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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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with tracey potts ahead. plus -- >> we stayed because we didn't know if the man was going to survive. >> new details of the man police say was responsible for shooting and killing a customer in a local starbucks. expected to face a judge hours from now. what we are learning about his criminal history and the people who tried to save the victim ahead in a live report. also. she is a presidential candidatec campus before the big event. why police were saying she didn't belong there. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dana: good morning. welcome in the day after the big debate. we are the wagners. we have some breaking news. a home that exploded in the bronx. we also have a wildfire burning not that far from las vegas. we will get to that in just a little bit. the top story this morning the debate that many of you watched on this very channel
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>> dana: tracey potts joins us live from hofstra university of the latest on what happened and the fallout of what these two candidates have to say. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, from hofstra university, what used to be spent room. the spin continues. both vice presidential candidates on "the today show" talking about how their running mates did last night. >> well i sure do. we had a great debate! >> reporter: hillary clinton on what came out. >> the everything. >> reporter: donald trump on what didn't. bill clinton's indidealt. >> were you tempted to? i was very tempted. >> reporter: the first debate had competing views on creating jobs. clinton investing in infrastructure and clean energy. >> typical politician, all talk, no action. >> reporter: trump tax imports and lower business. >> trumped up, trickle down. trickle down did not work.
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to release his tax returns. >> when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> reporter: there is something he is hiding. >> reporter: trump unapologetic for how he does business >> the thousands of people that you have city ofed over the course of your business not deserve some kind of an apology? >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation. >> reporter: unapologetic for backing stop and frisk or questioning president obama's birthplace. >> i want to get on >> well, at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> reporter: clinton doubled down on what trump said about women. >> he called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> rosie o'donnell and i said tough things to her and everybody will agree that she deserve it is. >> reporter: the big question for both campaigns this morning, did either candidate move the needle for millions of undecided voters. and they are still in the center of all this, although
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too. hillary clinton is in north carolina this afternoon. donald trump tonight in florida. in hempstead, new york. i am tracey potts. >> kim: tracey, just getting us started. we will check back with her in the next half hour and we look at the instant reports because we get the ratings and we did double digit ratings on this channel meaning many of you were super interested in the super bowl size ratings they one here at the center the alma mater of tom hawley by the way. traffic and weather every ten minutes. travel times from jeff in just a second and check in on the forecast with kelly but the aforementioned tom hawley is up in sky 3 this morning. >> tom: i should say that being my alma mater does not juice me in to tickets. they have a limited supply that they are going to raffle off at the students at the
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life is beautiful, and the cleanup continues in the downtown area with some barricades still up. you can see that fremont street is closed. cars go down here and 11th street the barricades are up. and it will take a you couple of days to get everybody cleared. you a big festival downtown. threats 'continue our traffic with travel times. jeff. >> jeff: a two at trop can can that and rainbow. a little slowing start your travel time with 15 southbound between downtown and tropicana. eight minutes everything else cleared. traffic and weather every ten minutes. check the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. the sun comes up in 25 more minutes and we are already starting to see that dawn grow and that beautiful blue sky out there. clouds will be increasing throughout the day today and 9 a.m., 79 degrees.
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today. a degree above normal. we have got rain chances and cooler temperatures in the forecast. i will talk more in a few minutes. breaking news out of bronx new york, not all that far from yankee stadium where a home exploded just about an hour and a half ago. initially police came to the scene thought it was a gas leak when they went inside the home they found a homemade laboratory and that lab ended up exploding. one fire fighter was injured. several others injured as they were taken to the hospital. no report on their conditions yet, but we will continue to follow this developing story. at 6:05 possibly breaking news to share with you now with the help of our craig si dpshtion ner covering the deadly shooting within the local starbucks. i am reading the associated press wires and their headline is vegas police unsure if starbucks slaying suspect knew the victim. what can you talk about when
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us for this story. it is very clear that metro detectives are taking another look at the evidence here. they originally said there was not a connection between 34-year-old pedro garland and the victim, the person shot and killed in this starbucks, 41 years old, a regular customer here we are told. no connection and obvious and now they are rethinking it according to a report by the associated press looking into a possible connection. did the shooting suspect know the victim? we will learn more on that part of this new angle to the also today, we will see pedro garland in court. and i want you to -- pedro garcia in court. this shows him walking out with his hands up when police responded to the shooting sunday morning at 11:30. garcia is booked on a charge of open murder with a deadly weapon, robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary and
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i want to come back to the starbucks coffee shop. the front door of that starbucks. what you can't read but it stays the -- says the store remains closed at least through this morning. i will send balk to a live picture from the scene. later today, coverage what happened in court with the suspect. craig signor. back to you. witnesses to that shooting are trying to process exactly what they saw. it was very disturbing especially the one customer tr victim's life. >> he was breathing. he was fighting us saying let go. don't touch me. workshop like sir, if you don't let us help you, you are going to die. and when we laid him out, i i cut his shirt off, and then we began cpr. after resaw he was unconscious. we stayed because we didn't know if the man was going to survive. so we stayed there because -- the police couldn't enter
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it was surreal. i didn't believe it was happening. i just shut everything off and action at this point. go time. >> dana: this young man is trying to get back to normal. he went back to work a day after the shooting trying to get normalcy back into his life. we have multiple breaking news event. a current firefight on our hands. take you to the firefight in a little shell out six figures by a man that was shot by an officer four in years ago. the department will pay lawrence gordon $400,000 to settle this suit. attorneys te that the officer shot him in the leg after he thought that a baseball hat with metallic stickers on it was a gun. gordon said no amount of money is worth now what he has to deal with. >> the settlement, the money
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going to be worth what i did the rest of my life. he should be fired. feels like i can take a deep breath and nobody is on the back of my neck watching me and live my life now and just start over. >> kim: he went on to tell me that he will need knee replacement surgery in the future all the a result of that gunshot wound. big debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. hot topic. new numbers this morning. feel won it coming up. and we have been talking about that famous tree set on fire on purpose on the campus of auburn university. there is a guy in custody. they never saw this one coming. we will explain what we mean ahead. a little bit of trouble.
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war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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welcome back to the day after the big debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. so who won and what is the reaction the day after? let's talk to our national correspondent kristi ne frazao from our nation's capitol. kristine. >> reporter: good morning, dana. a lot of interesting reaction if you look at the newspaper
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clinton's jabs put trump on defense. new york times, trump and clinton jab on jobs and temperament. very interesting. these fighting metaphors used to describe these two candidates who faced off the first time in last night's debate that a contest that remains neck and neck. >> wet a grade debate! >> reporter: hillary clinton performance and already new numbers out that show 62% of those who watched think hillary clinton run to trump's 27% according to cnn-orc and both candidates did get their jab in and moderator lester holt let the candidates do the talking. >> hillary has experience, but bad experience. >> as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissident, then he
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>> when you try to act hollyer than thou, it doesn't seem to work. >> reporter: no topic is off limits. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that was more a mistake. that was done purposely. not a mistake. it was done purposely. >> reporter: he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> ma makes me smart. >> pay zero. zero for troops, zero for vets. night's debate, today is a new day. both candidates are expected on the campaign trail. donald trump holding a rally this evening in florida and hillary clinton will be in north carolina. these are two of the 10 or 11 battleground swing states that could be pivotal in deciding the i don't out come the election. it live in washington, kristine frazao, back to you. >> dana: we will see if any candidate gets a bump in the their polling numbers with what happened last night.
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hall event. a panel of experts giving you a look at the topics anywhere else. check it out this afternoon streaming at 4:00 on speaking of the debate, a little dust-up out front. what is going on here? she is a presidential candidate. that is jill stein, why is she being escorted off the campus of hofstra university. she knew she wasn't going to be on stage but they did admit she went up there because she wanted to get up there w clinton. she tweeted out a picture after police said sorry, you need to leave. her campaign said she was doing a series of interviews with reporters and police and school security said you have to leave the scene. authorities say that stein did not have the proper credentials to be there on campus. before her removal she wanted to bum rush and get up on stage. she may have been joking because so much security that was never going to happen. why wasn't she up there to
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for president. she failed to qualify for the first presidential debate because she is polling below the 15% threshold that is to participate. she is currently polling at 3% nationally. 6:16. nine people wounded when a man open fires in houston. a story we brought to you as breaking news of this program 24 hours ago. the shooter began firing at random around 4:30 near a shopping center. she says nine officers shooter who was found dead shortly therej. weapons were found in his vehicle with 2600 rounds of live ammunition. officials say nine people injured including one critically and all are expected to survive. investigators have not released the name of the suspect but describing him as a disgruntled lawyer that was wearing military-style apparel
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specifically cam us of alabama university. the fire something they just saw over the weekend for the very first time. and police say that is the man responsible for setting that fire. 29 years old it damaged the oak trees right there and the corner of the the campus after auburn was celebrating a victory over lsu. initially arrested for public intoxication with the tree being set on fire on purpose. they have security video of the incident. it does show a guy walking up to the tree, setting toilet paper hanging from the tree on fire. this year auburn renewed their tradition of allowing fans to roll the oak tree after it was suspended after the poisoning of the tree in 1987. that is when they lost to
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>> dana: they rolled it with tail let paper, ring the bells at bryant hospital. what do they do after football victories at un lv. >> reporter: they keep the tp in the rest rooms. you don't see that particular type of activity. rainbow and tropicana, a fender-bender. sky view show on the right side of the road. westbound at tropicana blacking one lane but not jeff. >> jeff: thanks. an accident southbound at flamingo and seeing slowing both directions. the freeway commute is doing okay going to the metro area. summerlin eastbound from 215 it downtown. currently seven minutes and projecting in one hour six minutes as long as it stays accident-free. 15 southbound to downtown to tropicana 6 minutes and one hour looking at a seven-minute commute.
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waze team. give us realtime updates on your commute but don't do it behind the wheel. a check of traffic every ten minutes. here is kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. saw lots of sunshine. the las vegas camera, beautiful blue sky, a little bit of breeze and highs in the low 90s and today we are waking up to a little bit of blue sky and increasing clouds throughout the day and temperatures as you are heading out the door north las vegas 65. hemmeder oleante, 68. a little sweater but you will not need it for very long and temperatures back into the 90s today. the big story will be the increasing clouds and the showers around lake havasu north of phoenix. another band south of phoenix and they are rotating around moving westward. we are expecting clouds to increase throughout the day here today. not expecting wet weather during the day, but that could
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chance for showers late after midnight. 79 degrees for the afternoon low. the clouds acting as a blanket. the seven-day forecast, chances of showers. weather and thursday. temperatures will cool off too with those clouds, 85 for the high on wednesday, and lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend. looks like we might be a little breezy seattle and sunday. breaking news out of the bronx, new york. this is just north of yankee stadium, botanical garden. live pictures on your screen. a drug -- a drug lab exploded inside that home. several people injured including one fire fighter. they have been taken to the hospital for treatment. at 6:20 another breaking news event we are monitoring to the front lines of this firefight in santa cruz, california. they are calling this at loma fire that started in santa clara county.
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acres. fire officials say at least 300 structures are under threat as we speak and they say some 300 people as a result were evacuated from the area. by the time most of you went to bed last night. this fire was only 5% contained. something you don't see every day, big burly football players holding hands before the football game, some of them from opposing football teams. we will tell you why they were teams. we will tell you why they were doing this ? ? ?. >> kim: those blind auditions continuing on this very channel from just hours ago. and still to come, we have the fight that that singer started between a couple of famous
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. you are looking at the silhouette of the commute as starting to rise over the east part of the valley and checking out a report of an accident flamingo and boulder highway as we approach the area. not seeing any flashing lights from the difference. optimistic this is being cleared up as we speak. go ahead and move on to
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a little glow in the sky. the sun doesn't come up in five more minutes and taking a look outside from the red rock resort camera where we can see the light starting to bounce off the clouds out here. pretty colors getting started and clouds will be rolling into the area. now current temperatures, pahrump, 64. boulder city coming in at 72. mesquite, 67. a light jacket as you head out the door and highs in the 90s. we saw something during monday night foll before. a very unique message of unity. >> dana: hold hands, big burly football players holding hands and falcons and saints holding hands from opposing teams. this is juxtapose of what colin kaepernick has been doing kneeling or sitting down during the national anthem. this was an idea from the saints head coach sean peyton
6:26 am
acknowledge what is happening in the united states of america these days. again, you have seen colin kaepernick and what he does for the san francisco 49 pictures out of the bronx. breaking news there. they went to the scene there. fire fighters thinking this was a gas leak. when they got inside the home they found a drug lab inside. it exploded about two hours ago and we just learned that a battalion chief has been killed in this explosion. four others were taken to the hospital, but look at t devastation in the bronx north of yankee stadium. >> kim: finding out that a fire fighter lost his life. emotional moments during a baseball game because they just lost one of their star players. we will take you to the scene
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. >> i was very tempted. >> dana: political punches. the candidates taking jabs at one another during last night's debate.
6:30 am
we will talk about that coming up. plus. >> kim: expected in court, the man police say shot and killed another inside of a local starbucks will face a judge for the first time, and new this morning, new details inside the investigation. our craig figner ahead. plus -- >> we have to go to their graveyards and bury them. >> dana: the tears that girl bringing the room to tears during a city council meeting. what she was talking about coming up. live from las vegas, this is news3 today. >> dana: good morning 6:30 on this tuesday, september 27. live pictures of the valley coming from sky 3. >> you are waking up to a jam-packed broadcast. not only the must-seen moments but breaking moments that we
6:31 am
and dana here this morning. >> dana: traffic and weather. begin with a traffic portion in tom hawley. >> tom: we can do that and we are checking out what is happening downtown and that is the breakdown of high of is beautiful. and this includes barricades across the roadway. and fremont street and 11. the road -- the sign says road closes and hope to see that open within a day or two. this is right here where the -- the life is beautiful closes down. the bike fest is about to start. they are ushering one out. ushering another in. watch out for road closures in the downtown area that is slowly emerging and hear our team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: slowing down a little bit but nothing too bad on this monday morning. looking at speeds of 27 murders.
6:32 am
is the clear eastbound, northbound. for a look at weather, here is kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. the sun coming up gorgeous conditions to get this day started. i might want to wear a sweater heading out the door. temperatures in the 60s and warming up quickly. 9 a.m. 79 degrees. 90 by 4:00. that is our expected high for the day but notice this cloud getting a little bit bigger throughout the day today. we have some rain on the way. we will talk more about it in mi of bronx, new york where a fire fighter has been killed after drug lab exploded inside a home north of yankee stadium. n bc in new york reporting that at least seven people have been injured including four police officers. we will continue to update you on this breaking story. >> kim: 6:32. about last night. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off for the first time on debate stage.
6:33 am
>> typical politician, all talk, no action. >> kim: all talk, no action and they went on back and forth. hillary clinton criticizing the republican presidential rival for keeping his personal tax returns and business deaders different than the voters and donald trump accusing the democratic presidential rival to be the stamina to be president. we are getting started on this and team coverage headed your way right here on news3 today. a man accused of being enraged after his credit card was declined at a local starbucks and shooting a man to death will face a local judge for the first time hours from now. this is the man that pulled the trier hoe save garland suspected of shooting and killing a man inside that starbucks near rainbow and
6:34 am
garcia booked on a number charges including open murder and the associated press is reporting this morning they are trying to find out if garcia knew the victim in this case. at 6:34, as the real royals continue to tour canada. do we really have a royal among us? check in live with our michelle v+ elez. we have a guy going to face a judge who claims he is a part of >> reporter: that is all it is as far as we can report, kim, just a claim. we have not been able to confirm that alexander montague manchester is a royal. he has been jailed facing self-felony and misdemeanor charges including robbery. his arrest comes from a false police report claiming he was attack the by his wife.
6:35 am
want his release of medical necessity. manchester says he has australian and british citizenship and has identify himself of the 13th duke of manchester. that a title that dates back 950.years. again we have not able to confirm that and he is expected in court and kim and dana we will be there and will have an update on news3 live at noon. michelle velez reporting live from the center. back to you in the studio. coming up we saw something happen in a major league game that we have never seen before. a man hits a home run and is crying while he is running around the bases. we will tell you why just ahead. hear me sniffing. is it me or is it the donald. the sniff seen around the world and multiple sniffing events have you taking to
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at taxpayer expense and voted members of congress, like himself, taxpayer-funded healthcare for life. heck even voted to allow congressmen to take their pay during a government shutdown. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. :38 on this tuesday morning this guy is not a home
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to be and he hit one last night and rounding the bases, he was crying the entire time. that was dee gordon and remembering his fallen teammate who died over the weekend in a boating accident. pitcher jose fernandez. as a result, they cancelled sunday's game, but fentanyl was supposed to start last night's game and you see during his at-bat, dee gordon in honor of his teammate took one from the side of the plate like we more comfortable left side and hit a home run as he was crying running the bases. and i am reminded a similar scene years ago when tony womack who played for the arizona diamondback hit a grand slam on father's day days after his father passed away and we have seen this before and it is a rare site. at 6:39. traffic and weather. tom, i know you remember that event that dana just detailed.
6:40 am
while, but each individual event piles up. we are in the far northwest part of the valley where the 215 and the 95 come to together and you can see that the department of transportation starting to put up some girders over the top. a temporary structure are they will put in the full pledged and concrete flyover over the top. no announced closures of the 95 out here just yet, but they are coming and will have to do temporary shut downs while they actually construct the ge freeway. right now we are in fairly good shape here. go ahead and check your weather and we do it every ten minutes. here is kelly curran. >> kelly: thank you. the sky is up and if you look to the south, you can see a few clouds moving in. we are looking to the north or the southwest. the o'callahan middle school camera. 77 degrees the current temperature nice and light not an issue a little sweater headed to school.
6:41 am
you will not need it. 90 is our expected high. clouds increasing and a chance of showers on the way. we will talk more about that in ten minutes. now 6:41. an update on the breaking news that takes us to the bronx. just an awful situation playing out there where a it is has lost his life responding to a home explosion. a drug lab that exploded. and one fire fighter now gone and several new york police officers burned result. stadium. nbc 7 reporting that as the investigation continues, there may be more injuries to report. stick with news3 and "the today show." for continued coverage. 6:41 now and the blind auditions continue on "the voice." ?. >> dana: there was a fight after she sang.
6:42 am
>> numero uno. >> door number one! oh! we dare you. to angry yell at these kittens or -- you have to yell at these kittens tell them why they need to see your movie. come up there. >> you really
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that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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34-year-old pedro garcia is the suspect charged in the starbucks shooting. the starbucks just behind me where this all unfolded behind me. he will be scheduled in be could you were in the at 7:30 for his first appearance. there is a new angle to the story, potentially a new headline. did the suspect garland know the -- garcia know the 41-year-old people who was inside the starbucks. looking into that possibility. relooking. news3 live at noon. i will be in court and report to you what happens in court as this suspect makes his to you what happens in court as this suspect makes his first appearance >> kim: his next update live at noon as you mentioned. monday night's presidential debate getting a
6:46 am
but not only about the issue. a lot of people noticed something in particular with donald trump. sniffling going on there. it persisted throughout the 90 minutes on the debate stage. it quickly spawned all kinds of different memes on social media. something that is trending at the top of the trending charts this morning. now let's talk about what the two candidates actually had to trading jabs for 90 minutes. >> typical politician, all talk, no action. >> trumped up, trickle down. trickle down did not work. >> sh he releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted there is something he is hiding. >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation. >> calling women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> rosie o'donnell i said
6:47 am
everybody will agree she deserve it is. >> dana: tracey potts live and i saw new polling numbers from cnn-or c said that people who watched the debate think that hillary won it 62% to 27% for donald trump. >> reporter: but they did admit that they oversampled democrats in this one. this was a sample they had used before and registered voters. notel necessarily of what we will see in november. it is a gauge an what some people thought after this debate was over. there were moments in this debate. it is not that there was a real winner here. donald trump early on had some very strong moments against hillary clinton when it came to trade and jobs. he said, listen, you have been doing this for decades, if these were your plans, why didn't you put any into action. why haven't you done some of
6:48 am
on he seems to -- i don't know unravel is the right word, but certainly move his xo computer compared to earlier in the debate. and hillary clinton seemed to gain some momentum as the debate went on later. that is when we saw that moment about women when she went off on him about some of the comments that he has made. that's when we saw the moment about stamina when he was asked by our colleague lester holt of comments he made of hillary clinton's appearance and she jumped right in and took advantage of that moment. october 9 the next debate going to be much different? we will see. but what we know is the big question is, did they move the needle for people in the middle, for people who weren't sure, were not married to one candidate or the other. did they really move the needle and not clear yet this morning, but -- we will have to wait for scientific polling but not clear how many in the
6:49 am
going on there. are they breaking down the stage as we speak behind you. >> reporter: actually this is the spin room. it is not the stage that you saw. but it is a little bit noisy. people are ready to get out of here and head to the next one. >> dana: noisy in the spin room this morning and very noisy in the spin room last might because of the debates. trayey, see you here in las vegas for the thomas mack center for the third debate? >> reporter: the third and vegas. hopefully i will get out there. i am not sure yet. >> dana: we hope you are out here and we will buy you some lunch. tracey potts live from hempstead, new york from campus of hofstra university. a panel of experts breaking down the presidential debates giving you the topics. check it out this afternoon streaming at 4:00 on
6:50 am
>> kim: tracey potts with cone essentialation in the spin room. our vice presidential candidates weighing in on last night's debate. what hillary clinton's running mate had to say. >> i thought hillary's best moment was when donald trump got challenged about her look. that she doesn't look presidential. she tried to change that i was talking about her stamina and hillary said you go to 120 countries and hours and then talk to me about stamina, and in the split screen i was watching a that the moment, she looked like she was ready for another 11 hours of debate and he looked like he had run out of gas and leaning up against the ropes. that showed kind of a temperment and a preparedness issue that i think worked to hillary's advantage. >> kim: now donald trump's running mate also talking about the debate just a little while ago on "the today show."
6:51 am
issues the american public care about. right out of the gate talking about jobs, the economy, talking about the trade deals that will really work for the american worker. i just -- i was just excited to be there and excited to see donald trump lay out that positive vision for america. and quite a contrast to hillary clinton who spent two to one the amount of time attacking my running mate than she did talking about her plan. >> kim: it is 6:51. both full conversations as they sit down with matt and savannah. >> pence and kaine will face off next week. happening today, a march by a man killed in tulsa two weeks ago. reverend al sharpton and the national action network will hold a march for 40-year-old terence crutcherer that was killed by officer betty she will pee.
6:52 am
charged with man slaughter in this case. the department of justice is awarding $120 million for a body camera program and doing so with 100 law enforcement agencies across our great nation. our attorney general loretta lynch making this big announcement comes on the heels of recent police shootings. the one in tulsa and throughout the broadcast have been talking about what happened in charlotte. loretta lynch said it will help promote transparency and pr cooperation by other officers. by the way in case you are new to our community, we now have body cameras on many of our officers here locally and you have access to some of the footage. there are some hoops you have to jump through. for details how you can look at some of that video go to as sky word, our local police union say it is okay
6:53 am
>> that is now me, but we are all about transparency here apparently. over i-15 in the washington interchange. an accident cleared away moments ago. the service patrol as i do the double end there. they were working on that accident and it has cleared out of the way. they are had line with everybody else. it is just busy, busy, busy. i would say we are in the no spin zone the spin and talking about the spin of the rotor blades. >> jeff: you can't avoid that spin, tom. a daily thing. on the freeways 215 westbound at green valley that is causi n accident. not causing a lot of slowing. 15 southbound between downtown is 18 minutes and looking for a 23-minute commute.
6:54 am
commute and a check of the forecast with kelly. >> kelly: thanks, jeff. taking a live look outside we are seeing quite a bit of sunshine but the clouds are starting to get a little bit of closer. we can them on our clark county wetlands camera. no big deal. high thin clouds and they will continue to build throughout the day. now temperatures just stepping out the door. a light sweater. downtown 65. southeast at 65 as well. and spring valley, 66 degrees this morning. temperatures pretty similar to what we saw two above normal but the different will be the cloud cover. right now we are seeing clouds, showers in parts of arizona moving their way into california. these -- the whole system is slowly going to lift its way northward and as it does we will see increase in clouds throughout the day. maybe a couple of showers near laughlin, bullhead city later but i think las vegas today expecting to stay dry. indian springs. looking at a high of 86 degrees. boulder city, 87.
6:55 am
our seven-day forecast, 90 in las vegas today. increasing clouds as we get into the afternoon. then those chances for showers. maybe even a couple of thunderstorms possible late tonight and into wednesday and thursday. looks like sunny skies and breezy conditions for the weekend. 6:55. time for the water cooler on this tuesday. we take you to the blind auditions on "the voice." just hours ago right here on channel 3 and that young lady caused a fight between two of the judges. ? ? ? come of my broken heart ? you can never feel how i felt that day ? ? you don't know babe ? ? i'll bust a window ?. >> i am clearly the odd man
6:56 am
it. [ laughter ] >> kim: he is funny. >> dana: i am sorry, the first time i saw that. funny when they mimic -- that is what good buddies do. in the end chose adam as her coach. well disney and company reportedly interested in buying twitter. bloomberg reports that disney working with a financial advise other continue would be a $30 billion deal. twitter stock by the way went up 3% yesterday. with just rumors of all of now we take to you charlotte, north carolina. this is the city council meeting from last night in light of a recent officer involved shooting african-american amman. this young lady stepped to the podium. [crying] >> our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't see them anymore. it is a shame we have to go to
6:57 am
and we have. we shouldn't have that. we need our fathers and mothers to be by our side. >> dana: people rising to their feet to applaud her. many other crying in the audience last night. >> kim: "the today show" is next on this channel but i am joining our buddy jeff maher on the cw las vegas because we have more local news as krystal allen is a little under the weather. >> dana: happy for you to be a local starbucks remains closed after a deadly shooting. the suspect expected in court. we are learning more about him and his past criminal history. we will get into that. also street racers caught on camera attacking a highway patrol vehicle. why the officer may not have been the only one in trouble.
6:58 am
horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
7:00 am
good morning. face to face. good morning. face to face, hand to hand combat, donald trump and hillary clinton go after each other in a spirited first debate. >> all talk, no action. >> there's something he's hiding. >> attacking >> hillary has experience, but it's bad experience. >> and getting personal. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> did either candidate move the needle? we will ask our decision 2016 team. and the vice presidential candidates tim kaine and mike pence weighing in live today, tuesday, september 27th, 2016.


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