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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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crew find the shooting suspect of a mechanic. why some are complaining about loss of income. >> news3 starts right now. have. >> and good evening everyone, i'm gerard ramalho. we begin with breaking news tonight. the suspect in a in custody. police in washington had been on the lookout for 20-year-old arkan sateen, since friday night. he opened fire in burlington, at a mall, killing four females and a male. police were able to track him down about 20 hours later.
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church outside burlington. desperate calls for help to solve a six-year-old murder mystery. it is a cold case that has puzzled police. darren reale was working on someone's car at the time when he was gunned down in a random act of nathan o'neil is live, are there any leads at all? >> reporter: well, gerard, detectives have been working for six years to try to find his killer but no arrest and no suspects named. that's not keeping his family from trying to preserve his memory. >> no rhyme or reason, we don't
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in her older brother's murder case. six years ago he was killed in north las vegas. >> you knew what he was trying to say, the facial expressions, humor was hilarious, he was that guy. >> darren was a mobile mechanic working on somebody's car when a thief pulled out a gun and demanded cash. the gunman he didn't have any money. >> when he was fixing my neighbor's car he was shot and killed. i had just moved here at the time. i just felt this is not okay. we need to do something as a community. >> reporter: the shooter got away, six years later, still no arrest, it is a reality nicole still can't shake.
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anybody else in any community. >> reporter: and if you have any information about this murder case you're asked to call the north las vegas police. nathan o'neil, news3. >> thank you nathan for the update. a brutal murder in henden stabbed to death in her own home, the accused killer is her husband. 48-year-old michael kaplan is behind bars. the incident happened just before 5:00 this morning. a 911 call was made to report someone was injured. 30-year-old mother was found stabbed to death in a
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three small children were home at the time and have been placed to protective custody. neighbors point to a history of domestic violence. >> she left her husband because he used to beat her real bad. i couldn't say whether he was jumping on her at the time. >> henderson police say they have never been called to that hoax before. the victim's identity has not yet beene baltimore, maryland are looking for three suspects after a shooting spree leaves eight people injured. authorities say a father and his three-year-old child are among the injured. the suspects fled the scene. one was said to be carrying a shotgun and two were with handguns, all of the injuries are nonlife threatening. another peaceful night of protests in charlotte and across the country. authorities today releasing dash and body cam video from the
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scott's life during a confrontation with police. tonight police telling the public the newly released images will not answer all of the questions in this controversial case, adding it is just part of the bigger picture of the shooting. >> there is no definitive visual evidence that he had a gun in his hand. you can see something in the hand. and that he pointed it at an officer. >> police are also sharing pictures of marijuana, an ankle holster and loaded gun, evidence recovered at the scene. meantime the family of keith scott speaking out tonight, say they are thankful authorities released the new information still wonder why police used deadly force. >> how does the combination of marijuana and a gun constitute
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>> police insist that they acted appropriately. there is a separate investigation by the north carolina state bureau of investigations. a traffic alert to tell you happening downtown this weekend. ndot is demolishing a bridge over i-15. the 180 footbridge has been around for9 symphony lane will be closed and you can reach downtown by using bonneville and charleston. >> widening the 15 between sahara and the spaghetti bowl. demolition will start next month and should be done by early next
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festival. be ready for slow downs in the downtown area with many streets blocked off. life is beautiful spans 18 blocks. the red and yellow lines are where the event is taking place. you can expect closures from east of las vegas boulevard to 11th street and bridger on the south all the way up to mesquite. but not everyone is thrilled with the event. again this year sve complaining about the loss of revenue saying they are forced to shut down for three days because the public can't get access. we spoke to kathy brooks who ruins doggie daycare near downtown. >> if you wanted to be at the festival grounds don't bring businesses here and keep it as a festival ground and just do that. but you have to evolve your planning, maybe shrink the
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footprint. >> we did not receive a response from festival organizers on this issue. the life is beautiful festival continues through tomorrow night. what happened to pippa middleton, the sister of pris
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault
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sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. >> pippa middleton, the sister of kate middleton, has been apparently approached buy hacker to sell pictures stolen from her. images are said to include pictures of pippa and her fiancee getting ready for their
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her children. the first national museum devoted to the history of african americans is now open on the national mall. president barack obama and first allocated michelle obama joined a direct descendant of a former presidents attended including george bush and bill clinton. >> low 90s to 87, we'll take it, after a delightful cool morning low in the low 60s. maybe the possibility of some morning low in the low 60s. maybe the possibility of some rain this woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip."
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"a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks, he took over $500,000 from wall street-- including banks who caused the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible
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district attorney steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked. it's a dangerous loophole. closing it will save lives. let's make it harder for criminals, safer for us.
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>> just an average day in the life of a reporter, a tv reporter but you know what? sometimes a job can be tough. this example here when it comes to dealing with animals, this is
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she was of course at the san diego zoo. talk about a interesting incident, when she came face to face with a baby giraffe. >> the u.s.s. fast attack submarine pulled into groton, connecticut, family them home and what a welcome it was during the six months at sea, the u.s.s. san juan traveled more than 43,000 miles one and a half trips around the world at the equator. city residents and volunteers continue to work to hold off flooding, still not enough. they are asking for more
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continues to crest. the cedar river is still on the rise in waterloo causing road closures and flooding across the city. >> we've had flooding here in the past obviously, but not so much this week, and jerry an absolutely beautiful weekend to kick off our fal season. >> it is, first weekend of autumn, just gorgeous, i think next weekend is going to be nice too. in between might get a iffy. let's take a look at our day from the northeast valley looking out to the west and we'll stop this at the sunset here. there you go. get a nice little shot of that. and currently, the sky's dark and generally clear across the valley. that camera over at o'callahan middle school, hollywood and washington, north northeast wind
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humidity. 30.13 inches of mercury at 71?, of course lot of people around for that life is beautiful festival over here. cooler in the southern highland and the nellis up in north las vegas, mid to upper 80s, lower 80s on the lower west side, and generally in the 70s w highlands. 55 on the mountain, 65 in pahrump, 75 mesquite. generally in the 80s in southern nevada, eastern clark county, didn't quite make it to 80 at mount charleston but it was close. mccarran airport we're looking at a high of 89?. not too different from what we
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east. frontal system bisecting the country. pretty good thunderstorm activity along that front out in the midwest. our skies are clear tonight as i showed you on those time lapses. and overnight lows pretty pleasant, generally in the mid to lower 60s. mid 50s over in pahrump and then highs tomorrow similar to clark county also a low of 90 in nye. clear and cool, let's go for 89 with a refreshing northerly breeze. most during the afternoon, 87 by 5:00. gerard, it will be breezy up on the mountain and also at the lake. in fact there's a wind advisory
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p.m, extends into the colorado river valley as well. i promised you a little moisture, late tuesday to wednesday, fairly short lived, suppress temperatures a bit. so that's a pretty nice spate of weather. >> i say bring it, help cool things off. all right jerry thanks for that. we'll take it. all eyes on a student after he is awarded a major scholarship, from one of his biggest fans. five-year-old ruby plotchta, the face of ruby's rainbow, a local campaign, geared to improving
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syndrome. awarded nearly $300,000 to 100 people dealing with the genetic condition. getting hands-on about getting healthy. today was the fifth annual healthy kids festival. sponsored by university of nevada cooperative extension, kids got hands on experiences as they visited activity stations. they received prizes when they completed their game cards. the event was designed to raise almost 1,000 attendees. september is by the way childhood obesity awareness no. one of las vegas april oldest living legends made a red carpet appearance. comedian jerry lewis was able to greet fans, promoting a
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entitled max rose, where he plays a musician who discovered his marriage was a lie. first leading role in more than 20 years. coming up, the rebel football team, took on idaho at samam boo
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"going down!" "boo!" (screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat." congressman heck's become part of the problem in washington. on private jets at taxpayer expense and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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>> all right, the rebel football team returned home for their second game of the season at sam boyd. when they faced the idaho vandals, two straight losses as well, good opportunity for some big numbers, here is a number johnny stanton doesn't pick six, 31 yards, rebels in the hole quickly 10-0 in the game. coming back. little reverse darren wood junior, few plays later, idaho comes right back, aaron duckworth, 17-7, vandals. going to roll out and find mark
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touchdown. overtime, rebels get a field goal, idaho had a chance to win it, matt lanahan, no one is going to make the score, rebels lose in overtime, 33-30. not good for wolf pack fans either, lost by 10. everybody starts conference play next week. dustin johnson and kevin chapel are your leaders at the tour championship. eagle on 6 and then on 7 for 142 yards out. one bounce in, back to back eagles in, that's hard to do on a golf course. how about ryan moore former rebel, birdie, here, got to 6 under.
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to beat. rory nelson taking on big foot silva, why do they call him big foot? he lands his big foot right in the privates, ouch! time to get a breath and recoup. big country was back at it and moments later big right hand into silva's face. big right hand in the fight came, flattens silva, 40 years of a knockout, 22 and 13. chris syborg santos, over four minutes of control landing 74 significant strikes to just 3 for landsberg. syborg unleashing the entire arsenal, she's now 17 and 1.
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want to come back to that. posted pictures on our website, if you want to check it out. >> avoid getting wet from the champagne? >> maybe. she must have given him one of her swim caps. >> i remember that, thanks, thank you for joining us, appreciate it, as always, you can find us on our
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[ piano playing ] >> whoo! [ cheers and applause ] well, bartender, i've done it! i've won the nomination! i mean, no, i haven't. i keep losing states. but mathematically i've done it.


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