about getting healthy, today the fifth annual healthy kids festival took place. sponsored by the university of nevada department. unlike typical health fairs, kids did get hands on experience as they visited activity
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and the event designed to raise childhood obesity awareness and prevention issues to almost athousand attendees. today is childhood obesity awareness month. a great start to our weekend, we're headed into one of the nicest stretches of the year. jerry? >> october is beautiful, and it's just around the corner. not too shabby today from the low 60s. to the mid 80s this arch. i think we can do
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district attorney steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous criminals from buying guns here in nevada. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked. it's a dangerous loophole. closing it will save lives. let's make it harder for criminals, safer for us. yes on question 1. horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age
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and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. there's been some severe flooding in iowa. they did lower the estimate of
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downtown area. downtown seeder rapids expect ed to see flooding estimated 1500 homes. the fire chief there asking people living in the area out lineed on a flood map to evacuate their homes by sunday night. a cur few will be place from then until monday morning. that's when the river is expected to reach its highest point. the police department is putting more than 70 check points in place to make sure residents and property transitioned into a new season. it feels different. but umm, we haven't had a lot in the way of rain just yet. >> we have a chance this week. there is a chance, a little low coming up from the south. could drop rain into tuesday night. but it's by no means a sure thing. we're looking good through the rest of the weekend. take a look at our day in motion from red rock resort. you'll see the rising sun and don't see much of anything, just
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pressure reaching in from california controlling us through at least monday. and then i said, late tuesday our weather could deteriorate a little. that's still up in the air. no pun intended. 88? in downtown las vegas. life is beautiful festival going on. it's a little warm down here. especially on the black top. 12% relative humidity and you can see the pressure quite high. down in henderson you have to love that east, northeast winds at seven. and on the west side. out of west check at 215. these are live updates on our weather bug net work. 86 downtown henderson. 82 at pa low veer day's high. and eldorado in northwest las vegas at 90. 62 up on the mountain at the lodge.
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mesquite. 78 down in searchlight. what are we looking at in terms of the current reading out at the airport, how about 87? the high. possibly we might peak a little above that. it's 78 in la. same reading up in re know. tomorrow we're looking at a high of 89?. a 90-91 degree reading in the east valley. pretty nice on balance. well you saw the flooding out in iowa. you can see the frontal syst now. a low pressure that brought us in that cool front has moved up. now we're just east of billings, which is getting hammered right now. you can see the northerly flow behind that. and north winds will be in our forecast through tomorrow. see our skies are cleared tonight. if you're going out on the town, shouldn't be a problem. okay, overnight lows, how about forties in caliente. low 60s in boulder city.
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91 pahrump. and 90 mesquite, 80 sneven boulder city. and 94 in laughlin. overnight tonight, pleasant, clear, cool, mid 60s should predominant. and in the upper 80s with the north breezes. refreshing more than irritating. you'll like that north breeze. 6:77 a.m. 82 at noon and seven a 5:00 p.m. f. your headed to the mountain, upper a breezy day after a chilling morning and mid 40s for the low. and 92 with a water temperature of 78?. gerard, late tuesday into wednesday, a chance, we're still keeping a 20% chance of thunderstorms. and then get back up to 90 going into the first day of act. 88, not bad at all. >> no issues with that forecast whatever whoa so far. >> we could use a little moisture. >> yeah, we'll take it. hopefully we get it. >> coming up t rebel football
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second home game of the year. randy has congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. heck voted to protect perks for politicians like himself, allowing congressmen to travel on private jets at taxpayer expense and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together.
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woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. for the content of this ad. after 2 straight road losses, the rebels back at home for their final tune up for their conference play. the idaho vandals at the stadium. tony sanchez and the team should win if they're touchdown
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they beat 80-8. 50 point losses to washington state and way in the last two weeks. lexington thomas averaging six yards. they have four score this is year. expect a healthy dose of the running game and hopefully without the mistakes they made lately. >> we're going to have to play well. we cannot afford to go out and have another game and dropping another balls. we can't line up on defense and let free runners goth football and get ourselves in tea second half and opportunity and play with more energy, we have a chance to win a bunch of football games. >> we're going to work on finishing guys. we didn't have a lot of knock downs and pancakes. we have ten total. we're going to emphasize that this week and getting on the ground and opening big holes because we know lex can run the ball. san francisco on the 6 o'clock. on the website.
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tonight. a couple college football match ups. eighth ranked michigan state. michigan state at home, a tough place to come in. alex is going to fake the hand off here and it's a nice easy touchdown pass. er reck settle, badgers up three then. 13-6. badgers up. and lj is going to cough it up for the spartans. he's got beef out in front of that all the way in for the 66 yard touchdown. badger stun ed the spartans 30-6. and game c right here on channel c just a few hours ago. favored against duke. early on, it's all irish. day shawn chisser going deep. 44 yards, 14-0. blue devils coming back, though, danielle jones, duke had a lead
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aj for duke and 19 for the field gold. and notre dame is 1-3 with that loss. probably valid panthers 97 straight games. eight straight state championships. that could be nine. on mount charleston. up in this game. goop 14-8. tailor going in from 12 yards away. quarter back, max well again, the keeper, he's going to score. 97 straight wins, 36-18. when it comes to the longest eight man win withing streak, these guys don't like the play it up too much. >> we don't focus on the streak. the coaches stress on that you know next game coming up, that's what we're focused on. there's no streak. the streak is whether we're going to be 1-0 or not. we have that mentality every
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streak. we think about the next game. and every start of the season, it's 00. we don't worry about the streak. >> we got it, the record whatever, a couple weeks ago, but it's never been about that. every year it's -- team starts out 0-0 and we're just trying to compete for a state championship. that's our goal every year. it's not to win 90 games. it's to win the next one. >> 151 games is the streak we know from dela salle from california. they've got a ways to go to catch that streak. >> with it's a pretty good advantage. >> all right randy thanks, appreciate that. >> our schedule is a little different here today on channel three, we are with you all the way through 630 tonight. after years of planning t national museum of african-american history and culture. a look at the museum located in the same place where slaves once were auctioned off.
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[ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkanian was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors into donating to fraudulent charities, totaling millions. and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill.


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