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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 27, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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you tomorrow. hillary clinton versus donald trump. who packed the biggest political punches and who won the night? >> you called it the gold standard. >> well, i -- >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. >> and you know what -- >> you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. >> no. >> and then you heard what i sudden, you were against it. >> well, donald, i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. >> overwhelming reaction from social media and the morning's headlines, straight ahead. plus, it's described as the worst bombing syria has seen in five years. and an overwhelming moment and tribute to a fallen teammate. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm frances rivera.
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>> and an early morning. it was really that type of night. >> and the nation wakes up this morning taking stock of the first head-to-head debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. and headlines across the country pretty much sum it up all. for example, the "washington post" -- attacks fly as clinton puts trump on the defensive in the debate. >> and from "usa today" -- the return of fiery trump. "associated press" -- clinton gets under trump's skin in the debate. >> and "daily news," face of the nation, trump buries himself in bumbling blabber. >> and temperament heart of the clinton/trump debate. >> an overnight poll shows clinton as the clear winner, 62% compared to trump at 27% as both battled fiercely over taxes, terror, and race. >> you called it the gold standard. >> well, i -- >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. >> no. >> then you heard what i said
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in your own reality, but that is not the facts. donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said back in 2016, gee, i hope it does collapse, because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. well, it did collapse. >> that's called business, by the way. we have no leadership. and honestly, that starts with secretary clinton. >> all right, you have two minutes on the same question to defend tax increases on the wealthiest americans. secretary clinton. blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not? yeah, why not? >> but the most contentious moments in the debate came between not the candidates, but between them and the moderator, nbc's lester holt. >> stop-and-frisk was ruled unconstitutional in new york because it largely singled out black and hispanic young -- >> no, you're wrong. it went before a judge who was a
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>> mr. trump, a lot of these are judgment questions. you had supported the war in iraq before the invasion. what makes your -- >> i did not support a war in iraq. >> 2002 -- >> that is a mainstream media nonsense. i was against -- wait a minute -- i was against the war in iraq, just so you put -- >> the record shows otherwise. >> the record does not show that. >> trump told nbc he believed holt did "a great job." however, it was trump's response facebook's top moment of the night. >> my question was -- >> no, no, you didn't hear what i said. >> -- why is your judgment any different than mrs. clinton's? >> well, i have much better judgment than she does, no question about it. i also have a much better temperament than she has, you know? i have a much better -- she spent -- let me tell you -- >> here was one of clinton's most talked about moments, going after trump for his previous comments on women. >> she doesn't have the look,
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to stamina, but this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs and someone who has said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers -- >> i never said that. >> -- who has said women don't deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men. >> also a busy night for fact checkers after several moments. nbc counted some 20 lind evening. there was the moment when trump said millions of jobs will be lost when ford moves its car manufacturing to mexico. united autoworkers union tweeted -- fact check, ford is not moving jobs out of michigan. our agreement services future product commitments for effective plants. and then trump said murders spiked across new york city and that stop-and-frisk helped tamp down violent crime in the city, to which an nypd spokesman said "stop question and frisk has decreased nearly 97% in new york
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crime, murder and shootings have decreased significantly during the same period. and when trump originally said he opposed the war in iraq, which politifact says is false. twitter is celebrating last night's face-off as the most tweeted debate in history. and for a breakdown of how the event played out on social media, we go to nbc's gigi stone woods. gigi? >> thank you, ayman and frances. you're absolutely right, it is now officially the most tweeted debate in history. d polarizing and as headline-making as trump and clinton, it is easy to see why. according to google, these are the highest moments of search interest for both candidates with interest spiking when trump referred to climate change and when clinton steered viewers to her website, which had live fact-checking. then there was trump's stop-and-frisk moment, his response on cyber attacks and his answer when it came to the war in iraq. on facebook, the top issue of the night surrounded taxes
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here is twitter's top tweeted moments from the 90-minute debate. trump's temperament response, his comments on stop-and-frisk and his exchange with clinton over isis all making the top three. ayman, frances? >> gigi, thank you very much. and while the debate ended with each candidate promising to accept the eventual winner, after the debate, trump walked into the debate spin room, talking with reporters and telling the crowd he handily won the night, v while clinton followed up her performance by stopping by a local watch party, urging supporters to step up their game ahead of election day. nbc's tracie potts is live from the debate site at hofstra university. tracey, how are the candidates holding up and what are they doing to follow their performances today? >> reporter: so, frances, it's back to the battlegrounds and it's back to the base. last night was all about trying to get those undecided voters in the middle, but today with these rallies, they're going back to
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carolina. and in fact, she's going to be speaking at a community college, giving her the opportunity to build on some of those family themes that she talked about at a post debate rally last night. donald trump is going to be rallying later this evening in melbourne, florida. florida is a battleground state. it's also a state that's very much affected by immigration, which has been one of his big issues. interestingly, immigration and the wall an issue that did not come up in large scale last gh national registration day, when they all really try to work hard to get out the vote with their base, with those people already supporting them. and by the way, hillary clinton's team already out with a new web ad about her performance last night, focusing on those comments that we've just heard about women. frances? >> all right. nbc's tracie potts for us. >> all right, while most people were probably watching the debate, the new orleans saints and atlanta falcons continued the racial inequality protest, this time with a twist.
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players and coaches from both teams formed a circle in the middle of the field and linked hands. espn reports that the idea came from the head coaches, who left it up to their quarterbacks to decide exactly what to do. players said it was a way to show support without detracting from the anthem and was inspired by the latest police shootings in charlotte and tulsa. just ahead, the late-night shows had a field day with the debate. we've got all the highlights for you. >> but first, 17 counties under states of emergency in iowa as the cedar river is expected to crest add 23 feet this morning. thousands of residents inlts cedar rapids have been evacuated and they're hoping a temporary flood wall will hold back the river. torrential rain in san antonio, texas, led to a number of water rescues. this truck driver had some trouble climbing on the ladder. and also in california, mandatory evacuations are under way after a brush fire broke out near yosemite.
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is zero percent contained. bill karins is tracking this. >> some of the worst of it was the fires in southern california. extreme heat. one of the hottest day of the season. today will be not as hot as but still bad. los angeles, about 94 for the today today, fresno, ability 100. the fire danger still there today, just not quite as bad and windy as yesterday. now here's a closer look you can still see it's very warm and of course very dry. we have a little bit of moisture available for a shower or thunderstorm in flagstaff, up to the grand canyon. one of the hotter spots could be up near red dg. >> and this was a category equivalent three hurricane in the states. look at this scaffolding.
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please bow your heads and reflect with a moment of silence. >> the miami marlins have a tough task of playing a game a day after star pitcher jose fernandez died in a boating accident. all marlins players wore fernandez's number 16 jersey. the team circled the mound before the game for a prayer. emotional for both teams as the mets somberly hugged marlins players before the game. now to the game. and lead-off hitter dee gordon, a lefty, took the first pitch batting righty in honor of fernandez. then back to his normal style, he crushed a home run over the right field wall. well, he would say after the game that it was one of the best moments of his life, homering for fernandez. he was overcome with emotion as he rounded the bases and crossed
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his teammates, a fitting tribute and quite a moment, indeed. an investigation continues this morning into the gunman who randomly opened fire at drivers near a houston strip mall. nine people were hurt, six of them from gunshot wounds in an attack that lasted 20 minutes. >> suddenly just felt like an explosion inside of my car and glass everywhere. i heard a few pops, maybe two or three. could smell the powder and hot air from the bullets just flying >> police eventually killed the gunman in a shoot-out. he was found wearing a military-style uniform and armed with over 2,000 rounds of live ammunition. nazi emblems were found on some of his belongings, among other old military items, according to police. while a motive has yet to be determined, police say the suspect is a lawyer who was having issues with his law firm. this morning in syria, residents and rescue workers in aleppo are sifting through the
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air strikes throughout syria's five-year-long war. the violence continues to accelerate with more than 200 civilian deaths in just the past week. kelly cobiella is live in london with the latest for us. kelly? >> reporter: ayman, good morning. fourn ministers saying a truce in syria is still possible a day after the worst assault on aleppo in years. there's fighting southwest of aleppo this morning and new drone foota people are still digging for survivors after that relentless series of air strikes over the past several days. a new kind of destruction for civilians there as well. bunker busting bombs, according to activists and international aid groups. the kind of explosives that take out underground hospitals and shelters. the hospitals that are still functioning are having trouble treating the wounded. save the children says that kids are dying on hospital floors
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medical supplies. the russians and assad's government both say they're still open to talks, but secretary of state john kerry says those statements, quote, are almost meaningless as long as assad's government continuing to try to bomb aleppo into submission. >> kelly, thanks for that. >> fast forwarding, today is national voter registration day. organizations from all over the country will be at public venues to raise registering to vote. the world health organization releases a report that says 92% of the world's population live in your yeahs with excessive air pollution. that contributes to problems like stroke, heart disease, and lung cancer. >> coming up on the "today" show, reaction from vice presidential nominees tim kaine and mike pence to last night's debate as they prepare to square off against each other one week from today. we'll be right back. pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain.
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and overseas investors see clinton as the status quo candidate, while fewer are sure what a trump presidency would mean. meanwhile, twitter may have two more potential suitors. cnbc is reporting disney and microsoft may be interested in buying the social media site which is struggling to add users. disney may be interested in twitter's move into live >> and uber may soon be offering rides in airborne taxis. the company's product saying they're seriously looking into using aircraft that can take off and land vertically to provide transportation in urban areas and it would likely start with piloted planes but could later shift to large commercial drones. >> very cool. >> we could all benefit from that getting around manhattan with the traffic around here.
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>> outlook not so good. >> mr. henson, are you answering my questions using a magic eight ball? >> all signs point to yes. >> with many people who are undecided, they're saying, we may have to use a magic eight ball. >> and of course, celebrities were engaging in the debate via you can imagine some notable names joined in the conversation, including actress kristen bell. she said, if i had been audited for 15 years straight, i guess i would brag about it too. shonda rhimes said it's like albert einstein is trying to have a thoughtful conversation with biff canon. and ellen degeneres. they say 100 million people are watching these debates. if your interested enough to watch, i hope you're interested enough to vote.
4:24 am
even a message the cast of "will and grace" tried to get out. >> what they're doing is this cast is reunited for a new scene in their hit show to send an important message for you to go out and vote. the characters go head to head to convince the undecided voter, can you guess who that is? jack. to pick their favorite candidate. >> this just sucks. >> can you believe this is the world we live in? >> no, it's criminal. >> how is it possibleha president of the united states? >> oh, not what i was reading. >> make america -- >> i still haven't heard the one thing that will convince me to vote for one candidate over the other. >> katy perry likes hillary. >> and bingo was her namo.
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here's your "early today" travel forecast. doesn't look like fall across the west. very warm from the middle of the country through the inner mountain west. still have extreme heat in the mountains in areas of california. desert southwest warm today and tomorrow too. dry and seasonable. sun and clouds mix in seattle. a beautiful 68 degrees. >> thanks for that. >> residents of charlotte, north carolina, gathered in a historically black church monday evening calling for justice and transparency. those attending the rally were calling for the resignations of the police chief and the city's mayor. after their response to the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott. protests have been ongoing for a week with the naacp calling for a federal investigation into the
4:27 am
>> president obama has broken his own no hats rule but for good reason. while hosting the eighth annual tribal nations conference at the white house, native american leaders wrapped him in a wool blanket and crowned him with a straw headpiece as a show of offer. many say president obama has done more for indians than any other president. 17 native american ts the government for mismanaging their funds and natural resources. >> a opportunity of a lifetime for some, the opportunity to slap market shkreli in the face. he is also behind the auction, but he's doing it in support of his friend who passed away, leaving behind a leukemia survivor son.
4:28 am
he raised the cost of the cancer pill overnight. >> some people got a surprise of a lifetime. they were having their wedding pictures taken in new york's central park, when they were greeted by tom hanks. he was jogging around the park's reservoir when he saw the photo shoot and just decided to run over. he quickly joined them for some of these priceless snapshots and even took a couple of his own selfies with the couple. after the incident, hanks tweeted this. elizabeth and ryan, congrats and you're in new york city getting marries or walking around. you might bump into tom hanks. >> i love the fact he was running around central park. he didn't look like he was trying to conceal him. and he ran over to them. that was a nice gesture. >> i love it. one wedding photo shoot where it's the three of them, and i'm sure they welcome it too. >> i'm francis rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin.
4:29 am
>> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not. >> why not. join the debates by saying more crazy things. >> back and forth, that's how it went down for 90 minutes on live million people watching. we have an analysis of how each candidate did this morning. >> getting back to normal, the scene of a shooting from over the weekend. today you're going to hear from a man who tried to save the life of a victim who was killed. >> metro paying a man six figures after he was by an officer nearly four years ago
4:30 am
way. >> this is news 3 today. >> good morning, it is 4:29 on this tuesday, the day after the big debate last night. >> i know. as we're taking a live look out of las vegas, just another reminder, the third and final presidential debate. it is nice when you hear your city on live t debate in a minute. right now, we want to check out that forecast for late september. >> we are watching some systems moving up from the south. clouds will be increasing today across the area and we've got chances for rain in the forecast. here is what you can expect as you're heading out the door this morning. mostly sunny skies to start. 9:00 a.m., 86 by noon, that's our expected high today.


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