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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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some concern yesterday. we will tell what that one thing was coming up. also tragic accident. a miami marlins star pitcher loses his life in a boating accident over the weekend. the biggest factor police believed played a role as live team coverage is headed your way. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dana: 6:00 on this monday. sk the dawn glow as we have almost equal amounts of daytime and nighttime hours. >> kim: thank you for joining us. we are the wagners, kim and dana at the ksn v studios coming live. what a weekend with music, i heart radio and life is beautiful. speaking of team members what. life is beautiful looked like from the air. >> dana: traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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and tom hawley in sky 3. >> tom: life is beautiful. it was beautiful and now cleanup time. huge stages that were erected and they have the crews out even before dawn working on the clear down. some will take several days. fremont street a open and a lot of the cross streets, 7th, a 8th, 9th street are closed to through traffic as they work on breaking town the stages and then take barricades. you may want to hold off if you have cross traffic with coming up any time in the next day or to sp we will be looking at this on a day-by-day basis. by the end of the week it will take some time. check your beautiful weather forecast with chloe. >> chloe: you took the words right out of my mouth, tom. phenomenal outside. hope you enjoyed your weekend because the beautiful weather will continue for today. you can see a beautiful, beautiful skyline. barely any clouds.
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in las vegas. as we look at those temperatures starting off in the upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. we will max out at 92 degrees. later on today, i will have the full forecast coming up in few minutes. >> kim: chloe, thank you for being here in kelly's absence adjusting your schedule. we appreciate it. a man is dead another is behind bars after a shooting inside our local starbucks. craig have what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: just before 11:30 in the morning. a person at the drive through of the starbucks and the was in the drive through, placed an order and was ready to pay and that bankcard was declined. that person was angered by that and that person was armed. shots fired into the ceiling and one person a 40-year-old man shot in the chest by a
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i said was angered in the drive through. police say he walked in shooting but the man in his 40s that was shot didn't know him. there was also a teenager inside selling newspapers. that person is now a key witness. >> i looked to the right and people on the ground. and i looked to the left, somebody bloody on the ground. >> reporter: police said that the suspect in this case does have a rap sheet known to police. a person they even described as somebody who shouldn't be carrying a weapon. he has been 34 years old and his name is pedro jose garland. he is being held now on suspicion of murder, robbery and other crimes associated with the use of a firearm. he will be in court for his first appearance tomorrow. that's what we know about the prosecution early on in this case and very likely that other charges could be added. i am craig figner reporting live, news3. >> dana: craig, thank you.
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ring out. a nail salon close to that starbucks and people inside that nail salon went into the back room and were hiding, worried that the gunman may go inside there and we talked to a woman in the sassoon with two different family members. >> we saw a cop hiding had behind suvs pointing at the starbucks. i was hoping it wouldn't be that baying of a deal. ended u we were escorted single filed outside the back entrance of the nail salon. >> dana: amber was speeding information to metro police through her brother-in-law. she was on the phone with him. we have a lot more we can't cover because of time constraints, go to our web site at our digital team has done a great job of uploading more pictures and videos and interviews and you can find it all on our web site. >> a tough weekend for local police. right now they are still
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killing a man over the weekend within what is called the chinatown district that takes us to the area of spring mountain and wynn a shooting yesterday morning at a strip mall there. according to the homicide unit there were signs of a struggle. the victim's jewelry and shoes were found all over the parking lot. one man was detained and no arrests on top of this developing story. 6:05, a standoff in a summerlin neighborhood. thankfully thankfully it ended peacefully. a man who started a fire at a neighbor's house the night before barricading himself inside his mother avenues home. the woman he apparently lives with. it start this quiet neighborhood. lasted about five hours. police investigating allegations he was involved in starting a fire at a neighbor's house saturday night. the man may also have some mental issues. he has been accused of past
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that he may be under the influence of drugs or at least was yesterday. 6:06. breaking news. we are monitoring a breaking news situation in the houston area with an active shooter. we will take through for live team coverage ahead. first time in more than a decade the moving wall, the vietnam war memorial made an appearance in southern nevada that takes us to the pahrump area. it is a replica d.c. it is half the scale of the original and it allows communities all over the country to catch a glimpse and pay tribute. we did meet up with a woman who was able to touch her brother's name on the wall. kind of rub it off onto a sheet of paper. she said it was a special moment. >> bringing it here to pahrump, never has been able to do anything like this and -- and the -- and my daughter was 9 hours old when they
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killed in the vietnam war. >> kim: the next stop for this moving wall will be eugene, oregon. :06 now. the senator from -- 6:06 now. the senator from new york calling for a change in the emergency alert system. the one thing he wants implemented that he believes can change a thousand lives. now 6:07. still to come tony sanchez fired up over another loss from the rebels football team over the weekend. what he had to future of this squad is headed your way. look like we have a little mis h+ ap over here in the
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we have breaking news at 6:10 in the morning. an active shooter situation in sout at least seven people have been injured by gunfire there. riuter's reporting that the shooter in this has been shot by police and he is down. we are continuing to collect more information about what was an active shooter situation just about an hour ago in houston. >> kim: also breaking news out of miami that we will get to in a moment, but first start with charlotte. this was the scene over the weekend. people still taking to the streets of charlotte only violence-free.
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involved shooting death of keith lamont scott. over the weekend footage of that shooting ended up being released. peaceful as a response. some 100 protesters gathering outside the bank of america stadium kneeling this chanting no justice, no peace. this was as fans were walking into the nfl game. the carolina panthers taking to the field over the weekend and star quarterback cam newton wore a martin luther ki j safety mare with us bell waving his hand and demonstrators taking the knee during the national anthem. officers arresting a man outside of the stadium after finding a pistol and fully loaded magazine within his bag. happening today, a suspect involved in a deadly shooting in a washington state mall on friday night will appear in court today. he is 20-year-old arcan seton arrested late saturday night. seton accused of opening fire
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seattle. five people were killed. police believe that seat was the lone shooter of the incident and the motive remains uncleared. but many of his neighbors call him creepy, rude and obnoxious. so much so that a neighbor kept her taser by her front door. at 6:12, senator chuck schumer out of new york are saying there are limitations when it comes to the nation's ge other dangerous criminal is on the run, a picture is not only worth 1,000 words but it could save 1,000 lives if the right person see it is. >> kim: he is referring to the recent manhunt for bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami out of new york. millions of people only received a brief description that said see media for pic. schumer said pictures and increased message characters
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terrorists on run. he calls the system outdated and tile to match the technology. last week's alert the first time they use the system for the wanted person method and some people were praising it, but as you can see from senator chuck schumer were criticizing the system all together. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez died in an early boating accident. coast guard officials responded to the call of an overturned b the morning off coast of miami. they say fernandez, one of three people killed when that 32-foot boat crashed into rocks off the coast. investigators believe that speed played a factor. right now no evidence though that alcohol did. the marlins cancelled their home games yesterday. he is survived by his mother, grandmother and girlfriend. his girlfriend announced last week they were expecting their first child. we will take you there for
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of day in just a bit, but a heads up what is happening as we speak. the debate stage being set for the very first presidential debate in the election season playing out tonight in hostra university the stage in new york. the topics include achieving prosperity, securing mary and america's direction. the debate is being hosted by nbc news anchor and moderated by lester holt. the police officials say they will have christmas extra officers at the auto he vent. expecting 10,000 protesters to show up and dana, they are expecting 100 million people to watch this debate even though monday night football. that was tons's issue. we are talking super bowl -- that was donald trump's issue on that. we are talking super bowl type numbers. not good for the rebel football team over the weekend.
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against idaho, but they did not get the victory. this game finally went into overtime. and in the ot, the rebels kicked a field goal. idaho scored a touchdown. idaho wins it 33-30. rebels are 1-3 and the game they thought there were going to get. head coach tony sanchez watt not happy after the contest. >> he wasn't -- was not happy after the contest. >> kim: he wasn tom hawley, we have a rebel in the news for the right direction. >> tom: rebels are doing well. and south part of the valley, actually coming up on the interchange with st. rose parkway and i-15. reports of an accident a couple of miles south of here outside. valley. so we will check on that and report back in a few minutes. check on your weather with chloe. >> dana: and dana.
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so great weekend around here. not so much in iowa. >> kim: no the for our friends there. absolutely not. ache a look at that. you are seeing that people are preparing for flooding. you can see them filling up sandbags around cedar rapids doing that to protect what they can from the rain swollen cedar river that is expected to crest to 23 feet on tuesday. and citicity leaders were telling people to get ready in the expected -- we are told they are expected to leave. certainly very serious situations right there. for us a bit of a different story. we are seeing beautiful weather here again. if you like this weekend you will enjoy the weather outside. here a look at what we are starting with and checking in with a few different places around town. 73 degrees near the lake mead arena. beautiful weather and as you look at the conditions in the
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in mountain vista with beautiful periwinkle skies to start you off on this monday. temperatures are ranging from the upper 60s on the west side of town and upper 60s on the east side of town. very nice weather conditions to start you off. light jacket, and winds are calm and outside the valley 49 for charleston. low 70s for lake mead and boulder city and see a pretty nice warm afternoon. if you like the weather yesterday, you will enjoy today as well. the dry conditions will continue across southern nevada. no major changes in the short term forecast. as we start to roll into the rest of the workweek. expecting changes. low pressure out of the south will bring us a chance for thunderstorms later on in the week and enjoy these temperatures at least while we have them. 94 for overton and lake mead. 92 for pahrump and highs to reach around 88 degrees in
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normal for this time of year. wind only at 10 miles per hour and this evening will be pretty nice. 80s by 7:00. low 80s by 9 p.m. under partly cloudy skies. overnight tonight. after that, some cloud cover expected. best chances of for thunderstorms are between when and friday, so really going to feel like fall around here. guys? >> kim: all right, thank you very much, chloe. very unusual sight behind me. this honking and noise. all car-free free. making sure that location and visitors alike could experience the city without car pollution and the traffic jam and noise. part of an initiative to improve automobile circulation and improve air quality. ran from 11 a.m. in the morning until 6:00 in the evening only allowing bicycles. the only thing that can be
6:19 am
kateboards or roller blades. the only wheels they let in there. the second year they celebrated a car free day. >> dana: they do that one weekend a month but an interesting sight for sure. over the weekend twomer's corner where they have a very famous oak tree. tradition is covering it in flames saturday night. they think that man spot shadowed there initially lit the fire. why would he do that? they don't know. a auburn resident and it is a complete loss and you might remember five years ago an alabama fan poisoned the famous oak tree there on campus. it later died, that tree did, and they replanted another one because of this tradition of toilet papering the tree. now they will have to find
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6:19. a big breaking news. we take to you miami for live coverage and also houston and then this as well. why are those sheets spray painted orange? we have answers headed your way. and a make a wish monday. how one ups driver is looking to deliver more than just money right here in las vegas. the following segment is sponsored by the huntsman cancer foundation. >> when you are up against cancer, often patients use any tool that can help them manage the at huntsman cancer institute, acupuncture is helping patients fight and recover from the disease. >> i was actually a very horrific accident 15 years ago. >> reporter: annie was skeptical of acupuncture until an accident that almost left her paralyzed. >> took me two and a half years to recover. >> reporter: with surgery she had to walk a cane and decided to use acupuncture. >> acupuncture changed the raining of motion and i was able to walk.
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give that same work. she works at an acupuncturist at huntsman cancer institute. helping cancer patients like gary fell canny who lost feeling had his hands and feet. >> i am sitting here looking like a porcupine. >> reporter: gary works hard working out every week to fight his cancer but neuropathy makes that challenging. >> any time you stand in or hold something, you know when >> reporter: but after several months of acupuncture. >> i could feel a relief. i could feel it start spreading. >> reporter: theseles are helping gary beat cancer. >> so many benefits that
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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looking at a small accident on i-15 southbound south of the valley. and into the las vegas valley. this is where the accident it. front end damage on all three of these vehicles. sue he a man examining him right now checking it out. front-end damage this one and this one up on center in the median island and looks like
6:25 am
moments ago i noticed nhp dragging off of the roadway. all lanes are open and three cars took a hit on the front end. i-15 and sloan. tom hawley reporting from sky 3. >> chloe: thanks, tom. a beautiful start with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. another gorgeous day this afternoon and a quick look at the graphics a look at your current temperatures around the region. laye ton this afternoon hit a little bit warmer and after that cool down for the rest of the peek. kim and dana. >> breaking news out of city of houston. an active shooter situation there about an hour ago, but it has come to an end with houston police say they have shot the shooter in this situation. at least seven people were injured in this. we are going to have more details on later editions of news3. meanwhile, check out the sheep. they are orange. why? why? >> kim: on purpose.
6:26 am
keep his hand on them. he had 300 sheet ripped off last year and they were expensive an just tired of it. he thought if i pray paint them orange maybe thieves won't take off with them. it was happening in england. doesn't hurt the sheep at all. quite unusual that they were able to result in this. >> dana: only make orange sweaters out >> kim: i hate that. vince skully and his lovely wife. been with the dodgers only 67 years.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
6:29 am
it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. . i looked to the right and people were on the ground. i looked to the left and somebody bloody on ground. >> dana: tense moments. a man shoots a customer at starbucks.
6:30 am
debate preview. just hours from now hillary clinton and donald trump will be debating each other on live television. and we have a live preview from an expert with what all of us should expect on live tv. and it is a make-a-wish monday. the inspirational story of a local ups driver who is hoping to bring more than just money to the foundation. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dan 6:30 on this monday, september 26. with clear skies being revealed to us. what is going on. >> kim: fix this post production. >> dana: nobody will see this. >> kim: a manic monday. we are the wagners. kim and dana. a huge weekend. a big breaking news morning. we have chloe beardley in for kelly and first start off with
6:31 am
far valley to the center valley. the interchange with the 215 beltway in the south part of the valley. i did mention a couple of moments ago that nhp had to drag in big tire off of the road down by sloan and that may more may not had to do with that there-career enter. no one hurt in that i hasten to say, but off on either side of the roadway. get to traffic and weather that we do every ten minutes th we are you off to a great start this monday. if you like the weather this weekend, you will enjoy this afternoon. slightly warmer temperatures are expected late her on today with a high of 92 degrees in las vegas. after that the temperatures will go down. i will tell you why in a few minutes. now 6:31. we had a deadly shooting signed of a local starbucks over the weekend. our craig figner joins us live with what led up to that deadly event.
6:32 am
this started with a customer anger after going through the drive through and having the bankcard used for their order declined. they parked the car. a 24-year-old man that customers walks in and he is armed. that is what police are telling us. inside the starbuckss hot shots fired. a 40-year-old man inside was shot in the chest. did die at spring valley hospital. the one death from this horrifying event that happened 11:30 sunday morning. listen now a inside the starbucks with all of this unfolded. he was there selling newspapers. >> when i was laying down. jammed, jammed. i look to the right and people on the ground and to the left, somebody bloody on the ground. question ran to the back where the refrigerators are and hid back there and locked the front door and we sat there for a while calling the police. >> reporter: out here live, we
6:33 am
the 44-year-old in custody, murder, robbery. other crimes including having a weapon. will be arraigned -- not arraigned but first court appearance tomorrow. happening today, about 11 hours from now, the first presidential debate for this election taking place tonight. alabama senator jeff sessions now joins us live from new york with a preview of what to expect. we know that you are a donald trump supporter. democrats have been compin been set low for donald trump. that as long as he doesn't explode on a national stage tonight he wins. what is your response? >> well, he has been winning. the polling numbers are moving his way. he has been giving substantive speeches all over the country. several sometimes two or three a day. it is really remarkable and the numbers are responding to that. but hillary clinton is a skilled debater.
6:34 am
she has an answer for everything. you can be sure of that. because that is what politicians do. but donald trump is a builder. he is aer. he wants to change the direction of this country. he wants -- he is a doer. he wants to change the direction of this country and see wages go up not down. and has a vision of growth that i think people will stay well to. if he will stay on that i think we will see a good debate tonight. but it is going to be exciting no doubt about it. >> could be the most watched debate in the history of this country. talk about the preps, hillary clinton has been doing mock debates behind the scenes and we understand that donald trump haven't been. >> well, i don't know -- i don't think he is really do a lot of formal mock debates, but i know he has been working at it, but what he has been doing is traveling throughout the country with events all over this last week really talking to people.
6:35 am
establishment, this global power structure that hillary clinton is the perfect representative on has not done well for the american people. i am going to represent you. and i hope he will stay on that message and what you get from talk to real people should help him also tonight. >> dana: senator sessions, thank you for joining us as we get ready for tonight's available through trump studio. he is a trump surrogate. we will have hillary clinton's surrogates on the program as well when we get closer to election day a month and a half away. invite you for a special town hall event tomorrow. a panel of experts breaking down the first debate. you can check it out tomorrow streaming at 4:00 on it is now 6:35. we know mondays can be tough, and that's why we supply a dose of inspiration through
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driver who used to be a driver in california was so inspired by the make-a-wish program and he started making money and people along his route joined in and he ended up doubling what he originally wanted. wanted to secure 2500. now he is doing the same exact kind of fund raising in our community and just one person who inspires us to give back to kids who the most vulnerable in our community and you can always keep up with these great st site, all of the make a wish monday stories are right there on that site. we linked you up to the make a wish organization and if you would like to donate time and money you can do that online. we are talking about legendary dodgers announcement vince skully, and he just had his final broadcast from dodgers stadium yesterday. hear what he had to say to the masses broadcasting 67 years for the dodgers.
6:37 am
playing for the title. the championship. why he didn't win the the championship. why he didn't win the tournament, got close, he was [ cellphone ringing ] it's just another scandal from danny tarkanian. tarkaniann was the corporate lawyer for those with an elaborate scam that tricked hundreds of seniors and when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
6:38 am
what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. joe heck.
6:39 am
i'm catherine cortez masto
6:40 am
this was the scene yesterday at dodger stadium. this it is. vincent skully with his lovely life. 67 years he has been broadcasting for the dodgers, an >> you know the song "the wind beneath my wings." that's what you are, you are the wind beneath the team's winds. you are the team beneath my wings. >> dana: thanking the fans at dodger stadium getting a standing ovation from both teams on the field. his final game announcing will be this sunday as he announces
6:41 am
there is only one current employee that worked for the dodgers longer than he, one tommy lasorda. >> kim: 60 years for dodgers and 30 years with our news3 is tom hawley who joins us live from sky 3. >> tom: yeah, checking out what is becoming a tradition over the past few years in downtown las vegas. the life is beautiful festival. only thing the cleanup takes a number of days. you can see the barricades up at fremont starting at 11th east of 11th where the road is closed and a lot to clear up, including the curly q trailer and a bunch of stages that were erected temporarily. probably best to steer clear commuting through the downtown area for the time being. tom hawley reporting for station. hopefully cleared up before chances for rain showers in the valley later on this week. for now we are in the clear when it comes to our weather
6:42 am
degrees in spring valley. the rest of our neighborhoods, a mixture of 60s and 70s this morning, and we will be toasty again today with temperatures slightly warmer compared to yesterday. 92 degrees for your high this afternoon. we will have more coming up in a little bit. kim. >> kim: at 6:42. also still to come he was bum rushed on live television and the guy that pushed him down
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:43 am
district attorney steve wolfson: as district attorney, i've prosecuted a lot of violent people. our background check laws have stopped over 5,000 dangerous criminals from buying guns here in nevada. but a loophole makes it easy for those same dangerous people to buy guns. they get them at gun shows and online from perfect strangers it's a dangerous loophole. closing it will save lives. let's make it harder for criminals, safer for us.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:44. breaking news out of miami beach and off in the distance. you see an accident scene where a charismatic marlins ace star player has died in a boating accident. jose fernandez, a two-time all-star and former national league rookie of the year has been killed. two other people also end up losing their life when their boat hit a jetty. that jetty you are seeing on the screen right now off of miami beach. dana because they were so broken hearted because this awful accident. the investigation playing out right there on miami beach. "the today show" will have the live coverage. >> dana: most of his teammates in tears. a man dead and another local man waking up behind bars after a shooting at a local starbucks. craig joins us live near rainbow and long springs with the latest.
6:46 am
police tell me that he was angered when he was in the drive through at that starbucks about 11 :30 sunday morning when his bankcard was declined. he couldn't pay for his purchase. he comes back into the store and he was armed with a gun. one person a man in his 40s shot in the chest does die. give you a look at the people inside this starbucks and had to live through the or deal that involved several shots being fired. all of them cha and we decided that we would go stand behind -- and should the shooter come in. i was just ready to have everyone just launch their bodies against the person and take him down. >> they kept me calm as i begged for him to lay on the floor and not move and to keep the other two in there calm. 's marshal artist. so we had the talk that if the
6:47 am
his martial arts skills to take him out. >> reporter: truly unbelievable hearing those accounts from people who were inside that starbucks yesterday morning. more on this story coming up in a report on news3 live at noon and any updates you have including the suspects 34 years old in cuffed. reporting live news3. >> kim: we will see you at noontime. breaking news out of houston, texas. fired on shoppers this morning. houston police department telling a local news organization that the shooting started at a petco just about two hours ago. seven people have been wounded. the shooter himself has been shot by police. it is now 6:47. and it is the one-on-one voters have been waiting for. hillary clinton and donald trump on stage together for the first time hours from now the first presidential debate.
6:48 am
university in new york and clinton's concern that the bar has been set too low for donald trump. >> just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean that he is not prepared to be president of the united states. >> he has got to be able to both make that positive case but not let donald trump get away with what he is like three do which is to make stuff up. >> kim: take trace is standing by with a preview of what to expect. tracey, they are expecting 100 million people to watch just hours from now. >> reporter: it would be the biggest debate that he ever seen televised. that will be after reagan and carter in 1980, they had 80 million. the for mat. 90 minutes broken into 15-minute chunks. each section will have a question for the candidates.
6:49 am
our colleague lester holt. what will be interesting about this is how much they say on script when it comes with dealing with the issues with si what we heard a lot of americans say. they go back an forth and the name-calling. not just what donald trump thinks of how this defeat isis. he says he has a plan and won't reveal it. now his campaign manager says might get details tonight and want to know. >> he specifically what hillary clinton their wallets and jobs. and a lot of people are feeling that they have not gotten the level of detail they would like to hear. you don't have 16 other people on the stage. you don't really have that same dynamic of going back and forth with them. plenty of opportunity for substantive debate to happen here tonight. >> kim: tracey, controversy who will be watching from the front row.
6:50 am
dallas mavericks haen been recruited to sit front and center and didn't donald trump have an unusual request who may be there? >> reporter: yeah, he tweeted about whether or not in response he should invite gennifer flowers. his campaign says in, will not invite the woman who ho had a long-term affair with bill clinton. but she has said she was coming, the trump campaign manager said she is not officially -- is the way she we are to the expecting her to show up. the clinton campaign said if she does, it may backfire to have people see that happen. mark cuban will be in the front row and we will see what, if any response, or reaction trump has for that tonight. >> trayey pittsburgh, thank tonight. >> trayey pittsburgh, thank you tracey potts, thank you. and you can see it right here
6:51 am
of is this new york city. hillary clinton meeting with benjamin netanahu on the eve of her first presidential debate. netanahu met with trump earl year that day. reporters are bar from ma meeting. one person is dead and another injured in a campus shooting from illinois. shots fired outside of a party at an apartment off campus at the time. four people hospitalized as a one person later dying, and then after that an hour and a half later, there was another shooting reported nearby. in that case one person hit. that person is expected to be okay. in all, five people shot in two separate shooting incidents. a 6th person hit by a car as they were running away from the gun fire. the search for the people responsible continues this morning. authorities do think that these shootings incidents are related.
6:52 am
this one to report the saw mill fire. more than 1500 acres have burned so far. and, well, of course, it has been so dry over the last several years and with low humidity, not good for fire fighters. >> kim: let's check out the skies over southern nevada by checking in with tom hawley from sky 3. >> awvrl major problem in the far southeast valley that is to say over 515 just past college drive and these two vehicles hit and split off in either direction. it was completely stopped for a moment, but now you have one lane open at least, and look at that backup here as it narrows down from three lanes to just one and goes back for about a mile, more than a mile really. if you were inbound from boulder city this morning, best thing to do is take boulder highway. the old way in and not the 515. so between college drive and
6:53 am
with one lane moving up the middle. that is our major spot. a much happier situation with chloe beardsley. >> chloe: we are clear with the weather and show you the live pictures of all of our neighbor. a live look outside. a clear start. a beautiful day today, and checking in with some of our areas where we have more than 120 weather stations. 7 degrees right now at lake mead. so we are warming up very the area at 75 degrees at a callahan middle school right now. mid-50s at the ensepr ata overlook. 66 for bowled you are city and upper 50s as we take a look at southeast career. the rest of the neighborhood a mixture of 60s and 70s in the valley with very light winds throughout most of the day
6:54 am
yesterday you will enjoy our weather today. we will see the dry conditions continue all across southern nevada and will last for only a couple of days. some moisture and area low pressure moving in from the south that will allow us to see a chance for thunderstorms developing later on in this workweek. hold off on washing your car just yesterday. mid-90s in overton and lake mead. upper 60s for mount charleston. and low 90s for pahrump. in las vegas, 92 through the afternoon we will grab on to a few more clouds. 88 degrees by 7. low 80s by 9:00. we take you throughout the next seven days, chance for showers expected wednesday through friday. so really start feeling like fall around here. send.back to you, dana. >> dana: all right, chloe. 6:54. time for the water cooler. protests continued mostly
6:55 am
lavendera live on the with us when a protester knocks him to the ground. guess what, the two saw each other this weekend. >> i apologize for what i did do you and i hope that you are okay, shows the compark shan that you have as a human being. >> life is short man. >> i knocked you down but you can get back up. >> they even hugged after this. >> they are like buddies now. >> dana: i like it, i do. like it. the protester heat of the moment. i think that happens a lot, and cooler heads did prevail and a good scene over the weekend as they were able to reconcile. legendary golfer arnold palmer has died. he was a seven-time major championship winner. dying in pittsburgh. he was in the hospital waiting for a heart procedure when things didn't go well, and he ended up passing away. this guy changed the game of golf no doubt. in the 1950s and 60s.
6:56 am
before he arrived on scene but arnold palmer was a every man. people can relate to arnold pawchler and because of that they got involved in the game of golf and the same thing happened in our family, i think. and families across the united states in the 19 50s and '60s. a lot of people admired this guy and wanted to be like arnie. they called him arnie's army and he passed away at the age of 87 yesterday. a man that changed the >> a great beverage in his name. a ice tea-lemona de named after arnold palmer. ryan moore learned his trade in college at unlv and trying on extra hole. putting pressure on rory mcilroy. winning the tournament and the fed ex cup.
6:57 am
last night he was named to the ryder cup team. they play the european team. >> kim: in case people are new to our community unlv are a world-renounced golf school. coming up bob costas is reporting live from las vegas on the death of arnold palmer. . >> dana: we have local sesments on cw. what you have coming up. we are continuing the shooting of that local starbucks downtown unfortunately taking the life of a person and we are hoping to find out why the shooter was turned away from that coffee shop which is what ultimately had him upset. >> kim: it happened inside the starbucks.
6:59 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together.
7:00 am
good morning, unprecedented event. donald trump and hillary clinton set to go head-to-head on the debate stage for the first time tonight. a record 100 million expected to tune in to what will be an epic personality. can trump prove he's fit for the job? can clinton show she's trustworthy? both camps weigh in. breaking overnight, evacuations under way in the midwest as rain swollen rivers spill over their banks, thousands of homes at risk. floodwaters set to rise even higher. and remembering the king. golf icon around old palmer has


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