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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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why one of the podiums is taller than the other. also deadly accident. a miami marlins pitcher loses his life over the weekend, and his team does something in solidarity that will have you talking. we have it headed your way. >> announcer: live from las vegas, this is news3 today. good morning. welcome in. it is 5:00 on this monday, september 26. and we have and we are just 13 hours away kimberly from the big debate. live to hofstra university where they have the stage set that hillary clinton and donald trump will be facing off for the very first time and live team coverage of what the analysts are predicting. >> dana: why one podium is going to be taller than the other. he is ten inches taller than her.
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so her podium has to be taller. kelly is in the weather center. >> kim: no we don't, chloe beardsley. >> dana is 6'3". the same height of donald trump and i am the height of hillary clinton. >> chloe: quite a variety on this newscast and the weather. outside starting off with temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. just kind of depending on what kind -- what part of town you are in. a beautiful start. reach a high of 92 degrees and enjoy the going to get a little bit crazy later on this week. that is a quick look at your weather. now look at traffic with tom. >> tom: good start on the roadways. a accident at cobalt and tropicana. and we have a camera in the area. no flashing lights. one vehicle on the side of the road. no big whoop over there. downtown area and to check your travel times that are running at speed. no delays on the freeway.
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beautiful cleanup coming up. >> kim: thank you very much, tom. starting off on this monday morning that a man is dead. another is behind bars as we speak after a shooting inside a local starbucks. our craig craig live. and what led up to the shooting over the weekend, craig. >> reporter: it was a sad chain of events. began a person in the drive through that person's payment cord is declined. that angered the customer. he walks inside of the starbucks. inside that person open fires shooting and killing one customer. there were about a dozen people inside this starbucks at the time and news3 cameras were here over the weekend and began to unfold before 1:30 sunday morning. the suspect a 34-year-old man turned away at the drive through and comes in and armed according to police.
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shooting. a man in his 40s. a regular customer killed and a teenager also inside selling newspapers. he is now a key witness. give a listen. >> i looked to the right and people on the ground. i looked to the left and somebody bloody on the ground. >> reporter: back here live, that is the starbucks. it is closed for obvious reasons. police say that the suspect in this case, he is in custody, mind you, has a history of identified as pedro jose garland. he is now in jail. the timeline on this follows as prosecuting this crime will begin tomorrow morning with what is known as a 48-hour hearing and charges will be certainly murder, ronry, shooting into an occupied building. some of the charges. more may be added and being held and will make his first court appearance tomorrow. reporting live, news3. >> dana: craig, thank you.
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police are investigating another shooting that left another man dead over the weekend that happened in chinatown yesterday in front of that strip mall near spring mountain and wynn. according to metro, signs of a struggle at that location. the victim's jewelry and shoes were found around the parking lot. one man has been desaneed but nobody has been arrested according to metro. at 5:04. a tough weekend for local police in this particular instance. we take to you a standoff in summerl neighborhood and apparently a man held himself up at a neighbor's house police called out as a result. police responding here at 2:30 in the afternoon from the 215. the suspect taken into custody nearly five hours after the incident started. he apparently happens to live in a home out there with miss mother who was able to get out safely before the whole thing started. police are investigating allegations he was involved in
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neighbor's home. that man has mental issues and has been involved in past toe mess particular violence business according to police. he may have been under the influence of drugs at the time and we will stay on top of this developing story. happening 13 hours from now, hillary clinton, donald trump on stage together for the first time for the first presidential debate as we take a look out of hurricane ofstra university in hempstead, new york. the 90-minute debate will be broken up into six 15-minute sessions. topics of discussion, prosperity, securing america and what direction the country is going in. moderated by nbc lester holt. nassau police officials say they will have extra officers at the event and expecting more than 10,000 protesters and upwards of 100 million people watching tonight. super bowlesque numbers. and these two have not spend any appreciable time together.
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were together for any amount of time was at his wedding. >> they will be able to call each other out on stage as far as face to face and donald trump is upset because monday night football and he didn't want to have a debate opposite monday night football, but he did not get his that by this regard. this playing out hours from now and we invite to you a special event tomorrow where we are having a town hall. a panel of experts will break down the very first presidential debate that will give you a look at topics right here on news3 that you are not going else and you can check this out tomorrow afternoon really easy to get it done because we will streak it at 4:00 on and more questions than answers at the town hall. protests in charlotte, north carolina continued. this time they will be peaceful. remember they had a football game there yesterday. we will tell you what happened outside the panthers game that
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remember this cnn reporter bum rushed on national television. the guy that knocked him down they end up being really good pals. you will hear exactly what we are talking about in a moment. security video show someone lighting a prominent auburn university tree on fire. why the tree is so important to the people who live there and why it was covered in
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at 5:10. welcome back to the program and this is the scene over the weekend in charlotte, north carolina. a ton of people because protests continue and they were -- continue and not violent protests. people taken to the streets because of the shooting death that involves keith lamont scott dying at the hands of a police officer in charlotte. they were over the weekend and last night city officials did list the curfew as a result. 100 protesters gathering outside the bank of america stadium chanting their message as fans walked into the carolina panthers game. and the star quarterback cam
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king, jr. justice t-shirt in a pregame warm-up and safety marcus bell raised his handed a demonstrators took a knee during the national anthem. officers arrested a man outside of the stadium after finding a pistol and fully loaded magazine within his bag. >> a lot of nfl players raising their hands during the national anthem at different locations. a man accused of a deadly shooting at a washington state mall appears in court 28-year-old arkan seton is arrested after opening fire in burlington. four female victims pronounced dead. one female victim died at the hospital just north of the seattle area and we are getting a better picture of the accused killer. one neighbor of his describing him as creepy, rude and obnoxious. in fact she was so concerned about him she kept a taser by her front door.
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within the miami area they are mourning a star pitcher. the marlins pitcher jose fernandez died in a boating accident over the weekend. coast guard officials say they responded to a call of overturned boat around 3:00 in the morning off the coast of miami beach. they say fernandez was up with of the three people kid when that 32-foot boat crashed into a jetty. you saw it capsize within the footage we just showed you. found two body vessel and clear images of the aftermath of the accident. investigators believe that peed was a factor in this crash, but they don't believe that evidence of alcohol or illegal substances played a part at all. they don't think that was the case at all. the marlins cancel their home game against the atlanta braves as a result. dana, i saw the manager interview. don mattingly. i saw many of the players interviewed.
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only a star pitcher but a star person. everybody seemed to love him. an amazing story of survival. he had been hissing for six days. they called you have the search. two days later this he found him alive. a mother and son go boating near rhode island. after six days no sign of the two boaters. the coast guard called off the search, and two days later the crew of a fire fighter frighter ship found a life raft 115 miles off the coast d 22-year-old man still alive with emergency food and water rations. coast guard representative says this is amazing that he survived. his mother, though, is still missing at sea. we take to you italy specifically venice with 2,000 people gathered in a lagoon. protesting the onslaught of large cruise liners approaching this italian city and you see how big the cruise liners are within this
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protesters on small boats and gondolas making noise at the cruise ship. towering over the venetian palaces as they cruise into this city with thousands of tourists every day. ships pass through the lagoon to get to the passenger terminal at the edge of venice where they end up docking for a time. quite the juxtaposition to see a gondola and a huge cruise 5:14. not good. not good for the rebels football team over the weekending at home against idaho. they were two touchdown favorites, and in the end, a they lose this contest in overtime, 33-30. after the game, the head coach for the rebels was not a happy man. this is the game that they needed to win. they are one in three on
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for tony and good nights at home. >> kim: i am not throwing in the towel. time for redemption. >> tom: i am going this weekend week. it is homecoming weekend and what better time to have a big win there. big closures taking place over the weekend and starting actually last wednesday and more closures on friday. this is what it looked like, they are starting to reopen the streetsf beautiful but not all done at once. take a few days. big dutch administer down here by the llama parking lot. some of the streets are closed. an overview from sky 3. the life is beautiful cleanup takes more than a few hours. takes a few days. we will check your travel times write looking good for the most part. no delays on the freeways. early this morning. looking good there. see how good your weather looks and send it over to
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to a great start on the west coast. a few places, our maps on the nature 44 in denver. 50 for salt lake city. as we get a little bit closer to town. starting off in the upper 60s in southern nevada. a live look outside. clear skies to start us off on this monday. a beautiful day this afternoon. a closer look at the neighborhood temperatures ranging from upper 50s in summerlin. 65 degrees for blue diamond to very low temps to start the day. big changes are headed our way as we continue our way how that the rest of the workweek. low pressure just out of the south will bring us a chance of thunderstorms and showers later on this week. enjoy this kind of weather while he can. slightly warmer temperatures compared to yesterday will max out right around 92 degrees in las vegas. grab on to a few more clouds later on this evening and still going be too beautiful monday night. 88 degrees by 7:00.
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as we look ahead to the next few days. pretty nice weather this afternoon. slightly cooler into tuesday. increasing cloud cover and the chances for thunderstorms. best chances will be wednesday through friday. and, of course, the best -- another part where we will see the best chances for some of the showers in the mountains, but certainly some slightly cooler weather and will feel like fall around her, kim. >> kim: thank you, chloe. another beautiful blonde joins us from the floor of the nasdaq. that will be jane jane, two huge music festivals in town over weekend and i know people were imbibing beer. you are here to tell us the best beer by those tasters in the state of nevada. >> reporter: yes, kim. how does someone become a beer taster. that is what i want to do after i retire by television. group put together by insider, yo self james bourbon barrel imperial stout the top brew in
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mango, guava and passion fruit. helps to deal with the heat. and they call it roasty and chocolaty as well. >> kim: one thing you can not do drink a bunch of that beer and say the title like you did on live television. that could be a tongue twister. >> reporter: that will be long. >> great reaction tv if you combine your current job with the beer testing. we don't want to get into that. >> reporter: apparently some verizon customers are not being alerted they are about to go over their allotment. >> reporter: i spent about an hour and 15 minutes on hold talking to a verizon customer service person friday night. not how i wanted to spend my friday night but the cleveland plain dealer. some customers are reporting $700 in overage fees customers who are not getting the notice its like they used to that they are close of running out of data at 75% a text warning
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usage for month. verizon is not aware of any widespread usage. >> kim: jean, a lot of kiddos will be loving it because a breakfast happy meal. >> reporter: they are testing it in tulsa. kid-friendly items. a choice between two mcgriddles and egg and cheese mcmuffin that comes without canadian change in the happy meal in about 30 years, kim. kimberly kim we will have to check with our buddies in tulsa to see if people are digging it. at 5:19, here is dana. the scene over the weekend at auburn university. this is twoman's corner. the long-time tradition is they toilet paper the tree and this is not a long-time tradition and somebody did this on purpose. in fact somebody has been arrested on charge of arson
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we have spot showered it for to you give you an idea of the man that they think did this. he was already this jail on a public intoxication charge when they put two and two together saying you are the same guy that also lit this oak tree at twomer corner on fire. if you were thinking of yourself long-time college football fans in 2011, the original oak was poisoned by an alabama fan after a loss there. this is a new oak >> kim: i am not saying that makes sense because they should never have done that. in this is what i don't understand. this is an auburn guy and auburn won. why is he setting on fire a tree on his campus. >> dana: trying to figure out the motive on this one. a good samaritan jumps in to save this guy. a deer that crossed the river numerous times but the river
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realize what he was getting himself in. a good samaritan saw he was having such a good time so the good samaritan did a rescue. the deer struggling, the witness sees this. he gets himself tethered. gets in with a life jacket and ends up saving this deer. you will see footage of taming him to the truck, the deer. all the while everybody is saying oh my gosh. cheering this man on. of the actual rescue and the guy is one of those not only is he a good samaritan but a pretty good guy over all saying i just wanted to do the right thing. so here he is in application. hoists the deer out and he drove. dana, we would love to hear from him he wasn't interested. he didn't want to share his identity or give an on-camera interview. all well that end well. this guy putting his life on the line to save that little
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will the presidential debate will take place. hillary clinton's 39th debate. donald trump's 12th but first head-to-head debate and that will start at 6:00 tonight right here on channel 3. meanwhile, just showed you that man saving the life of a deer. coming up, why a farmer is painting his sheep orange. why would he do this? answers ahead. and what happens when the reporter comes face to face with the guy tha
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. last weekend, we had a partial closure at the spaghetti bowl, and over this most recent weekend, show you why this bridge over symphony drive was dismantled and the whole roadway had to be removed to allow that to happen. kind of hard to see the shot but this dark area where there is now a bridge that has been removed. show from you sky 3 later on. as far as your travel times, look good now show a couple of hours from now bump it up by 2 minutes each into the rush hour. we do traffic and weather together he ten minutes. here is chloe. >> chloe: off to a great start in the weather department. temperatures starting off in the 60s and 70s in the valley. going to be another beautiful day all across southern nevada. take outoutside and those conditions. like i said to a very nice start, clear skies for your monday.
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upper 60s for paradise. 72 for sunrise and henderson. winds in the single-digit category for now and big changes are headed our way for later this week. today enjoying 93 degrees for your high temperature. few more clouds later month day. kim and dana. >> kim: at 5:26. protests remain peaceful in charlotte over the weekend after several nights of violence. talking about the violence some of that played out there. reporter being knocked over by a protesters. get what, -- guess what, they ran into each other over the weekend and much different this time around. >> i apologize for what you did to you and i hope you are okay and shows the compassion you have as a human being. >> reporter: life is short, man. >> i knocked you down but you could get right up. >> interesting that the two are hugging now kimberly kuala
5:27 am
so contrite after doing something like that. they were able to make peace with this. and isn't this just a nice thing to be able to see and hopefully they can kind of be -- i don't know, leading the way for many people to make amends after the violence that played out in the streets of charlotte. >> dana: a disturbing situation in the wesleyan neighborhood of houston, texas. live pictures from one the news cameras. an active shooter situation. this playing out as we speak. we believe that seven people there are varying reports right now. one says that the shooter is down. others say that he is still firing on the scene. >> kim: i am glad you bring that up because weird if we look at the reports to see it that it is contained but an active shooter situation. as it plays out, we will give you continued updates here on news3 today. at 5:27. still to come, he want to ulnv and he was in the national
5:28 am
trying to win the tournament. we will tell you some good news that happened to him in addition to the tournament yesterday and also talk about sunglasses out there, how they are different than any other sunglasses out there, how they are different than any other set off this ever seen.
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opic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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we barricaded ourselves, and we decided that we would
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several local starbucks employees tell us how they survived after a gunman open fired inside a store. also locked down. nearby businesses also concerned that the shooter might go in their stores. coming up, what one employee tells us she did during this or deal. and golfing legend. this morning a look at the life, the legacy of the man who changed the game of golf. live from las vegas. this >> dana: good morning, 5:31 on this monday, september 26, 12 and a half hours and counting. >> kim: until the big debate on this very channel. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off for the very first time. live team coverage from the university stage where it will take place in new york and we will take through in a matter of moments. >> dana: weather and traffic.
5:32 am
traffic and tonight's debate could go a long way determining who will be the next leader of the united states of america. >> tom: between 6 and 8 p.m. that everybody will be free of traffic because everybody will be home watching their tvs. downtown area, closures at that took place including closures for the life is beautiful festival. it is over but the cleanup doesn't happen all at once. it takes a little bit of time. and 8th and carson right here. c they are working on the cleanup. working on the tear down of equipment coming through. it will take a couple of days and show new sky 3 which streets are open and which ones are closed. check your travel time on summerlin on the inbound 15 and 215, freeways are in great shape to check things out. check weather with chloe. >> chloe: you mentioned life is beautiful. let me tell you the weather will be beautiful today. starting off with beautiful conditions.
5:33 am
and calm weather outside. a quick look at the temperatures. we are in the upper 60s right now in las vegas. we are going to warm up very nicely again today with highs a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. 92 degrees by this afternoon. kim and dana. >> kim: thank you very much chloe. a man is dead and another behind bars after a shooting inside of a local starbucks. our craig figner is reporting live from that location, and craig, we had what led up to >> reporter: i do, the information we learned from police and it is really baffling. there was a person in the drive-thru at the starbucks. that customer had a bankcard. the transaction was declined and that person angered by it. the 44-year-old man parked the car and walked into the starbucks. shots fired into the air, into the ceiling and one shot fired at a person, a man, a customer inside. the customer described to us as a regular in his 40s.
5:34 am
ultimately dies at spring valley hospital. the to beious question afterwards, did the suspect or the person shot and killed know each other? >> in the business he ended up shooting this individual who does not appear to be connected to him. >> reporter: that is the early information. yesterday when news3 was here and began reporting rather story from lieutenant dan mcgrath of metro that there was no connection. we do know that the suspect, 34 years old, is murder, with robbery, and with other crimes associated with use of a firearm. yesterday it was described as somebody violent, somebody with a known history of violence, a rap sheet known to police and somebody the police directly said shouldn't have had a weapon. he will make his first court appearance tomorrow morning and of course we will be covering that ahead at the top of the hour on news3 today. more on what unfolded inside this starbucks 11:30 yesterday morning. i am craig figner reporting
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>> dana: witness there is say that he was pointing his gun at them as well. thank goodness this didn't turn out worse than it already was. people at a nearby nail salon freaked out when they hear the gunshots. a woman with two of her family members. when they heard the gunshots rang out, they hid inside that nail salon. >> we saw a cop with rifles hiding behind suvs pointed at be big of a deal, you know, ended up being pretty bad. we single file were evacuated out of the back entrance of the nail salon. >> dana: amber was on the phone with her brother-in-law and she was relaying some of the information to metro at the same time. another shooting but not playing out in our own back yard. one person is dead and four others injured after a pair of
5:36 am
university of illinois. the first one happened during an argument and actually happened offcampus at an apartment. percent found four victims with gunshot wounds at that scene. one person died from their injuries. the other three hospitalized and are expected to survive. a second shooting at another apartment. they say that person was taken from the scene to the hospital and is expected to make it. it is unclear what sparked this pair of shootings. police believe the two are related and that the s at large this morning. right now live pictures out of houston, texas. a mass shooting situation that happened just a short time ago in the wesleyan neighborhood of houston. we understand that seven people have been injured from gunfire. we are still trying to get the details from all of this. some reports say that the shooter himself is down. others say it is still an active shooting situation. we will try to nail down the details on this and will have
5:37 am
news3 today. 5:36. still to come this morning, he played college golf at unlv and was playing for $10 million on the national stage over the weekend. how did he do? we have the story headed your way. plus, the marathon in peru. it went to the dogs. and the it shall what was the switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-560-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan and autopay. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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welcome back, 5:39. this race did go to the dogs. although hundreds of people
5:40 am
this was in peru, and all about promoting fun and fitness. and it happened on the streets of lima. dogs and their human companions choosing between which race they want to go. they had a couple of options here so people weren't just on top of each other some ran, some jogged and some a little more relaxed pace. the event was five years in the making. they called.a petadrone. winner got one year of free doggy food. >> dana: i know you love the doggies. >> tom: and i liked to run before i had some knee issues. >> kim: thinking of the dog while he was running. >> tom: one accident at tropicana and reno just to the south -- decatur and reno to the south. two vehicles involved in that
5:41 am
southbound lanes as we get close to the rush hour although not quite there yet. outside view show bunching up a little bit. traffic and weather on the minute. here is chloe. >> chloe: you off to a great time weather-wise. a light jacket and you will get rid of it by this afternoon. warmer weather is expected later on in the day compared to yesterday. we are starting off with krystal clear skies in las vegas. temperature at 67 degrees downtown. 70s for sunrise and henderson. warm up nicely. 92 for our projected thigh afternoon under mostly sunny conditions. more details coming up in a lit bit, dana. >> dana: thank you. a former has painted had is sheep orange. why would he do this? we will have answers ahead kimberly kim hope he is not a tennessee fan taking it personally.
5:42 am
taking it personally in the best possible way, our 6:00 hour in the make a wish monday, that ups driver is looking to bring somethinng to looking to bring somethinng to i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. narrator: and joe heck says "i have high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." i don't know what i said, aah... narrator: heck says he "completely supports" trump. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. narrator: and heck? reporter: you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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5:44 am
5:44 now and this is the scene in southeastern australia. these are streets, but they look more like rivers. they had a lot of rain there lately and as a result, they had a lot of flooding as well. the rain has eased for now, but the flood waters are expected to linger for at least a few more day and evacuation order is in place
5:45 am
township forcing some residents to get around in boats instead of cars. one of the rivers there peak last night at 35 feet according to new south wales state emergency service. they have answered more than 2300 calls for help. now 4:45. and britain prince william and his lovely wife, kate, arriving in vancouver and did so by seaplane. their second day of their official visit within the canadian realm. look khooring them and of course chloe check out kate's dress. a lot of us ladies like to see what fashion plate kate is wearing these days. hundreds of people wanting to see because they were lining the shore walking along, shaking hands, talking with well-wishers accepting flowers before they eventually went into the car. on this scheduled day that will help recent migrants to the area but look at the
5:46 am
stars. we take to you the atlanta area where unlv graduate ryan moore is pretty good on the golf course it turns out. in playoff are rory mcilroy at the tour championship, he needed this one to stay alive. that was a plus putt, but rory mcilroy lined up his putt to win the tournament. if it goes in, he wins, if he doesn't, it goes to another hole and rory mcilroy one of the bt million top prize and getting the $10 million bonus for winning the fed ex. a $11.5 million day for rory mcilroy. ryan moore made $750,000 and announced last night he has been named to the ryder cup team which begins play against europe on friday. >> kim: tom hawley, maybe people new to the area don't
5:47 am
adam scott went there from australia. >> tom: they won the national championship one year. they won a basketball championship but the golf team did well. clear to the spaghetti bowl. your traffic ahead forecast and bumps up a little bit by a couple of minutes on southbound 15 and that will be hour and a half from now. one more minute on the southbound 95. that of course is barring any unforeseen accidents. no real delay on freeway. one accident tropicana and make that reno and decatur south of tropicana in the south part of the valley. double up on your weather. with dana. >> dana: doubling up on washington state. >> kim: go! >> dana: we are in action this weekend. not a good scene playing out in the state of iowa. they had a lot of rain and causing flooding. >> kim: a terrible situation.
5:48 am
the river crested, and that according to the city's web site. take a look at this video. around 5,000 people were advised to evacuate before the flood waters rise. local officials including the national guard enforcing 8 p.m. to 7 p.m. curfew in evacuated areas. since 2008, the city has spent $100,000 on barriers just to protect the buildings in the downtown area. certainly not the issue we are seeing aun beautiful weather again today. hope you enjoyed your weekend, everybody. we are off to a great start in las vegas starting off with nice clear skies in the valleys. it will be a phenomenal day. starting off with temperatures in the 60s and 70s if you are walking out the door. maybe a light jacket and you will shed it very quickly in the afternoon. rain in the single digits category and most of us like our wind to be outside the valley. 60 in pahrump on the cooler end of thing.
5:49 am
mid-70s for lake mead. we are seeing calm conditions as well. and warm up nicely. toasty er compared to yesterday. we will see the dry conditions continue over las vegas in our short-term forecast. the next couple of days before things start to get a little bit unsettled. low pressure from the south will move in allowing us to see good chances for thunderstorms developing later on this workweek. at least enjoy this weather while you can. we got 84 for overton and lake mead. upper 60s for upper 60s for mount charleston. 88 in indian spring and 92 for pahrump. by the end of the day in las vegas. temperatures slightly above normal for this time of year. winds shifting from the east later this afternoon and grab on to a few more clouds later this afternoon. 88 degrees by 7:00. 80 by 9:00. pretty phenomenal weather for the next few days and chances for thunderstorms as we make our way to the work week. wednesday through friday is the best chance for the valley and drying out just in time
5:50 am
guys. kimberly kuala lumpur i love the live picture behind your seven-day to see the lights of the city at 5:49 in the morning. live pictures on your screen that takes to you houston where there is an active shooter situation under way. we have gotten word that seven people have been injured, and reuter's is reporting as we speak that the shooter is down, but the bomb squad is on the scene. it is obvious by the live pictures that you are taking in right now that it is still an active situation and we will continue to monitor it still to come this morning, knowing an actor's age. is it important or not, and should it be publicized. it is what at issue. the explanation ahead. check out your screen. you see those sunglasses unlike any others you have ever seen.
5:51 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back to the program at 5:53. it is unusual and a farmer is the one that says, yeah, i am responsible. i am doing this on purpose. he is in england going to extreme lengths making sure this sheep stand out from the crowd. you are not wondering if the video is wrong. those are orange sheep that you are taking in. oh, my gosh, 800 in total.
5:54 am
the farmer says a big problem with sheep getting stolen in his area. 300 from been ripped off in the last few years so he is hoping that thieves will think twice if they are trying to rip off a bright orange sheet they won't be able to get through it. the spray paint lasts 12 months and it doesn't hurt the sheep. because of my gators loss i am thinking these are tennessee volunteer fans. >> dana: they are not because they are in england but my next sweater will that be color of oran the water cooler. we change the game of golf for ever. no one had a bigger impact on the sport some say than arnold palmer and he died yesterday at the age of 87. he was a great golfer, but more than that he was a huge personality. he won seven major championships but he was, an ever man. people could relate to him and because of that more people
5:55 am
in the 19 50s and '60s. you know how big he is, the drink the arnold palmer half ice tea, half lemonade. >> kim: it is delicious. >> dana: people that followed him on the golf course called him arnie's army. he got the medal of freedom award. he died at the sage of 87 in the city of pittsburgh. >> the ages of your actor and actresses may be diffit law signed by california governor jerry brown. screen agenter guild supports this law saying it will help halt age discrimination. critics say this move is sensor ship and will not prevent anything. snapchat is introducing its first hardware project. video recording sunglasses. they look pretty normal. sunglasses called spectacles
5:56 am
time at the tap of a button and that video is uploaded to the memory section of that snapchat app. these will be available in the united states this fall. a limited basis. the price, $130 bucks. >> kim: do you not have to wear the matching lipstick. >> dana: not required. >> kim: looks like futuristic stuff but here and now, 2016. announcing the dodger game announced his final dodgers game at home. >> dana: vinnie and his wife from dodgers stadium. >> kim: we will hear from him coming up. amend we will hear from nbc's tracey potts as we take a live look at the presidential debate stage at hofstra university. hillary clinton and donald trump will be facing off for the first time.
5:57 am
holt. wi don't believe... don't believe... don't believe joe heck's attacks. catherine cortez masto has always served with integrity. as a federal prosecutor and attorney general... she made sex trafficking a felony crime. she worked with the bush and obama administrations to combat terrorism. as attorney general, she helped reduce crime. that's why she's endorsed by law enforcement across nevada. catherine cortez masto. catherine cortez masto.
5:58 am
rtez masto,
5:59 am
looked back in the business and the shooting victim does not appear to be connected to him. >> kim: deadly shooting. a man walks in and kills a customer at a local starbucks. we have what happened that led up to that random attack. peaceful protest the scene in north carolina. very different this weekend;
6:00 am
some concern yesterday. we will tell what that one thing was coming up. also tragic accident. a miami marlins star pitcher loses his life in a boating accident over the weekend. the biggest factor police believed played a role as live team coverage is headed your way. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dana: 6:00 on this monday. sk the dawn glow as we have almost equal amounts of daytime and nighttime hours. >> kim: thank you for joining us. we are the wagners, kim and dana at the ksn v studios coming live. what a weekend with music, i heart radio and life is beautiful. speaking of team members what. life is beautiful looked like from the air. >> dana: traffic and weather every ten minutes.


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