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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  September 26, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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on the front lines >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> reed: new information is coming out this afternoon on the man accused of a deadly shooting at starbucks. >> marie: we're now just getting our first look at 34-year-old pedro jose garcia. police say he went into the starbucks off rainbow and warm springs and shot a man. news 3's antonio castelan joins us live outside the local jail where garcia is now. you have learned he's been in trouble >> reporter: he has a criminal history dating back to 2003. he pleaded guilty to beating up someone. garcia is now here at the clark county detention center facing murder, robbery and burglary charges. this is a mugshot that metro police released. this is a picture of 34-year-old pedro jose garcia. police say this is the suspect who went in to starbucks yesterday and terrorized customers. detectives say garcia became upset after his credit card was denied at the starbucks
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inside and got into a fight with a customer. garcia ended up shooting the customer in the chest. the man in his 40s died at the hospital. we are learning garcia is a former convicted felon. in 2003 he pleaded guilty to assault. he was given probation. he violated probation in 2004 getting charged with burglary. police say yesterday he tried to throw off police by claiming he was a witness. >> he called in hi given a different description of the person who did the shooting. >> reporter: garcia is here at the clark county detention center with no bail. he is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow. reporting live antonio castelan, news 3. >> reed: thanks for the update. >> marie: the political eyes oef nation on hoff tra university in -- hofstra university in norlg where hillary clinton and donald trump meet.
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spotlight when it hosts the final clash of the campaign season. jeff gillan is on campus today as students look forward to today's face-off. what are they saying? >> reporter: quite a bit, reed. good afternoon to both of you. welcome folks in front of the student union is where i am right now. these young people behind me, they are not single issue voters. they're watching this campaign very carefully. it's a beautiful fall monday and d. j. paradiss party started in front of the student union. he is a unlv alum. he'll be watching and wants both candidates to look forward not back >> i want to know about the future and what's going to happen next you know. so that's what interests me. >> reporter: what interests these young people are a menu of you issues. lewis is a senior. he is undecideded. >> ways a bernie supporter. seeing as the election hasn't turned out his way, um, my options are now open. >> reporter: he wants to hear
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senior brian is a republican. he wants clinton and trump to talk specifics. >> any issues that touch on our economy i'd like to see policies talked about that that will really help our economy grow and propel it forward. >> reporter: tonight could be the super bowl of presidential debates with an estimated third of the nation watching. hollis will be one of them. she is leaning clinton. >> trump has been really big on immigration. i want to know what exactly his going to attack those policies. >> reporter: so we wait for the biggest moment yet of the campaign >> i just know it's going to be good to watch. definitely going to have my popcorn for this one. >> reporter: i think a lot of people will be joining her. by the way, many of the students saw on that piece are going to be checking back in with tomorrow. we're going to have a special broadcast here on news 3 at four tomorrow. we're going to find out if anything that is said tonight in new york changes any minds here
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news 3. back to you. >> marie: just the beginning of a lot of political coverage tonight. thank you so much. >> reed: exciting times. we're going to have much more coming up in our next half-hour. we'll also invite you to follow jeff gillan's facebook page today. he is going to be streaming live on facebook starting at 4:00 this afternoon. he wants to hear from you and what questions you have about the debate tonight. just go to news 3's facebook page and we'll link you up. >> marie: a nye county judge deadly dui crash back to jail. the crash happened over the weekend in pahrump. this is 22-year-old ashley winn who allegedly ran a stop sooin while under the influence and crashed into another vehicle. her bail is set at more than $200,000. she turned herself in to the nye county sheriff's office at nine this morning. one woman died at the scene while another man who was airlifted to umc in las vegas is in critical condition. >> reed: after several nights
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bit of calm. >> marie: for a second straight night there is no curfew to keep the peace. still anger and tensions are high as protesters demand change. chris pollone in charlotte with the story. >> reporter: back to work monday in charlotte's uptown district the site of last week's violent protests. local artists work to bring beauty to a place marred by violence and looting echoing the dissolution felt here. >> i just don't understand why the police are saying and the parents and other people are saying something different. >> reporter: sunday brought a sixth day of protests over last tuesday's shooting but the crowd was smaller and remained peaceful. chanting outside the carolina panthers game, kneeling during the national anthem. some protesters even shook hands and chatted with police. >> if we really are going to get the true and reconciliation that
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reconcile. >> saturday under public pressure the city released some video of this confrontation with scott. police say scott had a gun and refused commands to drop it before the officer opened fire. >> based on the totality of what we see he was in possession of a handgun. >> reporter: scott's family calleds the video inconclusive. >> we are left with far more questions than answers. >> reporter: as the state investigates the shooting some protesters are calling for charlotte's mayor to resign. >> we're making sure going to get these people out of office. >> reporter: criticizing them for how they've handled the investigation and protest that followed. the charlotte city council meets tonight for the first time since last tuesday's shooting. protests are expected to be there too. look for answers. chris fa pa lobe, nbc news -- pollone. >> reed: a retire party for a police officer bakes up controversy. >> marie: a simple cake is involved that is forcing wal mart to apologize.
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>> reed: a man leads police on an hours long chase through southern california. the tense moments straight ahead. >> we have chances for rain in the forecast.
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what kind of person would misuse the topic of rape in a political campaign? joe heck, that's who. the truth is, as attorney general, catherine cortez masto led the fight against crimes like sexual assault and worked with republicans and democrats to make sure rape kits were administered for victims. but in washington, congressman joe heck voted against funding for rape kits. lying about rape. part of the problem in washington. i'm catherine cortez masto
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>> marie: a live look at hofstra university where of course all eyes will be on this campus as clinton and trump face-off. >> reed: make sure to go to news 3's facebook page where you will be able to see in about 45 minutes jeff gillan start to stream live to answer your questions about the upcoming presidential debate at unlv. >> marie: let's take you to another university now where a man is behind bars a famous oak tree on fire. it happened saturday night when auburn university beat louisiana state university. as a long time campus tradition students covered the tree which is on the auburn university campus in toilet paper. once that happened police say a suspect set the tree on fire. that suspect by the way, not a student. wal mart apologizing after employees at a store in atlanta, georgia denied the request to
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lives matter" on it. employees refused. they claimed it was racist. three separate people in management also denied the request. wal mart ultimately released a statement saying, quote, they've reached out to this family to make this right and offer our apologies. >> reed: caught on camera, a desperate water in floodwaters. >> marie: see the tense moments that firefighters train for coming up. >> reed: plus the washington monument is a big tourist attraction. we all know that. but don't expect to get a look the big problem forcing a very long shutdown ahead. >> marie: and orange sheep. yes the real deal.
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>> reed: what a story out of texas. a houston attorney accused of using an assault rifle to open fire on cars passing by. >> marie: nine people were hurt. it happened in the middle of morning rush hour. according to houston police one of the victims is fighting for life right now.
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of gunfire. police say the man recently had issues with his law firm. >> reed: the 20-year-old turkish man accused of murdering five in washington state appeared in kod. arcan setin charged with five counts of murder. he has confessed to being the gunmen. four women and one man gunned down at a macy's 65 miles north of seattle. bail set at $2 million. >> marie: last year saw increase compared to 2014 according to new dita released. the fbi's annual crime data report shows a 3.9 percent increase in violent crime. the murder rate spike bid nearly 11 percent over the same time span. the fbi noted those numbers are still down over five year and ten year periods. attorney general loretta lynch says the data show we still have much work to do.
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a three hour chase is take into custody when police tackled him as he was sitting on the overpass. police say the driver of the stolen camry was throwing trash from his window, smoking a cigarette as he led police on the long pursuit. then he just stops, gets out of the car with what appears to be a wiper blade and taunted police. as he was sitting here on the edge of the overpass, that's when police made their move and grabbed him. >> reed: baseball fans are mourning the death of miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. fernandez died over the week in a boating accident. the 24-year-old came from cuba as a high school aged athlete and he made it his major league debut in 2013. this is the search after they hit that jetty. leel officials call him one of the great young stars of the game. a former high school teacher says he remembers some of the great times he had in school and the smile he always had on his face. >> he was just a good kid. just full of life.
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ever seen. it was just a joy to have him here. and he even came back after he made the marlins and just to come and see us. >> reed: the marlins canceled their game in honor of fernandez. there's a video out there if you search on social media of him reuniting with his grandma from cuba. it is a surprise video that will touch your heart. a moment of silence is expected before the game tonight. all the players will wear number 16 which was the num earned in his life. >> marie: all right. let's take you to saup, text -- san antonio, texas where firefighters had to rescue a driver from atop his car after he got stranded in high water. this man tries to climb on the ladder but slips off. he clings on as his legs crash down into the swollen creek. the man regains his composure. they lower the ladder then as you see is able to get on and walk back to dry land. the man told rescuers he just
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straight into the flooded area. >> reed: time for a check of our forecast. a lot of people were very happy with what they experienced with life is beautiful over the weekend. >> marie: life is beautiful when it comes to the weather. >> the weather was beautiful for that and the i heart music festival. all of our visitors are probably trickling out of town now have one more beautiful day before weather won't be quite as beautiful. how about the sunrise? a quick splash of color to the, had and came up another sun drenched monday across the valley. it's absolutely gorgeous. every corner of southern nevada sparkling today on this twentieth of september. the water look at that at the lake. not even moving. not much wind. that might change a little bit as we get toward the middle of the week. we'll start on the east side of town. charleston and hollywood ticking down to 93.
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far southwest part of town is 87 and 14 percent. one more stop will take us to the green valley parkway and 215. they're at 89. we are seeing mid to upper 80s pretty much around the western edges. 90 degrees downtown. 91 a degree warmer in beautiful downtown henderson. outside the valley the lake is 92. laughlin 97. the obligatory triple digits still in death valley. at mccarran our top temperatu we're teetering on what is going to be maybe an exactly normal day for the 26th. i mean, the morning low was right on the number. the afternoon high might get there as well. tomorrow we start out at 70. work to the mid and upper 80s to launch time. we're going plateau upper 80s around 90. it's going depend on the extent of the cloud cover. won't be much in wind category but clouds can be a different story. we're watching some moisture in southern arizona. this is crawling.
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toward us. it's possible we could get a few clouds as early as tomorrow afternoon. late afternoon or evening we'll probably have a better chance. obviously you can see some thunderstorms associated it. nothing too significant. but we'll have a chance too as that moves in. plus down here we've got the remnants of tropical storm roslyn. this is actually still a tropical storm now and will be dying shortly. as that moisture gets tossed into the equation that might leave a lingering chance for a shower on thursday. 42 on the mountain. highs tomorrow afternoon. mesquite 91. boulder city 87. and death valley a buck two. for the las vegas valley tonight we're going down to 70 degrees under a clear sky. the rebound for tomorrow. it's going to be touch and go on the cloud cover. a warm day. we might get warmer than 89 depending on what time exactly those clouds arrive. i do think it will be late in the afternoon. your 7-day forecast. there are chances for rain.
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overwhelming. 30 percent on wednesday. 20 percent on thursday and might be a few breezes. but we're going watch these clouds tonight and maybe increase our confidence as we roll on in to the next 24 to 48 hours. so there's a stage of confidence on this because this system is just trying to get here. i'm not there yet. working on it. >> reed: speaking of stage of confidence, who will have the most confidence tonight? it is trump and clinton like you have never seen look at these images. they're flying through the skies like super heroes.
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>> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner.
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jumps into a rain swollen river and is struggling to keep its head above the water. so a man risks his life, dons a life jacket, tethers himself to a local bridge and jumps in to save the deer as people standby and watch. he pulled the deer out alive, put it into the back of his truck and took it back to the woods. snap chat introducing its first hardwarero the glasses are called spectacles. they can record video ten seconds at a time with a tap of a button and then the video is uploaded to the memory section of that app via blue tooth or wifi. they're going to go on sale on a limited basis this fall for $130. hundreds of people took their dogs for a run in peru in a race to promote fun and fitness. this has been going on for five
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dog-a-thon. local media reporting that the winners of the race awarded one year of free dog food. a farmer in northwest england has gone to extremes to make sure that his sheep will stand out. he's been painting them orange. there's a reason for this. the farmer says there's a big problem with sheep getting stolen in the area. he says more than 300 have been stolen in the last four years. he's hoping that the thieves will think twice now thatis by the way, that spray paint lasts about 12 months. says it does not hurt the sheep at all. that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. back to you. >> reed: all right. so what's that. apparently it's hillary clinton on a broom and donald trump flying like superman. >> marie: we're use to hearing the candidates, some would say they do drone on. but these are drones of a
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they are 3d creations from san diego pilot who wasn't looking to take sides. just have a little fun. no they are not for sale. they were seen flying around san diego over the weekend. the man who created them says trump tends to fly better than clinton going to what you were saying about where is this man coming from? what kind of biased might he have. by the way, he also says that trump drops fake money from his pockets. that is the artist view. roller-coasters, you know they can provide a very big thrill. >> reed: one doctor says they can be used to make you healthy. we'll explain and get your heart pumping ahead. >> marie: up close and perm personal. a live report at the zoo. what could go wrong. i think you and i will assume a lot. a video that is going viral that
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>> reed: a news 3 live at 3:30, trump faces off with clinton them first debate just hours away. a look at what to expect between the two presidential candidates. i would hope that like something good will happen. we'll somehow have someone who wants to help us. >> marie: getting suspended. a high school student banned from school for three days for taking this picture. why the student says she was trying to bring awareness to a bigger problem. >> reed: and learning young. a new school is teaching student what's it means to front lines >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> reed: a record audience is expected to tune in for the first debate tonight between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> marie: some expectations are about 100 million people. we're talking about a super bowl sized audience. many watching how the candidates hold up. new at 3:30, scott thuman is at hofstra university with a preview of the debate. >> reporter: for more than a year they've been sparring from


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