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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> right thousand on news3 line at 11:00, chaos at a local starbucks, after a dunman shoots one customer and sends others scurrying. and, legendary governmentaller arnold palmer dice. dies. and a debate between donald trump and hillary clinton set for tomorrow. >> news3 starts right now. >> i looked to the right there's people often the ground. i look to the left and there's
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>> a lazy sunday afternoon, takes a deadly turn as a local customer sets in motion a deadly shooting. good evening, everyone, i'm gerard ramalho, we begin with the deadly images from the drowned, a local starbucks store in a very busy area in southwest vegas, ever rainbow and warm springs. nathan o'neal joins us this evening, nathan you did get to speak to a lot of frightened people today. >> yes, for dozens of people it was a pretty normal day inside this coffee shop but in an instant it transform into seven
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oches fire in the store, shooting a customer in the chest, killing him. >> when i was laying down he kept saying oh it's jammed it's jammed. >> 15-year-old dante walked inside, and saw everything. >> i looked to my right there were people all around, i looked to the left, there >> witnesses say the victim was a sunday regular at the starbucks, a man in his 40s, then a flurry of 911 calls, one from the suspect trying to throw off police with false descriptions. brian dunlap saw the suspect run out, as police moved in. >> run across and the police waved her over to get her over to their side.
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down for safety. >> first we went to where the refrigerators were. we stat there for a while calling the police. >> the suspect said he left a bag with explosives. the bomb squad investigates, sending in a robot. this young teen considering himself lucky to walk away. >> i felt lucky that he didn't go off and just shoot everybody. >> not released the identity of the suspect but they do tell us that this is a man with a very long violent criminal history and they even say that he was not even supposed to own a gun. reporting live i'm nathan o'neal, news3. >> thank you nathan we'll be following this for the next few days for sure. and while police set up barricades, another story was unfolding inside the starbucks,
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the back room ready to fight back if the shooter came in. denise rosch has the story. >> i had a plan, i could think straight, i didn't feel panicked like i thought i would there that situation. >> 19-year-old will wright said it took a while to register that the sounds he heard he and two other co-workers had nowhere to go except into a back room. >> we barricaded ourselves with fridges. should he choose to come in, i was ready to launch my body against him and take him down.
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where the shooter was. >> i begged for him to lay on the floor and not move and just keep those other two in there calm. he is a martial artist so we had the talk that if the gunman penetrated, that he would use his martial arts skills to take him out. >> reporter: fortunately, the police moved in first. discussed the possibility of this type of crime. not only because of violence across the country but because of something specific that happened just a few miles from the scene. >> after the lee's liquor shooting a few months ago, i had that conversation with him that every person should have with their children who works anywhere, and that is, what to do if a shooting occurs.
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drive through window. >> nearly five hours after the ordeal began, will wright finished up a statement to police and was able to go home. his mother still outside waiting. the horror of the day still sinking in. >> i thought my heart would be pumping a lot more than it did. >> reporter: denise rosch, news3. >> this happened in a very busy area of southwest las vegas. there ws moved in and tried to get an understanding of the situation and get it under control. a number of people in nearby businesses were evacuated, just as a frawtion. precaution. amber was getting her nails done next door to starbucks with her sister, her daughter and police. she explains what she saw.
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the starkz. >> starbucks. >> for more on today's situation we'd like to invite you to check out our digital team has uploaded more pictures, videos and interviews. police tonight also are investigating a deadly shooting of a man who was shot in the chinatown district. this happened around 7:00 this morning near a strip mall near spring mountain and nguyen. the victim's jewelry and shoes were found strewn around the parking lot. one man has been detained but no one has been arrested just yet. >> now to summerlin, after a day
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neighborhood near 215 and fars r hills. the man may also have some mental problems and has been involved in past domestic violence. police mays also suspect he drugs. >> all right time now for the first look of the weather. jerry brown, with the possibility of rain this week? >> yes, no doubt about that. let's enjoy the sunshine today, beautiful day as we were up in the upper 80s, only one 90 up
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dorado. upper 60s nice day on the mountain. we did have some low 90s in eastern clark county and the colorado river valley. officially for las vegas, 89 today, our 14th day below normal. our normal 90. a current temperature of around overnight high, 90. just beautiful overnight, we do have a little system that's moving in could get some rain late tuesday into wednesday. i'll talk about that in my main segment. gerard. >> thank you jerry. we are less than 24 hours from the first presidential debate. tonight, donald trump is at
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debate. hillary clinton, at her chap qua home. chappaqua home. mark cuban, has tweeted that he may ask jennifer flowers, with whom bill clinton had an affair, to attend. we would like to invite you to join a special town hall event on tuesday, where a panel of experts will break down the first debate. you can check this out tuesday streaming at 4:00 p.m, on tonight the polls are growing tighter as we just mentioned and so is the time until the
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trump. >> some of the analysts and experts and media seemed to go into contortions to try not to say early on it was a possible terrorist event. >> they want to go in and not say that because that offends some people including our president. they don't want to mention the term radical hillary clinton and this is radical islamic terrorism. it has to be dealt with sharply. it's the only language that they're going to understand and this problem that we have now is only going to get worse with weak leadership. >> nearly every administration has stated that this is a lack of transparency, but considering your rocky relationship with the
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along that path or even get worse? maybe reporters you don't agree with could get banned things like that? >> i think this, the press has been very dishonest with me, to a large extent, not you obviously. when i see them i'm amazed. at the same time i will certainly be open to dealing with the press and reporters but the level -- >> do you think banning reporters from certain >> i don't see that but a lot of people and different businesses have done it and the press has been very, very dishonest. i mean even recently when i said yesterday the bombing, she said the bombing, and they criticized my use of the word bombing but not hers and they cut it out. many other things even over the last couple of days. so the relationship with the press is not a question of good. all i want is honesty. if there's something wrong
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and they try to make it as negative capital it's not a fair situation. >> if you could go back a year and tell yourself a year ago, something you have learned today how to be how to change how to racket would there be something? >> well i think the main thing and i would have known this maybe without having to go back, never ever give up never go back. >> i'm cheryl measure. still ahead, it was pooh big
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, wewe are e nation indivisible. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> new tonight at least one person is dead and four others injured after a pair of shootings near the university of illinois campus. police say the first one happened around midnight on sunday when an argument took place at an off-campus apartment. officers say they found four victims with gunshot wounds.
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injuries the other three were hospitalized. the other shooting took place just after 1:00 a.m, one person was taken from the scene to the hospital and is expected to survive. the suspect or suspects remain at large. the residents understandably say they are on edge. >> this is honestly like a home to me. and it breaks my heart to know that things like this can happen and that there is someone who you know, just because of this. >> the deceased is identified as george corechef and was not at the party but was walking by as the shots rang out. >> here is news3's jeff maher. >> we are talking about bridge
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place along i-15, blue diamond and warm springs. southbound and northbound. if you are coming in las vegas boulevard, or tropicana, they are coming in, making changes with the electrical repairs with four of those bridges, watch out for those various services to be shut down tom hawley and i have the traffic all morning. >> possibility of rain in the forecast albeit a slight possibility right jerry? >> there's a chance. the big story is it's going to be warm through the period. even if we do get clouds and moisture, it is going to be in
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60s. let's take a look at one of our time lapses, from henderson, i like this one because you get to see the setting sun and kind of a pretty vista here. it's prettier when there are clouds and there weren't any today. going to be blowing 5 to 10 tonight, 16% the comfortable relative humidity. higher tot studios. i've been doing the downtown temperatures because of the life is beautiful festival, i think tonight is the last night. north northwest wind at 5:00. over at the desert inn and 215, 77 in spring valley, same at the northeast valley, nellis,
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pahrump you're at 72, 77 in mesquite and 78 in boulder city. all right you will see the frontal system in the area here, clear and cool resulting getting this radiational cooling, it's really very pleasant overnight, you could open the window. 58 in pahrump, 65 in boulder city, still not too bad. 47 up on the mountain, tomorrow, pretty much what they were today up a degree or two at most. little warmer in eastern clark county, overton, mesquite, at the lake mead marina. and warm springs and alamo, overnight mid 60s, clear skies rather cool and tomorrow probably the warmest day of the next seven, 91 with the
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let's plan your day, 68, winds hardly noticeable. and noon, northeast winds at 10, and so seven-day forecast, we do a little low that could develop in the south and move up. that should increase clouds on tuesday, maybe a rain shower late in the day. certainly, shower tuesday or wednesday, and chance for wednesday, might linger into early part of thursday and then we'll start to dry out next weekend. first day of under 80. next weekend i'm excited about. i'm excited about the chance of a little moisture, we could use it. >> usually around halloween is when things start to switch up a
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celebrate, nevada day. the big holiday for us here in nevada. >> thanks jerry. now let's check in with randy howe and sports. >> $10 million up for grabs in the fedex chapel. rory mcilroy was a long but ryan moore on the 8th hole, three out of five holes he had birdies, had a share of the lead. rory mcilroy was running out of holes. 130 yards out and he dropped that for an eelg. are you kidding me? -- and eagle.
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rory mcilroy's second shot, ballgame all over. ryan moore, new york city down the birdie to make a six foot shot for the title. rory mcilroy had to go to another playoff hole, two playoff holes later, ro ryan, he knocks down a 16-footer. rory can't believe it. rory had to hit 17-foot putt. >> as i start at the start of the day, all i wanted to do was concentrate on this, the tour championship. i couldn't control what anyone else did, i just needed to play
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in regulation, i played with ryan, he's playing fantastic and has done over the past few months. i just wanted to go out there and you know, play the way i've been playing. i've played really well this week and feel like my game is coming together at the right:00. >> class race for the the booush brothers, 12 drivers advance, kyle -- for busch brothers, big kurt busch running close to the top. pit crew has some problems with the jack, ends up spending 41 seconds in the pit, he was not happy about that. harvick takes the checkered flag.
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that cut. sports night in las vegas, we'll layer from him as well, what he has do next week at dover. plenty of highlights, and amber gives us some more tomorrow. that's all for sports, gerard back to you. >> the sports world has lost an made it popular on television in the process. the ceo of arnold palmer enterprise, said he died of heart complications. his golfing empire includes golf schools golf equipment and
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courses across the world, he was 87 years old. don't forget the arnold pawrm pr drink, iced tea and lemonade.
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>> for the first time in more than a decade, the moving wall, vietnam memorial made its appearance in pahrump this weekend. a moving rendition that has been touring the country ever since 1984. it is an exact half-scale
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allows communities across the country to get a look. it was a special moment. >> without them bringing it here to pahrump would have never been able to do anything like this. my daughter was nine hours old when they notified us that my uncle was killed in the vietnam war. >> sadly. this whereas the l the memorial in pahrump. the next stop of the wall is district attorney steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of v violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous criminals from buying guns here in nevada. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers with no background checks, no questions asked.
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>> tony quinn, junior. >> well, the los angeles dodgers clinched their fourth straight title. three games at san francisco next weekend before ending his 67-year career, vin scully. not many can say that, boy will he have an impact on the game.
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. cortez masto
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get ready for sports night. it is a great sunday for sports fans. this is kurt and kyle the track. and that is going to come and break down the rydercup in minnesota. that is a special p session and maybe get funding for the session. and raiders in tennessee today. and it would be sebastian and long- time raider kicker with


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